"How do you think it's going over there?" Aubrey asked. The Godmother had called a few minutes ago to say that Cruella had been apprehended. She was still looking for Carlos.

"Let's go over there and see what's going on" Ben said.

Carlos and Jane were standing in silence.

I can't believe she kissed me! Carlos thought.

"I'm going to bed" he announced.

"Okay" Jane said. "I guess I'll go back to my dorm."

"Are you sure that's safe?" Carlos asked. "What if you run into my mom?"

"I'll be fine" Jane said.

"I'd prefer you spend the night with me" Carlos said.

"Where will I sleep?" Jane asked.

Carlos thought for awhile. Jay was getting a new mattress and of course he wasn't going to make her sleep on the floor.

"Do-do you want to sleep in my bed?" Carlos asked.

"With you?" Jane asked.

"Well, yeah" Carlos said. "Where else will you sleep?"

"I don't know" Jane admitted.

Carlos slipped off his gloves and jacket. He was about to take off his shirt when Jane stopped him.

"I really don't think that's appropriate."

Too late.

"Do you want me to put it back on?" Carlos asked.

Jane blinked and shook her head. She liked the view. Carlos put his shirt back on. Crap. They both went into the bed. They lay there akwardly for a few minutes, both unsure of whar to do next. Jane turned her head to get a better look at him. Carlos was looking at her. Then he leaned forward and kissed her again.

It was morning. Once again, everyone met up in Jane and Aubrey's dorm.

"Do you think their okay?" Aubrey asked. They hadn't heard from Carlos or Jane since Carlos had gone to see her last night.

"Let's go check on them" Ben suggested.

Jay had his eye pressed against the keyhole.

"Oh guys! Check this out! Their in bed together!" Jay exclaimed.

"Really! Let me see!" Chad shoved Jay aside. Jay pushed Chad aside and unlocked the door. He pushed it open.

Carlos heard voices. He struggled to open his eyes. There was something warm on his bare chest. Jane's hand.

"Hey Romeo" he heard Jay say. Jay! His eyes shot wide open. All of his friends were standing in front of the bed, smiling. Carlos blushed like he had never blushed before.

"H-hey guys" he said.

"Hey" they said in unison. Jane began to stir.

"Good morning" she murmured and placed a gentle kiss on Carlos's lips. She turned her head and jumped.

"Hey" their friends said. Jane blushed.

"How long have you guys been standing there?"

"Long enough" Lonnie said smiling.

"What's going on here?" It was the Godmother. When she saw her daughter in bed with the boy who broken her heart, she gasped. Her face turned red and she tore through the kids. She grabbed Carlos by the arm and pulled him from the bed.

"Mom don't!" Jane cried. In a rush she told her mom what had happened in the woods the night before last. The Godmother was quiet for awhile.

She finally said "Well then. Perhaps I was wrong, this time. But" she continued turning to Carlos, "if you hurt my daughter again, for any reason, I will have you sent back to the Isle of the Lost."

Carlos nodded grimly. The Godmother turned to Mal, Ben, Evie, Doug, Jay, Aubrey, Chad, and Lonnie.

"Let's leave give them some alone time."

"We want details" Jay called over his shoulder as they left.

The door shut and they were alone again. Jane smiled as she wrapped her eyes around Carlos.

"Where were we?" Jane asked.

"Right here" Carlos said and he kissed her.