Notes: This story was originally a one-shot called Blasted Mistletoe that I wrote as a Christmas treat, but after some careful deliberation and some interest in seeing it continued, I've edited it a little and intend to turn it into a longer story. Please note that this is a Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger centric fic and if that's not your cup of tea then this is probably not the story for you. Please also note that the rating has been changed from T to M in preparation for some of the raunchier chapters that will follow I will be sure to warn you if/when those chapters will contain more smuttiness than is found in this chapter but do take care to note that this fic will indeed contain scenes of a sexual nature and explicit language. I hope you enjoy the story and don't forgot to pop a review in the box at the bottom to tell me your thoughts.


Don't You Dare

by Kittenshift17

Chapter 1: Blasted Mistletoe

He was bloody stuck and this was getting ridiculous! What the bloody hell was wrong with this wretched castle anyway? Who decided it was okay to go hanging mistletoe all over the school? Didn't the teachers have any sense at all? A whole swath of horny teenagers on the loose and they wanted to encourage snogging in the corridors? And with Umbridge on the loose with her stupid bloody educational degrees. If he got caught trying to get free of the bloody mistletoe he'd end up in detention for breaching the rule about being within four bloody feet of a girl or whatever the stupid rule said.

Could there be anything more annoying? Anything less safe? Merlin, what if some horrible swot came along and spotted him trapped under the wretched plant? He could be bloody taken advantage of, blast it all! Salazar he hoped it wouldn't be someone dreadful like Millicent or Pansy. The last thing he wanted was to get his lips anywhere near either of those vapid vipers!

It made him ill just thinking about it. Merlin, what if Theo happened along and spotted him? The bastard had a thing for blondes and Draco knew Theo couldn't give hoot about a gender. To him a blonde was a blonde and that meant he wanted them. Boy or girl, it mattered little to Theodore Nott. The git had been trying to shag him since third year! And Theo wouldn't give a rip that Draco would rather dance naked in a barrel of eels beneath a full moon than be locking lips with another bloke!

"Bloody ridiculous!" he snarled, mostly to himself since there was no one else around to hear him cursing.

This was what he got for being lazy and trying to take a short cut via a largely unused corridor. He could be stuck here for hours, blast it all. Who hung Mistletoe in an abandoned corridor anyway? Bloody irresponsible, that's what it was. Draco would bet it was one of those ruddy Weasley twins. Trouble, the whole lot of them! They'd think it was hilarious if they spotted him right now. Draco could just imagine how the tossers would laugh at him.

Bloody hell he was tired of this nonsense. He'd been standing there under the mistletoe for nigh on four hours and it was driving him bonkers. He'd missed lunch, and all his afternoon classes. All he needed now was for no one to come along until after dinner and he'd be completely screwed. Wouldn't that just be the icing on the bloody cake? His stomach was cramping with hunger and he'd had enough. He was entirely over this entire stupid holiday season. What were these pathetic traditions for anyway?

He'd bet a mudblood was to blame for there being the mistletoe tradition in the wizarding world. No self-respecting wizard would ever willingly subject himself to being magically ensnared under a bundle of twigs until someone snogged him. Whichever dolt had thought to charm the ruddy plant was currently the top of Draco's hit list. Probably those bloody Weasley twins. He'd never had to deal with this kind of mess in the past. Maybe his parents just weren't fool enough to think it would be funny to actually trap people into snogging someone.

But all of that was beside the point. The point, he thought sullenly, was that it was edging towards the stage where Draco supposed that if he had to, he would snog just about anyone to get himself out of this mess. Even bloody Theodore Nott. Merlin, at this stage Draco would snog the fucking Mudblood if it would get him out from under the awful plant currently holding him hostage.

His stomach was rumbling, he was getting a cramp in his calf muscle and he was too bloody proud to sit on the floor in the middle of the corridor whilst waiting to be discovered. He imagined the only thing worse than being found trapped under some sodding mistletoe would be to have lowered himself so much as to appear beaten by the plant by requiring he sit as he waited. His friends would never let him hear the end of it and to make matters worse the utter indignity would get back to his father. Draco shuddered at the very idea of having his father know he'd fallen victim to a bleeding plant.

The shuffling sound of footsteps seemed almost alien in his ears after being trapped with nothing but his own thoughts for hours. Draco opened his mouth, intending to draw attention to himself and so be freed from his current torment but before he could utter even a single decibel of sound, the words died on his tongue.

