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The Days of Daycare
By: Cluehunter Karoru
Part 4:


Ms. Stephanie seemed to be a bit happier this fine day. Well, actually she would've been even more happy if Takuya and Izumi hadn't caused third degree burns on her right foot yesterday. And plus, she still had the other burns from when Takuya ended up dropping his lighter on the carpet. But Ms. Steph was ready for anything today! Sure, she's said that everyday for the past week and ended up injured each time, but today would be different. She was going to be smarter than that lot of five-year-olds. That two-year-old too. Problem is, she didn't know exactly *how* she was going to go about doing that. If barracading and military helmets didn't work, what would? But at least she had her seemingly endless supply of asprin to keep some of her sanity intact. And she even made it a habit to repeat to herself, "Stay single, stay single!" over and over. And ironically, she didn't think she was over-exaggerating the situation one little bit.

"I wonder what time it is," she asked herself.

The new coo-coo clock went off in the background and told her she had twenty minutes.

"Honestly, did they *really* have to install a coo-coo clock of all things?!"

She hobbled around on her left foot - having her right foot still in pain, after all - looking around for anything that the kids could "use against her". When she found no objects of potential threat to her, she sighed and prepared for other "fun-filled" day of daycare management.


At Takuya's house - Mrs. Kanbara was getting her son ready to leave. And she was quite surprised at how enthusiastic he seemed about it. Just a few days ago,he was begging *not* to go to daycare. But she didn't seem to care at the moment that Takuya was singing "Burn, baybah, burn!" over and over again while holding a shiny object in his hand. She was merely concentrating on just getting him to the building and out of the house.


Izumi's house was quite similar too. Izumi was ready and rearing to go to daycare today. Of course, she wanted to be with her new boyfriend "Taku". And that was practically the only reason. Ahh, young love. So her parents ignored her constant ramblings about her "boyfwiend". Go figure.


Kouji seemed cheerful today. And it was all because of one reason. That's right, he found his lightsabie! Turns out it was in the laundry. But he still didn't give a crap about daycare. And Kouichi was just glad not to hear anymore whining from his little brother today.


Junpei wanted to stay home and watch the television and eat cookies all day. But alas, all parents must crush their only childs only wish into nothingness. So he was dragged along to the daycare.


Tomoki was taking a nap. So of course Mrs. Himi took this very good chance to get him to the daycare in peace.


A bit later.

"Ten... Nine... Eight..." Ms. Stephanie counted to herself.

The sound of cars screeching could be heard outisde.

"Seven... Six... Five..."

Car doors opening and closing and the sound of kiddy conversations.

"Four... Three..."

The door knob turning.

"Two... One."

The kids burst in. "Hiya, Ms. Steph!"

"He-ll-o. Chil-dr-en."


They all ran up and started dancing around Ms. Stephanie while starting to sing the Hamtaro Opening Theme. While the parents walked out after waving bye to each of their kids. But Mrs. Kanbara noticed something and walked up to the teach to address the matter.

"You know," she started. "You should really see a doctor about that twitch in your right eye."

"... Oh, don't wor-ry." she responded. "The mat-tter is be-ing tak-en care of."

"Oh, well good then."

Then she departed, saying one last good bye to Takuya. Ms. Steph's twitch got worse.


A tad bit later, after Ms. Steph had gotten the kids to settle down, she began roll call.

"Again with da roll call?" asked Junpei.

"Junpei, don't be contradicting!"

And of course, being five years old, Junpei has no idea what contradicting means. "Contrat-what?"

"Exactly! Now... Takuya!"

"Yesh!" he shouted. Mrs. Stephanie looked at him warilly. Takuya caught on to why she was looking at him like that. "Don't worry Ms. Steph, my mom searched me." He gave a not-so-innocent grin to go with it.

"Hmm... Anyway, Izumi?"

"Here!" she said and then immediately clung to Takuya's arm.

Ms. Steph blinked. "Erm, Kouji?"

"I'm here!" he annouced and waved his toy lightsaber around.

"I see you have your lightsaber back," she said.

"Yep!" Then he hit Kouichi on the head with it.




"Yes. I see," the teach commented. "Kouichi?"

"I'm standin' right here!"




Tomoki was still having his naptime. So he was zonked out on the floor.

"... I didn't notice him there," said Ms. Steph.

"He's been like that since we got here," said Takuya.

"... I didn't notice him there."


She marked his name off on the sheet.

Takuya whispered to the others, "I think she's finally cracking, guys!"

"You *just* now noticed dat?" commented Kouji.

