For it was the greatest love story ever told.

Okay, if we are going to be honest, it probably isn't the greatest love story ever told, but hey, it's pretty damn close to it.

It started all on one night. It was the beginning of spring, and the temperature was rising to one of those numbers were you can feel the heat just by looking at it. Night was beginning to fall, but the sun still showed its face, for it wanted to see the movie premiere of one of the highest rated books of the modern age.

Celebrities and people from all walks of fame made their way along the red carpet, gowns sparkling from the flashing of cameras. People shouting questions, fans trying to get the autographs of their favorite movie stars, and all the while backstage crew rushing around, hoping that all would go as planned for the first showing of 'One Last Hero', a book-to-movie adaptation of a book from the same name.

Critics were raving about the release of the movie from the very moment it hit news of it's coming out. The book had taken the world by storm, becoming the next best thing since sliced bread. And with such high hopes rushing around it's name, many high society actors had been more than willing to sign on at first chance.

It wasn't even a year after the book had come out that directors, producers, and writers all wanted their hands on creative copyrights. But there had been some problems following such a race, for not many people knew the identity of the author. Sure, the book had the name on it, and sure, there had been other books released, all well-respected, but the strange thing is, the author had never shown up to any meetings, and only communicated via editor and manager, so no one besides her knew of the identity of the creator of the book.

But little did anyone know the author was there that night. Author, N.D. Augustine, did make a cameo from behind the scenes, but not the way people would presume normal, no, the author had joined in the shadows as a simpleton, as a common face munged the sea of famous people and the ones working behind the scenes; for he showed up not as his alias, but as himself, simple Nico di Angelo, a name that nobody knew.

When word got out that people were talking about getting the copyrights to the book that he thought nobody would like, a simple high school student that sent his book to a friend that practically blackmailed him into sending her, he was ecstatic, overjoyed. But he had one condition with everything: he would stay on the project from the back seat.

He never wanted to use his real name for it would be too inconvenient for him with his normal life and all, so he kept his initials and changed the last name to Augustine. Why? He didn't know.

As the sea of people made their way into the over-sized theatre for the very first showing of One Last Hero, people were rushing to get every last thing in order before the movie was a go.

The main cast were the first to come in. Annabeth Chase, who played K.C. (Kasandra Claire) Miles, the main characters best friend and sanity, followed by Jason Grace, who played Ryan Dean, troublemaker of the group who always had to have the last word said; Percy Jackson, who played Cory Willis, K.C.'s boyfriend and a sarcastic little shit, Piper McLean, who played Rini Walker, the demolition expert and the sweetheart of the group, and lastly, Will Solace, who played Nate Castiline, the main character.

As they made their way to their seats, hundreds of fans screamed from the sideline, shouting about how much they loved them.

The main cast had practically fought for their parts. So many people wanted in on this project that actors were willing to do just about anything to get in. It had been a race to the death to land the part they wanted, but only one person hadn't had that problem.

Will Solace was first approached for the part of Nate when almost a year of trying to cast the part had been wasted. The Producer's daughter had been a huge fan of his work, and one day when he had gotten home, she was re-watching one of his movies for the thousandth time.

The blonde had caught the attention of the Producer and he couldn't shake off the feeling. So, the next day at work, he had an intern make a few calls and the next thing he knew, Will Solace was being dragged into an audition were he landed the part barely five seconds in.

When he was informed (next day of course) that he got the part, he practically screamed in joy. He was such a huge fan of the book, that when he got the call for the audition, his heart wouldn't calm down for the next day or two. He owned all the books by the author and had read them at least five times each. He knew it was pretty pathetic, but he knew he had to live up to such a great legacy.

His hair still had the few streaks of black from filming in it at the premiere, but he didn't care, he thought they made him look just a little bit badass. When he got to his spot, he realized he had to pee, so he excused himself from the group and headed off to find a bathroom.

He wondered down a few corridors until he thought himself lost. He asked one of the backstage crew working that night and he was pointed in the direction. He thanked him and hurried off.

Just when he thought nothing else could happen on the way to the bathroom, he was suddenly knocked back by a body. He didn't fall down, but the person who had run into him had. With a smile, he bent down to help the boy up who was scrounging around to pick up the papers he had dropped.

Will helped pick up some of the things, and just as he was about to hand the papers over to the boy, both of them locked eyes. The pupils on the boy grew three times in size. Even under all the hair that hung in his face, Will was still able to make out the small shine of the brown orbs.

"I'm sorry," he squeaked out then cleared his throat.

Will smiled at the boy and handed him what he had picked up. "It's fine."

The boy kept looking up at the blonde while trying to organize his things.

Little did Will know, that boy was a huge fan of his, and that fan was none-other than the author he admired so much.

Nico was in a daze after running into him. He felt so stupid for everything.

When Nico was first approached about giving out the copy rights, he didn't know how they would cast any of the characters properly, the main one being Nate Castiline. But when he found out that after searching for over a year they had settled on Will Solace, Nico nearly melted in his seat.

