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It was six months after his and Dean's marriage, and while Castiel was perfectly happy, he felt that still there was something missing in their lives. He didn't know what it was until he went to with Chuck to meet new parents who were planning on getting their child christened. Seeing the way the way the mother and father looked at her daughter Castiel felt a deep pull in his heart. He wanted that. He wanted to look at a child with that much love, he wanted to have a life dependant on just him and Dean. He wanted them to have a child. He had no idea how Dean would feel about this idea, after all most gay man do not figure children into their future. But Castiel wanted one, he wanted for them to be a complete family, him, Dean and a child they could call their own.

The evening after his visit with Chuck, Castiel sat waiting for Dean to return from work, his pulse racing at the idea he was about to propose to his husband, to the man he loved. They had never discussed children, but he had seen Dean with the ones at church and he had always been friendly. He was sure Dean would be happy for them to have a baby. Oh he really hoped Dean would be happy for them to have a baby.

"Hey honey, I'm home." Dean chorused as he usually did as he opened the door. It still made him smile to know that the honey he was calling out to was his husband. His Cas. He had his Cas back. Yeah sure it was slightly different, he had even found Cas didn't like the some of the same food as he had before the op, but it was still him coming home to the man he loved. The man he had pledged himself to for the rest of his life.

"Hello Dean." came Castiel's reply from the doorway to the livingroom before he moved to give Dean a welcome home kiss that Dean was more than happy to return. But that didn't stop him notice the slight nervousness in Cas' voice when he had greeted him.

"What's going on Cas?" Dean asked pulling his lips away from the man in his arms and capturing his blue eyes so he could stare into them.

There was no way Cas could do anything but tell Dean the truth at that point. Not when staring into his eyes and seeing the love they held for him.

"I went with Chuck to the Fitzgerald's today-" Castiel started to say, trying to think of way to explain how he had come by his sudden idea.

"Nothing's wrong right? Garth and Bess are good? And their daughter?" Dean interrupted grabbing Cas' arms. Garth was a good friend of his, even if he was a dentist, and Bess was as sweet as anything. They had been so happy with the birth of their daughter a month ago, surely nothing had gone wrong in that time. Right?

"Everything is fine, we went to organise the christening." Castiel rushed to reply. Of course Dean would think the worse with him mentioning them and coupled with his nerves. He wanted to reassure Dean that all was well with their friends.

"Well that's good. So what's up?" Dean asked relaxing his hold realising that it was probably too tight. He just didn't want anyone to ever have to go through anything like he had. He loved his friends like family.

"Dean I want to have baby." Castiel responded having tried to come up with a better way of saying it but finding nothing. Might as well just blurt it out.

"Umm Cas, you know you're a guy right?" Dean asked with a smirk and a rise of his eyebrow. He knew exactly was Cas was saying, this wasn't the first time he had had this conversation after all. Of course the last time it had led to him and Cas having physicals which had led to them finding Cas' brain tumour- which was gone now. Everything was fine now. Surely he and Cas could get a baby this time, right? Surely it was time to make their family complete.

"You know what I mean Dean. I want us to have a child, have a family. If you want one that is." Castiel replied with a roll of his eyes at Dean's jokey comment, though he knew his husband well enough to see the raw fear underneath. It made him question whether Dean truly wanted a child or not. He would not force a baby upon Dean, they both had to want it. They would both be its parents after all.

"There's nothing I want more than to have a family with you Cas. I promise you that." Dean responded with as much sincerity as he could. He knew Cas could feel his fear, but it was irrational, he knew that. There was no reason for it. He and Cas were both in perfect health.

"Truly?" Castiel whispered allowing hope to fill his heart at the idea of having a child with the man he loved.

"Cross my heart. I think having a baby of our own will be the perfect topping to our apple pie life." Dean responded before closing the gap and kissing the man he loved with every feeling they he had. He and Cas were gonna be a family, they were gonna have a kid to share their love with, and Dean couldn't think of anything better.

It took another six months of interviews and consultations before they finally were able to bring home Claire Winchester-Novak, a two month old baby who was their new daughter. Dean and Castiel had spent much of that time doing up Gabriel's old room, turning it into the nursery for their child, giving her (or him) a room of their own when they brought them home.

Of course Claire's arrival in the house had been cause for celebration by all the extended family, giving her uncles a chance to try and outdo each other with presents for their niece, and her adoptive grandparents in the form of Bobby and Ellen to consider how to spoil her. It was such a happy home coming for the sleeping girl. She was so well behaved, gurgling as each person held her and Dean and Cas both beaming as new parents should. They had already arranged with Chuck for her christening, and it was to be an event for the whole town to attend. A time for everyone to celebrate Dean and Cas being a family.

Once everyone had left and Dean and Cas had put their new daughter down in her crib Dean stood there for a second and stared down at that the new life that was dependent upon him. It was then, staring down at the sleeping baby with Cas at his side that he realised he finally gone further than he had been before. He and Cas had taken that next step on their road, and from now on everything would be new, everything would be different. He was now living the future he and Cas1.0 had envisioned. Sure it may have taken longer than he had seen to get here, but he was here. He was now living the dream life they had had of their family, and he couldn't wait to see what the future held. What new things they would see on the journey into the unknown they were now all travelling. He felt a peace settle inside him at the idea that that he and Cas were now on an even playing field. This was a new life for the both of them. And he couldn't wait to find out what it would bring.

Castiel of course didn't have any of thoughts or memories or past, all he felt as he stared down at their daughter and felt Dean's arm wrap around him was just how perfect his family was. Of how perfect his life was, and how precious. And how much he was going to enjoy experiencing it all with the man he loved and their daughter at his side.

The future was so bright for the both of them. The past, what was, what had been, what was remembered and what was not, no longer held any significance to either of the men as they stared down at the daughter they loved. She was now their world, and it was one they were determined to fill with happiness and sunshine, and most of all love. Because, as they had discovered, love really could conquer all.


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