Ms. Stephanie clapped her hands together and put on a very cheerful and yet scary-as-hell grin.

"Now children, today we're going to color!"

"Didn't we do dat already?" asked Kouichi.

"Maybe. ... But we're going to do it again!!" The kids' eyes widened at the terror of Ms. Steph. But she managed to calm down. "Anyway, coloring time!" The kids nervously scooted their way after her. But then Ms. Steph remembered that Tomoki was still zonked out on the floor. So she picked him up and put him on his little orange mat over on the other side of the room, but close enough to keep an eye on him.

Then the others were sitting at the cute little table coloring with their cute little crayons on their cute little pictures being cute and little. ... And why am I getting a de ja vu?

... "... This is boring!" they all shouted.

Ms. Stephanie practically fell over, and yet somehow didn't. "Well, too bad!" she said.


She sighed. "Oh, alright. How about instead of drawing, we write? That sounds like fun. It will be fun. Say it's fun!"


Ms. Steph didn't wait for a response and 'sulked' off to get the notebooks from the supply closet. The kids nervously glanced at one another. They really didn't like being here alone with a crazy teacher. She had gotten the five different colored notebooks and was twitching her way back. She let the notebooks just crash on the table. This startled the kids a bit.

"This will be so much fun! Joyful activity!" she annouced. The coo-coo clock went off in the background again. "Oh, shut up you blasted thing!" She shook her fist at it. "Excuse me children, I'm off to get a hammer to break that clock. Distribute the notebooks amongst yourselves." She walked off towards the janitor's closet this time.


The kids looked at each other, but then shrugged it off. They managed to each get the right colored notebook they wanted. Takuya got red. Izumi got light purple. Kouji got blue. Kouichi got black. And Junpei got orange. ... And no I didn't plan that. It just randomly happened. It's true!

Ms. Stephanie had gotten the hammer out of the janitor's closet and was now beating the crap out of the new coo-coo clock. Too bad she didn't know it was antique. But the kids didn't really seem to care or notice. They were having too much fun writing in their journals. Yesiree! Oodles of fun!

"This sucks!" said Junpei.

The others gasped.

"You saided a bad word, Junpei," said Kouichi.

"I did?"

"Well, yah. Dat's one of dem really bad words," stated Izumi.

"You sure?" asked Takuya. "'Cause I heard my daddy said this *really* bad word one time. It was fu -"

- "Takuya!" Ms. Steph shouted from behind him, while holding a broken coo-coo clock in her right hand. "Were you going to say what I think you were going to say?"

"What did you think I was gonna say?"


Suddenly a very loud eighteen-wheeler truck drove by.

"... Oh dam-darn." said Ms. Stephanie.

"Oooooh! We're tellin'!" sang the kids.

"No! Don't!"

Then Tomoki woke up. "Waaaaaaaaah! ... Where am I?"

Ms. Steph sighed. "Just keep writing!"


The teach stomped off to tend to Tomoki's needs.

Takuya looked down at his notebook. "So what are we supposed ta write?" he asked the others. They all stared dumbfounded and then just shrugged. Takuya sweatdropped. "Then what's da point? I mean, can some of us even write?" They all blinked. "Guess not. ... Ms. Steph!!"

Ms. Stephanie walked back carrying Tomoki while he ate some little snack crackers. "What?" she asked.

"We don't know what ta write!"

"Write your names then first."

"But we don't know how ta write!"

"Of course you do."

"We don't."

Ms. Stephanie blinked.

"Hey,you're a teacher, right?" asked Junpei.

"Well, yes. I have a teaching degree," she responded.

"A what now?" asked Takuya.

"A special paper to say I'm a teacher."

"Why do you need a special paper? I bet teachin's easy!"

"Oh, but it's harder then you think." 'Especially when you have a bunch of kids like *you* to take care of...'


"Yes, weally - err, really."

"Then teach us ta write," said Izumi.

"Yah! Yah!" they all chanted.

Ms. Steph sweatdropped. "But... I can't."

"Why not?" asked Kouji. "I thought you were a teacher."

"Well, I'm a different kind of teacher."

"But you should teach us how ta write anyways!" said Kouichi.

"Yah! Yah!"

Ms. Stephanie's patience was wearing thin. Yep, she'd be outta there by the end of the week. "Grah! Just go outside and play or something!"


So the kids left behind their notebooks and their crayons and ran outside. Tomoki wanted to go outside too so Ms. Steph put him down and he waddled after them all. She sighed. "Crazy kids. ... Wait... I already knew that."


The kids were now in a little huddle outside seeing who had to be 'it' for their game of tag. They were doing the "Odd Finger Is It!" way of deciding.

