Chapter 1: Reunion

Mobotropolis Spaceport, 4th December 3238, 19:15 pm

Roman the Fox exhaled an icy breath as he waited outside the spaceport. He hoped he was dressed appropriately. He usually would be wearing his sleeveless black shirt, and his black hooded leather vest-jacket, but since it was winter, and pretty much freezing, he had instead opted for a warm long black jacket that reached his ankles, his combat trousers, a long-sleeved wine red shirt, some boots, and the white gloves most Mobians wore. His signature weapon, his lightsaber, was concealed underneath his jacket, as was his newly acquired side-arm: A DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol with several modifications, including some that any law abiding citizen might term illegal. But, with the influence of King Acorn, Roman had been able to bend the rules a little, as he had now modified his blaster so that he was one; able to draw it quickly, two; able to change the barrel to suit the situation, and three; he was able to aim faster too, courtesy of the grip he had given to the pistol. Along with those, he had several other weapons concealed about his person, including a much smaller pistol for times when he had no time or couldn't reach his DL-44 or lightsaber. Which included now.

Not that he was about to enter combat. Instead, he was entering a much different zone altogether. The reason he was waiting outside the spaceport was because his girlfriend, Ashley the Cat, was due to walk through the doors of said spaceport at effectively any second, returning from a mission with G.U.N, the military organisation she worked for. It was also the reason he hoped he was dressed appropriately, as Ashley looked stunning in effectively anything. It was one of the things that had attracted him to her in the first place, besides her generally amazing personality. He looked around once more, in order to ascertain that she had not snuck past him and was already waiting for him at the landspeeder. Which would make him a rather poor Jedi and an even worse looking boyfriend. After doing this, and reminding himself that he'd sense Ashley via the Force if she came through the doors. And when she did, he'd be waiting for her. He was driven from thought when his com-link crackled to life, with Ashley's voice coming through:

"Roman, where are you? I'm inside waiting for you, and you're nowhere to be seen." She said.

Roman laughed before saying: "Maybe if you were to check outside, you'd have some success."

Ashley could be heard chuckling on her end of the conversation. "Well, what if I wanted my knight in shining armour to come in and help me with my stuff?"

Roman smirked and said: "On my way." At this, he took a deep breath, and walked into the space-port foyer.

Once inside…

It didn't take long for Roman to spot his lover. Especially when she wasn't hard to notice. Almost instantly after entering the foyer, he spotted her: And felt significantly unsuitably dressed.

Ashley looked amazing, as per usual, wearing a white patterned sweater underneath a black winter coat, with a scarf to go with it. Along with that, she was wearing skin-tight trousers that hugged her legs. For her feet, she was wearing her usual black boots.

Smiling, Roman angled his approach so that he was right behind her, walking the last few paces up behind his girlfriend and wrapping his arms around her waist. "Evening, beautiful."

Ashley smiled and turned to face her vulpine boyfriend. "Evening to you too, handsome." The moment she said this, she leaned in and kissed him firmly on the lips.

Roman gave in completely to the kiss, wrapping his arms around Ashley tightly; one hand on her back, the other around her shoulders. Breaking the kiss, Roman smiled. "Welcome home, Ashley."

Ashley smiled back and pecked him on the cheek, saying: "Come on. Home won't come to us, will it?"

Roman smiled and picked up Ashley's bags, carrying them to the landspeeder. "No. It won't. Which I'm glad about, since I have a little surprise for you when we get home." Roman said as he put Ashley's luggage in the back of the speeder.

"Oh have you?" Ashley asked him. "And what might this surprise be?"

"Wouldn't be a surprise if I told you." Roman replied, looking at his girlfriend with a grin on his face and a raised eyebrow as he entered the speeder himself and pulled off.

Ashley shook her head, asking: "Not even a hint?"

Roman looked at his girlfriend with a facial expression that had her laughing her head off as he replied: "Nope."

Ashley stopped laughing before looking at Roman. "Your knack for keeping secrets never ceases to frustrate me sometimes, Roman."

"You know you love me for it, though." Roman replied, his smile playful.

Ashley chuckled and laid her head on his shoulder. "I'm just happy to finally be home. Seems like I can finally celebrate your birthday properly."

Roman smiled. He had turned nineteen a fortnight earlier, but he hadn't had time to properly celebrate, as he'd been helping Ashley get ready for her mission, which had lasted a week. "Quite honestly, Ash, I don't mind. To be honest, nineteen's not exactly a major milestone. And I was more focused on helping you."

Ashley smiled and kissed him on the cheek as they continued to head back home.

Roman and Ashley's apartment, 19:45 pm

"Home sweet home." Roman said as he carried in Ashley's bags.

"Love what you've done with it." Ashley said, noticing that Roman had fixed a few things that had previously bothered her about the high-end apartment she and Roman currently lived in. Including the piano that had resided on the bottom part of the apartment. While she could play it perfectly, in reality, she hated it. Any piano was enough to remind her of memories she'd rather forget. "What did you do with the piano that was here when I left?"

