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This story takes place about two and a half months after Life After Hogwarts ends, and it's dated so that you can keep up.

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Stress and Distress

Thursday, August 25th 2022

1:35 AM

The last place Teddy Lupin wanted to be in the middle of the night –or more accurately the early morning– the night before (or morning of?) the day he and Victoire were to start their weeklong vacation was a seedy wizarding club in Bristol. Yet there he was standing just inside the doorway of said club, which he was quickly coming to the conclusion deserved worse than just the label of seedy that he had given it from a cursory glance of the outer building. The things he did for family.

He had to squint his eyes so that he could try to see through the dark room; it wasn't very large, but the thick smoke from cigarettes, and who knows what else, was making it difficult to see more than a few metres in front of him. He slowly walked further into the club, his head on a swivel as he tried to find the only reason why he was there in the first place. The music in the building was very loud, Teddy could feel it reverberating through him with every step he took; and even though he was an auror, and not a member of more basic magical law enforcement, his skin was starting to itch as he noted all of the illegal things the people around him were doing.

Even though Teddy's visibility was not what he would have wanted, he knew that if he could find his way to the bar it would probably give him the best vantage point. Once at the bar he turned around and leaned his back against it, making a slight face as he imagined the kind of dirt and bacteria that was probably on the surface of the bar, and started examining the patrons of the club in earnest. He had just watched a woman very blatantly trying to grind against another girl who looked so far past sloshed that he was surprised that she was still standing, when he heard a voice from behind him speak.

"What can I get ya luv?"

He turned around to face the bar and glanced at the young woman who had spoken. She looked barely legally old enough to drink let alone work behind a bar. She was rather pretty, however the make-up around her eyes was much too heavy, even for a nightclub; and the tank top she was wearing was at least two sizes too small.

"I'm fine for now thanks," Teddy replied politely.

The woman placed her elbows on the bar and leaned in towards him, obviously doing so, so that she could put on display the skin that was not being covered by her tight tank top, and looked up at him from underneath her noticeably fake eyelashes, "Are ya sure there's nothin' I can tempt ya with?"

"I'm sure," He told her evenly, wishing for the first time that there was some sort of social symbol in place that he could wear to show that he was engaged, and therefore not interested in any offers that some women may try to propose. He had given Victoire her engagement ring, but there should be a custom that he could receive something himself that could help ward off the single vultures.

The woman eyed him less flirtatiously and this time with more scrutiny, "Were ya lookin' for someone?"

Teddy had gone back to looking around the room, but for some reason he decided to answer, "Yes."

"Lookin' for ya bird then?"

"No," He replied, a little more tersely this time as he thought of how he'd rather be home in bed with his, hopefully still sleeping, fiancée.

"Lookin for ya bloke?"

Teddy pinched the bridge of his nose, "I'm looking for a bloke."

"Ain't we all?" The woman replied with a breathy laugh.

He was more than done with the conversation, "Excuse me." He did not just leave because he wanted to end the discussion with her, but because he had perceived a flash of bright red hair out of the corner of his eye that he dearly hoped belonged to the person he was there to get.

Fortunately for Teddy, he did not need to cross the dance floor to get to the section of the booths and tables that he needed to inspect. Instead, all he had to do was slide behind a large group of men who were clearly sloshed and taking turns trying to prise a bottle cap off a bottle with their eye sockets. Because of the dark and hazy atmosphere of the club, Teddy had to walk right up to the table of the booth until he could get a perfect line of view on his target.

There were three people sitting on the bench of the curved booth, and the table in front of them was littered with at least twenty empty or half drank glasses and bottles of alcohol. The people in the booth, two males who bookending one female, paid Teddy absolutely no attention, which just further pointed towards how much of an absurdly intoxicated state they were doubtlessly in. An intoxicated state that was about to get much worse, Teddy noted, as he saw the dark haired man on the far side handing some sort of rolled up joint to the woman in the middle. When he saw the woman take a hit and offer it to the redhead on the other side of her, Teddy figured that that was his cue to make himself known.

"A-hem." The sound of his throat clearing was louder than what would be considered normal, but he figured that it was necessary to be heard over the loud music.

It did end up doing the trick, as all three occupants of the booth suddenly snapped their heads up and tried to focus their unfocused drug and alcohol induced gazes onto him. The dark haired man and the woman squinted at him in confusion, but the redhead was still able to recognize him.


