After deciding to stay home with her father while the rest of the family went to Australia, Grace was questioning her decision. high school would have been easier without having to walk down the same hallways where everyone knew what had happened between her and Mr. Dimitri. Alexa had come up to her a couple of months later, on the first day of colleage after they realized they got into the same school, to say she was sorry for what happened and that she had been jealous of their relaitionship. afterwards she and Grace became close friends and Grace forgave her for telling her mother what she saw. Grace realized that if she had been Alexa, she would have done the same thing.

It turned out that Dimitri was only a crush because soon after he left, Grace began to have a crush on the new guy, Randy, who knew nothing of Dimitri and Grace planned on keeping it that way, She told Alexa to not tell him anything about Dimitri. Alexa said sure and that she was glad this time Grace's crush was only a couple of months older then her instead of a couple of decades. Jake was also happy about this crush who soon became Grace's boyfriend.

A couple of months into the new year Grace and Alexa were at the local mall trying to find stuff that they had gift certificates from, for christmas. At the bookstore Grace was trying to decide between the new Isobel Bird book or a novel based on her favorite movie of all times, The Rules Of Attraction. Alexa was trying to coax her into the ROA book based on the fact that James van Der Beek was in the movie. Grace finally said ok and got the ROA. As she headed up to the registar, Alexa pulled her back behind a rack.

" why did you do..." Grace started to say.

"Look who is in line" said Alexa.

grace peered around the corner and snapped back and whispered to Alexa" it's him. isn't it. well even if it is so what. I am so totally over him." laughing at how teenager she just sounded " I am just going to go pay"

and with that she walked until she notice Alexa was not moving. Walking back she said" come on" and grabbed her arm and pulled her with her to the line.

" what if he sees us"

"so what"

" what am i going to say, i mean you cant just walk up to someone you helped get fire and say hey how are you" said Alexa,

" this from the girl who spied on us and then told her mother and the rest of the class"

" hey i said i was sorry"

" ok and what are the chances he'll..." grace started to say before Mr. Dimitri cut her off.

" Grace Manning is that you?"

"Yes, hi"

" Hey, this is a pleasent surprised. meeting two former students on the same day? I mean what a coincidence that you me and alexa would be shopping at the same store at the same time"

" actually me and alexa are shopping together. we are friends now"

" whoa now that is weird" said Mr.Dimitri.

" whats so weird about that"

" nothing i just cant picture you two hanging out. you were like enemies not that long ago. in my class."

" no we weren't. we just didnt know each other" Alexa said hopping into the convasation.

"yeah. so what are you doing here? i thought you moved ." said grace

"i did. to New York. but it didnt agree with me so i moved back"

"so what are you buying" grace asked.

" a book about andy warhol"

" ok well it your turn"

Mr. dimitri turns around finding the clerk standing there looking impatient.

he pays for his book and turn back to the girls who are up next.

after they pay, Dimitri asks if they would like to join him for a frappicino at the food court. they agree and start to walk toward the food court.

at the counter of the starbucks is Eli working, suddenly Grace is feeling like a coffee. "ya know what i am not feeling like a frapp so i am just going over to the dairy queen and get a blizzard."

Alexa seeing Eli says" ya know what i could go for a blizzard too."

Dimitri said," what is it," looking over at the starbucks" isnt that eli"


"lets go to dairy queen"

after getting their blizzards and sitting downand downing about half their drinks, Dimitri decided to go to the restrooms" i'll be right back"

after he enter the door grace said, "oh my gosh was he always this boring?"

"yes i guess you didn't notice it when he was teaching cuz you were so in love him."

"shut up that is not funny."

dimitri walking back to the table

"so what did you talk about while i was gone?"

"oh nothing just the fact about how Grace use to be in love with you" said alexa causing Grace to kick her under the table"ouch"

Grace, " no offense Mr. Dimitri but that was the past and this is now, get over it Alexa."

Dimitri" no offense taken, in fact , i too have moved on with my life."

Alexa " does that mean you are seeing someone cuz Grace is."

which caused Grace to kick her under the table.

" oh you know me, never one to keep my mouth shut." alexa said.

" Alexa why dont you go see if eli is still working cuz i know you have a big crush on him"

" how.."

" oh i seen the looks you give him when you're at my house and he walks into the room. but i dont blame you for having one."

" Excuse me but before you two get too deep into this discussion, could we please change the topic, so alexa how are your grades still a's and b's?" mr. dimitri said breaking into the boy-fest.

" yeah i managed a A in English"

"good for you"

" me too." said Grace

" But Mr. Dimitri, that only because this time she slept with the teacher" said Alexa causing Grace to kick her harder than the last time.

" I did not. i got the A because of my last paper it pulled up my grade from a B+ to an A."

when they finished their drinks, dimitri got up from the table.

"well it was nice to see you again. maybe we can meet sometime." he handed Grace a piece of paper with his new number and address on it.

" Bye" and with that he walked away.

"come in we still got some gift certificate to go cash in." alexa said to grace.

" ok" sticking the piece of paper in her pocket, she got up and throw her empty cup away.

" so, where to." alexa asked.

