Q: Do you plan to start a new solangelo fic after this? Or are you working on something else? Or possibly even stepping away from the ship/fanfiction in general?

A: Well, I would love to do more solangelo, but sadly as the fandom and ship gets older, less and less people keep coming. So, on that note, I do plan on keeping up my Christmas story tradition, so expect another Solangelo story this year, and also I have so many ideas floating in my mind to write that I think I might put one more down after I finish HAN and X. And I am working on a Klance fic on Archive that i'm thinking of bring over here so if you're a fan of Voltron, expect that some time in the future. And for those who can't wait, it's called Still Likeness and i'm under basically the same name on there also. Same profile pic anyways. I don't want to step away from the fandom, but as I have stated earlier, with the fandom growing older and less and less Solangelo coming up cannon, its gotten hard to draw in new members, but again, there should be two new ones after this, I promise!


Q: Are you thinking of making another solangelo story?, and have you ever thought of making this into an actual story but with different names like im wattpad or making an actual story and try to publish it XD cus I feel you'll make an amazing book author. Anyway thats all! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

A: As stated before, hell yeah! I ain't ending my reign on a high note! No way! I'm going to crash and burn like the rest! And i haven't thought of turning Side Friend (fanfiction) into a story, but I have considered on multiple occasions of turning Side Friend (story) into a fully fleshed out story. C'mon! Why would you want to waste your money on something you can get free online instead of paying for an altered, obviously solangelo fanfiction with different names?! And if I did that, I probably wouldn't be able to turn Side Friend (Story) into a full story unless I pull a Rainbow Rowel. And if I did go to wattpad, I don't feel like i would gain the following there as it does here, but maybe sometime down the road, if I'm bored enough, I'll think of that.

Love (Guest)

Q: Have you thought of changing the names and publishing this as an actual story? Cause it's really that amazing! Also, what made you want to continue this after the original 5 chapter story? Are you planning on any more Solangelo stories, long or short?

Ps. Thank you for the best year and a half of my life 3
Also, this Q and A is a really good idea!

A:What made me continue this after chapter 5? God, even I'm not 100% sure - oh wait, I am. lol. Well, it was more like i was expecting this story to gain maybe 10 followers during its original run, like the first 5 chapters, but by chapter 2, I was giddy and couldn't hold anything back. Just waking up those mornings before Christmas to dozens of emails from you guys liking it, favourting it, and following it and me was too much for me to fully handle. Thing's weren't always perfect in my life, and I remember writing it as an escape, so seeing all those people enjoy something that was coming to an end made me selfish. Anyways, I wanted to continue it mainly because I knew the story that was to follow, but you guys didn't. I knew how they would get married, I knew how Nico was going to introduce Will to his mum, but none of you guys knew any of that. So I started writing, and I remember that one person commented that maybe Will's ex girlfriend would show up and BOOM! Everything took of from there! I was able to show you a world that I had sculpted out and just enjoy sharing it. I always knew that Will would propose on live television (cuz he's extra) and that Malcolm was to become his great friend. Funny note, Malcolm was originally meant to show up in the original 5 chapters and work as Katie but when he was at work. Due to lack of school scenes, that obviously never happened. There should be one short (Christmas (which I need to come up with the idea for that now (let me know if you have any suggestions for that))) and one more long which will most likely be my final going out. Sadly. And I can't thank you guys enough, this has been some of the most amazing times writing this, reading what you guys have to say. This year and a half is currently an era that has sadly come to an end (for now).

Mr. Flamingo

Q: yes yes yes yes yes

A: Well thank your lucky stars I did!


Q: Add more chapters, Please! And work on X

Please continue these stories they are very good. I hate waiting, so please please please UPDATE. you are such a good writer. Please make more Solangelo Fics!

A: I am, actually! I have most of the rest of X fleshed out in a document that i think is close to 1000 words, and that's a quick summery. I've been so busy with school and finals (I have a final int he morning and it midnight, can you tell how I spend my time correctly?) that I haven't been able to properly address them like I used to. And regarding HAN (I know you didn't ask, but might as well give that info to) that one has the entire base planned out also, and trust me, if you thought this on sad... oh boi... Anyways, I do plan on updating the others, but sadly, as all good things must come to an end, we say goodbye to an era, and this is one that I am saddened to let go.

As a side note, I'll answer some more questions that I get all the time or just some that made me think a bit.

