*Author's Note - In spite of the title this is not a dark story. It is a snow sister piece with a bit of fluff. I actually wrote the first draft of this story on Christmas day last year, while listening to Christmas carols. Elsa week seemed like a good time to dust it off and finish it up.

The aroma of fresh brewed coffee greeted Anna as she entered the dining room. She made a beeline for the chair at the head of the table. "Good Morning." She grasped a pair of slender shoulders, pleased to find the fabric beneath her hands warm to the touch. A sign her sister was in a good mood, leaning down she placed a quick kiss on a pale cheek.

"Good morning." Elsa's smile was warm, as she watched her sister slip into the chair to her right. "You're in a good mood."

"Why, yes I am." Came the cheery reply, as Anna snapped open a napkin before draping it over her lap.

"I'm surprised to see you at breakfast. You usually don't fall out of bed till at least brunch." Elsa failed to hide a sly grin as she took a sip of coffee.

"Very funny." Anna sat back as Gerda placed a full plate before her. "Thanks, Gerda."

"You're welcome, Princess." Gerda gave her shoulder a gentle pat. "Do you need anything, Your Majesty?"

"No, thank you, Gerda."

The woman bowed and slipped away.

"I've got things to do today."

"Such as?" Elsa settled her coffee cup into the saucer, arching a slender brow at her sister.

"Well," Anna stabbed at the eggs on her plate. "Kristoff and Sven are going to help me make decorations for the festival." With that she shoved a fork full of food into her mouth.

Not sure if she should laugh at her sister's chipmunk cheeks or scold her for poor table manners, Elsa decided to ignore both. "How is Sven going too…you know, nevermind." With a shake of her head, she turned to her breakfast.

"Then I've got to meet with the seamstress for my alterations. Kai has a thousand things lined up for me to attend during the festival and…" She leaned toward her sister with a sly grin, as she speared a sausage link. "I need to make plans for someone, who has a birthday coming up."

"That's not necessary." Elsa shook her head without looking up.

"Yeah, right." Anna laughed. "As if I'd forget your birthday."

"Anna, I don't…"

"How about a party, a big party, oh a ball."

"No, not a ball…"

"We could have a winter ball, slash birthday party." As Anna warmed to the idea she waved both hands about. Elsa kept a leery eye upon the sausage, should it become a pork projectile.

"What? No, wait." Elsa held up a hand. Her sister ignored it.

"We could invite everyone, even the trolls."

"Anna, please…"

"I wonder if they'd come? Of course they'll come, they're Kristoff's family. What should we feed them?" With the sausage fork in hand, she waved off the thought. "I'm sure Kristoff knows. Of course, he knows. I'll just…"

"Anna." Though her voice had not raised above it's normal tone, it carried the power of authority.

Startled by, what she had dubbed her sister's, Queen voice. The little red head unconsciously sat up straighter. Teal eyes settled on the petite blond.

Certain she had her sister's attention Elsa continued. "I don't want a ball or a party or any big celebration."

A frown crossed the freckled face, as Anna's bottom lip pouted out, ever so slightly. "But, it's your birthday."

"I know, but I want the festival to be about the Solstice, not me. I don't want the people to feel they have to celebrate it." Avoiding her sister's gaze Elsa turned back to her plate.

"Elsa, the people would love to share in your birthday celebration."

"Anna, please," She took her sister's hand. Too Anna's dismay there was a coolness in the touch that wasn't there before. "I appreciate the thought, but I really don't want a party or a big celebration."

"But, we have to do something. You can't just let it pass unnoticed." A pained look crossed Elsa's face and Anna started to apologize. Though she wasn't sure what for.

"I'd just like a quiet dinner, with family."

Anna opened her mouth to protest. She caught herself as she noticed the pleading look in her sister's eyes. "Okay," She squeezed the slender hand. "If that's what you really want?"

"It is." Elsa smiled. "Now, eat, sounds like you have a busy day."

Anna dove into the meal, but her mind began to race as the beginnings of a plan took form.