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Chapter 5 - Last Day of Work

Harry James Potter, the Chosen One, the Man-Who-Conquered, the Master of Death had way too many titles in his life and neither of them he liked particularly well. This was because with every title that the Wizarding World had forcibly given him they also en-caged him with their expectations. He had hated it. Harry James Potter, was expected to be just like his dad with his mothers eyes. The Chosen One, was expected to defeat Voldemort and become Gryffindors golden boy. The Man-Who-Conquered, was expected to work with the Ministry to capture rogue Death Eaters and the Master of Death, was expected to live forever.

However, their was a problem, before the black haired, green eyed boy had been any of those things he was first, just 'Harry'. That was what Harry James Potter saw himself as and it took him a while but now those around him finally see him as that as well. Sure it took Harry to moving out of Britain and away from the Wizarding World to do it, but this is what he has wanted.

Now, as he dressed for another day and went to answer his door, Harry was finally happy because the people on the other side of that door saw him as 'just Harry' too.

Leah's heart sank as she thought about this being the last day she could use work as an excuse to see her imprint. The pack had tried their best to drag out the job as much as possible, however moving furniture and putting down carpets could never take more than a week, especially if there is about five to eight people working in the house at the same time. The job could only be dragged out so far.

The dark skinned female wolf had brainstormed all night thinking of ways to meet Harry. Maybe she could hint at her mother, Sue's, dinner where she worked when she had the time. Or she could invite him to one of their trips to the beach? She was not entirely sure, but she knew she had to do something.

Leah thought about the time that she had spent with Harry alone. This was not very often, but her most memorable was when she had went shopping with the green eyed man.

"So... what do you need?" Leah asked uneasy about being so close to Harry. She was nervous, she had never been so nervous in her life.

"Everything," Harry had said as he leisurely walked beside Leah, who was pushing the large trolley.

"Everything?" Leah questioned and Harry had just nodded. "Okay," she said and handed the man the metal cart, continuing to the first set of shelves that held microwaves. "White or chrome?" she asked only to be polite.


Then Leah was off, grabbing all the chrome styles kitchen supplies the store sold. From toaster, to whisks, to kettles.

It was when they were half way through the shop that Leah decided to voice some of the questions that were running through her mind, "Harry?" she had said and the man only hummed. He stared into her eyes wish such intensity that she had felt herself flash a bright red. "I was just wondering... Why did you move to Forks?"

"Why?" Harry questioned and then his eyes suddenly turned serious as he asked her, "do you want the long version or the short?"

"The long, we have still got plenty of things left to get," she responded.

"Well, I suppose you could say I was looking for my childhood home," he started and went on to tell Leah about his family's deaths and how their house was destroyed and then about the Rose Mansion being similar to the place where he should have grown up. Her heart cried for her imprint that had went to such lengths, leaving everything and everyone he know behind, to find a connect to his lost childhood.

When Harry had finished telling his story they had already been loading their purchases into the back of the truck, tying it down for extra support. "What about you?" Harry then asked.

"What do you mean?" Leah frowned in confusion.

"Well, your impression of Forks seems to be quite... negative. I thought someone like you would try to get out as quick as you could," Harry explained as he strapped himself into place with the seat belt, Leah doing the same.

"Oh I was going to," she said thought thinking and then began to correct her statement. "I mean, I had a full ride to a University up North, but somethings happened... My dad died, so I stayed."

"I am sorry for your loss," Harry said and for some reason it made the woman's heart lighter. It was strange how those words had been said to her by dozens of people, yet it meant nothing to her. However, when Harry said them, it was as if they were worth everything.

Then in a moment of courage, Leah had muttered, "Don't be, I am glad I stayed."

Leah's mind flashed back to reality when the front door opened, revealing Harry's tall, muscled form. To her he smelt like fresh pine trees and power, the scent of him practically wrapping itself around Leah like a blanket. Warm and comforting. Then when he opened his month, the woman let his thick British accent wash over her and then follow the other inside the mansion.

With her today was Paul, Seth and Embry as the other had decided to spend time with their imprints at the beach, taking advantage of what little sun there was.

"Hey, man," Embry greeted Harry with a small fist bump on the shoulder. "If we finish here quick enough, do you want to come with us to the beach, there is enough room in Leah's car for you."

Leah felt her irritation raise as Embry did what she did not have the nerve to say. Despite what everyone thought the woman wanted to keep her 'I don't give a shit' reputation, if only with the pack. However, she could not fault the wolf in front of her as her imprint said yes. Thrilled by the fact that she would be able to spend the rest of the day with Harry, at the beach with the rest of the imprints.

Harry did not think he had seen the group work so fast in all his time that he had asked them for the help. Their were only the a few more rooms to complete and he had estimated that it would take the entire day to do by the speed that they had worked the entire week, however judging by the fact that after only half and hour another room was done, they would finish by midday at the latest.

The black haired man only shook his head, assuming that the fact that the sun was out for the first time since he had moved to Forks, Washington, was the reason for their energy. Harry truly had no idea the the pack had been purposely slow while working.

Over an hour later, and just as Harry predicted, the small group had finished and Harry's house was finally as he had pictured it. In true, the young man had no idea how the real Potter family mansion looked like (probably decorated in red and gold), but in his opinion it was perfect the way it was. It was something that generations of Potter's would be proud of.

"Should I bring anything for us to eat?" Harry asked the group as the began walking toward the door.

Then suddenly Embry was behind Harry, resting his muscled arm on the pale mans shoulders. "Naa," he said a little bit too loud to be talking to someone as close as Harry was too him. "Emily, Sam's girlfriend, makes a ton of foot. I sure their will be plenty for everyone."

"Great," the black haired man said letting Embry drag him out of the house, leading him towards Leah's own car.

"See you at the beach," the copper skinned youth said. "I will show you how to cliff dive when we get there."

Cliff dive? Harry's mind suddenly screamed, imagining him leaping off a cliff hundred of feet above the air and plunging to his doom. Maybe with his broom, but he was definitely not stupid enough to do it without one. What had he gotten himself into?