Mikey went topside. His brothers are too busy to hang out with him so he decided to hang out somewhere else. When he reached the rooftops, he looked up and saw the beautiful stars in the sky. Many times had they gone up to the rooftops, but never had they actually stopped and looked at the stars. It was the most miraculous sight he had ever seen. "Ahhhhh..." He relaxed on the rooftops. He then took out his T-Pod v2 and chose a new song to hear.

When daytime turns to night, when the moon shines bright, when you're tucked in tight, when everything's alright...
When he heard the song, he thought of his brothers. Whenever he had any nightmares, his brothers will always be there to comfort him. With them, Mikey became more sure that everything will be alright, with his brothers by his side.

Swim across the ocean blue, fly a rocket to the moon. You can change your life, or you can change the world...
Whenever his family is in trouble, he would do anything to help them. Even if he had to go beyond his limits or, in the worst case scenario, die, he would do it happily, if it can save his family from any enemy who threatens them.

Take the chance, don't be afraid. Life is yours to live. Take a chance and then the best is yet to come...
He is always the family goofball, but he is proud of that. Even if anyone else disagrees, his life is his to live. He can choose to live with whatever way he wants.

Make a wish, it's up to you. Find the strength inside, then watch your dreams come true. You don't need a shooting star, the magic's right there in your heart. Close your eyes, believe, and make a wish...
He smiled. Since he was a tot, he had made thousands of wishes. Birthday wishes, wishes for making new friends...He couldn't count how many wishes he had made. He was not afraid to see what the wishes will bring, and he is not afraid now.

Chiisaki mono, sore wa watashi. Watashi desu, magire naku, Kagami no naka, kokorobososa dake ga...
He heard the Japanese lyrics. Although he may not understand the lyrics in Japanese much, but he guessed that the lyrics meant the same thing as the English lyrics. He then started to hum along with the song.

I've always hoped for happiness, and finally fulfilled my wish. 'Cos I just need to see you smile.
The main reason he is the family goofball is that he wanted to keep his family happy. He can sense whenever things got tense or things did not go well for his brothers or his sensei. He wanted them to cheer up, smile and be happy. He loved to see them smile.

Sora o (Make a wish)
Ao geba (It's up to you)
Michite kuru watashi no koe ga (Watch your dreams come true)
Sara sara nagaru kaze no naka de kimi mo (The magic's right there in your heart)
Fuwari mai agare (Believe and...)
Make a wish, it's up to you
Find the strength inside
Then watch your dreams come true
You don't need a shooting star
The magic's right there in your heart
Close your eyes, believe and make a wish.
When the song ended, he sighed and look the stars. Just then, an idea came into his head. "Why don't I make a wish right now?" Mikey thought. He then closed his eyes and clapped his hands together. "I wish that my family will never be broken and will always be happy, no matter what happens."

Just then, the T-Phone rang. "Mikey, where were you? We have been looking for you for an hour." "Oh, I'm coming." "You better be. We are going to have a long talk about this." Leo ended the call. Mikey sighed. No matter what happens, he will always love his family, especially his brothers and sensei. He would never replace them for the world.