One would think that Jaune Arc could never get a woman to go on a date with him. Never be his girlfriend. Well...wait 'til you see this:

Jaune Arc was currently trying to breathe under eighteen small children...all girls. Now, this ain't pedo! Get that out of our head! Recap!

Teams JNPR and RWBY were simply eating lunch, chatting, arguing, teasing, and having a nice time. Normal.

Next, Jaune went ramrod straight as a slow sound of excited voices and stampeding was heard outside the doors of the cafeteria. With a loud BLAM! the doors were thrusted open and eighteen small figures walked in...well, charged in. Got to be subtle somehow.

Each child was petite, female, and young. If their voices were any indication.

At once, their heads turned to Jaune's location and their voices were quiet. Each person in the cafeteria was confused, and slightly scared.

"DADDY!/FATHER!/DAD!" this was yelled by eighteen small girls, all running like dead women and tackling Jaune to the ground.

Oh boy...

Which is where we are now. Jaune Arc currently under a bunch of children, all having practically screamed he was their father. To say the entire populace was confused would be an understatement. They were still processing the picture presented to them.

"J-Jaune...who are the-these...?" Pyrrha was the first to speak. The only sounds being the children' small giggles as they all cuddled up to the Arc boy. Jaune could now breathe, which made him speak this, "They're, um, my children..." Jaune turned his head to pet the children now climbing all over him, getting "punyaaaaa" from all of them as they melted into his attention of pets and affection.

Each person was either blushing and stammering, or just silent as they were still processing.

Until Yang spoke, "What are you, half rabbit?" Even as she said it, she was blushing and trying to wrap her head around the scene in front of her.

"*Gulp* Girls, where's your mothers?" Jaune was smiling, but he was sheepish, like this was an everyday thing. Almost in sync, the doors opened again, this time, revealing seven women, each either looking Human or having some kind of animal appendage on their person.

At once, the kids went to their respective mothers, the smallest woman only having one child in her arms. The rest having three. And a Cow Faunus with humongous breasts having two. Each woman was beautiful.

Looking closely, many of the kids were twins, sets of seven twins and the one child. Most of them had close resemblances to their mother or Jaune.

One woman was tall, two sheep horns on her head, short blonde hair, bright green eyes, small bust, and one kid, that had long blonde hair in a braid and mismatched blue and green eyes and sheep horns on her head.

The second was a semi tall woman with a military buzz cut of electric green hair, slanted blood red eyes and a huge bust. Her three kids were triplets, twins where two were completely identical except the left one has red and blue eyes from right to left and the right has blue and red eyes from right to left. The third kids was on her back, long green hair in a braid and dark blue eyes with a slight pinkish tint.

The third was the cow Faunus had jet black hair, her humongous breasts, and two kids, the left with curly black hair in pigtails and blue eyes and the right girl had black hair in a pony tail, two cow horns on her head and silver eyes, each girl had bigger busts than the other children. Bigger than Ruby's and they looked younger than her!

The fourth and fifth were obviously twin Cat Faunus sisters, both having floppy brown dog ears, short chestnut brown hair, small busts, and the three kids were each identical to their mothers, save for a pony tail here and there, either dark blue eyes or bright brown eyes, and three had dog ears on their head, one with a doggy tail.

The sixth looked like a normal human, but her eyes were slitted like a cat and she had sharp nails, stark white hair with neon pink eyes, a formidable bust and a tiny frame. Her three kids had: left, cat ears on her head with golden hair and pink eyes, middle had cat ears but her hair was white with mismatched blue and pink eyes, and the right one had long white hair with dark pink eyes, slight blue tints to the ends.

The seventh woman was the tallest at at least seven feet, the only one with a weapon, a great sword, formidable bust, very curvy figure, slitted cat eyes, sea blue hair that reached her back, black eyes, and her three kids were the tallest: left, black eyes with golden hair, middle, blue hair with blue eyes, right had blonde hair and blue eyes, but had a cat tail swishing back and forth.

Each woman was immensely beautiful and breathtaking.

And they were walking towards Jaune.

Jaune stood up while everyone was gawking, their eyes now bulging as each gave Jaune a kiss on the lips and a smile.

The Goodwitch walked in. Buzzkill.

"Mr. Arc. Please come with me to the Headmasters office. Your, uh, children may come as well." And with that, each woman and child went with Jaune to Opzin's office.

Finally, each person yelled: "WHAT THE HELL!?"

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