He sighed and tried to put on an emotionless expression so that he could be firm with him, even though the sight of his bloodshot eyes caused his heart to pang.

"Baxter, I think it's time to go."

Redheaded Baxter Weasley frowned blurrily as he glanced up at Teddy, "Wha areya doin here?"

Teddy swallowed thickly as he heard the slurring in his voice; he had definitely had more than just his half of the drinks that were on the table, "You called me." In a sense.

"I did?" Baxter asked, his voice going up several octaves at the end and turning into a shout.

Teddy knew from experience that when he was like this, just speaking to him wasn't going to be enough. He walked towards Baxter, grabbed his upper arm, and then hauled him out of the booth. Either Baxter had decided to go with him, or he was just too intoxicated to realize that Teddy was manhandling him.

"Hey, where are ya goin?" The woman asked with a hiccough.

"I'm taking him home," Teddy said as he turned his back on the booth.

"Hey!" The dark haired man yelled as he unsteadily got to his feet, "Maybe he don't wanna go with you!"

Teddy had one hand still grasping Baxter's forearm, so he used his free hand to dig into his pocket and pull out his badge. He held it up for the other two to see. Technically, even though whatever they were smoking was illegal, as an auror it wasn't really in his jurisdiction. However, the other two were clearly way too intoxicated to be able to read his badge, so their wide-eyed and retreating reactions proved that they assumed it was legitimate.

With no more resistance, Teddy easily pulled Baxter with him through the dingy club and out the front door. He rounded on Baxter once they were out in the fresh night air.

"Tell me you didn't take a hit of whatever that was before I got here," He asked him decisively. He didn't recognize the two people he had found Baxter with, so he was pretty sure that Baxter didn't even know who they were. If there was one thing Teddy knew about recreational drugs, it was that it was stupid to accept some from people you had known for barely ten minutes.

"I didnit have any of that one," Baxter said in a voice as shaky as his balance.

Teddy's heart clenched at the same time as he gritted his teeth, "But you had something else?"

"Marijanna. Morijewona, Merijer-"

"Marijuana?" Teddy inquired, putting a stop to Baxter's very garbled attempts.

Baxter threw out a hand and pointed his finger indistinctly, "Tha one."

Teddy squeezed his eyes shut, took a deep breath, and tried to remind himself that muggle cannabis was probably better than whatever magical herbs or plants were in the other joint Baxter had almost tried. He grabbed Baxter by both shoulders, "I'm going to apparate us both now, alright?"

Baxter nodded hurriedly, his head bobbing faster and faster until Teddy was worried that the motion would cause him to get nauseas. Teddy held on tight to the younger man and apparated them away. They landed in the hall outside Baxter's flat and Teddy asked Baxter if he could undo the security wards.

Before Baxter was able to garble out a response that Teddy predicted would be in the negative, the front door flew wide open. On the other side of it was an anxious looking Louis Weasley who, despite the pyjamas and messy hair he was decked in, looked fairly wide-awake for before dawn on a workday.

Louis's shoulders lowered as if a weight had been lifted off of them at the sight of Baxter, but the skin around his eyes tightened when he took in his cousin's disordered and drunken sate, "Where was he this time?"

"Some place in Bristol," Teddy replied tersely as he dragged a suddenly quiet Baxter inside the flat he shared with Louis.

Louis reached forward and literally took an almost unconscious looking Baxter off of Teddy's hands, "I can't believe he called you instead of me."

"He didn't call me," Teddy said as he watched Louis shuffle an inert Baxter towards the direction of his cousin's bedroom, "I accidentally got drunk dialled."

Louis frowned dejectedly and continued towards Baxter's room. Teddy knew better than to offer his help. They'd been in this situation more times than he would have liked in the last few weeks and he knew that Louis wanted to take charge of Baxter as much he could in each case.

"What did he have this time?" A tired female voice asked worriedly.

Teddy turned his head and belatedly realized that Cecilia Wood was in the room too. She was standing on the side of the living room closest to Louis's bedroom, and she looked just as tired as Teddy felt. In fact, in his fatigue Teddy's first thought at seeing Cecilia was to wonder what her father, Oliver Wood, would be most angry about; the fact that she had apparently snuck out of the house to spend the night at her boyfriend's flat, or the fact that she was currently wearing a Chudley Cannons t-shirt –especially since it obviously wasn't hers.

