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Chapter 1: The Cold Housemate

The morning sun was weak in the sky, even for an early January morning, and was almost completely covered in clouds. Only a few students wandered about, pulling luggage as they made for their dorm rooms. Yawning widely, a girl with curly black hair tied up in a messy ponytail wearing a pair of jeans that cut off just below the knee, and an oversized deep purple jumper, looked up at the house she was standing in front of. The taxi that had dropped her off made its way back down the driveway, but she didn't hear it over the noise of music blaring through her earphones.

Crouching, Bianca tied the laces of her grey converse, before straightening up and grabbing her large suitcase. Shrugging her large rucksack back onto her shoulder, she pulled her suitcase behind her as she walked up the steps and into the house. Pushing the doors open, she was greeted by an older woman who had been sweeping. She looked up, and broke into a wide smile as Bianca pulled her earphones out.

"Bianca! Oh, it's lovely to see you sweetie!" Trudy exclaimed as she rushed over and pulled Bianca into a hug.

"It's good to see you too Truds," Bianca laughed as she slouched a little to hug the housemother back. "How was your Christmas?" she asked as her music blasted from the earphones in her hand.

"Oh it was lovely, nothing too exciting, but very relaxing," Trudy told her with her usual bright smile. "I couldn't wait to get back here and have my days filled with something to do," she admitted. Bianca laughed. "What about you dear?" Trudy asked her.

"Ah, nothing exciting, was back in Dublin, stayed with some friends," Bianca told her, smiling at the memories.

"Oh, that sounds lovely!" Trudy smiled, but it faltered slightly. "But...didn't you see your parents?" she asked curiously.

"Nah, they were in the States for the holidays," Bianca shrugged. "I'm gonna get my things up to my room, get settled in," she told Trudy before the housemother could ask anything else. She turned, about to return her earphones to their usual place, and almost walked straight into an older man with a goatee and slicked back hair. He glared down at her, and Bianca moved around him. "Sorry Victor, didn't hear you approaching," she smiled pleasantly at him.

"Miss Winters, I trust you will be more aware of your surroundings in the future," the man commented in his short tone.

"Anything for you Victor," Bianca smiled, popping her earphones back in before Victor could respond. She hauled her things up the stairs, humming along to her music. Victor watched her with a glare, and Trudy gave a small chuckle before turning and hurrying off.

Opening the door to the bedroom farthest down the corridor, Bianca smiled at the familiar sight. It was almost empty, except for the bed, desk and wardrobe, after she had cleared it out before leaving for the Christmas holidays. Her other trunks, which had been shipped to Anubis House, were lying at the foot of her bed. Setting her rucksack down, the girl began to unpack, singing quietly to herself.

It had only been an hour since she had begun unpacking, and Bianca had already gotten distracted. She sat on her bed, which had been made, using her tablet as her music seemed to be even louder. It was so loud, that she didn't hear the knock on her door. It was only when the door opened and Trudy walked over to her, did Bianca register that she wasn't alone.

"Sorry Truds, I didn't realise the time," Bianca grinned as she looked up.

"It's quite alright dear, I'm used to having to come find you," Trudy chuckled. "Now come on, dinner's already on the table," she told the teenage girl.

"Awesome, I'm starving," Bianca got to her feet, and followed Trudy out, shutting the door behind her.

"Oh, and leave the earphones out?" Trudy turned to her. "So you can hear when the others are talking to you?" she suggested with a smile. Bianca smiled and nodded, turning off her music and stuffing the earphones into her pocket. Trudy led the way downstairs, and Bianca was once again immersed in her tablet.

"Oh Alfie! Must you start a food fight every night?" Trudy was scolding the boy as Bianca walked into the room.

"Oh, Miss Frosty has returned," Jerome smirked as the black haired girl took her seat on his right, between him and Mara.

"Jerome, do you have to?" Fabian frowned at him. Bianca blinked, barely seeming to register that there were others around her. She looked up from her tablet, chewing on the stylus, and looked around at Jerome, who was sat in the seat beside hers. She then squinted at him.

"Did...did your hair get bigger?" she asked, and the others snorted as Jerome's smirk faded.

"Oh I missed having her around to shut you up," Joy grinned as she spooned spaghetti onto her plate. Jerome glared at Bianca, who was now completely immersed in her tablet, drawing something as she bit into a piece of garlic bread, held by her left hand.

"Even if she is an antisocial freak," Patricia commented.

"Glad to see you're as polite as ever," Bianca commented without looking up. "I almost missed you," she smirked to herself. She was rewarded by several bursts of laughter, and a glare from the redhead.

"Will we ever have a quiet dinner?" Mara wondered with a sigh.

"Doubtful," Mick grinned.

After dinner, Bianca lay across her bed, staring up at the ceiling. Fairy lights that she had strung up glittered like stars above her. Stars always soothed her and helped her think.

She was snapped from her thoughts when she heard stomping, and smirked. There was the reason she had kept her earphones out.

"Frosty!" she heard the roar, seconds before her door was shoved open.

"Ever heard of knocking?" Bianca looked up at Jerome as he stood over her, looking furious.

"Where are they?" he hissed at her.

"Is there something I can help you with?" Bianca smiled pleasantly as she got to her feet, moving around her bed. She lifted her laptop from her desk and moved around the boy who followed her.

"You know exactly what," he growled, before taking a breath to calm down. "Where are my clothes, Frosty?" Jerome asked, making Bianca's smile grow.

"I haven't the faintest clue," she shrugged, taking a seat on her bed and pulling her stylus from where it was tucked in her ponytail.

"Oh I see, this is revenge for what happened before winter break," Jerome nodded, and Bianca gave a laugh, looking up.

"Big hair, do you honestly think your disappearing clothes is dark enough for what you did to me?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well..." Jerome hesitated, before shaking his head. "No, but that was a bloody good prank, you will never top it," he smirked at her. "But that's not the matter at hand. Where are my clothes?" he demanded.

"Figure it out for yourself," Bianca lay back on her bed. "I did leave you a clue," she told him. With a huff, Jerome stormed off, and Bianca's smirk grew. "Idiot," she sat up, and got comfortable, pulling her legs up to her as she began to draw.

After another day of attempting to unpack, it was time to return to school. That morning came as they all did for Bianca. Far too soon.

Her room was silent, except for her soft breathing, until her alarm went off, breaking that peace. Groaning, Bianca moved her hand so it was the only thing outside of her blanket, and made to hit snooze on her alarm. She managed to grab it, and switch it off, and pulled her hand back under the blanket. Within moments, she was dozing off again, only for the alarm to go off again.

"What?" Bianca mumbled when she realised. She reached out again and grabbed the alarm clock, only to find that it wasn't ringing. Pushing herself up so the blanket slipped from her bed, she found her alarm clock on her desk, ringing away. "Did I...?" she wondered, too sleepy to process what was going on. She jumped when another alarm went off under her bed, and groaned, falling back onto the mattress. "There is one thing you don't mess with. And that's my sleep," she grumbled sleepily.

"Excuse me," there was a knock on her door, and the door opened. "Can you like, turn those off? Some of us have a little more beauty sleep to catch up on," Amber requested.

"Sure..." Bianca sighed, already coming up with ways to get revenge.

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