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Chapter 6- Picnic Madness By: Lauren D.

**************1 year has passed and the 5 have become great friends****************

"MIROKU!!!!!!YOU-YOU-YOU STUPID MONKEY YOU ATE ALL OF OUR PICNIC SANDWICHES!!!!" a young girl screamed, while chasing a young mischevious boy with a giant boomerang. Another young girl was sitting on a blanket laughing. And the other two boys were sitting next to her. The younger one stuffing his face and the older one looking at him disgustingly.

Rumiko, Taishou, Koyoko, Hokou, Jinnsen, and Tai sit at a summer table with an umbrella talking quietly. (A/N: Koyoko-[Koh-Yoh-Koh]- Miroku's mom, Hokou--[Hoh-Koo] -Miroku's dad, Jinnsen-[Jin- Sen]- Sango's dad, and Tai-[Tie]- Sango's mom, what else am I supposed to do they don't give the friggin' names here!?).

"I still don't get why Kaede stopped up when we were about to tell them and told us to tell you instead." Taishou sighed. "This is a very important matter." Hokou said. "Some things are just to be discovered and not told...." Tai said with uncertainty in her light voice.

Kagome stared at the parents. Taishou with his long silver hair and golden eyes. Rumiko with her wavy black hair and violet eyes. Koyoko and her deep black/blue hair and deep black eyes. Hokou with his wise looking face. Tai with her beautiful long hair and brown eyes. And Jinnsen with his black hair and strong deep colored eyes. Kagome wondered what they could be talking about.

Kagome reached her little hand into the picnic basket for a apple. Her hand felt nothing. Surely Inuyasha couldn't have eaten it all and saved none for her! It was her idea, she thought! She peered into the basket.....empty......the whole thing was empty......not one french fry left......her eyes began to water. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH" an ear-peircing wail erupted. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to her direction. "I WORKED SO HARD ON HAVING THE PICNIC TO BE PERFECT AND-AND-AND NOW INUYASHA AND MIROKU ATE ALL THE FOOD HOW ARE WE GOING TO HAVE A PICNIC NOW!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAA!!!"

BOOM!!!! Everyone looked at where the sound erupted. Sesshoumaru coughed, and some black smoke came out of his mouth. "Not again..." Rumiko said shaking her head. "Excuse me" a voice said from behind them, "I am looking for 5 young children"........

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