"Alcohol and marijuana as far as I know," He told her.

Cecilia shook her head disapprovingly, and wandered over to the kitchenette part of the open living room to fill a glass with water, "I hope this phase is a short one."

"It will be," Louis said confidently as he came out of Baxter's bedroom.

Cecilia looked down at the glass of water she had filled, and Teddy glanced at his trainers, neither of them were as optimistic as Louis was about the situation. Louis didn't seem to be worried about their nonresponse. He walked over to the kitchenette, took the glass of water out of Cecilia's hand, and then pressed a kiss to her forehead, "Go back to sleep, I'll take care of Baxter. You have to be at work in the morning."

Cecilia gave him a look and folded her arms over her chest determinedly, "So do you."

Louis had more than just work actually, he had started training to become an agent for magical law enforcement at the beginning of August and that morning, along with all of the past and preceding weeks, were not days that he could miss.

"Guys, I can stay here and-"

They both cut Teddy off before he could finish the offer.

"There's no need."

At least they seemed to be able to agree on that. Teddy, who didn't see a reason to stay any longer, said a bit of an awkward goodbye and left the flat. He disapparated directly from the boys' flat to his own, and tried to get through the flat and towards the bedroom as quietly as he could. He shed his clothing, some random jeans and a polo t-shirt that he had thrown on after getting Baxter's call, and climbed back into bed with just his boxers on, not even bothering to throw on some pyjamas.

He tried to climb back into his side of the bed as gently and quietly as possible, and he had just thought that he had achieved his aim when the person on the other side of the bed slowly rolled over to face him.

"Where did you end up going?" She asked groggily, her voice rough from sleep.

Teddy gazed at Victoire wearily; he had really hoped that they could have made it through the night without her waking up and noticing that he was gone. Obviously it didn't work.


Her eyes started to water and it made his heart ache at the knowledge that she was in so much pain, "Is he going to be okay?"

"I'm confident in Louis and Cecilia's ability to take care of him," He replied in an impassive tone.

A tear leaked out from the corner of her eye, slid down her cheek, and landed on the pillow underneath her head. She didn't respond verbally. He reached out and pulled her close to him then, her head resting on his shoulder. He moved a hand and ran his fingers through her loose hair, "It'll be okay."

Thursday, August 25th 2022

9:02 AM

"Do you want spinach?" Teddy asked Victoire over his shoulder, his hand was hovering over the omelets that were sizzling in the frying pan, the dark green leaves already in his outstretched palm. He didn't hear an immediate response, and twisted around to get a view of her, "Vic?"

She was staring off into space, directly at the toaster, and had missed his question about the vegetable because she was deep in thought.


"Spinach, rich in vitamin K and iron, do you want it in your omelet?" Teddy questioned again, his shrewd gaze watching her closely.

She replied quietly, "Yes please."

The toaster popped and Victoire turned her attention to extracting the toasted pieces of bread and buttering them. Teddy dropped the spinach leaves into both omelets, added some extra cheese, and then folded the omelet's over.

"Go ahead and ask."

Victoire looked up from the bread, "Ask what?"

"Ask the questions you're thinking so hard about," He told her as he flipped the omelet over one last time.

She cut both slices of toast in half, put one on each plate, and then carried the plates over to where Teddy was at the stove. He slid one omelet on one plate, the second on the other, turned the stove off, and then they sat down at the table with their breakfasts.

They had both had a few bites before Victoire spoke up, "Why'd he call you and not me? You're an auror for Merlin's sake!"

Teddy looked down at his fork, "He didn't exactly call me and ask me to pick him up, but perhaps he wanted to avoid getting a lecture about binge drinking and illegal drugs from a healer."

"Not a healer yet," Victoire replied automatically. Her friends and family had been calling her that for the past few weeks, the ones that coincided directly with her final exams from healing school that she had started mid-August. Her last exam had been the previous day, and she was so mentally and emotionally exhausted from all of the studying that she had ended up conking out rather early the night before. Teddy hadn't woken her when he left to get Baxter because he wanted her to get caught up on her sleep.

She stabbed a piece of her omelet, "Why didn't he call me? Doesn't he trust me?"

