Chapter 1: The Chase

Harry Potter was 26 years old. Although if you ever saw him you would not believe that fact for a second. This was because of the war, instead of aging like everyone around him has done, Harry Potter was stuck at 17 years old, physically at least. For years Harry had searched for someone to blame for the loss that he had to deal with, but he could not bring himself to feel anything negative from his old Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. He had after all kept Harry alive.

At seventeen years old, Harry Potter had messy, raven black hair that brushed against his shoulders. His skin was pale, almost translucent, and wrinkle free. He had emerald green eyes and barely reached a height of 5'5". That was what Harry looked like and in the past nine years not much had changed. His messy, raven black hair still grew thickly on his head, however, Harry had decided to grow it out in an attempt to tame it. It was tied into a low pony tale and brushed over his left should, with bangs to hide that lightning bolt scar that had healed into a thick white mark. His skin was still pale and wrinkle free, his eyes still emerald, but in the last days of the end of the war Harry seemed to have gotten one of Ron growth spurts. He now stood just bellow 6'0" tall.

On his right hand sat the blood quill's mark Harry had received from all other detentions. In the middle of his arm was the scar from the basilisk fang that Fawkes could not quite heal, but he was not complaining because if it was for the Phoenix then he would have died long ago. There was also a new collection to Harry's list of scars, one that rested over his heart, marking his body and soul as the Master of Death.

Signing, Harry gazed out into the sky as the airplane glided through the clouds. The blue sky of Quebec quickly vanished upon the planes approach to Seattle, remaining Harry along of the weather in England.

Suddenly, a voice echoed through the plane as the Pilot announced that they would be landing shortly and that all passengers need to buckle up.

Following the Pilots instruction, Harry smoothly pulled his seat belt around him, watching as the majority of the people around them fumble with it in their eagerness to finally be on the ground once again. Harry could not blame them. The bad weather, that was usually associated with the area of Washington that Harry was planning to go to, had the plane lurching occasionally as they began to descend. This was the first time that Harry had flew anywhere, but he was not anxious at all. After all, it was for more relaxing than travelling by Apparition, Floo or Portkey.

Finally, the plane touched Seattle ground and the doors opened to reveal cloudy grey sky that suggested that if Harry did not want to get wet on his way to find a cab to his newly purchased house then he was going to get soaked from head to toe. So, grabbing his carry on bag, Harry made for the open door, expertly maneuvering around the crowds of people still on the plane. It appeared that everyone had the same idea as he did.

After what felt like ages, Harry held one large suitcase in his right hand and his carry on bag in his left as he walked over to a Taxi that had just dropped off two middle aged women. It was a simple silver car with Grand Fork Taxi written on both sides in forest green.

Quickly, Harry jogged over to the drivers door and asked, "Could you give me a lift to Forks, Rose Mansion?"

The Taxi driver crooked his eyebrow at Harry before nodding his head and saying, "Sure thing, hop on in."

"Thank you," Harry sighed in relief looking forward to the prospect of getting home and sleeping. The UK has a eight hour time difference and, while in Washington it was 7 o'clock in the evening, it was midnight in London.

"You're not from around here are you?" The drive asked as Harry jumped into the front seat of the car. No that Harry had time to look, the driver did not look very old or foreign, contrary to any stereotypical ideals about who took the job. No, this man looked to be about thirty years old with short brown hair that was combed neatly back.

"Yep, just moving here. To be honest, I did not even have a Taxi number so I was lucky when I saw you dripping to people here," replied Harry trying to keep the conversation running.

He was never one for pleasantries and he usually let Ron and Hermione do the majority of the talking. However, the drive to Fork lasted over three hours, so most of the drive was spent in uncomfortable silence. Or at least in Harry's opinion the silence was uncomfortable. The Taxi driver on the other hand seemed used to it and merely drove down the roads whistling tunes of some Muggle music that Harry, in his isolated childhood, did not know.

Harry took the time to think about his old home, about Ginny and Teddy. Having to leave them behind was one of the hardest things Harry had to do when he decided to move, but it was necessary. The people of the

+world were getting suspicious and Harry was running out of lies to tell them. Harry left knowing that Teddy will be safe with his Grandmother and Ginny will eventually move on. But it still hurt.

