The Days of Daycare
By Super Karoru
Part 1

Disclaimer: I own nothing.


"There. Now the schedule's all set for today," said a young woman with a little over shoulder-length black hair. She was walking around the building known as Care-a-Whole Bunches Daycare Center, making sure everything was set for the kids coming. The woman had transferred to Japan to study, but currently had resort to working at a daycare center during the summer. She walked over to her desk and picked up a clipboard, looking it over.

"Let's see... four 5-year-olds coming. This should be entertaining."

Meanwhile, she began to hear some screaming and shouting coming from outside.


Outside in the parking lot, there was a parked mini-van. The noise was coming from a woman with short brown hair trying to get her son out of said van.

"Takuya! Would you come on? It's only daycare!"

"But I don't wanna go to the daycare!" said the boy. He was wearing a red shirt, cargo pants, and had a pair of square goggles hanging around his neck. "You're just against me!" Takuya pointed accusingly at his mother.

Mrs. Kanbara let out an exasperated sigh.

The woman, known as Ms. Stephanie, stepped outside to witness Mrs. Kanbara grab her incorporating son and carry him across the parking lot.

"Someone help me! Child abuse! Child abuse!" shouted Takuya.

Mrs. Kanbara got to the door where she finally noticed Ms. Stephanie watching.

"Hello," she nervously laughed.

"Hi! I'm Ms. Stephanie, the head of the daycare here," she introduced herself. She looked towards Takuya who was now on the ground and apparently not wanting to be at daycare. "And you must be Takuya! Aren't you cute?"

Takuya hmphed.

"Okay, Takuya," said Mrs. Kanbara. "I'll be back in a couple of hours. Be good now."

"Bye, mom."

Mrs. Kanbara kissed her son goodbye. After she left, Takuya looked towards Ms. Stephanie.

"Soooo... got any fire?"



Later, there was suddenly a repetitive knocking at the door. Ms. Stephanie went to answer and there were standing two other 5-year-olds. They looked very similar to each other. One had shorter, thick black hair while the other was wearing a little blue bandana on his head. The one with the bandana was also holding a plastic toy light saber, which was apparently what he was hitting the door with.

"And you two must be Kouji and Kouichi?" asked Ms. Stephanie, remembering the descriptions given on her clipboard.

"Yep! Dat's us!" said Kouji.

"Where are your parents?"

"They just dropped us off since they're so busy and stuff," responded Kouichi.

"Well, now you're here why don't you go play with Takuya over there while we wait for the others to come?"

"Otay!" they both said as they ran inside.

Before shutting the door again, there came some more shouting.

"Uh oh, another uncooperative one?" the teacher asked herself.

There was another parent coming from the parking lot and practically dragging along a blonde little girl wearing almost all purple.

"No! I don't like daycare!" Izumi shouted. "Not since that Little Tots place!"

"Izumi, this place is a lot better than Little Tots. At least the other kids don't have rabies here," responded her father.

"But I don't want to go!" she cried.

Ms. Stephanie slapped her forehead in frustration. "Hoo boy..."

After idle introductions and chit-chat, Izumi walked in. Soon after, Junpei arrived wearing some cute little blue overalls. All the students of the day were currently accounted for.

"Okay, kids, I'm Ms. Stephanie or Ms. Steph or whatever you feel like calling me."

"Hi, Ms. Stephanie or Ms. Steph or whatever you feel like calling me!" said Takuya. The others laughed.

"... Never mind," she responded. She cleared her throat. "So, what do you guys want to do?"

"Watch TV!" they all said.

"But you came here to learn!"


"But we're gonna color!"


"Then later there will be TV."


"Oh-kay then..."


The children were being all cute and coloring with their cute little crayons sitting at a cute little table. Ms. Steph was walking around looking at the pictures. "What's that, Takuya?" she asked, seeing a big splotch of red and orange on his paper.

"I'm drawing fire! Fire is good!" he said.

"Er, right... moving right along..."

She looked at Izumi's picture.

"What are you drawing there, Izumi?"

"I'm drawing a pretty fairy lady!" she responded. "'cause fairies are real, y'know."

"Of course."

Kouji was continuously using the blue crayon.

"What the... ?"