"Vic," Teddy said slowly as he reached for the hand she wasn't using to eat, "He was completely intoxicated. He didn't realize who he was calling let alone what that person would do in response."

Victoire chewed a piece of omelet carefully, "Worse than on Tuesday?"

Teddy idly ripped a piece off his toast, "I don't really know if they're comparable-"

"Teddy," She chastised in a warning tone.

He ripped off another piece of toast, "According to him it was just some alcohol . . . and some marijuana. I was there before he had the chance to take anything else."

She put down her fork and crossed her arms over her chest, "Oh he is definitely getting a lecture the next time I see him sober."

Teddy didn't smile; he knew her angry tone was just an attempt to mask how worried she was for Baxter.

"Love . . . he's having a hard time. Don't be too harsh on him."

"There's healthier ways to cope with emotional stress. He can start by talking about it. I've told him several times that I'm here and that I'll listen. Why won't he talk to me?" Victoire asked, close to tears. She raised her hands to her head and grabbed at her hair, showing some rather distressing emotional stress herself.

Teddy moved his seat closer to hers and gently prised her hands off her head. She was a healer to the core; invested and concerned with everyone's physical and mental wellbeing, "Vic, Baxter just needs some time. Give him time."

He didn't say what they both knew. That Baxter didn't particularly want to talk to Victoire about it because she was distinctly and vocally team Eliza about the whole situation.

"I'm not going to apologize for being on Eliza's side," Victoire said quietly, her foot starting to tap anxiously against the floor.

"It's not all about what happened with Eliza," Teddy reminded her, "There are a lot of other things that are stressing and depressing him right now. You can be on Eliza's side and be there for him at the same time."

"But he won't let me!"

Teddy squeezed her hands tightly, "Give him time."

Victoire sighed and picked her fork back up, deciding to change the topic completely, "When do you want to leave today?"

"Whenever is good with you. Sandra and Kyle won't be arriving at the hotel until tomorrow morning, and Malcolm said they'll be getting there around two o'clock this afternoon," Teddy said.

"Leaving two o'clock here, or arriving there at two o'clock in that time zone? Malcolm is aware that there's an hour time difference between here and Spain, right?" Victoire asked with a small smirk.

Teddy rolled his eyes, "If he's not aware I'm sure that Nadia is. So what time do you want to get there today?"

She looked down at her plate, started moving the last few pieces of egg around it, and shrugged noncommittally at him.

"You still want to leave today right? I know the wedding isn't until Saturday and that we told Charlotte that we'd be in Spain a couple days before it, but we can wait to go on the day of the wedding if that's more comfortable for you," He told her gently.

"Why would I be uncomfortable getting there early? It's just your ex-girlfriend's destination wedding, where we will be sharing a hotel floor with your ex-friend who has been in love with you for who knows how long and who has been very vocal in how much she hates me-"

He reached forward and grabbed her hand, stopping her anxious and self-conscious verbal vomit, "We've been through this Vic; Charlotte wants us to be at her wedding because she likes you. As for Tasha, these next few days will be the last time you will ever have to see her. Besides, Malcolm will be there the whole time, and you know how much he loves arguing with Tasha, he'll take all of her attention away from you."

She looked up at him and bit her lip, "I'm sorry I'm being such a pain about this."

Teddy didn't think vocalizing that he understood that her unnecessary worry stemmed from her unneeded insecurities, would be a good thing at this point. Therefore, he settled on squeezing her hand in response and pulling her towards him so that her head could rest on his chest.

"You're not being a pain, you've just been really stressed these past couple weeks between studying for your exams, trying to help Eliza with the baby, and worrying about Baxter in particular. But this is exactly why we decided to go to Spain a few days before the wedding, so we could have time to relax and go sightseeing," He reminded her, one of his hands running gently through her hair, the other one resting on her knee.

She took a deep breath and then exhaled slowly, nuzzling her head into his neck, "I guess you're right. As always."

He grinned even though she couldn't see it, and started drawing patterns on her leg with his hand, "And after the wedding on Saturday, we're going to head to France for the Quidditch All Star Game on Monday."

"Where we will be surrounded the whole time by everybody on my father's side of the family, even the ones who don't particularly like Quidditch," She said with a weary sigh.

