I bet you all imagined how brutal Revan was in the last chapter. Sorry I couldn't go into detail, but this website seems to be against graphic torture. And despite finding a few stories that have been on here for years with graphic torture. To me, it's not worth losing my first story. So apologies to those who wanted a detailed explanation. Anyways, on to the last chapter.






Obi-Wan, Windu, Master Yoda and the chancellor were already on the holoviewer when Anakin and the two padawans entered the briefing room on the Resolute's bridge. After being briefed the Resolute, Redeemer and Defender all came out of hyperspace, Revan and Ahsoka made their way to the hanger and got their starfighters ready for take off. "Man this is a lot more comfortable than those stupid Y-Wings." Revan mumbled to himself smiling after getting into a Jedi starfighter. "All ships prepare for launch. All ships prepare for launch." Yularen's voice rang over the loudspeaker, just as clones continued running to their ships along with Blue squadron. Ahsoka's new astromech droid, R7-A7 was lowered into her ship. "This is my first time commanding a squadron R7, let's make a good impression." she said after it beeped. "Don't worry Ahsoka, you'll do fine. After all you got some help right here." Revan said giving her a smile and thumbs up. "Thanks of volunteering to come." she replied relieved. "Well Obi-Wan gave me a choice: join him for the ground assault or help out up here and cut a path for the assault. So I figured this one, since it's been awhile since we had space battle." he replied, Ahsoka just nodded in thanks.

The clones on the ground started to signal that it was time. The padawans started hovering their ships and Ahsoka hailed the rest of Blue squadron, "Okay, are you boys ready?" she asked. "This is Two." Revan replied. Blue Three called in, "This is Three Axe. Ready when you are, skipper.", "Ready on Four. This is Slammer. Over." he called in. "Ready on Five. Kickback, checking in." the next one replied. "Swoop to Blue leader. Group Two is standing by. Over." the fourth clone replied. The last one called in, "Tucker on Six. Waiting for mother bird. Over." Revan laughed as quietly as he could, 'Mother bird? Really?' After he was done chuckling, they made their way out of the hanger, flew above another Republic cruiser and towards the Separatist blockade. "Commanders, you're all clear." the admiral said over their coms. "Thank you, Admiral." Ahsoka replied for both of them. "Here we go." she said, speeding up. Revan and the others sped up after her. Droid fighters started firing on them once they got close. Blue squadron returned fire while manoeuvring through them.

Revan blasted one that was on Ahsoka's tail before she spun her ship away, dodging another. "We've got their fighters occupied." she said as they kept destroying droid fighters. "Revan, time for us to make a run for the battleship." she said to him after a moment. "You heard her, let's go." he said to the rest of them. "Come on you whiners, let's get dirty!" Axe said to his brothers, chuckling a bit before they sped up again, getting even closer. Unfortunately four more Separatist cruisers suddenly came out of hyperspace. Two of them came out not to far away and were heading towards the command ship while the other two came out beside it. 'Well, shit…' Revan thought worriedly. "Commanders, we've been caught in a trap!" the admiral exclaimed to them. "You're overreacting, Admiral. I can get us through." she insisted. "Ahsoka this'll become a suicide mission if we keep going." Revan warned. "We'll make it." she insisted again before contacting the rest of the squad, "Blue squadron, stay the course.", 'This is a death wish.' he thought, frowning and shaking his head. "We're all set, Blue leader." Tucker replied.

"I'm ordering you to return to the ship. We're going to need your help." the admiral ordered them. "Ahsoka, it's too risky. Get your pilots out of there." Anakin told her. Ahsoka didn't reply and instead they continued towards the command ship. "Axe, are you still there?" she asked as more droid fighters started coming at them. "Got two on my tail. I can't shake 'em!" he exclaimed. "I can't help you, Axe. I've got my own problem." Slammer told him. A few seconds later his ship was blown up. Revan spun his ship around to the fighter and opened fire on it, after blowing it up he turned back around just as Anakin was heard, "Ahsoka, we are in trouble. I order you back here, both of you." Ahsoka finally relented, "Alright, alright. Let's go squad. Pull back to the command ship." she told the others. "Why are we retreating?" Axe asked her. "We're not retreating, we're following orders." she replied, not sounding too happy just as they started heading back to the Resolute. "Fighter squadron, where are you?" the admiral asked them. "We're almost there." Ahsoka replied.

