With All Your Heart
By: Firefury Amahira

With all your heart
Is what they asked
They needn't worry, I always have
Their problems and worries became mine
I fretted and worried
I laughed and cried with them
I fought their battles and shouted their anger
I laid paralyzed, unable to move
I went with them, I chased him down
And stood with them against the darkness
I watched in somber silence
As it all fell apart
With all your heart
Is what they asked
And I did, as I always have
With all my heart I hoped
With all my heart I watched
And all my heart was broken
With all my heart in pieces, I cried.

Author's notes: Just generally depressed today. My boyfriend left today, after being here for three weeks over the holidays, visiting from New York, and there's just something about the Seissouhen soundtrack that doesn't help a depressive mood at all. That, and after almost a year since I last watched Seissouhen, I've been considering watching it again. (I'm just a glutton for punishment). And there's just something about the way the trailers for Seissouhen ask that you please 'watch with all your heart' that gave me a touch of inspiration for a suitably angsty little piece of free verse about my reaction to Rurouni Kenshin, and Seissouhen.

... Alright! I gotta kick myself out of this depressive mood! *fwaps self* There's only one thing to combat Seissouhen Depression Syndrome! *cracks her knuckles* Okay, let's see if I can't get the next chapter of Twisted Paradise done today! As always, reviews are appreciated, minna-san! *runs off*