Operation Mi'ihen: Part One

I have absolutely no proper excuse for not writing in so long. Sorry! I've had this part in my notebook for awhile, and I hadn't typed it up because I didn't really have a muse for Operation Mi'ihen. I decided to post this little part in hopes that it will inspire me for writing OM ^^'' I hope you all enjoy it, even though it is insanely short.


"Mm..nyeh…" The morning sun shone directly into the eyes of a sleeping Tidus, and the boy rolled over onto his side in a half-awake attempt to avoid it. He bumped against something soft and warm, and did as his dulled instincts told him; he curled up against the object, basking in its warmth. The thing-whatever it was-smelled nice, and Tidus was contentedly drifting back into sleep when….

"Tidus?" The boy's eyes snapped open, taking in the situation. He was close to Wakka …too close. He lay pressed against the man's side, his face inches away from his companion's. The unexpected information proved to be too much for the poor boy's mind to take all at once, and he panicked.

"Yaah!" Tidus let out a surprised yelp as he shot his body backwards in an attempt to distance himself from the other boy. Leaping haphazardly out of the bed, his left foot became tangled in the sheets. Instead of making a valiant escape, he ended up sprawled out on the floor, limbs tangled with sheets and an embarrassed flush creeping down his neck. A disgruntled, concerned Wakka peered over the bed's side at him.

"You okay?" Tidus groaned, but then picked himself up and nodded in response. He had a crick in his neck, and he rubbed absently at the spot. Stretching, he noticed that he was still stiff from the day before. Wakka watched as the teen arched his back and stretched out his limbs, trying to rid them of the dull ache.

"What's up?" He asked as the boy climbed up and sat on the bed.

"Bit stiff." Tidus answered nonchalantly, looking away from the redhead. Suddenly, he felt hands run over his shoulders, feeling for knots. "Wakka?" The blonde looked back uncertainly. The redhead looked calm.

"Back when I Blitzed a bunch of the less experienced boys would be stiff after practice. We used to give them massages to help loosen them up." He noticed Tidus' incredulous look, and momentarily halted. "If you don't want me to give you one, I'll stop, ya?" Tidus blinked and shook his head.

"No, it…it feels good." He closed his eyes as the redhead's fingers began their steady trek along his shoulders again. They moved across his upper back, and then gradually moved down his spine. Tidus lurched forward as Wakka's fingers found a sensitive spot between his shoulder blades. The redhead chuckled.

"Well, what do we have here?" He pushed on the spot again, only to watch Tidus jump once more. The boy turned around, slightly embarrassed from the involuntary movement. Wakka grinned mischievously, and then turned back to his activity, ignoring the delicate spot. He lightly tapped his fingers around Tidus' neck; Tidus squirmed, trying to get away.

"Ah, ticklish, are we?" Tidus only laughed in reply. Wakka grinned before attacking the boy, his fingers digging into the blonde's sides. Tidus protested weakly, beside himself in laughter.

"Aahaha…Wakka…ha…stop it! Ow! …hahaha…" Wakka smirked, enjoying tickle-torturing his younger companion. Tidus gradually began to fight back, eventually succeeding in restraining the redhead. He sat on the man's stomach, pinning the man's arms to his sides with his legs. Wakka frowned momentarily, but then smirked as he pushed Tidus farther down and gradually sat up. Tidus yelped as he found himself in the man's lap, his mind blanking. Wakka stared into his eyes, fondly ruffling his hair. Tidus snapped out of it, indulging in an indignant squawk as he felt heat rising into his face.

"Um…" he awkwardly disentangled himself from the man's body. "Gotta go to the loo!" He sprinted into the bathroom, quickly shutting the door behind him. Wakka stared after him, and then at the previously occupied space on his lap. 'That was…interesting.'

Sighing, the redhead dressed and began cleaning up the room.


^^'' I think that that was one of the shortest things that I've ever posted. I've got a short vacation from school coming up, so I'm going to attempt to hog-tie my muses and force them to help me write. However, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you! *bows*