" how about FYE i have been wanting the new Vanassa Carlton Cd."

" ok lets go." and they both started to walk towards FYE, which was at the other end of the mall.

" can you believe how weird he thought it was that we are friends, it like he was talking about Lance Bass going into outer space." Grace said

both girls start laughing at the thought of Nsync Nspace.

" yeah and omg his hair." said Alexa

"yeah what was up with his hair?"

"i have no idea."

" oh here we are at FYE."

they walk in and Grace walks toward the pop rack and picks up the VC cd. walks over to Alexa.

"found it"she said.

"and i found the latest jonny was cd. the lead singer is so cute."

grace agrees.

heading out with FYE bags in tow they walk towards the parking lot and get into Grace's car.

after droppng Alexa off at her house, grace drives home.

Walking in she yells, "anyone home"

Jake shouts, "we're in the kitchen."

She walks into the kitchen to find Jake and Tiffany playing with their daughter on the kitchen counter.

"Hey I just came over to pick up some stuff I hope you dont mind."

"No this is your house too so you can stop by whenever, Andrea loves it when you stop by."

In fact Andrea started lauging the minute Grace came in the door.

" Also you'll never guess who Alexa and I ran into at the mall today" grace said.

"who did you see?" Jake replied

" Mr. Dimitri"

coughing,"What did you say?" jake said.

"Alexa and I ran into Mr.Dimitri in line at the book store."

" well did he say anything?"

"well...just,um, ...hi and,um,...wanted to know, um, how we, um, were doing."

"is that all?"

"yea that pretty much covers it. dont worry dad i am fully 100% over him."

"ok as long as nothing else happened"

"nothing else happened."

later that night on the phone with Alexa

"did you tell your dad about, um, you know who?" asked Alexa.

"yea and his head looked like it was about to burst. how about you did you tell your mom?"

" yes, she wasnt as surprised as i thought she would be."

" i wonder why. do you think she knew he was back in town."

" i dont know. i'll ask her tomorrow."

" well i have to go. Remember, big english test tomorrow."

"what's it on, anyway."

"one guess."

" oh no are you kidding Chekov? well gotta go read ON LOVE." remembering how Grace had told her about the book Mr.Dimitri had gave her and that ON LOVE was the story that he told Grace to read right before he left. " Sorry."

" it's ok. I am over him."

"Really you didnt look so over him today when i asked if he was seeing anyone."

" ok i really have to go now, bye." Grace said with an sorta angry voice and hung up the phone.

Had she not gotten as over him as she thougth she had, after all she was going out with Randy, but did she love Randy the way she had loved Mr.Dimitri or was Randy her way of showing her father she was over Mr. Dimitri when she really wasn't. she would have to think about this more tomorrow but right now she had to hit the books if she was ever going to pass her English test tomorrow.

She found out one of the hazards of studying on the bed: falling asleep. which is just what she did. waking up at 5:30 realizing what happened, she shrieked. she hurried to get ready for the day. After she was ready and ate breakfast, she got in her car and picked up Alexa.

Did you study last night?"

" no, i fell asleep"

"i am shocked, Grace Manning is about to fail an English Test on the book that she has kept in her purse or bookbag ever since Mr. Dimitri gave it to her."

"Shut Up"

At school, she was wondering where Randy was because she hadn't seen him in a couple of days.

walking up to her English teacher, Mrs. Bonner, who used to be married to the drummer one of those old time group who songs are still played, 5 years after the group publicized breakup, on the oldies station, she asked where Randy was. Mrs. Bonner said," didnt you know he moved back to Virginia after his Grandma got ill."

" No I didnt know. Thanks."

"sorry dear, i know you and he had a close relaitionship. i dont know why he didnt tell you."

Sitting at her desk in front of Alexa, she turned around and told her what had happened.

At home in her dormroom, she remembered about the slip of paper Dimitri had given her. She decided to call him and ask what he was doing. He was home and answered on the first ring

"I have been waiting for you to call"

"How did you know..."

"I have caller id"


" Grace are you ok? you sound different."

" i am ok it just that my bf left without telling me. well i thought he was my bf."

"do you want to come over?"


"ok i see you in a few minutes. do you need directions?"

"no i think i can manage"

"ok bye"


a few minutes later she was at his house.

"Grace i need to tell you the truth."


"i didnt just come back b/c NYC, which is a great place, didnt agree with me but also b/c i couldnt stand to live without you."

"What?" grace said surprised.

" i loved you grace and i know that you loved me too."

Grace was so surprised that she couldn't speak instead she kissed not unlike the kiss she gave him the night before he got fired.

"what was that for?" Dimitri asked with a surprised but happy look on his face.

"I don't know, i just couldn't think of anything to say."

"whatever, you know what i dont really care" and he kissed her.

"You know, i could get use to this."

"me too" and they kissed again this time upping the intansity, Grace ran her fingers thru his long red hair while he wrapped his arms around her waist. Grace wrapped her arms around his neck. Pulling her into his room, Dimitri pulled away for long enough to say " Now you can see where i sleep."

" oh you remembered what i said."

Her cell phone rung. it was her dad.

"Grace there's been an accident" her dad said really sad.