Resurgent civilizations

Author's note: This is my first fanfiction, I had many stories I wanted to write since two years ago and only know did I thought it was a good idea to start. I decided to start with one of my best ideas for this, since it something I have yet to read in other fanfictions. I hope you like it.

Prologue part 1

Cycles upon cycles they came, they destroyed countless civilizations, consumed they're works of art, achievements and the very essence of the peoples they consumed, and know it was the turn of the great Prothean empire, although a small brave group of warriors were in a desperate mission to ensure that the cycle would break.


Flying through the stars in front of a blue sun the last remains of the last great Prothean fleet were gathered, after centuries of war only a handful of worlds remained all of them being attacked by the reapers, and it was known that the war would be over in a matter in a matter of months maybe weeks leading to the end of another cycle and the preparing for a new one. Most of the Prothean resistance was coordinated in the remaining planets now without contact with others, and most of the Prothean fleet had been wiped out in the remaining years of the war with remnants of different fleets scattered amongst the stars until they received a signal telling them to gather here under the avatar of hope Qalem Eminal, the message was sent through the beacons of each ships so the reapers could not track it.

All that remained were 5 cruisers, 26 frigates and 38 corvettes, has well has as 52 unarmed civilian and merchant vessels, and towering over them all was the Penumbra Apex, the last dreadnought, and the flagship of the Prothean empire, 1,5km long. It had managed to survive the centuries of war through prioritizations of it has a high priority weapon since it was about one of the few that could damage a reaper capital ship, since then it had been upgraded with a particle canon, similar to collector vessels, which could actually destroy a reaper capital ship with a few shots from it, although it still wasn't has effective has the main weapons of a reaper capital ship. They moved to the relay to star they're last defiance of the reapers.

Qalem watched has the last ships of is people moved to what would likely be they're last battle. "How fitting that the Penumbra Apex will be the one to lead this battle", he said to the crew on the bridge, which they responded with pride "Aye, long live the empire". This did not surprise Qalem; even beaten they were still proud to be Prothean, even in desperation they had managed to develop particle weapon, most importantly they managed override the safety programs of their ftl drives, which prevented a ship to enter ftl if an object was detected in its way which came from the technology of the inusannon, long thought to have been created by them, now it was certain it came from the reapers has a way to prevent civilian ships of being used has weapon against them. And finally although they did not manage to replicate a relay like the legendary Ilos installation, had been trying to do, they had managed to create a device which they could send through a relay so it would attach itself to the relay it just connected in order reverse the mass effect field of the opposite relay to drag the origin relay to the receiving relay's system, it was called "The Rope", it had been developed through the finding and study of the reaper's main relay, which served has a backup in case the citadel didn't function. Unfortunately these advances came too late to stop the invasion, although they would be crucial for the plan to succeed.

The fleet started moving towards the main relay which they would use to get to the citadel, which according to they're scouts was guarded by 10 capital ships, and 25 destroyers, small compared to most battlefields since the war was almost over the reapers saw no need to guard it with a larger force, fatal mistakes on they're part.

This plan was made after the crucible had been destroyed by indoctrinated servants, which were indoctrinated to believe it was better to control the reapers rather than destroying them, fortunately they were unable to inform the invaders of the crucible existence has such the reapers weren't aware of its continued existence has such the plans had been guarded in a secret location that even Qalem wasn't aware of.

The plan was to use the main relay to attack the reapers by surprise, and then destroy them, use the citadel master control to vent from it the hundreds of thousands of husks which were guarding its corridors and then navigate the citadel back to this system and then once again use the system to travel a select primitive race's homer world and then hide it in its vicinity along with the main relay which would be dragged away with the Rope in order to prevent the reapers from following they're location, this strategy was done so that the reapers would divert most of their forces out of the remaining Prothean worlds and hopefully allow the secret bunkers to escape undetected with they're occupants in stasis, even if that didn't work then hopefully earlier access to the citadel would drive which primitive species discovered it to develop far more quickly than before.

Has the fleet approached the relay Qalem, once again look at each ship and each of is officers and soldiers, most if any of them wouldn't survive this battle. And then the relay shone has they implemented the commands to the citadel, the relay shone and has ribbons of energy enveloped each ship propelling them to they're destiny.

Author's note: So how did you like the first part of the prologue? You probably know which species will inherit the citadel.