Of all the bleeding luck!

Draco's day officially couldn't get any worse.

He was going to find the Fates one day and when he did he was going to screw those bitches over so fucking hard they'd never mess with his life ever again! The sight of his potential saviour was almost enough to turn his stomach. It just had to be fucking her! Of course it did. Was there no bloody justice in the world?

He supposed this was karma. That's what his mother would tell him. That all his bad deeds were coming back to bite him in the arse. And Draco supposed it must be true. What other reason could there be for the fact that the one witch in the entire castle he'd been the biggest prat to was going to be the one he'd have to snog if he wanted out from under the enchantment currently binding him to the floor?

He wondered if it could be considered lucky that she was wandering along with her nose stuck in yet another sodding book. At least that way she couldn't see him. And her not seeing him was currently working in his favour. Draco didn't doubt that if she spotted him before she could become trapped under the mistletoe as well, she would turn on her heels and walk the other way, leaving him to his rotten fate.

But Draco wasn't so foolish as to call for her attention.

He simply watched her stroll slowly closer. Her curly brown hair was pulled into a messy knot atop her head that made her look like a bloody pigeon. Her uniform skirt and blouse were crumpled from the day studying. If he had to guess she was most likely on her way back to Gryffindor Tower from her final class of the day – Arithmancy. He only knew it was her final class because he was taking all the same subjects.

Draco wished he could say he did so purely by coincidence, but it would be a lie. He took all the same classes because his father insisted that he make it his mission to best her academically. And he couldn't do that if he wasn't taking as many classes. But that wasn't the point either.

The point was, he was stuck and loathe as he was to admit it; she was the answer to his current problem.

She clearly knew the route to Gryffindor Tower by heart. This must be her usual stomping ground, for she didn't even lift her head to look where she was going. And so Draco stayed quiet. Like a hawk watches its prey, Draco tracked her movements with his eyes. She was heading right for him and he wasn't about to move even a muscle – not even to breathe – as she came within range of the mistletoe's ensnarement.

She squeaked like a surprised mouse when she bumped right into him and Draco's hands snatched at her before she could crash to the floor. He did so mostly to keep his own balance, but also because he needed to put her in a decent enough mood to get away with snogging her for his freedom.

"Oh, I'm sorry…" she began, flustered and apologetic until she looked up and realised it was him.

Her eyes widened in horror as she spotted him and Draco felt very much like a viper with a timid mouse in his coils as a feral smirk spread across his face. The cinnamon scent of her skin encircled him, clogging his sense with it and he hated the way the scent of her made him hungry.

"Malfoy? What do you think you're doing? Let go of me this instant!" she demanded, immediately going on the offensive when she realised who she'd just crashed into. Her dark eyes flashed with fury, hatred glittering in the muddy pools and making him all the more certain that his plan was his current best hope for getting out from under the blasted mistletoe

"You really ought to watch where you're going, Granger," he cautioned her coldly, glaring into her upturned face hatefully and feeling the need to spit venom just the same way she did. Merlin, but she smelled fantastic! How had he never noticed that before?

Before she could gather her wits or even begin to realise what he might be doing, Draco released his grip on her arms. He curled his hands about her delicate jaw, tilted her head just right and planted his lips hungrily on hers.

She wriggled immediately in his hold, making a noise of horrified protest, but Draco merely used the situation to his advantage. After all, if he was going to lower himself to the loathsome task of snogging a mudblood it had better be bloody worth it. Slipping his tongue into her mouth, Draco snogged her soundly, keeping his eyes firmly shut in the hopes of pretending she was someone else.

He almost fell for the delusion too when the little swot snogged him back. She seemed hesitant at first, her tongue timid and unsure against his own. When he nipped her bottom lip however, she forgot her timidity. Draco hated himself a little for the rush of surprise and desire that washed through him when she threw a little of her formidable temper into the task.

Before he knew it, he had the mudblood's hands running through his hair, tauntingly grasping at the fine blonde strands and making him crazy. She snogged him back as though they were long lost lovers rather than sworn enemies and Draco felt a cruel smile curl across his face to learn the fiery little chit had some skill. She tasted of something sugary and sweet like Pepper Imps, he noted, hating how the taste of her mouth and the scent of her skin made him hungry for more of her. Unable to resist the challenge when she tugged furiously on his hair, Draco snogged her harder, his hands going to her small waist and pulling her petite body against the length of his.

