In the void of space, one of Freiza's scouter ships glided almost peacefully along in the vacuum. Despite its serene exterior, the cargo and crew of said ship were far from peaceful in more than one way. "Ugh…" a purple alien grunted as he sat down for the first time all day.

An insectoid creature sitting across from him glanced up from the reports he was looking through. "Let me guess, Baltho," he said, "You were on babysitting duty again."

The purple alien nodded and growled. He had been on his feet all day dealing with the royal terror himself. "The brat's more than a handful. I don't get why Freeza's keeping him around," he muttered angrily.

"Probably because there are so few Saiyans left," the bug-like creature said.

"Yeah, but he's not even that powerful. Nappa and Radditz are both stronger than him. It also doesn't give him the right to parade around like he does," Baltho argued back, "His planet's been gone for almost a year but he still acts like he can lord over us! I swear, if I could, I'll shove him off this ship faster than he can say 'I'm the prince of the Saiyans'."

There was a long pause between the two soldiers before the insectoid spoke up again. "Well why not?" he finally said.

Baltho raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?" he asked.

"I don't like the kid anymore than you do," the bug man explained, "I really don't think anyone does except Nappa, and he's too much of a muscle head to figure out what really happened. It'd be really easy to make it look like an accident and no one would care or be wise enough to look into it further."

The purple alien grinned as he lowered his voice. "What would you have in mind, Recis?" Baltho whispered. The bug man grinned wickedly.


It had been ten months. Ten long months since Vegeta's planet was destroyed and he had been placed aboard this ship. When it had first happened, no one had any idea what to do with the orphaned prince. At that time, he didn't care what anyone did with him so long as they would leave him to himself. Unfortunately for him, that meant he was left on this rickety old scouter ship with a rag-tag bunch of low-class imbeciles. The only one even remotely worth his time was Nappa, but he was as much of an idiot as the rest.

Vegeta would not stand for these conditions much longer. Even if his planet was gone, he was still the Prince of Saiyans. He deserved better than this! And it looked like his luck was starting to turn. Two of the ship's crew had approached him with news that he and Nappa had been reassigned to another ship. They were to escort him to the control deck to give him the assignment. A proud smile stretched across the seven year old Saiyan's face as he strutted down the hall, his two escorts a few paces in front of him. He would finally be free of this place.

He soon noticed, however, that their path to get to the control deck was slightly off. There were several much quicker paths to the control room, and he had voiced this complaint, but he had been ignored. As they walked past the hall lined with escape pods, the two escorts suddenly stopped, causing Vegeta to bump into them.

He scowled at them as they turned to look down at him. "What do you idiots think you are doing?" he snapped, "We've already wasted enough time getting to the control deck! I will not be kept from my assignment any-"

Before he could say another word, the purple one suddenly grabbed him and pinned his arms behind his back. "What the?! Unhand me this instant!" Vegeta squawked. He thrashed about, and was almost able to shake Baltho, but the soldier did not relent his grip.

"Recis, now!" Baltho hissed. The bug alien shoved a cloth to the Saiyan's mouth and nose, forcing him to take a breath. When he did, his eyes began to droop and his mind began to cloud. He tried to fight it, but could not avoid drifting into unconsciousness. The last words he heard before being knocked out were "Good night, and good riddance, brat!"

When the Saiyan finally stopped squirming and went limp, Recis removed the cloth and Batho shoved him into one of the escape pods. "Knock out all communication abilities and any possible manual overrides and set the coordinates," Baltho said.

"Where should we send him?" Recis asked as he typed in a panel.

"The most isolated, backwater planet you can think of that's a million miles away from here," he said.

Recis paused for a moment before a wicked grin crossed his face. "I think I got one…" he said. he plugged in the coordinates and slammed the door shut. Baltho pressed the eject button and they both watched as the pod zoomed off into space.

Rose walked along the beach, the waves lapping at her feet. The cool night air blew across the sandy shore and the moon shone bright as she made her way back to the temple. As she walked up to the base to the giant statue, she noticed a figure leaning against it. As she got closer, she was able to discern who it was.

"Garnet? What are you doing out so late?" Rose asked with an amused expression, "I can't remember the last time you were out on a night like this instead of being cooped up inside the temple."

"Although it is nice out, that's not why I'm here," she said, "I saw something approaching the earth in the near future, and I fear its arrival could spell something horrible for life on Earth."

The amused expression quickly disappeared from Rose's face. "What did you see?" she asked.

"I saw some kind of small ship coming to earth. Inside was a powerful warrior," the stoic gem continued.

"Only one?" Rose echoed.

"Yes, but I wouldn't underestimate it," Garnet confirmed.

Rose nodded. "Tell Pearl and Amethyst about this at once. We'll need to start monitoring what enters the earth's atmosphere as soon as possible," she calmly commanded. With a nod from Garnet, she headed back into the temple. Whatever this was, she wasn't about to let it destroy what she loved so much and worked so hard to protect.