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Sara - many Haikus, forming one thought

"You deserve a life."
Five words, and my world implodes.
"You deserve a life."

I want one with him.
Gruesome Grissom. The bug-man.
My boss; my friend - Griss.

He called me. I came.
It seems that's always the way.
I'm right here, Grissom.

Why can't he see that?
Why can't he see me - Sara -
my heart on my sleeve?

It's there in my eyes
When I look at him and smile;
in the way I laugh.

Sometimes I touch him,
Let my arm brush against his
and smile at the heat.

I know he feels it -
the electrical impulse
of skin against skin.

Grissom could love me.
Perhaps he does, and hides it
beneath some old pain.

Does he dream of me?
At night, alone in the dark,
does he long for me?

I want to tell him,
but I'm scared. He could hurt me.
Either way, he will.

Love is not gentle,
It sears the heart, refines it -
makes it something new.

Perhaps he knows this.
His heart may have been scorched once
and turned to ashes.

And so he is scared.
Scared to love. Scared of heartbreak.
Scared to lose it all.

But out of the ash,
His heart can be reborn like
a fiery phoenix.

It can beat again.
The rhythm of love is strong -
It heals like it breaks.

Overcome the scars
And love will just be stronger,
forged in passions' fire.

My love is a fire
burning, and I want to burn
with him beside me.

Grissom and Sara
Two hearts burning and melting
Into just one heart

Just one living heart,
melded from our two hearts,
the best of us both.