"Tossed it out the fucking window." Roman joked. "Thing was a damn eyesore."

"Threw it out of the window huh?" Ashley said, trying not to laugh. "Is there any chance you're joking?"

Roman nodded. "As a matter of fact, I am. I just sold it to someone who actually enjoys something like that, that someone being Cream and Vanilla. Paid me good money as well. Enabled me to buy you a part of the surprise I have for you."

"Really?" Ashley asked, taking off her coat and scarf and hanging them up. "And what might that be?"

"Head to the sofa and close your eyes. You'll know when I have your surprise. Well, like I said, part of it." Roman said.

"Yes sir." Ashley replied sarcastically as she obeyed him and sat on the sofa before closing her eyes. Before long, she felt something around her neck being fastened, before she felt Roman's lips on her forehead.

"Welcome home, beautiful." Roman said while holding a mirror in front of Ashley.

Ashley opened her eyes and gasped in surprise. Around her neck was a beautiful looking necklace, with a little message: My heart is yours forever. Ashley turned to Roman, pulled him down and kissed him passionately, saying: "You didn't need to get me this, Roman. But… I'm glad you did."

Roman kissed her back before saying: "Ash, you're the best thing that ever happened to me since I became the youngest Jedi Knight of my generation. For me to not try and commemorate that with something would just be stupid in my opinion. On top of that, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't get my girlfriend something nice every few weeks or so?"

Ashley smiled. "I take it you got that from that book on relationships Sally forced you to read, then."

Roman nodded. "She paid for it. Her and Sonic both."

"Do I need to know what happened?" Ashley asked.

"For Sonic it was simple. Sally kicked him out of their apartment after they had a particular fight. He came over, I let him sleep here. Just one thing: Rule number one: Never fall asleep in my house. Except if the one asleep is you." Roman said.

Ashley laughed and inquired: "What'd you do to him, Roman?"

"Ah, just a little prank involving thumbtacks, and the vacuum cleaner." Roman asked.

"What'd you need the vacuum cleaner for?" Ashley asked with a WTF expression.

"That was to wake him up." Roman said. "As for the thumbtacks, I stuffed a bunch of them in his sneakers. You don't need to know the rest."

"Absolutely." Ashley said. Getting off the sofa, Ashley said: "I'm going to take a shower. Mind putting dinner on?"

Roman smirked. "Already got that covered. I put dinner on before I left to get you."

"Sounds good to me." Ashley said as she ascended the stairs that would lead to their bedroom, and their en-suite bathroom.

Not long later…

Ashley stepped out of the shower with an almighty sigh. "That was certainly satisfying." She said as she walked over to the mirror, looking herself over. The time she had spent with G.U.N had rewarded her with a figure good enough to draw the envy of effectively every woman alive, including Sally herself, who was no pushover when it came to her figure. Her breasts were large, not overly large, but still large enough to control the attention of any man in the room. From there, her figure displayed curves in all the right places, all the way down to her incredibly well toned legs. Once she had finished looking herself over, she grabbed a towel from the rack nearby, drying herself off before heading back into the bedroom, where she already had some clothes prepared: Those clothes being the same ones she had been wearing earlier, but folded up. Putting them back on, she headed downstairs, where Roman was nowhere to be seen. "Roman?" She called out. "Roman!"

"In here." Came Roman's voice from the dining area.

Ashley raised an eyebrow, already suspecting what he'd been up to while she'd been in the shower. Walking in, her suspicious expression became an instant smile.

Standing next to a table set for a romantic dinner for two, was Roman, whose grin was somnolent with his success. "Told you I had a surprise."

Ashley stepped forward, pulled him closer and kissed him long and hard. After breaking the kiss, she said: "Thank you, Roman. I never took you for one who was able to cook."

"Antoine helped teach me." Roman replied. "I never told him what I was planning, so don't tell him about this."

Ashley giggled, saying: "I won't." Looking at the dinner, she said: "How about we eat this up? Wouldn't want all your beautiful work to go to waste now, would we?"

"Hell no." Roman said as he sat down opposite her.

Ashley smiled as she did the same, immediately tucking in to her food, as did Roman. While they ate, Ashley looked up and asked: "So what did you do to prank Sally?"

Roman chuckled so much he almost spat the food he was chewing on back out. Once he had swallowed it, Roman replied: "Long story short: You know that old nuclear power plant on the outskirts of the city?"

Ashley nodded.

"Well, me and Sonic pretended it was a romantic boat ride for them two, while I just went along for the ride. But what me and Sonic really planned to do, is once she had set foot on this island we'd found the day before that was super close to the old plant, we would leave and strand her there for the next twenty-four hours. Sooth to say, we succeeded."

Ashley laughed now, nearly choking on the meatball she was eating. "What happened when she got back?"

"She bitch-slapped Sonic and kicked me in the balls. Twice." Roman replied, holding up two fingers in order to prove a point.

Ashley finally burst out laughing. She couldn't help it after Roman had told her what had transpired. "I guess that was that afterwards: No pranking Sally."

"Nah, she still laughed at the prank. She was just getting fair payback." Roman replied.

