CHAPTER SUMMARY: The conclusion to this sexy Swan Queen romp.

A/N: Thank you so much for taking this racy ride with me. Like all mu fanfics, I had so much fun writing about Swan Queen because I truly love Emma & Regina. As I had mentioned before this story was intended to just be a one shot but I am so glad that I wrote a second chapter... and then broke that up into separate tiny chapters. It was better drawn out, was it not? Thank you to all my readers for your messages and comments. I appreciate you all and hope you have enjoyed this story!

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Chapter Six

Testing with her index finger, Emma slipped it past the tightness of Regina's back opening, paying close and careful attention to the sounds her wife made.

The deeper the finger went the louder Regina's moans were. "Fuck babe. You are so fucking beautiful. Oh my God!" Emma prodded Regina's behind as she bent over and kissed the brunette's back while slipping a hand underneath her, between her legs, to stroke her outer labia in a soothing massage. They stayed like this for a spell, stroking, stretching and sharing this erotic experience.

"More Emma. Give me more."

Emma straightened, gripped the gorgeous ass in front of her and watched as she added her slick middle finger, stretching and mindfully allowing the woman in front of her to become accustomed to the naughty invasion as Regina's entrance began to accommodate her by expanding even wider, "Oh my God, Regina!"

Regina's loud moan accompanied the creaking of the bed as Emma began to fuck her a little harder and faster.

Adding her own fingers between her legs, Regina started to move her swollen slippery clit in a slow circular pattern. "Yes, Emma. Just like that."

"Babe, it looks… so good. You are so hot."

"Faster." Whimpering, Regina's hand moved more quickly on herself as well. The thought and sensation of being stimulated in both places set into motion a maddening crescendo of pants and moans signaling the approach of yet another magnificent climax. She rubbed herself more urgently, "I'm going to come, Emma. I just need... I need..."

Emma knew what her wife needed, and drawing her arm back she swung her open palm forward in a resounding slap across Regina's ass cheek.

"YES! Emma, yes!" And then Regina was coming all over her own fingers, jerking forward, while Emma grabbed her ass roughly.

Regina collapsed flatly on the bed after Emma withdrew her penetrating fingers and removed her gloves. As Emma left only for a moment, careful to dispose of her supplies and clean up, she had thought perhaps her wife had passed out in orgasmic lassitude.

Leaning on the bathroom door ledge, Emma let her eyes glide over the supple olive toned skin. She crossed her arms and admired Regina from a short distance and it was times like these that she thanked her lucky stars that they had found their way to one another. Rather, one lucky star… Henry.

She joined Regina's face down, sprawled out form on the bed, climbing on top of the woman and laying over her, holding her, still feeling Regina trembling. The tenderness and love Emma felt for this wonderfully gorgeous woman was emotionally overwhelming. Hugging her close from behind, Emma breathed Regina in and suddenly began to grind her wet center against the red handprint she'd left on the brunette's plump butt cheek. It was sensual to be sure, but something more emotional and Emma had no time to really think on it. She just reveled in the feeling of being close and connected with her true love. Regina was everything.

Emma humped her slowly at first, laying her cheek on her wife's shoulder and then resting her chin on it, eyes closed, to pant in Regina's ear as her soft center rubbed against the curve of Regina's voluptuous bottom in a comfortable but alluring rhythm.

Regina lifted herself, pressing more firmly against Emma and enjoying the woman's heavy breathing tickling her ear.

Of the hands that Emma had slipped under and curled around her shoulders, Regina took the closest one to her lips, kissed the knuckles of each finger and sucked the middle one into her mouth causing Emma to slide even faster against her.

"Nnnngh, ah yes. Uh, R'gina."

Releasing her digits, Regina wanted to see her love, to kiss her and so she lifted herself, turned onto her back and offered her thigh for Emma to rock against instead. She could not resist watching the younger woman climax from this vantage point. Emma Swan-Mills coming undone was one of the most beautiful sights to behold.

She grabbed Emma's rocking bottom and helped guide her rolling motion while her other hand slipped to cup a lush breast, lifting her dark head to flick the hardening nipple between her lips.

"Yes, yes, babe, yes!" Emma's hips moved faster, her hand clutching at the back of Regina's knee holding her still as she fucked her. "Oh FUCK!"