"Weeelll," Kouji began his explanation, "since I like light sabers, and the color blue, and wolves, I'm drawing a cool blue wolf with a light saber!" He held it up for her to see. It didn't exactly look like the way he had described.

"Well, I'll give you a point for originality."

"Is that good?"

"Just keep drawing."


Kouichi was drawing what looked like a lion. Ms. Steph then came to Junpei's picture. "What do you have there?"

"Uh..." Junpei started at his picture for a second. He turned it sideways and upside-down. "I don't know."

"I see." Ms. Steph thought to herself, Awww, look! They're so cute! I somehow know I'm just going to regret this job, but they're so cute!

Izumi was sitting next to Takuya and she noticed something. "Hey! You're using up all da red!" she said.

"So?" he responded.

"I want to use it!"

"You're drawing a fairy! What do ya need red for?"

"Well... um, I'm gonna draw roses! Roses are red!"

"You just said that so you can plot to get my red crayon!" Takuya held his crayon protectively, as if his life depended on it.

"Give me the red!"


"Give it!"


Izumi pounced on Takuya, and they both fought over a mere red crayon.

"Hey, hey!" shouted Ms. Steph as she pried them apart. "What exactly do you two think you're doing?"

"We were fighting over a red crayon," they both said in unison.

"I know that! But why?"

"We don't know."

Ms. Steph sighed. "And this is just the beginning, isn't it?"


She sighed. "Not the answer I wanted to hear..."


Later, after the semi-chaotic coloring time, it was time for the next activity.

"TV time!" the kids shouted.

"No, children, we're still learning!" responded Ms. Stephanie.


"So we're going to..."

"Watch the learning channel?" asked Kouichi.

"No, we're not even watching..."

"Let's watch cartoons!" said Takuya.

"No! Reality show!" said Izumi.

"Star Wars!" said Kouji, hitting the floor with his toy light saber.

"The Cooking Channel!" suggested Junpei. "Bam!"

"Animal Planet!" said Kouichi.

"Just go outside and play or something!" Ms. Steph demanded.


They all clamored out on to the playground to go and play.

"So much for scheduling..." she groaned to herself.

She walked over to her desk and got another clipboard with a back-up schedule on it.

"Waitjustaminute. If I'm in here... then they're out there unsupervi--"

A loud crash was heard from outside.

"Oh dear."

Ms. Stephanie rushed out of the building, only to find the huge and brand-new metal jungle gym completely flipped over -- with the kids standing around looking innocent and oblivious to the situation.

"How the hel—heck did this happen!"

"Uh... erm... well..." They all fidgeted under the teacher's intense glare.


"Uhm, Kouji hit it with his light saber?" suggested Junpei.

"Hey!" said Kouji.

"Aliens?" offered Kouichi.

"Oh, I know! Izumi must've gotten cooties on it!" said Takuya.

"Hey! Why you..." Izumi said as she advanced menacingly towards him.

"You wanna fight?" asked Takuya, putting up his fists.

They both started fighting... again. Kouji started to hit the two with his light saber.

"Stop it! Stop it!" Ms. Steph shouted, but then she noticed that the tips of the jungle gym that used to be attached looked like they had burned off and were melted. Her eyes widened. "... Eep. ... All of you get in the building! Now!"


They all clamored back inside.

She sighed. "This is just getting too weird for me..."


Ms. Stephanie had eventually given in and decided to just let them watch television. Takuya, Izumi, Kouji, Kouichi, and Junpei were all sitting eagerly in front of the TV while she tried to find a decent program.

"Hm, now what would be good... ?"

It cut to Sesame Street.

"No!" the kids shouted.

It turned it to Arthur.


It changed to Pokémon.

"Pikachu scares me, Ms. Steph," whimpered Kouichi.

Blue's Clues came on.


Their attention spans were caught at the moment, so the children began to watch Blue's Clues in a trance-like state. Takuya and Izumi weren't under a trance quite yet, though, as a strange feeling overcame them.

"This seems very familiar..." they both mused.

The telephone then started to ring from the other room. "I'd better go answer the phone..." said Ms. Stephanie. She eyed the kids and narrowed her glare at them. "So. Be. Good." After she left the room, they suddenly grew bored with Blue's Clues.

"I'm changing da channel!" declared Takuya.

"Yeah, Dora's lots better than this!" said Kouji.