That boy had been one of his favorite actors from the time he started and onwards. So this was a moment that he would never forget, yet he wished he could do over again.

Nico opened and closed his mouth, trying to form some sort of words, but before any sound had a chance of escaping his lips, someone called for him.

"Nico, c'mon, we are going to be late!"

Nico looked up and locked eyes with a dark haired girl. He scooped up the rest his stuff and rushed passed the blonde star, not making eye contact.

As the dark haired boy brushed passed Will, leaving him all alone once again, Will noticed something small at the base of his foot. He bent down and picked it up. It was a simple brown leather note book. He tossed it back and forth in his hands.

Will turned around to see if the boy – Nico was his name – was still in sight, but he was nowhere to be seen. After debated whether or not to chase after him in the direction, his bladder had other plans.

He rushed off in the direction of the bathroom, book still in hand. Once he was done, he made his way to sit back down next to Leo Valdez, the actor who played the villain, Marco Myers.

Will fondled the book in his hands, debating whether or not to open it. It wasn't his, so he shouldn't, but then again, what could it's pages hold? He hesitated, but he unwrapped the leather binding and slowly opened it.

What he saw was incredible. Hand drawn pictures made out of what appeared to be ink, but an olden pen ink, almost 'Harry Potter' fashion. He couldn't tell what the words that were written all around were – they seemed to be Italian – but from what he could tell was that that Nico boy was an artist and he wanted to know more.

He did feel a sharp pain in realising that there was probably no way he could get it back to him. He only knew his first name; no way could he find him with that small amount to go on.

"What's that?" Leo pointed at the notebook with Cheedo fingers.

"Oh," Will tried to come up with an excuse, but words seemed to be failing him, "It's, uhh, just this thing." He flicked his wrist; examining it a little bit himself – showing Leo, hoping he bought the excuse.

"Oh, looks cool." And with that, he dropped the topic.

Will never let the thought drop from his mind as the lights dimmed and words were spoken before the movie flickered on the big screen.

It started out pretty simple, opening credits played on the screen with old fashion radio reports played over top of it. Images of scientist in a lab played in and out of groups of people being tested. After a few minutes, a scientist injects Leo's character, Marco Myers. The screen cuts to five children playing.

After cutting back and forth between Marco training and the group of children, a scientist give Marco a gun and he starts shooting up the place, sending pulses of fire from his fingertips.

The story is pretty easy to follow. It is about a group of five friends who all find out they have powers. When they were younger, the government was working on an experiment dubbed 'The Superman Experiment' and it was the government manipulating genes and injecting them into different people.

To participate in the experiment, one would have to pass quite a few tests. Marco Myers, played by Leo Valdez, was working with one of the scientist in the experiment to get in and use this power for evil. The scientist working undercover was helping to make sure he passed every background test and physical and whatever else was needed to pass.

When he managed to gain access to the serum, he uses his new found powers to destroy the lab, but one scientist managed to save random serums and sneak them out. Like the wonder father and adult he was, he injects his son, Nate Castiline, (played by Will Solace after the beginning, you know, age gap and all) and his four friends. They end up passing out, forgetting everything that had happened.

Due to them being so young, the serum being untested and a new version, they round what they remember to being a nightmare they shared at a sleepover, and because of it all, their powers don't develop until they are older.

When Marco tried to take over, they ended up blowing up the base for precautionary measures, but Nate's father wasn't having any of that, knowing that he would survive, that's why he went ahead and injected his son, only before passing himself.

A few years after Marco surfaced, that's when the group of five realize what had happened to them and they save the day.

By half way through the movie, the scene where Will's character is having a mental breakdown shows. He is covered in blood – not his own – and is holding his head, kicking things as he walks around in this small, secluded room.

Leo nudged him from the seat beside him, whispering something about 'that time of the month' or something before turning his attention back to the screen.


As the end is nearing, Percy's character dropped to his knees, clutching his side which is soaked in blood.

"I… I can't," Percy's screen voice sounded so week; every word was a marathon to him.

K.C. (Annabeth) ran to his side, tears piling in her eyes, dropping like a thunderstorm as she tried to calm herself.

A few more minutes of crying until Cory Willis closed his eyes and went lax.

"I can't do this…" Nate mumbled out, turning his back from his dead friend.

"What the actual fuck!" Annabeth's character launched out in a fit of tears, her voice shaky.

"There's no more God forsaken hero's left in this world! What the fuck makes you think we can do anything!"

"Cory just fucking died! You are not going to end all this here," She spat with venom.

"Well, what can we do?!"

"We can move forward and make his death not mean nothing!"

Both stared at each other, neither side giving in.

Will looked away and sighed, "Well, start practicing what you preach and get your ass up. We can't bring his fucking corpse with us, but we can god damn move forward."

Nico was sitting in the back watching the movie play. He mouthed that entire line out, knowing it by heart, for it was one of his favorite. The movie was pretty accurate to the book – almost word for word in most parts. That last line was the characters big turning point, the point where he realises that, yeah, they are all most likely going to die, but that doesn't mean they can't make it mean it something.