The feel of the mistletoe scattering on top of their heads as its magic was spent didn't distract him from the feel of her flesh beneath his lips and his hands. The scratch of twigs against his skin was but a mere distraction from the feel of her nails digging enticingly against his neck, urging him on. When he felt his heart begin to race inside his chest and goosepimples spread across his skin, Draco realised this was fast becoming a problem, rather than just a solution to his ensnarement trouble. How dare she spark any kind of reaction from him other that hatred and disdain?

No Mudblood should be able to make his heart race. No mudblood should be able to make him feel anything other than disgust. No mudblood had a right to snog so bloody well!

When he caught himself pressing her into a wall, his hands pulling at the fabric of her shirt and desperately trying to reach the flesh beneath it, he knew he was in over his head. That much was clear when he felt her grasping his hair with one hand while the other delved beneath the hem of his shirt, her nails slicing into his back as though she was as barmy for it as he was. Merlin he needed to pull away from her. Who the bleeding hell had taught her to snog so well? Her tongue tangled with his expertly. Stroking. Caressing. Suckling. Making him crazy.


Draco tore himself away from her with a growl of pure frustration.

His breathing was ragged and uneven when he glared at her, holding her at arm's length to keep her from luring him back in for another wild snog. She levelled him a nasty look as she too fought to catch her breath.

"What the bloody hell was that?" she growled furiously.

"Fucking mistletoe," Draco retorted, releasing his hold on her and hating the amount of reluctance he felt to do so. He brushed his hands at the twigs he didn't doubt had become trapped in his collar.

"You've been trapped under mistletoe for hours?" she laughed harshly and Draco thought seriously about shoving her hard into the wall and snogging her until she couldn't think straight. How dare she scoff at him?

Choosing not to answer her, Draco dragged the back of his hand against his mouth, trying desperately to get the taste of her out of his mouth. Merlin, he felt sick to his stomach. He'd just snogged a flipping mudblood! His father would disown him. Salazar, Lucius might even murder him for this. Draco's mind began to scramble as the reality of what he'd just done began to kick in. He'd snogged a mudblood. Why didn't he just sign his own death certificate while he was at it?

"Nothing happened, you hear me?" he growled, taking a threatening step closer to her, his mind jumping to the only logical way to suppress this particular blunder. If he could intimidate her into keeping her trap shut, everything would be fine and he could chalk this up to merely an unfortunate series of circumstances.

"Excuse me?" she demanded, crossing her arms over her chest. Her lips were swollen from his kisses and Draco found his eyes drawn to them, recalling what she could do with them with startling clarity. Bloody Hell, if she weren't a sodding mudblood he'd snog her until he couldn't see straight.

"Nothing fucking happened! None of this. It didn't happen. You got that, Granger?" he snapped, trying to focus back on the task at hand to make sure this wouldn't get out. He'd be ruined if anyone found out he'd snogged her.

"Do you imagine I'm relishing the idea of blabbing to anyone that I've been assaulted by an enormous prat like you?" she retorted scathingly, her eyes narrowed to hateful slits, "Are you so deluded that you actually believe I'm ever going to mention to anyone what you just did? I'd die of shame!"

"Shame?" he snarled, furious with her reaction, "You dare to stand there and suggest you're ashamed that I lowered myself to something so disgusting as mudblood scum like you?"

"I do wish you were a little more creative," she spat nastily, her brown eyes flashing dangerously, "Do you actually think, after all this time, that I care what you think of me? Do you think being called a mudblood by you is an insult? If being pureblood means I have to be a rotten, no-good bastard like you and your family, then I'll take my supposedly dirty blood any day."

She shoved both hands hard against his chest, forcing him back and leaving him thunderstruck. How dare she act so superior to him? How dare she lay a filthy fucking finger on him?

"You better not fucking tell anyone!" he snarled after her.

"I'd rather die," she replied without even deigning to look over her shoulder at him and Draco thought very seriously about cursing her for her insolence.

"Nothing ever happened, you fucking hear me Granger?" he shouted as she stomped away.

When she flipped him the bird in reply Draco cursed foully, spinning on his heels and stalking the other way in furious disgust.

Merlin cursed fucking Mudblood! Fucking mistletoe! Sod Christmas all to hell!