Soul of a Dragon Chapter 1

"speaking"- human language

"speaking"- dragonese

thinking- human thoughts

thinking- dragon thoughts

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The roars of dragons filled the air and fire erupted among the houses in Berk, which only meant one thing. A dragon raid was occurring! Vikings started to scatter all over their homeland, trying to protect their families and their livestock from the clutches of the dragons.

"Get the weapons! Hurry!" one Viking yelled.

"Take the children inside!" screamed another.

"Kill as many of the beasts you can!" Chief Stoick the Vast announced, his voice drenched with hate and disgust towards the dragons.

A Stormcutter named Cloudjumper made his way through the village known as Berk, soaring over the little houses and the ant sized people. He sniffed the air for food once he landed next to a house that had a structure different from the others.

"Someone important must live here. It's not like the others," he assumed.

Little did he know he was about to break into the house of the chief while the heir of Berk quietly slept in his cradle. Cloudjumper carefully stuck his scaly body into the structure and sniffed once again, he let out a disappointed snarl when he couldn't find anything of worth to his kind. Just as he was about to take his leave that's when he heard it. The curious gurgles of a baby.

The poor little one was awoken from his sleep and that's when he saw the large creature that loomed over his cradle. Hiccup, that was the baby's name due to the fact that he was born prematurely. Hiccup waved his hands in the air as if to tell the dragon to come closer so he could see him.

Cloudjumper did just that, he leaned in closer to the baby. He got a good look at the little one and what he saw amazed his dragon eyes. There in the wooden cradle was a tiny infant that was swaddled in a fur blanket. The baby had a patch of brown hair on his delicate head and green eyes that resembled the lush trees of a forest. He also possessed small freckles on his cheeks; everything about him was adorable.

A hatchling! A human's hatchling! I've seen some before but never this close.

The baby giggled in delight once he finally got the dragon's attention and continued to wave his arms in the air. Cloudjumper placed one of his claws inside the cradle and into the tiny hand that awaited it. He was careful not to hurt Hiccup.

What a strange yet interesting hatching. He shows no fear towards me… a dragon.

Hiccup held the large claw in his small, fragile hand; he looked into the owl-like eyes of the dragon in awe. Cloudjumper looked into Hiccup's forest green eyes as well. At that very instant it felt like their souls were connected in a way that can't be described.

He won't be like the other Vikings, his eyes show that he will not be a killer for they are full of compassion and love.

Just then Cloudjumper was startled by the sound of someone entering the house behind him. His moment with the young baby was interrupted by the infant's mother: Valka. In his recklessness he accidentally scratched Hiccup's chin. The baby let out a wail of pain and sorrow as Cloudjumper turned to face his opponent

"Hiccup!" she yelled as she held up her weapon with the intention of killing the beast that hurt her son.

"That was your fault! If you hadn't startled me I would've have hurt him!" Cloudjumper shouted in dragonese.

Hiccup suddenly stopped crying and gave the Stormcutter a look of confusion. Cloudjumper took notice of this as Valka swung her weapon but missed him.

"Did he understand me? No that can't be… he's a human… humans can't understand dragonese," Cloudjumper said.

Cloudjumper's assumption was correct though, Hiccup listened to the heated exchange between his mother and the Stormcutter. He understood and processed each word that was spoken from both sides. He understood the words being spoken from the dragon. Something that was never heard of before, a human that could comprehend the language of the dragons as well as the language of his own kind. Hiccup was truly not like the other Vikings.

Just then the structure of the house started to break down and the debris hit the wooden floor. Fire erupted from the ceiling as well as the surrounding walls encompassing them. Valka dropped her weapon and covered her face with her arms as Cloudjumper moved out of the way. Hiccup started to fuss again; Cloudjumper placed his wings around the cradle and placed his mouth on the baby's fur blanket.

"No! Don't eat him!" Valka cried out through the falling debris and struggled to make it pass the scorching flames that continued to make its way through the house. "Hiccup!"

"Valka!" the voice of the chief called to her. "Valka! I'm coming for you!"

Stoick made his way to Valka and carefully rushed her out the house. He turned his head just in time to see Cloudjumper take off into the sky. Once they were outside Valka started to cough and sank to the ground, tears gushing out her eyes. Stoick placed himself next to her and comforted her not knowing what had just occurred.

"Valka? What's wrong?" Stoick questioned, just then he realized that she didn't have their infant son in her arms. "Where's Hiccup." He asked hesitantly afraid of the answer.

"Hiccup… Hiccup… my baby… is gone," Valka cried.

Stoick's expression turned from worry to sorrow then to rage, he let out a strong cry and clutched his hammer tighter. Tears filled his eyes but he refused to let them out, his son was gone. Taken from his wife and himself when he was just a baby and by the dreaded beasts he has learned to hate and kill. Now his mission to cleanse the world of dragons was not only business anymore… it was personal.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III was no longer alive in the eyes of the Vikings of Berk.

However, that was not the case.

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