Revan saw a fighter suddenly crash into the Resolute's bridge. "A fighter hit the Resolute's bridge!" he exclaimed to Ahsoka, instead of replying she tried to contact the cruiser, "Admiral, come in. Admiral!" "Damn it! Something must have happened to them." Revan said after they failed to make contact. They noticed the Resolute and another cruiserstart to turn as the Redeemer started to explode and fall apart. "All fighters return! We're preparing for lightspeed!" a bridge officer from Anakin's flagship exclaimed to them. "Uh, right. Revan stand on it! We only have a few seconds to get onboard." she said to him. "We wouldn't have this problem if you had just listened to Yularen earlier." he mumbled, unfortunately for him she heard. "I heard that." she said sounding irritated. "My power converters, they're failing!" Axe said sounding worried. "Just stay with me, Axe." Ahsoka replied. "Overload! Overload!" he yelled out a moment later as his ship started spiralling before exploding. "Axe!" Ahsoka cried out.

They finally made it back to the Resolute. "Close up the hanger doors, we're home." Ahsoka told the bridge officer just as they were entering the cruiser. After the hanger closed and they landed the two cruisers jumped into hyperspace. A few minutes later the cruisers came out of hyperspace in Republic territory in order to recuperate as best they could. Meanwhile the two padawans were sitting on the side of the fighter Ahsoka used. Though Revan was sitting near the nose of the ship, he hadn't spoken a word to her since on account of being mad she'd put all their lives in danger just because she thought they could take the Separatist command ship. 'Not even I would be that stupid.' he looked up remembering that he broke into a high-security area just to murder one guy, 'Okay… maybe once. But nothing suicidal like she did! I least I planned out my revenge on Vindi, unlike Ahsoka who just dived in!' he thought before glaring at her. She seemed to feel his glare and looked at him only to turn her gaze back down at the floor, looking even more depressed. "Great… Now I feel horrible.' he thought, dropping his glare while feeling guilty. He was about to apologize when Anakin came over.

"Ahsoka I am very disappointed in you." Anakin said, disappointment in his voice. Ahsoka looked up at him with a saddened look. 'I can tell it's because she disobeyed orders. If it were Skywalker making her feel bad, I'd be pissed at him for making her feel that way and I probably would've punched him already along with telling him it wasn't her fault.' Revan thought, just as Anakin continued, "You not only disobeyed the Admiral, you disobeyed me." 'I better get some brownie points out of what I'm about to do.' Revan thought, speaking before Ahsoka could, "Wait! It's my fault. I thought we could could knock out those ships so my master could get through." Anakin looked at him for a few seconds before turning back to her and speaking, "Is that true?" Revan managed to speak again before she could, "It's true, all of it. I convinced her to reply to you and the Admiral and to take the blame." through that whole conversation he could sense her shock at what he was doing. "In that case. I know you meant well, but there's a bigger picture you're not aware of. First rule of war, listen and obey your superiors." Anakin reprimanded.

"If I recall correctly, you sometimes get carried away." Revan replied, folding his arms. "In any case I'll be speaking to Obi-Wan about this." Anakin replied just as Rex came up to them and spoke, "General, we're approaching our staging area." Anakin turned his attention to the clone before replying, "Very good, Captain.", "Master Windu is requesting a report on our progress." Rex told him. "Our progress, huh? Well we haven't made any progress yet." Anakin replied. "I'll tell him, sir." the clone said, Anakin stopped just as he started to turn and spoke, "No, Rex. I'll tell him myself, thank you. As soon as we tend to our wounded. Get me a damage report." Ahsoka's saddened look came back as she started walking away. Revan noticed this and caught up to her.

After a few minutes of silence she stopped and turned to him while keeping her solemn gaze on the floor. "Why…?" she asked softly. "You were my first friend, Ahsoka. I wasn't about to let you take the blame for that." he replied as softly. "I'm still the one who failed…" she said solemnly, gaze still on the floor. He lifted her chin up with his thumb and forefinger softly and looked into her eyes before replying, his tone still soft, "It was a trap, 'Soka. It wasn't your fault." her gaze saddened again as she spoke, "I lost so many of our pilots." Revan wrapped his arms around her while she wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder. "Take heart, Soka. I know it hurts, but that's the reality of command." he told her softly. "Thank you…" she whispered, kissing him softly on the cheek before letting go of him and continuing to the medbay. Revan stood there, frozen before slowly placing his fingers where she kissed him while his mouth started to form a smile. 'I think I'm finally starting to break her commitment to the attachment part of the Code.' he thought happily before doing a fistpump in the air and making his way to the medbay.