Regina felt Emma's juices pour out against her skin, felt Emma jerking and she released Emma, with a sharp suction sound, and slipped her hand to the back of Emma's neck bringing her mouth down for a plundering kiss, stealing all of the blonde's grunts and shrieks.

When Emma stilled and released Regina's leg with one last loud scream spilling into Regina's mouth, the younger woman's hands came up and slipped underneath Regina again as she buried her face in the crook of her wife's neck and snuggled into her as her body's tremors were soothed by the brunette's enveloping arms.

The queen smiled up at the ceiling as she cherished the woman burrowing into her, lovingly petting her body in long soothing strokes.

Emma's face shifted and winking dimples revealed themselves from under Regina's chin.

"I believe I promised that I was going to hold YOU until you passed out," Emma chuckled but still snuggled in deeper. Who would have thought that the former Evil Queen gave the very BEST hugs?

Regina cooed in return and tightened her embrace cozily. "It's okay. I owe you. Truth be told I did walk out of your office today hoping that I had mercilessly teased you."

Emma lifted her head. "I knew it."

"You're so much fun to tease, dear."

Emma shook her head, propping her cheek on an upturned palm above an elbow. "Your ASS, babe. Seriously! It IS a walking violation. I'm surprised you don't cause more accidents in Storybrooke just walking along the street."

"Well," Regina simpered, "I don't think that everyone is as enticed with my ass as you are, Emma."

"They'd better NOT be!" Emma kissed the tip of Regina's chin. "I bet you're hungry."

"I am."

"I brought home Chinese take out."

"Kung Pao Chicken?"

"Yes, I know how the Queen likes to steal all the peanuts." Emma fingered Regina's lips. Regina was stunning all messed up after a sweaty bout of lovemaking. "I also got Mongolian Beef and mixed vegetables with mushrooms."

"Vegetables. Good girl."

"I have my moments."

Regina met Emma halfway for a dizzying kiss. "Yes, you do, Emma. You absolutely do."

Suddenly they heard the front door open and slam. "Hey Moms?! I left a game controller in the living room. Just came by to… OOF!"

A loud crashing sound and a body hitting the floor was heard.

"Henry?!" Regina shouted in a concerned voice as Emma sat up ready to bolt off the bed. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah…" they heard a muffled grumble and then footsteps across the foyer floor. "What the heck is a chair doing out here anyway?"

"Oops," Emma piped in quietly, mirth in her eyes directed at the brunette and chuckled. Regina gave her knee a playful whack. "I can tell you, kid, if you really want to know." She loudly offered, waving off Regina's gaping expression.

There was a pause downstairs and she imagined Henry mulling over all the possibilities in his head, not knowing exactly what happened but that his moms were up to no good. He remembered that he wasn't even supposed to come home tonight.

"No," he said, "Stop talking. I don't want to know. I got what I needed. See you guys tomorrow."

They heard the door close and Regina sat up curling her legs around Emma's waist. "Nice going, Sheriff. You almost killed our son," Regina joked.

"A son that wasn't supposed to be home until tomorrow." They both smiled and kissed. "So…Kung Pao Chicken in the bathtub? It's my favorite place to eat it with you.

Emma remembered one fine birthday when they ate Chinese take out while soaking in the tub after sex. Why break tradition?

Regina's eyes sparkled with contained laughter, "Just as long as you don't pour it all over me like you did last time."

"Can I help it if I had a momentary urge to attack you with grateful kisses for my birthday present? That car stereo is still awesome! The Bug's never been more bumpin'. Unless I've got you in the backseat, Madame Mayor."

Regina clucked her tongue and shook her head in jest. "How we manage to do anything in that rattling tin can is still a mystery to me." Chortling, she drew Emma near and nipped at her lips.

"Not to me. When I want you, Regina, I'm having you. Location is just a challenge I am eager to take on."

"Idiot," Regina uttered but poured all she was really feeling into the kiss: love, admiration and devotion.

Never in their wildest dreams did either one of them think they could be this happy.

"So… I'll get the food?" Emma waggled her brows.

"I'll draw the bath." Regina leaned in and smiled devilishly.

The End