The way I portray certain characters

This is one I get time to time, actually. Mostly regarding Drew and sometimes Lou Ellen. Now, Drew is a tricky situation and is hard to tread lightly on her topic. She is usually portrayed as a character to get in the way of relationships/ships, and while I did use her in that sense, I did not want to use her as a direct block. It wasn't her choice just as much as it was Will's so don't go and say I strictly used her for that purpose. I wanted to humanize Drew in a way I haven't seen done before. I wanted to show that she too had feelings, and while she did play a cliche role, I wanted to show the reality of it, something I love to do and hardly ever see. They are cliched for a reason. Anyways, I don't like when people see my portrayal of Lou Ellen as the bad guy. She is simply doing her job, whether she liked it or not. Will needed to follow "orders" and in the case of Drew, she saw the balance between doing it and not, and knew that the director was right. The publicity did sky rocket, but the negatives were still unseen. And sadly they weren't the kindest negatives.

Where I got my idea from

Actually, most of my stories are from me reading something and saying, "I can do that better," but for this case, it was one of the first times I had grabbed an idea I had sitting around in the back of my mind and fleshed it out. I wanted to put Side Friend as both the fanfic and the story to good use, and originally the name of the fic was called One Last Hero (or No More Heroes as Nico (I) told everyone in the last chapter. But good thing Side Friend came. I had taken the idea, "What if Will was famous and Nico loved him?" and the idea, "What if BOTH of them were famous and idolized one another?" and stuck them together. It's hard to explain really where it all formed together, but some how it came perfectly together and this is what came from it.

What do you mean this isn't complete?

Yes, I know, I still get those. In the beginning, i got a lot of people asking me why it was marked as complete, and if you were a more newer reader, I'll answer that question in full! As I've stated before, Side Friend was a 5 chapter story that ended on Christmas day, a year and a half ago, and because y'all wanted more and I'm a hoe for attention, I wrote what came next. But this was the Epilogue! So the epilogue went from chapters 6-34. So when the final chapter was posted, this was known as the Epilogue-Epilogue! But now that we are complete, no one can bug me on that now!

John Green and Rainbow Rowel

Okay, this was real popular in the beginning when I first was writing this. I get a lot of people asking if I got inspiration from John Green - especially The Fault in Out Stars, and the direct and easy answer is no. I have never once read a john Green book - expect for the on he paired up with Leviathan, and even that is only half finished. I have not seen the movies either, so no, i have no influence from John Green or The Fault in Our Stars. And for Rainbow Rowel, I love her man! I've read Fangirl and Carry On and they are my shit! She has a few more that I want to read, but I have a huge stack of unfinished books I want to get through before I do that. And to be compared to them, I don't think I could have reached a bigger honour from you guys on that. I actually, literally cried the first time I read one of those comments from you guys.

Will a sequel happen?

Probably only if you pay me. I have a sequel in mind, but that's a story line that I only know that happens afterwards that involved Luca and another person, but that is maybe, probably never going to happen, sadly. But seriously, if I get paid to, damn straight you are going to see more of Nico and Will, but that's the only way.

Where things meant to be different?

Actually, yeah, a lot of things were changed. Most of them were small details, like places or different angles and shit, but somethings were changed to make it easier. Like, strangely Kayla's age changed drastically during a single chapter. I had written her to be maybe 5-8, but by the end, bitch was was like 13-5-ish maybe 16. Like, yeah, that was a huge change. Mainly this occurred because there were some scenes I wanted her in and to do that wouldn't have been as possible if she was that young.


That's it, just an entire section on him because y'all treated him like Viktor from Yuri on Ice. I laughed when you all thought he was evil. Like, that was my favourite mutual agreement from you all. God, he is a pure boy, and yeah he a lil gay for Nico, but who isn't? Anyways, he ends up with that Lucy chick (I hope that's what her name was cuz I'm too lazy to go back and check). And still I remember laughing at the comments that you guys thought Nico was going to go for him, starting an entirely different ark, even after I said the pain was over. Guess I deserve the fact that none of you trusted me after what I had pulled, but still! Don't hate on my sweet blond baby with glasses.


You guys don't realize how much you actually inspired bits and parts of the story. I am going over old reviews to make sure I have everything covered, and the amount of things you guys either inspired or guessed right before I even thought of them are astonishing. I can't believe it.

Songs that you should listen to while rereading this!

So, I first got this idea because someone (i'm so sorry I don't have your name, I'm just too lazy to go back and look for it) messaged me and said that I Hate You, I Love You was a perfect song to listen to while going through the Drew ark, so here are some songs that helped me and that I got from you guys!

I Hate You I Love You - Gnash feat. Olivia O'brien (jk it was Greenamazon, one of the OG)

It's True - The Backstreet Boys (ammstar11 wrote at chapter 19)

Falling in Love With You - Elvis or Twenty One Pilots.