Revan and Ahsoka were watching over Yularen as the medical droid walked over. "He is stable for now." it told them before walking away. "Admiral, I am so sorry." she said to his unconscious form before grabbing his hand and continuing, "They're all gone." Normally Revan would have attempted to comfort her but ever since she kissed him, he could sense an uncomfortable awkwardness between them. He was thankful when the door opened to reveal Rex. "Commanders, General Skywalker is looking for you." he informed them. The padawans stood up from their chairs and headed out of the medbay. "We need to talk about what happened earlier." she told him quietly as they walked towards the hanger. 'Shit! Whenever a woman wants to talk about something like what happened earlier, it is never a good sign! Even if she was the one who did it.' he thought, starting to panic. "Gee I'd loved to Ahsoka, but shouldn't we see what Anakin has to say first?" he replied quickly before picking up his pace towards the hanger.

Once making it to the hanger they noticed Anakin and Artoo working on Ahsoka's Delta-7, and made their way over to them. "You wanted to see us, Master." she said, placing a hand on Artoo's dome, who beeped. "Guys! Hand me that socket plug." Anakin asked. Ahsoka grabbed it from Artoo. "Here." she said handing to her master, he grabbed it before replying, "Thanks, Snips. How are you feeling?" he asked. "Oh. I'm fine, Master. Just fine." she lied. Anakin and Revan looked at each other briefly, they knew she was lying but didn't pry. "That's good to hear." the former replied sounding unsure before going back under the starfighter and speaking again, "I'll need you level-headed if we're gonna pull this off." Ahsoka frowned a bit. "'Pull this off.'? Pull what off?" she asked confused. "I talked to Master Windu. We're to proceed with our attack on the blockade.", "What?!" she asked surprised before shaking her head. "We can't!" she exclaimed. "I agree. Last time we tried, we nearly got blown to smithereens. All because of me of course." Revan agreed while keeping up his lie.

Anakin rolled out from under the fighter and spoke, "We have to break that blockade. The twi'leks on Ryloth are depending on us." he finished while getting up. "I understand that, Master. But we've lost so many men! Did we get more support?" she asked. Anakin turned back to the ship before replying, "No. We have to make do with the forces we have. I need to come up with a plan." Ahsoka frowned again before exclaiming, "You don't even have a plan?!" she asked incredulous. Anakin turned his head to the side to face her with a small smirk. "Don't worry, Ahsoka." he assured. "No!" she replied before pointing briefly and glaring at him. "That's what you said last time and now everyone's gone! My whole squadron!" she exclaimed. Revan took a step back, deciding to not get involved unless he had to. "Ahsoka!" Anakin reprimanded, she ignored it and continued, "We can't just smash through that blockade!" Anakin's com started to go off just as she finished. Ahsoka crossed her arms as he answered, "Skywalker here." Rex replied, "General, the Defender is contacting us, there seems to be a problem.", "Alright, Rex. I'll be right there." the Knight replied.

Anakin cut the com before looking at Ahsoka. "Go back to your quarters and cool off! We'll finish this later." he ordered her. Ahsoka just frowned before he spoke to Revan, "You as well." he ordered, Revan gaped before he started glaring. "Why do I have to go?!" he exclaimed. "Because I ordered you to." Anakin replied, returning the glare. "You're not the boss of me!" Revan growled. "So long as your a Jedi Padawan and Obi-Wan has put you under my charge. I am." the Knight replied crossing his arms, leaving no room for argument. Revan finally snapped. "The only reason I'm in this dumb-ass 'Order' is because of Ahsoka! Otherwise I would have stayed on Korriban!" he yelled before storming away. All the clones in the hanger had stopped what they were doing to stare at their commander's outburst. Revan didn't need the Force to know the other two were taken completely by surprise at what just happened, he also knew his outburst would probably bite him ass later. 'The Council's probably gonna hear this as well.' he thought bitterly.

Revan exited the reactor and made his way through one of the ships corridors, ignoring the alarm and mumbling obscenities under his breath. 'I don't care if I get expelled. No more Jedi preaches, no more having to control emotions, no more being told what to do and no more-' his thoughts were cut off when he saw Ahsoka walk out of her room as clones ran by. "Ahsoka…"he whispered to himself. His anger was immediately replaced by sadness when he realized he might never see her again if he got expelled. Revan sighed deeply as he made his way to her room just as she stopped a clone. "Trooper, what's going on?" she asked him, just as Revan stopped next to him. "The starship Defender is being evacuated, sir." the clone replied. "Evacuated?! Why?" she asked. "I'm not sure Commander. We're on our way to help General Skywalker in the hanger." he replied before running off.

