This is a yaoi, this is gay, I didn't know I had to say it but this is extremely gay and an AU. An Au where Minato isn't Naruto's dad and they are gay together and others are gay for Naruto too. Just so you know.

Naruto sighed and rubbed his cheeks, his breath was visible in the cold air, he then fixed his glasses. He didn't know what to do. Rent was coming up soon and his job at Ramen Ichiraku, while great, just wouldn't cover it. His other option, Naruto shivered in terror, no not yet he wouldn't go there yet. Naruto walked deep into thought through the streets of Tokyo, he seemed to go to on autopilot as he made his way to his apartment. He hadn't been in Tokyo for very long, just a year and a half or so, but he had quickly got the lay of the land down. Naruto pulled his keys out of his pocket and was about to open his door when out of nowhere a voice cried out, "LOOK OUT!"

Naruto turned and saw a blur of yellow coming his way. Instincts taking over, he quickly opened his arms, the thing rammed into his waiting arms causing both of them to skid backwards. Naruto opened his eyes, his glasses strewn across his face and flushed from the cold. The "thing" was actually a person, a significantly taller person than himself, and he was staring down at him. Naruto became acutely aware of how closely he was holding this person and immediately let go and took a step back, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment. He then assessed the person in question. It was a man. This time he didn't flush out of the cold, the man was actually really pretty, with hair and eyes like his. He looked a bit more manly unlike Naruto, He was edges while Naruto was curves, he may have had longer hair and clearer eyes but somehow he still looked more manly. The taller blonde was dressed in a green vest which was over a blue long-sleeved turtle neck and he was still staring at him. Naruto quickly looked away wondering if he looked at the man too long. "Um, excuse me are you okay? Because you kind of ran into me, and I know normal people don't really run into people." Great insinuate he's not a normal person. "Wait I didn't mean you're not normal!" Naruto waved his hands wildly. "I just mean you were running really fast, and you people usually don't just rush into people right? So you must've had a really good reason too and oh geez..." You've been talking for too long. Naruto looked down, his face now completely red in embarrassment. "I'll just…" Naruto trailed off as he finally adjusted his glasses, he started to shuffled away from the blonde. "No wait!"

Naruto stiffened as he felt a hand grab his wrist, the man was a bit pink as well and was breathing a bit heavily. "I did have a good reason, I was trying to get away from...someone, but I'm sorry for running into you." The man looked to the side. "Also I think maybe…" He trailed off as he looked above, eyes widening in fear. Naruto bristled as he felt electricity in the air, "So this is where he went." the grip on his hand tightened. Naruto angled himself in front of the man to protect him from this unknown enemy. "How cute. You found someone to help you, but you know it's too late." The new comer jumped down from their perch, it was a girl with black hair that went to her butt Naruto's eyes wandered and saw what she was wearing. Covering his eyes immediately Naruto squawked, "L-lady! You shouldn't be walking around in that kind of outfit!" The purple leotard hugged tightly around her figure. She narrowed her eyes, "What do you mean 'that kind of outfit'? I can wear anything I damn want to!" She came closer and the man behind him whimpered, Naruto went back on the defensive. "This is cute, but I bet scaredy cat didn't even tell you what this is about. I'm telling you now, leave." Her hand began to emit something, was she making electricity? Naruto knew this was going to get really messy now, getting ready for a fight he squared up and somehow became more intimidating for a small glasses and scarf wearing "girly-boy". They were facing off now waiting for one of them to make a move. A tug pulled Naruto back into a soft but hard chest, his face turning red and losing his fighting stance. He had forgotten the man! Naruto was suddenly picked up bridal-style and he squeaked, the man looked down at him. "I'm so sorry I got you involved." He said somberly but then he faced the lady. "But I'll get you out of it." The woman sparked, "Oh no you don't!" but it was too late. The twosome were gone before she had started to speak. "Shit."