Hey guys so I decided to write a fanfic about the 7's children. It takes place years after the war. Btw they don't know anything about halfbloods, and for this first chapter im going to introduce them. Sorry for the grammar errors.

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Percy & Annabeth

Luke iroas Jackson- born April 5 (there all going to be pretty much in the same year). He is usually quite sarcastic and has very little ADHD like his sister Aquarius. As he gets older he gets into books . he has short black hair that's usually messy and striking gray eyes.

Aquarius sotrias Jackson – born April 5. She is usally out going has little ADHD like her brother Luke, and gets a lot into metal music (slayer, Opeth, breaking Benjamin etc.) as she gets older. Has long well kept black hair that's usually in a ponytail with striking green eyes.

Piper & Jason

Gray Roth Grace- born September 22. He is into stuff that has to do with winter does a lot of ice-hockey and hates the summer. Is basically a little Jason when it comes to how he looks.

Lyon Vero grace- Born january 16. He is into most of the same stuff as gray but takes more after piper and has brown hair that comes right above his ears and green eyes like his moms

Leo & calypso

Alex Oygia Valdez – born February 13. Enjoys building with his dad and picks a lot of fights for some reason. Has curly brown hair and brown eyes

Natsu Summer Valdez – Born February 13 also enjoys picking fights replica of his brother basically

Lillian moonlight valdez – Born December 21. Enjoys gardening with her mom. Has the same oranges brown hair her mom has ( idk her hair color XD) and brown eyes.

Hazel & Frank

Maria Jewel Zhang (I might have spelled franks last name wrong)-she loves to sing and draw. She is very kind selfless and honest with long black hair and amber eyes skin is more closer to franks.

So that was the sevens children ill try to post this story often but I have really sucky typing system on my computer. Sorry if I have forgot any of the people. Please review, like, or follow this story if you can and like it . I give this story my all

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