Chapter 1

"Sans? Do you think you could do me a favor?" The short skeleton looked up at the feminine goat.
"Sure, Tori. What is it?"
"I have a PTA meeting tomorrow evening, but I need to stay here and grade papers." Toriel explained, nodding towards the pile of papers on the desk. Since becoming a teacher, they had been fairly busy.
"Of course." Sans replied, putting down the newspaper he had been reading, and sitting up from his relaxed position on the couch. "What do I do?"
"Oh, you just talk about issues with the school. Everyone brings food and it should be a relaxed environment. The kids come too."
"Should be?" Sans frowned at Toriel's tone.
"The other parents like to gossip and talk trash a lot." Toriel explained.
"Well, that shouldn't be too much a problem." Sans said, smiling. "You know how I am. If they have a bone to pick with me, I'll deal with it." Toriel held back a laugh at the pun.
"Alrighty. Do you want to say goodnight to Frisk? I just gave them some cinnamon-butterscotch pie, so be careful where you step."
"Sounds good." Sans stood up and walked up the stairs. To his surprise, the kid was sitting at the window.
"Kiddo, what-"
"Oh, hello there, Sansy~" Sans paused at the familiar sickly sweet voice.
"It's you." Sans said, feeling the cold blue magic pool into his head. He quickly manipulated Chara's gravity to pin her to the ceiling. "What are you doing here!? What the hell did you do to Frisk, you spawn of Satan!?"
"I did nothing. Frisk sold their soul to me in order to restore the world after I destroyed it." Chara smiled sadistically. "You remember that runthrough, right? I know you're aware of SAVE and RESET."
"Yes, I do." Sans replied tensely. "What of it?"
"You see, after Frisk killed Asgore in that runthrough, I was spawned."
"Spawned? You really are the child of the devil." Sans replied.
"Whatever. It's not like you're innocent either. What about those poor almagates?" Sans slammed the child into the ground.
"Don't you dare bring that up!" Sans yelled.
"Sans? What's going on up there?" Toriel asked. Sans could hear her walking up the stairs.
"Toriel, I went to say goodnight to Frisk and there was this...this thing here instead!"
Toriel walked in, and paled at the sight of Chara.
"Chara? Is that really you?" Toriel asked.
"Of course it is, mom~" Chara giggled.
"She tried to kill me before." Sans explained.
"Hey, watch the pronouns there, Sansy. I go by they/them, just like Frisk. Oh wait, they're gone! Just like everyone else will be~" Chara giggled.
"That's enough!" Sans slammed Chara into the ground over and over, until he started to feel the strain from using his powers.
"With the last of my powers..." Sans panted. "Bring back Frisk!" He used the last of his magic strength, which was more than he had ever used at once, to slam Chara into the ground. There was a blinding light, and both skeleton and goat had to look away. When they looked back, there were two kids- Both were small, 11-year old children, one wearing blue and magenta pajamas, and the other wearing a green and yellow t-shirt with black pants.
"Did ya really think I'd leave? Here's
Frisk. Are ya happy?" Chara snapped.
"Frisk!" Toriel went to hug the human child.
"Why did you come in the first place?" Sans demanded, not even being able to summon a bit of magic. "As I was saying before I was interrupted." Chara nonchalantly looked at Toriel. "After Frisk killed Asgore in that no mercy run, I was spawned. I destroyed that SAVE and Frisk sold me their soul to get it all back."
"So, you can SAVE..." Sans muttered.
"Did I say that? I can only destroy SAVES, Sansy."
"Stop calling me that." Sans retorted.
"Nope. Now that I know it bothers ya, I'm gonna keep calling ya that~" Sans gritted his teeth as Chara laughed.
"Great. We're here with a killer now." Sans muttered, stroking his chin.
"Oh don't worry. I'm not gonna kill anyone." Chara said, suddenly dropping the sweet attitude. Their voice was colder than ice. "Sans. I promise I won't kill anyone. There's too many consequences here in the overworld. I can't get away with it as easily."
"Oh joy." Sans replied sarcastically. "Well, you've gotta prove it to all of us. Prove that you won't kill anyone."
"And how am I supposed to do that, Sansy?" Chara asked.
Sans stroked his chin in thought.

