"Will you marry me, Herm?" the blond asked, on bended knee.

"Not now, silly! Will you marry me later, Dray?" the brownhaired girl asked, sitting on his knee.


Nearby, two people heard the conversation and had incredibly dissimilar reactions. The black-haired woman smiled peacefully, enjoying the summer breeze and the children's play. Professor Snape, however, had seen one thing that the woman hadn't, the magical bond forming between the two. His normally parchment colored face had paled to snow white - and then to the colorless sheen of ice. Two children, betrothed - and Draco was only five. Shite. How in hell was he going to explain this to the Malfoys? Still, he'd best see to the girl's mother, first. For one thing, she had no idea her child was a witch. Or that what they had done was both unheard of, and rather magically enforced. For god's sake! There were reasons that magical families got their children engaged as soon as possible. Cradling his head in his hands for a moment, Professor Snape organized himself, and stood up to talk with the girl's mother.

"Lovely child you've got there" he said, his voice soft as a purr.

"Oh, yes, well, yours is a real handful, isn't he?"

"Oh, he's my godson. I haven't ever really..." Snape stumbled over his words.

"Oh? They play so wonderfully together..."

If only! "You heard what they said?"

"Yes, I think Herm just watched the Princess' wedding on TV, that must be where she gets it from."

"Well, she must like Dray very much... I'm afraid they weren't just pretending right now."

"What... what do you mean?"

"Some people are able to harness energies around us, the lifeforce if you will, that flows through every living thing."

"You mean like Ki?" She asked, "I always did like those martial arts films..."

"Mostly. Here, it means they made an unbreakable promise."

"They're? They're going to have to get married?"

"At some point. Luckily, your daughter was too smart to accept his initial proposal."

"That would have been binding too?"

"I'm... not sure. It works based on intent."

"Oh, well, luckily for them, they didn't put a timelimit on it."

"Luckily," Snape agreed with a crisp nod. "Dray, it's time to go. You need to talk with your parents. It's important." Dray ran over towards Snape, grabbing his hand. Herm's brown eyes followed both of them out of the park.

Lucius' hand was twitching, his wand out as he stared in horror at his old former friend. "You took my son to play at a muggle park?"

"It was close by, and he needs some exercise." Professor Snape said, his unflappable manner telling all and sundry exactly how agitated he was. Snape was generally a man for yelling and screaming even in the best of times. A quiet Snape, a guilty Snape, meant trouble.

Narcissa tugged at some of her lacework, saying, "He really proposed to her? A muggleborn?"

"Yes, though I'm not sure why."

"How often had you seen the girl?"

"Often enough, maybe once a week, something like that..."

"At least our son isn't a complete airbrain." Lucius' tone left little doubt as to who he thought was the real airbrain.

"We can't tell him!" Narcissa stomped her little slippered foot.

"You need to at least tell him he's engaged." Snape pointed out quiet as an owl's strike. "Just don't tell him to whom."

"This is all highly irregular. I don't believe you managed to find the one muggleborn in the entire west of King Albert's Isle!"

"It happened. Protesting it now doesn't change anything. I told her mother too, so at least she'll know."

"We can't let him go back there again, he'll pick up disgusting habits!" Narcissa said.

"Her parents may not want him to see her again, I'm afraid I wasn't terribly specific about magic."

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