Takuya got up to press the channel button on the television set, but accidentally changed it to the Comedy Central South Park Marathon.

"Hey, my daddy likes this show!" said Izumi.

They all started watching it for some unknown reason.


"Damn telemarketers," grumbled Ms. Stephanie as she hung up the phone and returned to the previous room.


Cartman on the television shouted, "Oh my God! You killed Kenny!"

"You bastards!" shouted the kids...


... just as Ms. Steph walked back in.


"It wasn't meeeee!"


Later, after a few timeouts and lots of lectures of how 5-year-olds shouldn't be swearing and watching Comedy Central, it was lunch time.

"Yay! We're hungry! Feed us!" the kids shouted.

"I'm sorry, children, but you're going to starve!"

"Noooooo!" the children sobbed their little hearts out.

"I was just joking..."


They all sat at the table wherever they wanted to and ate their lunch in a calm, peaceful manner.

"Hmmm," pondered Ms. Steph. She suddenly noticed that her shoe was untied. She bent over to tie it for about fifteen seconds and when she looked back up, the kid's food was now all over the table and everything, except the kids, was a complete mess. "Dare I ask what happened this time?"


They all started pointing to each other.

"They did it."

"How? When? Why? What? Who?" exclaimed Ms. Stephanie in a fit of sudden hysteria.

"I said they did it! -- No, I didn't! -- Waaah!"

"Ahhhhhhhh!" the teacher screamed.




"Just go back outside and play!"


Ms. Steph growled to herself as the kids ran back outside to the playground. Not thinking, the teach tried to clean the mess up, but quickly realized something. "Oh... damn! They're unsupervised again!"

The second crash of the day resounded outside.

When Ms. Steph arrived on scene, she found the metal monkey bars lying sideways on the ground, melted off again.

"Whaaaaat! How did this happen?"

"Dunno," stated the kids.

"Well, it certainly couldn't have melted off itself!"

As if on cue, Takuya accidentally dropped a propane torch that he was holding behind his back.

"Where did you get that?" demanded the teacher.

"Oh, I just remember'd somethin'," said Takuya as he reached for a note in his pocket. He took out the note and handed it to the poor frazzled woman.

The note read: "I just want to note that my son, Takuya, is a pyromaniac, so you might want to be careful. Sincerely, Mrs. Kanbara."

"... A pyromaniac?"

"Yep!" Takuya grinned. He held up the burning torch. "See?"

"Give me that!"

Ms. Stephanie grabbed the torch out of his hand, but it slipped out of her grasp and fell onto the grass. The fire blazed about, causing Ms. Steph to fret and worry about the children's safety.

"Step back, children!"

The children didn't even seem to notice, as Ms. Stephanie rushed to get a nearby fire extinguisher.

"I said back!" she yelled as she sprayed it with the goo, but it had no effect. The flames merely rose. "..." For a possible explanation, she read the side of the container.

It read: New and improved fire extinguisher! Warning: Not to be used on fires.

"... Damn it." The flames kept rising. "Water! We need wateeeer!" Ms. Stephanie ran back into the building to gather said liquid, as the kids roasted marshmallows. "Back, children! Baaaack!"

She threw water on the fire. The kids amazingly got inside the daycare at a lightning fast pace, so they weren't affected by the sudden explosion. You could see a large black mushroom cloud coming up from the back of the daycare.

The kids were giggling when they saw Ms. Steph limp back in, charred.

"They put the water label on the bucket of gasoline..." she croaked as she collapsed.

"Is she still alive?" wondered Junpei.

"Dunno," responded Kouichi.

"Let's poke her with a stick!" suggested Takuya.


They started poking her. She didn't seem to notice.

The kids soon grew bored, having their short attention spans and all. They were going to watch some more TV, but then all the parents returned by remarkable coincidence! Loving greetings and hugs were given between parent and child. The adults didn't even seem to notice the burnt and battered teacher by the back door.

Remembering something, Mrs. Kanbara walked back into the room.

"Well, I guess we'll see you tomorrow!" she said.

"Yeah, tomorrow!" said Takuya in an innocent tone, but was wearing an evil smirk.

They both exited. Ms. Steph pushed herself back up after hearing the door slam closed.

"Tomorrow! ... Oh no..."

Then, she fainted.

End of Part 1.