"Okay," began Takuya. "And... now!"

"Odd - finger - is - it!" they all chanted.

But when they did that, they all just stared and blinked.

"Which one's da odd finger?" asked Kouji.

"Can we even count?" asked Kouichi.

Takuya sighed and slapped his forehead. "Okay, how about "Rock, Paper, Scissors" then?"

So they all got ready.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors... Shoot!"

Then they all did the little hand motions. It then went like this -

"Yay! I beat you!"

"But I beat *you*."

"Who beat who?"

"I beat you, but you were beat by me."

"Is it Paper that beats Rock?"


"No! Rock smashes through Paper!"

"No, it doesn't!"

"It does!"

"Nuh uh!"

"Uh huh!"

"Who's it?"

"Wah! Yah!"

"What now?"

"I still beat you."

"But I beat you."






"Was it me who had Rock?"

"I thought I had Rock!"

"It was me!"

"No, you had Paper!"

"I'm confused."

"I am too."

"I still won!"

"No, you didn't! I beat you!"

"No, it was *me* who beat all of you. I didn't have Scissors, I had two sticks of dynamite! Nyah!"

"But I had Scissors too!"

"Or was it me?"

"Grah! STOP!" shouted Takuya. They all looked towards him. "How about *I* just be it, alright? There!"

"But I beat ya, Taku. With my Rock," said Izumi.

"Just nevermind."


Ms. Stephanie was watching it all from the other side of the playground near the backdoor. "Well... That was odd."

Back with the kids.

"Okay, guys. I'm it, remember?" said Takuya. "So... run!"

They did as such. And Takuya chased them around. Ms. Steph continued watching them. Eventually, Takuya managed to get Izumi. "Ha! I got ya, Izumi!" he said.

"Oh, but you already got me, Takuya..." Izumi wistfully sighed and blushed a bit.

Takuya sweatdropped. "Not with da mushy stuff again..."

Ms. Steph heard the telephone ringing from inside again. She didn't want to go answer it by leaving the kids alone, but it was her job to answer it. She gave a shifty glare towards them and walked inside. Kouji was the first one to notice her departure. So he randomly hit Kouichi in the head with his lightsaber.

"Oww!" Kouichi exclaimed, and rubbed his head. "What was that for?"

"I dunno."

Kouichi sighed and sweatdropped.

"I still say we should've raced with cars," commented Junpei to himself. Then he turned to face the parking lot. "Speaking of cars..." The game of tag seemed to have come to a halt, so Junpei walked up to Takuya. "Hey, Takuya? How much bad stuff have ya done?"

Takuya blinked. "... Mwhahahahaha! ... I lost count."

"Well, I have an idea..."


The teach slammed the phone down hard on the reciever.

"Damn those telephone solicitors! It's like a curse!"

But as she was walking back outside Ms. Stephanie then glanced out the front window to discover that her car was now missing.

"Errr... Where's my car?" Then it came to her. "Waitaminute. Kid's outiside. But now not in my line of sight. I cannot see them. The gate I see is now open. I left my car door open and my keys inside my car. My car is gone from its spot. And now... I see my car pulling out of the parking lot. And kids are not here." Wait for it. "... OH GOOD LORD NO!!"

She ran outside as fast as she could in pursuit of her car now obviously being driven by a bunch of little kids. And of course that being exactly what your *not* supposed to do.

"Stop, you little - little... hooligans!!"


"Takuya, it's my turn to drive!"

"No way, Kouji! It's still my turn!"

"I'll hit ya with my lightsabie!"

"I'll burn ya with mah lighter!"

"Ha ha ha!" Tomoki was having fun messing with the radio dials.

"I'm crusin' down da highway!" sang Junpei.

"Whee!" said Kouichi.

Izumi sighed and rolled her eyes. "Boys. Typical."


The kids, not being able to really to reach the gas pedal, were just pacing themselves down the road. Ms. Stephanie took this opportunity to get ahead of her car and try to get to come to a halt. How she was going to do that even she didn't know.

"Stop! Stop!!"


"Hey, look! It's Ms. Steph!" said Takuya.

They all waved at her.


"Raaaar! Stop!"

Then not thinking - she stepped in front of the car. And forgetting that the kids can't even reach the breaks!

"... Oh damn."


"Oh no!"



Rrrrkk! Screech! *Klunk!* The car then stopped.

"Uh... Whoopsy daisy!"

Who knew a pack of five-year-olds and a toodler in charge of changing the radio station could drive so well?

~End of Part 4~
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