"YOU ARE NOT BRINGING THEM TO THE PTA MEETING, SANS." Toriel whisper-yelled at Sans. They had brought Chara downstairs after putting Frisk back to bed.
"Why not? I think it's a good idea." Sans shrugged.
"They could kill the PTA members! Then Frisk would get kicked out. Would you be happy with that? If Frisk got kicked out?"
"Hey, ya know, I'm supposed to take care of Frisk." Chara spoke up.
"Yeah, sure." Sans muttered.
"I am sure. Mentally and physically, I'm supposed to protect Frisk because they are mine. I possessed them, and ya have to take care of your body, ya know? So, I have to take actions for the well-being of Frisk. Which means, I can't do anything that'll get 'em kicked out of school. Or else I'll die."
Sans and Toriel looked at each other.
Can we trust them? Toriel signed.
Probably. What would be the point of lying? Sans signed back.
"I can read sign language, you know." Chara muttered.
"Alright. Chara, we're going to trust that you are telling the truth." Toriel said. "But, we need to test it. It would be in Frisk's best interests if you listened and followed our rules. You must let us know where ever you are going. You cannot go in the kitchen unless Sans or I are with you."
"Alrighty." Chara shrugged. "And no hurting anyone, I assume?"
"Yep." Toriel had a stony expression on her face.
"Alright, sounds good." Chara shrugged. They grabbed their necklace- it was a heart-shaped locket, Sans noticed- and fiddled with it a bit.

Why is Chara here? Frisk signed to Sans.
"Chara is proving something to Tori and I. If they can prove that they won't hurt anyone, they can stay for now. But if not..." Sans felt his sockets go blank. " ' ."
"Yep. Exactly that." Chara added, seemingly bored. "Not like I haven't already had one." Frisk fiddled with their hands in their lap, rubbing their fingers along their could tell the human was a little uncomfortable, but Chara seemed to sense it as well, as they winced and stopped talking. The drive to the school was quiet, but Sans secretly enjoyed it. He decided it was better for everyone's sake if he focused on the road rather than on the satanic killer in the backseat. He hadn't wanted to drive, but Toriel had pointed out that he couldn't use a shortcut with both Chara and Frisk. He didn't like the feeling of being of being in complete control of a block of metal that could easily kill someone if he wasn't careful. Finally, they were at the school, and Chara got out and held the door open for Frisk.
Thank you. Frisk signed as they got out.
"No problem." Chara said out loud, holding the butterscotch pie that Toriel had made for the meeting.
Oh, and also. Frisk signed, grimacing. Don't eat the lemon bars if they have sugar all over them. Those taste like crud. Eat the ones that don't.
"Got it." Chara nodded. "Can you tell us about some of the parents?"
Well, there's Gloria, and her kid Stella. She hasn't been in a while because she recently had a baby, but she drops off Stella with some lemon bars. Gloria makes the good ones. There's also- Frisk paused in their signing as a woman walked past.
"Excuse me, are you here for the PTA meeting?" The woman speaking was darker-skinned. She had brown hair and eyes, and seemed to have a child the same age as the two of them hanging onto her.
Jamal! Frisk signed, seeing the boy. He looked similar to his mother, but he had very bright blue eyes rather than brown. The boy smiled and signed back,
Frisk! How are you? The two started a conversation in sign language.
"Yes, we are." Sans smiled. "I'm here in place of Toriel."
"Oh, nice to meet you! My name is Iris, and that's my son Jamal. Normally Aadila would come too, but she had to work a late shift." Iris explained.
"Ah, that's fine." Sans smiled. "I'm Sans. Sans the skeleton."
"Who's this? Toriel normally brings Frisk, but I've never seen her before." Iris nodded at Chara.
"I'm Chara. I'm Frisk's sibling!" Chara quickly bluffed. "I'm homeschooled normally, but I might transfer here, which is why I'm here."