So, before I say my last goodbye here, I thought I would leave you guys with a lil last mission. I have probably two stories left in this fandom before I make my way out, I would love to hear your guys' thoughts on what you would like to read. I'll put a few I have brewing and you can suggest your own and/or vote for your favourite, and tell me why, cuz just saying one is too easy.

Celebrity Au: Will is a well-rounded actor and singer and has made a name for himself as America's sweetheart. But on the other hand, Nico is known as the King of Punk and has taken the world by storm with his band. Both are casted to play the leading roles in a groundbreaking Disney movie that tackles LGTB+ and diversity and things go from there.

Celebrity Au (2):Will always loves talking with his fans, and especially loves conventions, so when one day the co-star of the hit superhero T.V. show Undefined appears at a comic convention, he is awe struck by a cosplayer that has perfectly embodied his favourite character from the comic book origin - which just happened to be Will's characters love interest in the original works. He is set on a mission to take as many cute and amazing photos with this fan, and as news gets out that they are thinking of casting that exact character in the show, Will gets a brilliant idea.

Celebrity Au (3): Nico di Angelo has always admired amazing child actor Will Solace, even telling his friends in the fifth grade that he was going to marry him when he and his friends would talk about celebrity crushes. Fast forward to years later as Nico is casted as a side character only meant to show up five times in the original run time, but as fans love his quirky character, he is called back as a co-star regular, all the way up to a main character, working along side his idol, Will Solace.


Nico gets casted in his first T.V. show, unknowingly being casted in a main role for his first T.V. gig. As he thought he was a simply side character, he is blown away by the fact that he is working side by side with his middle school celebrity crush. As things move along, their characters grow even closer. Is Nico able to handle all of this?

Angel and Devil Au: Nico had always known he was different, but when he met what he thought was a mortal named Will Solace, he was turned on his head. Growing up in a foster home, he had watched his foster family go about their day, which always made him wonder where he came from. But running into Will sent him down a path he was not ready to discover.

MPreg Au: That's all you get for that one, if you want it, it'll be a complete surprise on the story line. (If you don't know what MPreg is, google it)

Royalty AU: Nico lived his life in the castle. Everything he did was to serve. But he never knew where he came from. He spent his days working along side the youngest prince of the castle, the Queen showing pity on the youngest member of her staff after his mother had past. When time came to travel to a large and powerful neighbouring kingdom, Nico traveled along side the prince, only to find an almost two decade long secret that had been hidden from everyone but to the knowledge of two.

High school Au: Will and Nico were best friends all through elementary school. They were a sight to be hold as Will was near sighted and wore glasses almost as big as his waist line and Nico was lanky and would consistently trip over his own feat. But when Nico's family moves back to Italy, they believe that they will never see each other again, but as fate has it, Nico's family moves back just in time to meet one another for junior year, but when he sees Will for the first time in years, everything he once believed no longer stood.

Religion Au: Nico grew up in a super religious family were homosexuality is seen as the biggest sin. He believed this though and through, but when he met Will Solace, the first gay man he had ever talked to or met personally, his life is flipped when everything is turned on its head. (this one will most likely be written unless otherwise overrided)

Superhero Au:Nico has prided himself on his evil ways and superpowers, but when he is faced with a group of superheroes trying to stop him, he must find a way to beat them. But as a mutual evil threatens both groups, Nico has to find away to beat both sides while also standing on top, but a certain blond hero has another way.

Superhero Au (2):Will has managed to balance being a full time superhero and student in high school, but when he is awe struck by a boy in his class from sophomore year, he finally gets up the courage to talk to him before his partners make their own move on him. But as things start to get strange, Will's balance between his new found love life seems to intertwine with his job, leaving more questions than those answered.

Superhero/time traveler Au: Nico had always had a strong rivalry with one William Solace, but when one fight goes wrong, Nico finds himself sent forward in time. He is saved by a monster by a blond hero that had been around, and he agrees to help him out until they find a way back. But things take a strange turn as things go forward and the truth seems to be stranger than fiction.

So, here we are, my final info spew to you guys. PLEASE, I want to know your thoughts on which story you want next. Remember that I want a reason why you choose which one. And yes, I have a fully fleshed idea for all of these. I have been going back and forth on these topics for a while. And don't just choose a topic because you want another Side Friend (even though I would love to, I don't want to redo whats already perfect)

Anyways, if there are any more questions, just message me! I will respond with as much as I can give. I hope I have given you all everything you need and it has been a journey. And this is it. We have ended an era and I hope we can create something new soon!

If you wish to find out what I'm doing IRL, you can always follow me on instagram! therealracheledare I cosplay and basically become a living meme and you can see me suffer IRL in real time!

And as I state now,

Kitty out!