When he looked to his side, Reyna, his editor and great friend, was swimming in a pool of her own tears. He just smiled and turned his attention to the screen, completely unaware of the fact that close to the front row, Will Solace had his note book.


The ending had rolled around were only K.C., Nate, and Rini stood, well, not really Rini. She was alive, but was lying on a ground with K.C. by her side. Will had one foot on Leo's chest, not letting him get away. Both characters were bloody and had stiff breaths.

"I always hated Mathew Castiline," Marco spat.

Nate put more pressure on Marco's chest, causing him to cough up some blood in a coughing fit.

"Don't you ever talk that way about my father!" Nate literally spat on the man beneath him. "He was more of a man than you ever were!"

"That's why he injected his son and his friends with an untested serum?"

More pressure was applied to his chest. The man underneath his boots screamed in pain.

K.C. and Rini looked as if they wanted to interfere, but didn't have the strength or courage to do so.

"You going to kill me?" Leo's character asked almost innocently.

A small smirk appeared on Will's characters face. "Oh yeah, but you don't deserve to be treated in such a nice way, but I'm feeling kind today."

Annabeth's and Piper's characters looked away, whipping their heads to not face the two guys.

The camera was zoomed in on Will as a ball of light appeared in the pal of his hand. More screaming could be heard, only to indicate that he was applying more weight to his step. He turned his head only mere seconds before a choking scream filled the ears of all those watching and the small trace of blood splashed on Will's cheek.

Seconds passed before the camera found the faces of the two actresses, sound had already been cut out, so all that could be heard was a slight sound of that high pitch note to add to the dramatic effect.

The last few minutes of the movie was them making their way back home, passing other dead bodies, pedestrians running and screaming, crying for loved ones, crying due to chaos.

Narration fell over the sound mixed with slightly slowed down background noise from the background actors. Will's voice filled the theatre explaining how the world still fell into chaos, but more controlled chaos. He spoke about how the world took years to regain it's self-control.

His voice slowly started to sound like a filter of an olden radio had been placed over it, giving it an almost depression-era-type feel. As the narration came to a halt, a wide birds-view angle slowly showed the mass destruction that was caused because of the fight.

'Everyone says that there's one more hero left', Wills voice could be heard as the camera was back on them walking – Rini limping. The camera focused on Will from behind.

'But in all honestly,' Will looks at the camera over his shoulder, stopping his pace to look directly at the camera, back slightly turned, 'there are no more heroes.'

Nate continued on walking with his two friends as the screen turned to black and the theatre ruptured in applause with Sia's 'Alive' playing as the closing credits started to roll.

The lights slowly started to come back on as the main cast and important crew members took a stand from the front row and bowed. The Director took the front once again and started to say a few words.

After about a minute of 'thank you's and naming people who helped out with it, he smiled and said, "And I would love to thank the author of the book for writing such a wonderful work of art, whether they are here tonight or not. This was a project that the moment I picked up the book, I had to have, and I know all of you felt the same thing. This was a wonderful…" Right around there Nico started to tune out the speech, feeling his chest tighten around itself from what had just been said.

He had heard it before, but something like this was something he never could have imagined no matter how hard he tried. He felt a small tear fall down his cheek and he picked his things up and started to get ready to head out.

When Nico got home, he threw his things on his bedroom floor and jumped belly first onto his bed. He face was captured in a smile from everything that had happened. From seeing his own work being turned into something as amazing as a movie was enough to start a fire in him, fueling his desire.

Even the fact that he had literally ran into Will Solace while trying to get from place to place was something that added to the fact of his smile. He was feeling everything all at once and he couldn't stop it.

He was sad that his father had to work and couldn't be there, but that was something he knew from the moment the date was released for the premiere – same thing goes for his step-mom. But really, he didn't care. Life was great and nothing could make it better, well maybe one thing.

Thinking back on the night, he got the sudden urge to start a new book. His editor/manager had been getting on his tail for not having anything yet, not even a chapter, but now he had something.

He went to his to pull out his notebook, the one where all his doodles and concept art for all the stories he'd done so far were kept, but when he rummaged through it, he came up empty handed. His heart sank.

He dumped everything on his floor, tossing things aside only to come out with nothing.

His notebook was gone.

It had felt like a small piece of himself was missing.

He sat at his computer trying to type, only getting some words out, but not at the pace he felt like he could have wrote if he still had his notebook. It broke him inside, but he still had a small bit of warmth left in him, so he used that to fuel his inner thoughts.


After a couple of after-parties, Will found himself face first on his bed, suit scattered all along the floor. He was exhausted and he wanted to sleep.

Just before he closed his eyes, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small brown leather notebook and opened it. Without reading any of the words, he felt himself lost in this small little world that some boy named Nico had created with some ink and a pen.

Will soon fell asleep with the book open on his bed, his hand always on the book at all times during the night.