Carlos De Vil opened his eyes and checked his alarm clock. 8:30. It was the Monday after Ben's coronation and by the looks of it, Carlos and his roommate Jay were going to be late.

Carlos jumped out of bed and started collecting clothes.

"Jay! Get up! We're going to be late for school!"

Jay sat up in bed, watching his scrawny roommate scavenge for clothes. "Did I hear you correctly? Your worried about being late for school?"

"School's important" Carlos argued. "Besides, we're trying to be good, remember?"

"Yeah, good people, not good students" Jay said. "Besides, first period is math. You hate math."

"I- um- gained a new appreciation for it over the weekend" Carlos muttered.

Jay raised an eyebrow. "So let me get this straight; we have a huge party on Friday and over the weekend, you realized you like math? How is that possible? Unless-"

Jay gave Carlos an evil grin. "It's about a girl, isn't it? You like someone in our first period."

Carlos stood up, his arms full of clothes. "Don't be ridiculous. This has nothing to do with a girl."

Jay gasped. "Omigod, you gay!"

"I'm not gay!" Carlos snapped. "Fine, I admit it! I like a girl in our first period. Happy?"

Jay grinned. "Very."