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The life of a Demigod is a hard one, especially when you are considered an outcast. That is the life of Naruto Uzumaki, son of the Greek goddess Athena. Athena would usually select candidates from local colleges, via students and staff. She found an interest in the Eastern Culture Professor, Minato Uzumaki, and decided to date him to see if he had any negative personality traits. Their romance started off with the casual date at a local cafe or diner, but Minato knew that Athena wasn't just a professor of Historical Warfare, as he was born with the ability to see through the mist. The nail that confirmed his theory was their visit to the zoo, the owls would seem to gather around her, and she would seem to understand what they were saying. Minato confronted her about this and at first, she was surprised, Athena thought her disguise was perfect but never the less impressed as only a few of her over 'lovers' figured out her identity. Naruto was born six months afterward, and Minato know she would have to leave; he may teach Eastern culture, but he knew Greek myths and legends. Minato took precautionary actions to ensure the Naruto wouldn't have to deal with monsters until he was ready. The Chinese and Japanese developed methods for repelling the supernatural several thousand years ago to protect their offspring from Kappas and Raiden; he would eat the stomachs of naughty children as they slept. Minato was well versed in these methods as he used to live with his superstitious uncle until said uncle was hauled away to a senior center for better medical care. This trend continued until Naruto's sixth birthday, that's when the monsters found a chink in Minato's defenses and decided to attack. The scent of the child was delightful as they detected hints of rice and chicken on him. Since Naruto was beginning the first grade, he would be defenseless and would be easy pickings.

Naruto experienced his first monster, a chimera. Naruto still remembered its inky black mane and burning red eyes as if it was yesterday. He only survived by mere luck as Hestia, the goddess of the home, fire, and family was teaching the first grader and noticed the monster stalking Naruto. As a goddess in the mortal domain, she couldn't do anything without getting in trouble with her younger brother, Zeus. It quickly left after Hestia spotting it, so during recess, she reported this instance to Naruto's father and kept him posted on the monster activity. Minato knew that something like this would happen, so decided to take Naruto out of school and homeschool him. His homeschooling lasted for a few months until Naruto encountered his next monster. An ancient and powerful beast figured out a way to bypass the charms so it may get to the house and get his well-deserved treat. It disguised itself as a mouse and snuck through a crack to enter the kitchen wall. The monster scarred across the floor and spotted the first obstacle in his quest, Minato. It managed to ambush Minato and injure his shoulder, but Minato subconsciously prepared himself for a situation like this. He may not have been a demigod, but he processed a magical weapon, it was disguised as a standard pocket knife, when unsealed it revealed a celestial bronze Jian without a guard and having a hole at the end of the hilt. It resembled a sewing needle in appearance and had a thin wire of gold attached to it. He didn't know where the thread came from in the first place; apparently, it had the same effect as celestial bronze. The battle was quick as the chimera loss some of its mobility while in the kitchen, so Minato used this to his advantage and won. It was after he defeated the chimera that he noticed that he came at a cost, the chimera's poison spread to his heart and killed him.

Naruto was delivered to the local orphanage after his father's funeral, and that was also where he discovered his powers. It was an accident. He was reading outside underneath a tree, he put his book down and stretched his back and touched the tree, to his surprise the tree started to flatten and wave in the wind. He couldn't believe what he had done until Naruto remembered about the book he was reading, Greek myths and he was currently reading about Athena, the goddess of honorable combat and weaving. Naruto managed to connect the dots and figured out that he must have a connection to the weaving goddess, how else could he turn a solid object into cloth. Naruto kept this a secret from the staff members and other children for about a month until he was adopted. This lovely Asian couple entered and immediately notice him in the corner knitting, a hobby he picked up three weeks' age, and they insisted on him. The process was painless, and Naruto was being driven to his new home. He was happy to finally have a house, which lasted to for about three minutes until he later out what was really going on.

That lovely couple appearance was just a facade, and they really ran a sweatshop in their basement. Naruto was forced to mass-produce designer product for a fraction of the cost, and because Naruto could produce near perfect products in record time, some of the other kids were returned to the orphanage to make space for more product. This basement became Naruto's Hell for the past four months, until the right moment to escape. That moment presented itself late at night when the couple went out to sell the counterfeit products and locked Naruto in the cage downstairs. It was he was locked up that he discovered his ability to flatten his body and slip through the cracks in the doors. It took about 5 minutes for Naruto to escape and run into the nearby forest and encountered a group of children. This team was something he didn't expect but was thankful for them.

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