"It'll be fun and you know it, especially since Xavier's going to be playing for the British team. Furthermore, since the kids go back to Hogwarts this coming Thursday, they'll all be leaving France by Tuesday night to get ready for the next school year, while we will be staying in France until Saturday," Teddy told her, the circles he was drawing on her leg slowly inching up from her knee to her thigh.

Victoire automatically rolled her eyes, "Where we will be staying at my parent's beach house, with said parents, Dom, and Louis, because on Wednesday we'll be going to a family reunion for my mother's side of the family."

Teddy stopped drawing circles and wrapped his hand around her upper thigh, "Your parents, Dom, and Louis will all be going home on Thursday because they have to work, and then we'll have a couple days just to ourselves."

"Before we have to come back here for work."

He removed his hand from her thigh and tipped her chin up so that he could see her face, "Then we will come back home to work. I'll go back to the Auror Office, and you will start your residency in the Dark Arts Reversal Ward at St. Mungo's."

She frowned at him, "We've been through this, they have to make me an offer still, and there is no guarantee that they will . . . Cassidy got her offer from them last week."

"We have been through this; this next part is where I remind you that they can't make you an offer before they see if you've passed your exams. Your last exam was yesterday, Cassidy's last exam was last week. They'll make you an offer, you just have to wait a few days," He said consolingly.

Victoire closed her eyes, "Maybe I should just continuously dose myself with a calming draught until my examination results get in."

"How about we don't self-medicate?" Teddy suggested airily.

She smirked at him and lifted her hand to his head, she ran her fingers through his hair, "Then you're going to have to do a pretty good job of distracting me for the next week."

He leaned forward and touched his nose to hers, "I'm up to the challenge."

Even in his sleep, Baxter Weasley looked stressed and anxious. His tall frame was curled into a ball underneath his blankets, and he had such a pitiful look on his face that Cecilia almost hated to wake him. Almost. She pointed her wand at his head and conjured up a jet of cold water to spray him directly in the face.

He woke up with a start and looked around himself confusedly, breathing heavily from the sudden shock to his body the cold spray of water created. His blurry eyes focused in on Cecilia slightly since she was standing near his bed, his bloodshot eyes narrowed in on the wand she held in her hand.

He groaned when he put two and two together, "Why did you do that?"

"To wake you up," Cecilia replied with no sympathy, "You do need to be at work in exactly forty minutes after all."

Baxter scowled at her, belatedly realized that he had no clothing on underneath his sheets other than his boxer shorts, and pulled the bed sheet up to cover his bare chest, "And what was wrong with gently waking me up?"

"I was doing you a favour by waking you up for work, so beggars can't be choosers. As for the harshness of your wake up call, your sudden desire to have an out of control nightlife is hurting your best friend, my boyfriend, so I'm not really sorry for choosing the route I did," Cecilia said inflexibly as she crossed her arms over her chest.

He looked chastised, but Cecilia highly doubted that it would be enough, "Did Louis leave already for work?"

"An hour ago," She replied tersely, "How's the hangover by the way?"

"My head feels like it's about to explode," He responded, "Merlin I need a hangover cure."

Hearing about his ailment didn't exactly tug at Cecilia's heartstrings. She did pull a potion bottle out and brusquely hand it to him though, "Pepper-Up potion's all I got for you."

He made a face; he knew it wouldn't do much for the pounding in his head, "I think I'd rather a headache curing potion."

"Oh, sorry to hear that, but you can't take a headache curing potion. Don't you know that those kinds of potions don't mix well with the THC from the joint you smoked?" Cecilia asked in fake concern.

Baxter glared at her, "And don't you know that your father will kill Louis if he ever finds out about your last few sleepovers here?"

Cecilia narrowed her eyes, "I hope that's not a threat."

He grabbed anxiously at his hair and closed his eyes with a slight pinch of pain, "It wasn't supposed to come out like that, I just-"

"You're hungover and cranky, I get it," Cecilia said letting him off the hook for that one instance. She made her way to the door, "I need to go, I have to stop by my brother's flat before going to work. I take it that you will go to work now that you're up, correct?"

Baxter nodded abashedly and looked down at the Pepper-Up potion she had given him.

When she was at the door of his room she turned back to him, "Oh and you might want to come up with a new excuse to give Louis when you see him tonight. Even he must be getting tired of your old ones."