"Oh, nice to meet you to, Chara!" Iris smiled. "Jamal, let's go show them where to go!" The boy stopped mid sentence and ran to his mother, Frisk following suit. They walked to the cafeteria, where they could hear the sound of children and adults chattering. As they walked in, they saw three women- One was a ginger with glasses, one was with a 'soccer mom' haircut, and one with blonde hair and makeup that did not look good at all, and two men, one with messy black hair, and one with a manbun(..?) talking at the table, and seven children doing various things- There was a little girl with tan skin and brown hair and eyes that was kinda on her own and watching the whole thing while munching on a lemon bar, two boys, one with brown hair done in a faux-hawk and the other with messy black hair, that looked like the man at the table, roughhousing, and three girls, one a ginger with a weird nose that was talking loudly, a girl with almost white hair that was nearly as loud as the ginger, and the other a blonde girl that was a bit quieter, and one boy that looked similar to the boy with brown hair that was roughhousing, only his hair was loose and messy, chatting.
"Let's get something to eat." Sans walked over to the table. "What do you want, kiddo?"
Hmm...anything that isn't the cupcakes or the lemon bars with sugar on them should be good. Frisk signed. Out of curiousity, Chara picked up one of the lemon bars with sugar on them, and took a bite. They paused, seemingly choking.
"You all right, Chara?" Sans asked, frowning, Chara shook their head, and forcefully swallowed. "Trust Frisk. Don't eat them. What's wrong with them?"
They're basically flour and splenda. And they're gluten free. Linda believes that they make you fat or something like that. It's the same with the cupcakes.
"Yuck." Sans commented. He then overheard some of the moms talking as Chara put down the pie and tossed the lemon bar.
"...well, whatever's it's doing here, it should be better than that goat."
"You mean Toriel? Yeah, it should be. What is it even doing over there anyways? Skeletons can't eat, can they?" Sans noticed a bottle of ketchup and walked over to the other table, and took it. Frisk grabbed a plate and some fries, as well as the non-sugared lemon bars and some pie, while Chara grabbed a similar plate, only with more fries, and what seemed like some fudge.
"What? I like chocolate." Chara shrugged as they all sat down.
"Do you want to hang out with the other kids?" Sans asked. Frisk shook his head no. "Alrighty then." Sans took a swig of ketchup.
"How can it just let Frisk act like that?" The blonde mom whispered.
"Hey, if you're done gossiping, can we start the meeting? It should have started five minutes or so ago." Sans asked. It was suddenly a flurry of papers as the kids were called back to the table and the blonde lady stood up.
"Hello. It seems we have a new member, so let's go around the circle and introduce everyone. My name is Linda."
"I'm Alex." The boy with messy brown hair introduced himself.
"I'm Jimmy." Said the other boy with brown hair.
"I'm Anna." The white-haired girl spoke before her mother could.
"Now, Anna, it's rude to interrupt." Her mother said.
"No, you're rude for telling me what to do! I'm ten years old, mother! I can decide what I want to do!" Anna snapped, to Sans' surprise.
"Okay, I'm sorry, dear...I'm Helen." The mother added.
"I-I'm Stella..." The little tan girl said quietly. "M-momma couldn't make it again..."
"I'm Diane." The ginger woman introduced herself.
"And I'm Ashley!" The ginger girl spoke out.
"I'm David." The black-haired man said.
"I'm Tommy." The similarly-haired boy said.
"I'm Paul, and this is Alice." He nodded to the blonde girl, who simply nodded meekly.
"I'm Iris, and this is my son Jamal." Iris nodded to her kid. "Aadila couldn't make it tonight, unortunately."
"Oh, how terrible." Linda said, and Sans could clearly hear the sarcasm in her voice.
"And I'm Sans." Sans introduced himself. He, however signed under the table to Chara, Don't get excited, it's only because of your bluff earlier.
Fair enough.
Chara signed back under the table.
"I'm Chara." Chara introduced herself.
And I'm- Frisk started to sign.
"Why don't you use your voice, Frisk?" Linda interrupted him.
"Because it's easier for them to talk in sign language?" Sans pointed out.
"Well, I for one, do not stand for that kind of behavior. Frisk is 11 years old, she should be able to use her voice."
"Her?" Chara frowned, speaking out of turn. "Who are you talking about?"
"I'm talking about Frisk of course." Linda smiled.
"My apologies, I was confused because Frisk is not a girl. Nor are they a boy." Chara shrugged, that sugary sweet tone in their voice. "I wouldn't suggest making a fuss over it." They dropped it for that sentence, but picked it back up to say, "Anyways, this is Frisk. Let's get on with the meeting." Sans blinked in surprise at the veiled threat.
