1. Amnesia

The first thing he realized when he opened his eyes was the pain.

Horrible and unbearable pain that was killing him from the inside, at least that it is what it seemed to him that is. The pain even blinded him from properly getting a sense of his surroundings, which ultimately resulted with his vision being pretty much a big blur and couldn't even make the distinction of where in the world he was. Still despite all of that, he realized quickly that he wasn't dead, not yet anyways, but it was only a matter of time before he would disappear to the nothingness unless there was someone there who could perform miracles. Otherwise he was pretty much a goner.

Just as the thought struck his mind he began hearing voices around. Merely talking lowly among themselves and nothing that he could make sense of due to the pain and exhaustion.

"…Is he alive?"

"Why is…like him here?"
"…Save him."

His mind had trouble keeping up with the voices as they began talking at a rapidly speed that he had trouble catching up to them. He opened his mouth and tried to say something, anything that was or could of importance to these people, but the words died in his mouth as he realized that he didn't know. He didn't know or remember anything that had happened to him or who he in fact was. Everything was simply a huge blank in his mind. And just as the harsh blow of his reality hit him in the gut, everything inside of him that had been fighting to keep him conscious and aware knocked him off his ass and before he knew it everything turned black.

Next time he opened his eyes he found himself laying on something soft like a bed and staring at a wooden ceiling. Again nothing that could explain where he was or who had brought him here, but at that moment he took time to appreciate the fact that he was still alive since he didn't feel the horrible pain anymore. So after blinking a few times, trying to shake off the sleep and the exhaustion from his eyes, he tried sitting up and have a closer look to everything. Based on the furniture in the room he guessed that he was in some kind of infirmary, which would explain for the bandages that was neatly and tightly wrapped around his chest, stomach and head. However what he found more than peculiar about the scene he had woken up to was the small blue cat that was sleeping soundly on the end of his bed. Curious as well as wary about the small creature, he tilted his head as he leaned forward to take a closer look. However just as he did so the cat or whatever it was opened his eyes, rubbed his eyes and said, "Natsu? You are awake. I was so worried about you, especially after those injuries nearly killed you."

Natsu. Was that his name? It seemed sort of familiar, but he couldn't remember whether it was true or not. Still the cat seemed pretty sure that was his name so he decided not to argue about it at that moment and instead gathered up the strength to ask, "Who are you?"

The cat's eyes widen to the size of dinner plates and expressed clear shock as well as hurt and confusion over the question.

"Natsu? What are you talking about? I'm Happy, your best friend and partner. Don't you remember?"

He felt incredibly bad when he shook his head, and he felt even worse when Happy's eyes started to fill up with tears and began crying like a river. Panicking for making the little guy cry, he did a desperate attempt to comfort him by grabbing a hold of the tiny body and hugged him carefully as he murmured calm and apologetic words into the cat's ear. Happy continued to sob against his chest, in the process soaking his bandages with tears, so he barely managed to register the sudden shift in smell in the room. Someone had entered the infirmary and was determined to not draw attention to himself, whoever this someone was, however it was a useless attempt since he could both smell and hear him as he walked closer to his bed while still remaining hidden in the shadows.

"I know you are here so you might as well show yourself," His gaze was turned towards the right corner, where the scent of fresh air and pine was strongest. Seconds passed before a man stepped into the light. The man was many years older than him, could be around the age of his father if he had one that is, and was dressed in casual clothes that fitted neatly against his lean and muscular body structure.

"I see that you are awake," The man said as he sat down on the chair next to the bed. "Your friend here was quite worried since you have been unconscious for a month."

Happy nodded his head to confirm the story; meanwhile he just stared at the man wary as he asked, "Where am I exactly?"

The man began explaining that he and Happy was in a small village outside the borders of Fiore. And that they had been found severely injured and unconscious just outside the village without anyone knowing how or who they were. When Happy had regained consciousness he remembered everything except what had happened that consequentially lead them to this point, that part was pretty much a huge blank. However despite him being the only one between the two of them with his memory somehow intact, the blue cat was reluctant and stubborn on sharing it with him. However he figured that there would be time to for interrogating and probing for information later.

Natsu, after deciding to use the name Happy had given him, sat there quietly and listened to the story and when the man finished began to ask the questions he had kept to himself the whole time.

"So what happens now?" Natsu asked with a hint of frustration and weariness. "Do we get stay here until we are well enough to leave or do you want us to leave right now?"

The man placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder, which Natsu forced himself not to flinch to since he could still some pain and also he wasn't very used to being touched for not reason. Or at least that was he thought he did since the touch felt wrong somehow and seeing as he didn't have any memories to go on he just assumed he didn't like being touched by strangers. Nonetheless the man said as gentle as he could, "That's entirely up to you and your furry little friend here, our village won't turn you away if you decide to stay, but I do believe that some point you want to leave and figure out your identity. However first thing first is that you get a smooth recovery and afterwards you can think and decide what you want to do, whether you stay or leave?"

Natsu nodded, both happy and worry about the whole confusing situation he found himself in and was at least given some time to sort things out, and suddenly felt the tiredness resurfacing and knocking him down on the bed again. Just before he closed his eyes and accepted the darkness he asked quietly, "Tell me, what is your name?"

"My name is Stayne, and welcome to our village Natsu."




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