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The Not-So Ordinary family By: Lauren D.

It all began when Sesshomaru was 10 and Inuyasha was 6. Their mother, Rumiko

Takahashi (A/N: Is that her last name I forgot..) was discussing an important issue with her

husband. "I think we should adopt one, it's a perfectly good idea, Taishou" "Are you sure,

Rumiko adopting a little girl might be a surprise for the boys" " Then we'll adopt a

younger one,a young human girl that way I don't think there would be to much fighting"

"alright but let's keep it a surprise for the boys, I 'll go get my car" (A/N: *Gasp* Inuyasha's

dad driving a car.... I can't picture that and oh yeah this takes place in Kagome's time

Though later we'll get into the feudal era).

Meanwhile at the foster home a lady was introducing Mrs. and Mr. Takahashi to t

the little kids in the adoption center."So your looking for a 4 or 5 year old girl." "Yes." Mr.

and Mrs. Takahashi replied. She led them to a little girl playing with blocks. She had

shoulder length midnight black hair and deep blue-gray eyes. (A/N: Guess who!!!)

"Kagome Higurashi, age: 4, Kagome,dear say high to Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi." The little

girl got up and bowed a bit then rose her head high up with an enormous smile and

went hopping around yelling "HELLO MR. AND MRS. TAKA...HASHI".

"Kagome dear calm down" the lady gave a slight laugh "she's very hyper." Mr.

and Mrs. Takahashi looked at each other and gave a slight nod. "We'll take her ma'am"

Rumiko said with an smile. They signed the adoption papers and took Kagome in their


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