Well, I guess we never said they couldn't make threats, only that they couldn't kill people. Sans thought. I don't blame them, though. I can't believe Linda would do that!
"So, first up on the agenda..." Sensing the boring meeting, Sans decided to kick back some more ketchup, noticing how some of the children looked at him in amazement. He then fell asleep...
He felt someone nudging him. He woke up slightly, and heard someone talking.
"...vaccinations are, as you all know, deadly and contain various poisons. Unfortunately, our school has them as mandatory."
"Huh?" Sans sat back up.
"I am giving you all a petition to sign for optional vaccinations. Please sign it, and help to our cause."
"Hold it. Why, exactly, are you making vaccines optional?"Sans questioned.
"Sans, you really should be listening." Linda sighed. "Vaccines contain poisons that will infect your child. It seems that you already have a child with that infection." Linda nodded towards Frisk, who was rubbing their hands against the table.
"Excuse you?" Sans replied. "There's nothing wrong with Frisk. They don't have any sort of infection or disease."
"She-they," Linda reworded her sentence, seeing the look in Chara's blood-colored eyes, "are autistic, are they not?"
"And they were born like that. It has nothing to do with vaccines or anything. I have a doctorate, Linda. Don't argue with me on this."
Isn't Dunkle Sans' doctorate in quantum physics? Frisk signed to Chara, who shrugged.
Dunkle? Chara signed back.
You know, it still surprises me that Chara knows sign language. Sans thought. I wonder why. Although, it's not a question I should linger on now.
"Alright then." Linda crossed off the first item on a list that was written on the whiteboard in the back of the room. Sans looked on the list. It said, in order;
Science fair
Cafeteria food
School play
"We'll get back to that if there's time. So, next up we have the Science fair that's coming up in a month. We're going to need some judges."
"Huh, I know someone who would be pretty good at judging." Sans commented, leaning back as he took a swig of ketchup.
"Sans, may I please get some more food?" Chara whispered.
"Sure, go ahead." Sans permitted.
"Why do you let her interrupt you?" Helen asked. "One of your kids acts like a stubborn five year old, and the other is rude. Not to mention, Frisk wanting to be a special snowflake with that weird 'no gender' thing. At least your daughter is normal." Chara had come back to hear those last two lines, and she bit her lip hard.
"...You're kidding, right?" Chara asked. "Ya know, if I knew that being here would be full of rude old ladies, I would have just stayed home and been grounded or whatever." Chara smiled politely despite the sass coming out of her mouth.
"Excuse me?" Helen retorted.
"Hey lady! I forgot your name-my apologies- but not identifying with a gender is perfectly normal. It's called 'non-binary', and both Frisk and I identify as it. So please, refer to the both of us 'they' or 'them'. Thank you kindly." Chara pulled a cupcake off her plate, and took a bite. "Also, did you make these cupcakes?"
"Why, yes I did! Made them with my own sweat and tears." Helen smiled. Chara threw it at her.
"Hey, next time, if you're going to buy store-bought cupcakes, buy the good kind. Those, at the very least, can help to hide the fact that you're a terrible cook with a spoiled little brat. Also, try to hide the box better." Chara said all that with a smile on their face, and then did a little bow and sat down. Everyone looked at her in shock.
Heh.Sans took another swig of ketchup. Said exactly what I was thinking. I still don't trust them, exactly, but I think it's safe to say they won't kill anyone.Sans looked at the shell-shocked Helen at the other side of the table. I don't know about them morbidly hurting anyone, though.
"So, let's get the rest of the meeting over with." Sans shrugged, sitting up.

Nice job, Chara! Frisk signed to them as the meeting ended.
"Thank you, Frisk. Just doing my job." Chara shrugged. Frisk gave a confused expression. "I'll explain in the car." Chara replied as they left the building. "Thanks for giving me a chance, Sans." They added.
"No problem, Chara." Sans replied coldly. "I'll admit, your speech against Helen had me surprised."
"Like I said, I'll explain in the car. I already told you though, did I not?" Chara smiled, fiddling with the heart-shaped necklace around her neck.