Ahsoka finally noticed Revan, he rubbed the back of his neck as they started making their towards the hanger. "I screwed up pretty bad earlier, huh?" he asked after a few seconds. "Kind of." she replied. After a moment of silence she spoke again, "Did you mean what you said earlier?" she asked. He sighed deeply before replying, "Like I said earlier: You were my first real friend Ahsoka. I don't remember much before I was left on Korriban, only brief images of my mother." sensing his past was a sore subject she decided to change the subject, "Maybe if you apologized to Anakin, he might not tell Obi-Wan or the others about your outburst." she suggested. Revan sighed again before agreeing, "Maybe…"

When entering the hanger they noticed Anakin standing on a crate trying to hurry along the troops. "Alright men, alright. This way, come on. Move it." he ordered as the padawans walked up to him before he continued, "Move it! Let's go! No time to waste!", "Master, I'm almost afraid to ask." she said. "I ordered the Defender evacuated." he said keeping his attention on the troops as Ahsoka folded her arms and replied, "I can see that. Why?" she asked, he turned his attention to her briefly before replying, "Well actually I got the idea from you." he admitted. "Oh, great." she said sarcastically. "Rex, take over will you." he told the clone as he hopped off the crate before the three Jedi started walking away. "You said we couldn't just smash through the blockade, I decided that's partly true. Revan also implied my plans put a lot of people at risk and I agree with him on that one." he admitted again. "That's a first." Ahsoka replied dryly. "Besides the only way we can break the blockade is if I pilot the Defender into their battleship and take out the commander."

Before Ahsoka could reply Revan spoke up, "With all due respect, Anakin. I'll be the one on the cruiser. With my 'special' ability, I can move any Separatist cruisers in the way and cut a straight path to the command ship.", "What?!" Ahsoka cried, scared for him. Anakin turned to face him and was about to object only to stop at his friend's look of determination. "Very well." he agreed reluctantly. Ahsoka on the other hand had a look of disbelief at her master's reply. "You can't be serious, Master! He'll die!" she exclaimed still worried. "Thank's for the vote of confidence." Revan replied sarcastically. "No, he won't. That's where we come in. The enemy can't stop that ship from taking them out." he said as the padawan stepped on to the ramp. "How are you going to get out?! The enemy fleet is right there!" Ahsoka exclaimed pointing outside. "I'll take an escape pod." he replied shrugging. "He'll be pretty much defenceless in that escape pod, so we'll have to engage the remaining fleet with our forces." Anakin said before turning his attention to his friend.

"Good luck, Revan." he said. "Anakin… About earlier? I'm sorry." Revan said slowly. "It's all right, I can sense your troubled about something. I'll only tell Obi-Wan about you disobeying orders and making Ahsoka take the blame." the Knight told him before he headed to the bridge. Ahsoka stepped onto the ramp and hugged him, he hugged her back before she spoke, "Please be careful…" she begged softly. "I will, you have my word." he promised, his tone just as soft before she reluctantly let go of him and he walked into the shuttle as she walked off the ramp. Revan gave her a small reassuring smile before the ramp closed. 'Here goes nothing.' he thought sighing as he exited the Resolute.

Revan piloted the ship towards the Defender as he quickly as he could when the shuttles com went off. He pressed a button and his two fellow Jedi appeared. "All right, you ready to get under way?" Anakin asked him. "Yep. Just landed inside the hanger." he replied. Ahsoka hesitated before speaking, "Revan, are you sure you won't reconsider this?" she pleaded, hoping to change his mind. "This is the only way, trust me." he replied, hoping he reassured her before cutting off. Running out of the shuttle he made his way to a turbolift, got in and pressed the button. Within minutes he reached the bridge and exited the lift before stopping suddenly. 'Shit. Now which one was it?' he thought looking at the many buttons and switches. "I really wish I'd paid attention to the clones working on the bridge." he mumbled to himself, trying to find the hyperdrive switch. Revan continued looking around before double-checking, he finally noticed a lever that was a different than the rest. 'When in doubt…' he thought shrugging before pushing it forward. Revan looked around when nothing happened before the cruiser suddenly shot off.