"Here we are, Rose Mansion you said?" The Taxi driver suddenly spoke, breaking Harry from his thoughts.

"Yes, that's it," Harry responded looking at the old styled red bricked house. It was big, Harry knew that but as soon as he found the Mansion he had felt a pull to it. When he saw the lush garden all he could imagine was children screaming and playing happily. Harry knew that this 6000 square foot, 3 story house was over the top but it held the dreams that Harry had been craving his entire life.

The dreams of a big happy family, something he had never remember feeling before.

"That is going to be $152.40," asked the Taxi driver and Harry quickly counted out $160, handing it to the man and telling him to keep the change. It was not much of a tip but it was still something for the man to have.

After being paid the driver soon pulled out of the drive way for Rose Mansion and Harry began to walk towards the large house. He pushed open the heavy oak door and sighed once more. The van had yet to come and deliver the furniture that he had ordered. Since they had promised that they would show up today this meant that Harry would have to stay up and wait. Although, it is not like he could go to sleep anyway without anything to sleep on.

As the Master of Death walked further into the entrance way he glanced around the empty room. This were two bare staircases leading upstairs and lamps dotted variously on the walls, which Harry could turn on with a flick of the switch on his left. The living room, whilst painted a beige color similar to the color of the entrance hall was also bare as were all of the bedrooms and bathrooms. The only room that was fall was the library, however it was in desperate need of a thorough cleaning and updating.

The room that Harry liked best out of the entire house was the kitchen, with its dark oak cabinets and black marble counter tops. It had a beautiful white crystal chandelier that hung above the oak center table that could fit ten people around it easily.

If only the Dursley's could seen him now!

Little did Harry know that the Rose Mansion was built on 'No mans land' between the Cullen's and Pack's treaty lines and at this very moment a red haired vampire was straddling these two lines in an attempt to avoid the Wolves and Cullen Vampires.

The Red head danced through the no mans land as if she owned it, convinced that neither side would be willing to cross. The chase had started in the forest, past a small waterfall in the mountain and in the grassy field of Harry Potter's backyard.

The Wolves and Cullen's froze, entirely aware that Victoria had just revealed herself to a populated human house. If they made the wrong move all of Fork's supernatural secrets will come out and if they did not then Victoria may kill the person or may not.

The Wolves growled lowly at the Vampire smirking before them just beyond the forest of the treaty line. On the other side of the treaty line four Cullen vampire's stood crouched in another part of the forest, really to jump into no man's land to save the human who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The smallest grey wolf also did the same, readying itself.

'Leah don't', Sam the alpha of the pack ordered through the packs mind link.

'And if she hurts or bites the human?' Leah sneered back, while the rest of the pack growled louder at Leah's angry words.

'Then we will stop her, but she is not doing anything at the moment. Just wait, she may start running once she realizes she is surrounded.'

Leah's anger trembled through her as she thought of the human and the possibility of him being harmed because they did not act soon enough. On the other side of the large garden she heard Carlisle speaking to Alice, the vampire who could see the future. However, just like every time the Seer tried, she was unable to see what Victoria was planning.

'Damn, this guy must be loaded,' Quil's voice spoke. 'This is the Rose Mansion! I thought no one was going to buy this place because of how high the owner priced it.'

Of course, Quil was right. It was well known that after Rose Wells passed away, the Mansion was given to her grandson who decided to sell it at an extremely high price just so he could milk every last dollar out of his inheritance. The person who brought this place was either really rice, or really stupid. Leah swayed more towards the latter than the former.

'Geez, that is kind of judgement isn't it. You don't even know the guy,' Embry said.

'How do you know it is a guy?' Leah questioned.

'Paul and Jared are delivering furniture over after we have finished with this shit. I'm helping out considering the dude ordered quite a bit.'

'Quit!' barked Sam. 'Focus on the Leech, she is not getting away this time.'

Leah rolled her eyes before leveling them on the red headed vampire once more, she was glancing between them and the Cullen's, as if weighing her options. Then she began to run through no man's land and, much to Leah's relief, away from the human inside the house. They chased her for ten more minutes, nearly catching her, but she kept slipping away at the last moment. The chase ended with the red head escape into the ocean as Paul and the buff vampire Emmett decided to jump into the no mans land.