*enter Miniji, the long lost author, wearing very Yuna-ish clothing while striking a Mushu-ish pose* …I liiiiiiiiiiiive! ^_^ *collective gasp rises from the few people who actually remember her* Yup, I'm back (for now, ne? ^^'') and have just been playing FFX and reading Wakka/Tidus yaoi. Which is what this is. WARNING: This fic contains YAOI otherwise known as SHOUNEN AI otherwise known as SLASH. You call it what you want, it still means boy x boy love. Ya? Ya. Also, the characters may be slightly OOC because I haven't played further than the Chocobo Monster part yet…grr…kuso youma refuses to die…but I shall defeat him! I will not let him shove me off a cliff constantly! VICTORY SHALL BE MINE~! JUSTICE!! *cackles*

…Oh, one more thing…it's 40 minutes after midnight, I'm sleep deprived, half-starved, and have been eating cream puffs and tomatoes. You have the right to be scared.

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"Someone help! The chocobos!" The shrill cry resounded through Rin's Travel Agency and the deserted highroad. Wakka peered towards the direction of the agency, just returning from his early morning walk, and began running towards the sound. He shortly arrived at the edge of a steep cliff, the area where Auron, Lulu, and Tidus were fighting. Wakka headed towards them to help, but was stopped by a firm hand. He turned around to face Kimahri, indignantly shrugging away the Ronso's hold.

"What'd you do that for, ya? I need to help them fight!"

"Wakka not help friends. Yevon says only three guardians fight fiend at same time. Wakka wait to help." A slight red shade lit up in Wakka's cheeks; he'd known about that particular law of Yevon, but it was difficult for him to simply watch as his allies were battered by the gigantic foe. The three guardians appeared to only be weakly fighting back against the fiend's ferocious onslaught. Wakka stared particularly at Tidus; the younger boy had only just become a guardian, and was having a more difficult time fighting the impossibly strong fiend than the others. The youth's tanned face was grim; he was rapidly losing energy and his attacks only seemed to become weaker than ever as time progressed. Leaning slightly on his sword to catch his breath, he watched as Lulu attacked the enemy with a powerful fire blast, sending the fiend sprawling onto his back. Auron ran to the waiting group, calling for Yuna to go fight in his place by summoning her aeons. Lulu limped towards Wakka as the young summoner called forth Valefor, obviously having sustained a fair amount of damage herself. She sat on the earthen ground, catching her breath.

"Would you go in for me?" she questioned the redhead between breaths, "If that fiend lives through the aeons, I mean?" Wakka grinned and gave her a thumbs up.

"Yeah, don't worry 'bout it, ya? I'll help Tidus and Yuna, you just catch your breath…" He brandished his lethal blitzball and walked over to Tidus. The youth leaned heavily upon his sword, breathing ragged, and Wakka could see numerous bruises and scrapes snaking up his body from the monster's attacks. Wakka held back the sudden urge to hold the weakened guardian; he desperately wanted to relieve Tidus of some of the obvious pain that he was in, but the shorter boy could very easily take the action the wrong way. Wakka had been quite attracted to the youth, ever since the first time he saw him (which slightly disturbed him because he'd never fallen for a boy before), and had made the point of befriending and protecting him. Wakka would have claimed that his close bond had been formed by Tidus' skill at blizball and his uncanny appearance similarities to Chappu, which had been true at first, but his feelings for the blitzball prodigy had been growing every day, until Wakka could no longer deny himself of them. Wakka reached out and lightly touched Tidus' shoulder. "You okay, brudda?" He asked, gazing in concern at the blond boy, "Let's destroy this thing quickly, ya?" Tidus stiffened, leaning less upon his sword and turning to look at Wakka. He didn't want his friend to think that he was weak; he needed to prove that he could make it as a guardian, not be protected constantly! He grinned wanly at his friend.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Doubt was etched clearly across Wakka's face, but before he could protest, Yuna's final aeon lost all of its energy and disappeared from the battlefield. The two young men ran back into the fight.

"That thing's really powerful, huh?" Wakka stared in awe at the ugly creature before being smacked harshly by the evil being. He sat down sharply, cursing and rubbing away a small trickle of blood from his mouth. He looked to his left and saw Tidus laying sprawled on his side, obviously having undergone similar treatment. The boy struggled futilely to sit up, and Wakka crawled over to him. He turned Tidus onto his back and slowly helped him to rise. He vaguely noticed that Yuna had run back to the other guardians, ready to switch now that her aeons were powerless. Wakka stood up slowly, Tidus leaning fully upon him now that his energy was nearly spent. He heard a shriek from the area that Yuna had run off to, and looked up just in time to see the Chocobo monster rushing towards them, arms outstretched. There was no time to run; the fiend collided with Wakka and Tidus, forcefully sending them flying over the edge of the cliff. Wakka's mind went blank as he began to pass out, muttering: "Yeah, really powerful…" and falling into unconsciousness.


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