"So, does that mean more pranks on her in the future?" Ashley asked.

"Ash, when you're a prankster like I am; you never stop pranking people." Roman said.

"I've gathered that from the time we first met." Ashley said with a raised eyebrow. They finished the dinner in silence, before Ashley stood up. "So how about we wash up? I know you don't want to treat me like a common housewife, and I don't want to treat you like a servant."

"Sounds good to me." Roman said as he got up, levitating the plates and cutlery up with the Force and bringing them over to the sink.

Ashley giggled at this. "Show-off."

Roman turned to Ashley and shrugged. "Not my fault I'm a badass."

Ashley chuckled and walked over, beginning to wash her plate, while Roman washed his. As they did this, Ashley flicked some of the soap suds into Roman's face.

Roman blinked at this in surprise, before doing the same, except he took a bit and dabbed it on Ashley's nose.

Ashley looked at it cross-eyed, and took some of her own, placing it on the stump where Roman's right ear had been, a result of a near-fatal duel with General Grievous during the Clone Wars.

Roman looked up and smiled, reaching up and rubbing it off, then looking back at Ashley, who smiled back. They finished cleaning the dishes in silence before turning to face each other.

"T-Thanks for the dinner, Roman. I appreciate it." Ashley said with a warm smile.

Roman took the girl he loved by the shoulders, replying: "Ash, like I said earlier: You're the single best thing that's ever happened to me. And it'll be our six-month anniversary at the end of the month anyway. If that's not worth commemorating, then I don't deserve you."

Ashley's warm smile grew warmer still, as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "You do deserve me, Roman. The fact that you did this when you didn't have to proves that." At this, she kissed him passionately on the lips.

Roman's hands fell from Ashley's shoulders to her waist, holding her closely to him as their lips remained glued together. Suddenly, he lifted her up onto the worktop, continuing to kiss her there.

Breaking the kiss, Ashley added: "Because quite frankly, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me as well." With this, she kissed him again.

Roman returned the kiss with everything he had, before surprising Ashley and lifting her up bridal style, carrying her upstairs, where he soon laid her on the bed before kicking off his boots and joining her, kissing her as he did.

Ashley kicked off her boots as well, wrapping her legs around Roman's waist as she did. Deciding to surprise her boyfriend, she rolled over so that she was on top, slowly lifting her sweater over her head, discarding it to the floor and showing what lay beneath, which was a tight spaghetti strapped tank top that hugged her enviable figure. Rapidly, this article of clothing followed her sweater to the floor, exposing her goddess like body to Roman. She was still wearing a bra, but that still left little to question.

Roman looked her over before saying: "Beautiful. Just damn beautiful."

Ashley smiled. "You're too kind, Roman."

"It's the truth, though." Roman said before kissing her again, his hands beginning to tug at her trousers, hoping to take them off as well.

Ash felt him doing this, so she reached down, unbuckled her belt, and un-buttoned her trousers, sliding them off so that all she was wearing was a bra and panties.

Roman smiled at this and kissed her again, rolling over so that he was on top, glad to finally be spending an uninterrupted night with his girlfriend.

Little did either of the two lovers realise: They were being watched.

The roof of a building nearby…

Atop a nearby building stood a tall human male of about thirty years of age, standing at about six-feet tall. His face was handsome but cruel, with black hair cut to military standard, and harsh green eyes. For clothing, he wore a long black hooded overcoat that reached his ankles, and Mandalorian body armour. But he only had a Mandalorian breastplate, and not an entire set of Mandalorian armour, or as Mandalorians called it, beskar'gam. His arms were covered with gauntlets made of some of the strongest materials that could be made, and under his left arm glinted the faintest sign of a concealed weapon. As a matter of fact, he had weapons all over his person. Such as WESTAR-35 Blaster Pistols, something he had picked from the cold, dead hands of a Mandalorian Death-Watch member he had killed whilst on Mandalore during a stint as an assassin for hire, the same encounter in which he had gained his Mandalorian breastplate.. As well as this, he was armed with a leaf-bladed sword that hung on his left hip, a pair of combat knives hidden behind his back, and from his right hip hung a holster containing a DC-15S Blaster Carbine, one that he had pulled from the dead hands of a clone who had come too close. From that kill, the man had also recovered the clone's armour, most of which he now wore, albeit customised for his purposes. In terms of other weaponry, protruding from sheaths hanging under his armpits, as were his blaster pistols, were a pair of tonfa-shaped blades, with handles protruding from the main handle at a ninety-degree angle. Slung over his shoulder was a sniper rifle, ideal for kills from long range. Right now, he was looking over the apartment that Roman and Ashley shared with a pair of electro-binoculars, watching as the lovers made out. Growing bored with this, the man lowered his binoculars and placed them on his belt. Taking a holo-projector, the man dialled a frequency, and waited for a reply. A matter of seconds later, a middle-aged anthropomorphic cat appeared, wearing what looked to be finely made clothes.

"Speak." The cat said harshly.

The man responded with a voice sounding as harsh as his own face. "I've found her, boss." The man said.

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