A few minutes later he pulled ship out of hyperspace a long ways away from the Separatist fleet. 'The bastard commanding that ship probably thinks Anakin's on this cruiser, wait till he finds out.' Revan thought smirking while he leaned against the holo-projector and attempted to make contact. A few seconds later the captain appeared on the viewer. "Wait a minute… You're not Skywalker!" a neimoidian with some kind of cybernetics covering his eyes exclaimed. "No. No I am not. I'm just a fourteen-year-old kid." Revan admitted, still smirking. "Where is Skywalker?!" the neimoidian demanded. "He's currently indisposed. I've been ordered to surrender myself, the entire crew of this vessel and my ship. In exchange for safe passage of food and medical supplies to the people of Ryloth." Revan lied. The neimoidian stroked his chin in thought before replying, "A noble gesture. But what are you worth to me?" he asked sounding unimpressed. "My name is Revan." he replied, hoping revealing himself would help.

He was in luck when the neimoidian rubbed his hands in glee and smirked. "Ah, yes. Count Dooku has been looking for you. If I were to capture you, I would surely be rewarded handsomely." he replied greedily. 'That's the second time someone's mentioned Dooku wanting me. Thanks to Obi-Wan I know Ventress' master is the same person.', "Very well, Jedi. Move your cruiser closer before you personally come aboard in a shuttle to surrender." the neimoidian said smirking before cutting off. 'Oh I'll move it closer all right. I'll ram it right up your ass!' Revan thought smirking before stepping near the viewport and triggering his Force Fury. Using the Force, he started to pick up speed while making sure the ship remained on course. The neimoidian's voice suddenly came from behind him, "Boy, what treachery is this?! You have nothing to bargain with!" he snapped, Revan smirked even though the neimoidian couldn't see it. "So true, Captain. But you have more pressing matters." he replied, his voice a deathly whisper as he pushed his arms forward picking up even more speed. Revan could sense the chill going up the captain's spine before sensing his fear and hearing the com cut off.

Sensing Ahsoka and Anakin he knew the Resolute had just exited hyperspace. 'That's my cue.' he thought before giving the cruiser one last giant Force-push, the ship lurched forward. 'Thirty-six seconds.' he thought, calculating before reaching the turbolift in a second, destroying it and then jumping into the shaft. He somersaulted out of the shaft and into the corridor with the escape pods before jumping into one all the way from the turbolift and pressed the launch button, jettisoning him just as his Force Fury ran out. 'Made it.' he thought relieved before closing his eyes and relaxing in the chair. "We're approaching your position. Stand by for retrieval." Ahsoka's voice said a few moments later. "I'm in no rush." he replied, still relaxed and watching the assault. "There goes the woman I love." he mumbled to himself smiling as watched a Separatist cruiser explode. Revan soon sensed his master 'Ah. I see the invasion is here.' he thought, noticing three Republic cruisers come out of hyperspace. Revan noticed a shuttle fly to him after the battle was over. "Commander, you still there?" Rex asked him. "Yep, I'm just sittin' here watching the show." Revan replied smiling. The shuttle attached to the pod then flew back to the cruiser.

After exiting the pod he had to keep himself from falling as a reddish-orange blur suddenly jumped onto him. "Your ok…" Ahsoka murmured happily. "I made a promise didn't I?" he replied smiling before loosening his hold on her so she could take step and they could look each other in the eyes. "You did, and I'm so relieved because of it. Please try not to put yourself in that kind of danger again." she said softly, still relieved. "I'll try, but no promises." he replied before they let go of each other and walked up to Anakin. "You did good today, both of you." he praised them. "Good enough that you won't tell Obi-Wan about what I did?" he asked in mock hopefulness. Anakin just smirked before replying, "Not that good, but still pretty good.", "Darn." Revan said pretending to be disappointed. The other two saw through it and started laughing, Revan couldn't hold it in anymore and started laughing with them. 'Today has definitely been a good day.' he thought still laughing.

Done another chapter! This one was a bit difficult to write, I was originally going to keep it the same as the episode but decided to give Revan a big part. After all whats a better kind of 'Light' moment then potentially sacrificing yourself? I definitely changed quite a bit of the episode, that's for sure because it sure as hell wasn't easy rewriting parts. I was also tempted to make Revan and Ahsoka a couple near the end of the chapter but I can wait for awhile. Concerning Part, II I should have the first chapter up soon.