Dark Moon Rising


A lone traveler walked the streets of Nerima enjoying the peaceful air while heading for the safety of her home. She paused when a sudden foreboding feeling raced down her spine. Not liking the feeling, she glanced around nervously before continuing at a much faster pace. Suddenly an eerie howl rang through the night, startling her. "Oh my god….what the hell is that!" she gasped as her heart pounded in fear, quickening her pace, she knew that she had to reach home before what ever had made that noise decided to come after her.

Suddenly, a noise sounded in the alley ahead, followed by a loud panting. The girl gasped as a soda can came rolling out into the middle of the sidewalk. Glancing upward, she slowly backed away while peering into the darkness but found nothing. "Ah, it must be a rat or a dog…nothing to worry about. I'd better get home before I'm grounded," she said while sighing in relief. Turning she started walking again, never noticing the two glowing yellow eyes that stared hungrily at her.

Passing under a street lamp, the girl shivered as a chill ran up her spine. Nervously, she surveyed her surroundings, she couldn't shake the feeling of being watched from her consciousness. The clicking of claws on stone echoed through the quiet night followed by a growling sound that gained volume as it drew nearer. Suddenly, the shadow materialized in front of her, "Oh my god! What the hell is that thing!" she whispered as she backed away, fear icing her veins. She could only see an outline of the animal since it was hidden in the deep shadows. From what she could see of its basic outline, it was very large; larger than a Great Dane. One thing the girl knew was that she didn't want to be anywhere near something of that size, even though she'd seen animals larger than it in Reogonzawa.

The animal's glowing eyes followed every move she made as it crouched and then, faster than a normal animal could move, it lunged. Luckily, the girl had already whirled around and ran as if the hounds of hell were on her tail. Tears of fright streamed down her pale face as she desperately tried to escape. "Oh, Kami. Someone please help me," she sobbed as her feet pounded upon the paved sidewalk.

"Ah god, If I can just make it to Ucchans, I'll be safe...I've got to run faster or that thing will catch me," the girl thought when she saw a familiar intersection. But, just as she made it to the corner, she was suddenly slammed into the ground by something heavy. The force of the impact knocked her to the ground and forced precious air from her lungs and robbed her of breath to scream. In the time it took her to regain her senses, she could feel its heated breath on her neck before the pain struck as it savaged her shoulder. In her shock, it took a few more moments for the pain to register before she drew in enough breath to scream. But, when she did, it would chill anyone's blood when heard by human ears, "Ahhhhaaa!"

Blood flowed out of the wound as the thing clamped down harder, breaking her collar bone and then it raked its claws down her back. She screamed in fear and pain," Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!" before the loss of blood overwhelmed her and she fainted. Its mouth covered in blood and scenting a victory, the animal lifted its head and howled, "Awooooooooooooo!"

Not too far away and alerted by the noise, two police officers dashed to the sound of the screams. Quickly, they rounded the corner and beheld a scene straight from a horror movie. "Holy Shit! What the hell is that thing, Kosho!"

"I don't care, Nakura! Shoot it!" the second officer yelled, drawing his gun from its holster, he commenced firing rapidly.

Nakura didn't question his partners decision, he drew his own gun at the same time, and they both fired several rounds at the thing crouched over the unconscious body of a girl. The loud rapport of the guns broke the stillness of the night, and as the bullets impacted with the flesh of the animal it yelped, before it turned around and ran.

Quickly, the two officers ran towards the wounded girl. The officer who went by the name of, Kosho was closest to the girl, so he reached down and checked for a pulse while Nakura stood guard, incase the thing returned. "Thank Kaimi, she's still alive!" Kosho thought as he drew in a relieved breath at the faint beat of a pulse under his fingertips. He had originally thought that the girl was dead, judging by how still she lay upon the ground. Turning his head, he yelled, "Nakura! Quick! Call an ambulance! She's alive!"