Chapter 2:

Without quite knowing why, Miya stopped in her chores, pausing halfway through washing the dishes.

A peculiar feeling had come over her, a familiar sensation that she hadn't felt in so long, one that she had believed she left behind her.

Setting down the plate, Miya turned to leave the kitchen, barely having the presence of mind to dry her hand on the way out.

Footsteps echoing on the wood floors of the empty hallway, she hurried.

She was already half way to the front door before she heard the footsteps approaching, and by the time the doorbell had rung, her hand had already began sliding the door open.

Not once did she stop to wonder how she knew he would be coming.

The door clattered open, revealing him to her eyes.

A wave of nostalgia washed over her.

It was like looking into the face of an old friend.

She had never once laid eyes on the man standing before her, with his eyes of emerald and hair dark as a raven's wing, though he felt so very familiar, in a way that made her feel she knew him all her life.

How long ago had it been since they last met?

From below, a flicker of movement caught her eye as a child peeked out behind his legs. The little slip of a thing was shyly peering up at her, her body mostly hidden behind his, only to bury her face into his side once she noticed her attention.

Ah, now this one, she knew.

"I heard that you may have a vacancy."

Startled by the sound of his voice, it took a moment for Miya to process what he said. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she began to reply, only to pause, as she noticed the silence that took hold of the world.

Nothing could be heard, not from the street beyond her fence, not from the rustling branches of the tree that grew by her door, not even the near soundless humming of the air-conditioner could be heard.

Everything had fallen strangely silent as even the wind itself seemed to hold its breath, in anticipation of her answer.

And when she said nothing he smiled sadly, as if ready to leave.

Like he would be turned away at the door.

Like he was already used to it.

Now that just would not do.

Miya smiled and stepped to one side.

"My husband was never one to turn away a person in need." She said as she held open the door, welcoming him inside. "All are welcome to Izumo inn."

And so Miya greeted Death like an old friend.


Throwing the doors wide open Takami ploughed into the large office, shoes echoing on the white marble floor while an unlit cigarette dangled from her lips, only to find Minaka laughing like a maniac.

She ignored it, already used to his antics.

"Enough Minaka, we have no time for this." She stomped angrily up to his desk, agitation leaking off her every inch. "We still can't find Kusano. I've sent every security team we have to look for her but they all came back with nothing. They don't even know where to start looking. I've personally looked over every second of security footage we have and I still haven't figured out how they managed to steal her."

Takami paused, waiting for Minaka to say something but the man just carried on with his manic laughter.

"Are you even listening?" Takami growled, feeling her frustration build. "We don't have time to fool around; we need to recover the Kusano before it's too late."

When Minaka still wouldn't stop laughing, Takami finally snapped and tossed her clipboard at his head as hard as she could.

But to her complete bewilderment Minaka easily snatched it out of the air before it could hit him.

Minaka slammed the clipboard onto his desk and rose up to his feet. "Takami-kun!" He exclaimed as he tossed his cape over a shoulder before spreading his arms out dramatically. "Rejoice, for our fondest wish has been come true."

"I don't care about your dreams or wishes Minaka." Takami retorted a moment later after getting over her surprise. Squaring her shoulders, Takami tried her best to convey the seriousness of the situation to her boss, "We have an emergency. We need to retrieve the Green Girl before –"

"Cancel the S-plan." Minaka commanded, cutting her off.

"What –" cigarette slipping from her numb lips, Takami stared dumbly at Minaka unable to believe what she heard. "What do you mean, cancel the S-plan? You've been planning this for decades."

"Hahaha, Takami-kun, there is no need for us to follow that obsolete plan any longer." Minaka replied as he walked around his desk. "Not now, not when our greatest wish has already come true."

Takami watched as Minaka stalked towards the large floor to ceiling windows that filled one entire wall of the office, granting him a view birds eye view of the Tokyo cityscape, unable to tell if this was one of her employer's mad games or if he was being completely serious for once.

The CEO of MBI paused before the windows for dramatic effect before spinning around to face her, a gleam in his eyes as he raised his hands to the heavens and yelled. "Rejoice, Tamaki-kun, for the Age of the Gods has never ended!" Minaka threw his head back and laughed. "A God still walks upon this Earth!"

Minaka continued to laugh maniacally as Takami watched with growing worry that Minaka might have truly and thoroughly lost it.

But perhaps, if she had had been here just a few minutes earlier and saw the guest Minaka had been entertaining, she might have thought differently.

For not an hour earlier, Death had walked into this very room and Minaka had risen up to greet him like an old friend.

*Chapter End*

Author's Notes: That's all for the one-shot. Hope you enjoyed it - short as it was - and hopefully one days I'll come back and make a full scale story out of this.

For those of you wondering what I had planed, I'll post some of the plot points bellow, so spoiler warning ahead for those who care:

- There is no Sekirei Plan. There is simply no reason for it. Not only is Harry so powerful that he can put to end to it within a single day, Minaka now has no reason to implement it now that he knows of the existence of a 'god' like Harry (in this fic, the ultimate goal of the S-plan is to evolve humanity to something approaching Godhood, or at least super humans).

Too many times in a Sekirei crossover, a very powerful character from anther fic comes in who can defeat Miya with a single finger, but allows for the S-plan to continued despite so many Sekirei to get killed. This is usually done because without the S-plan the author had no story to tell, but personally I found it absurd when an OP character does this (a lot of Naruto crossover are guilty of this). This will not happen here. This tale will be focus about the characters; about the relationship Harry has with his Sekirei along with the other people they know, about how Death deal with what he is in a world full of life, about how he will bring an end to all, and maybe some fun about Harry and Kusano exploring the magical world together.

- Harry Potter did not become Death. Death became Harry Potter. It is a subtle but major difference. In this tale, Harry did not become Death by gathering the three deathly hollows, but rather Death was born into the world as a child called Harry Potter. And by doing so, he learned how to feel human emotions. I have an entire tragic back-story planned out for this that involves 'Death' and 'Life' in my head that I hopefully will get to tell one day. Oh, and Death's power is to 'End' never to 'Begin'. He can only destroy, never create, be it physical objects or even conceptual ones (including time). Harry can use his wizards magic to create things, but that would be his wizard abilities and they won't be beyond what a strong human wizard can do.

-Timeline differences: This happens a few years before Canon, and Kusano is only a few months younger than Shiina (number 107). I always thought it weird why she was so much younger than everyone else (probably because the author wanted to add a cute kid to the story I'm guessing). If I pick this up again, I will start the story in a time-skip a few years from now, to the point where Canon was supposed to start, so Kusano would be around 12-14 years old by then.

Ah, just thinking about what I have planed makes me giddy, and I have the urge to start typing it out. But I must resist, I already have too many people waiting for my main two fics that I don't have time to dedicate for this - not without leaving everyone disappointed with my release speed.

So that's all for now. Hopefully one day, not too long from now, I'll get to see you all again with a new chapter to this story. Until then goodbye.

Hope you enjoyed this small glimpse to the 'Arms Wide Open' story.