She turned on her heel, left his room, and then left the flat, leaving Baxter to his own devices for the rest of the morning. It only took her another five minutes to disapparate away from the boys' flat and to appear outside the front door of the apartment complex that Xavier, and the majority of the Puddlemere United Quidditch players, lived in. Cecilia walked past the front desk without condescending to sign in as a guest, and took the elevator up to her brother's floor. When she got there, she didn't even bother to knock on the door before opening it up.

"Aren't those the clothes you were wearing yesterday?"

Cecilia had barely closed the door behind her before Xavier Wood had called out to her with a sarcastic comment, a waiting expression, and a raised eyebrow. She didn't have the chance to respond to her big brother's remark however, because someone else chose that moment to come to her defense.

"Leave her alone Xavier," Ally Weasley said firmly as she came up behind the Quidditch player, "She's an adult; she doesn't have to report to you."

Xavier glanced at Ally with a pout, "Mum and Dad were under the impression that she was here last night and I don't want them to get angry with me for covering for her."

Ally placed her hand on his arm and gave it a tender squeeze, "I doubt your mother will care, as for your father, I don't think it's your place to start an argument there."


"You don't tell your parents every time I spend the night here," Ally continued, speaking over him, "So it's definitely not your place to tell them what Cecilia does."

Xavier pouted again and crossed his arms over his chest with a little huff. Ally rolled her eyes at him and pressed a kiss to his cheek, "Now apologize to your sister, you're going to be spending the next several days in France together along with your parents, and I for one would appreciate it if there wasn't any awkward tension."

He looked at his sister, "I'm sorry Cecilia; your personal life is none of my business."

Cecilia shrugged, "It's alright Xav, it's not your fault that Dad has a double-standard."

Ally pulled Xavier with her to the couch in the living room and gestured for Cecilia to sit in one of the chairs, "So when do you find out who you're going to be interviewing?"

Cecilia had started working for a professional Quidditch magazine in the beginning of July, the first month was basically filled with writing seminars and introduction courses. However, with the All-Star Quidditch game coming up, she along with the few other new writers and all Jr. writers on staff, were given the task of interviewing a player from one of the teams that would be playing in the tournament. Xavier's game in which he would play for Britain wouldn't be until Monday, but the first game of the tournament was scheduled for Friday night. All together eight different countries, four matches in total, would go on in the next several days, along with skills competitions in between the games, and every writer would be assigned a different player to interview, all from different teams.

"Not yet, the assistant editor said that she'll send us the interview details this morning," Cecilia replied.

Xavier had to be in France by later that evening, and since Cecilia had an article to write, and since their parents were obsessed with Quidditch, they were all going to France that night also. Their schedules wouldn't be too packed as the tournament was just for fun, so their parents had hoped that they'd have some family time in France over the next few days.

"I hope for your sake that you don't end up having to interview your brother, he's rather boring for a professional Quidditch player," Ally told Cecilia with a wink.

"Hey," Xavier called with faux indignation as he started to tickle Ally's sides, "You didn't think I was boring last night."

Cecilia made a face even though neither of them were paying attention to her, and only just refrained from pointing out that they were one of the reasons why she chose to spend last night at Louis's instead of in her brother's spare bedroom as she told her parents she was going to.

When they had finished flirting for the moment, Cecilia replied, "They're not going to give me Xavier. I've made it clear that I don't want to use any family connections when I'm just trying to get my feet wet. Hopefully I'll get someone more interesting."

At the word interesting, an owl flew in through the open kitchen window and landed on the arm of the chair Cecilia was sitting in.

"Perhaps that's your interesting Quidditch player," Ally said with a little smile.

Cecilia took the letter off the owl's leg and opened it up. She read its contents, shot Ally and Xavier a raised eyebrow, and then asked playfully, "Does the name Valentin Krum ring a bell with anyone?"

Ally's mouth popped open, "I didn't even realize he was playing professionally."

"It's his first year as a starter, apparently he performed well enough to get picked for Bulgaria's team for the tournament," Cecilia said, reciting pretty much all she knew about him in the one sentence.

"Invitations to be on the teams are also given by popularity factors; his father's famous so it must have helped his cause further to make him be chosen in his first year," Xavier said.

Cecilia nodded and then smiled a little, "I don't remember much of his time at Hogwarts during my third-year, but from what I do remember he was rather shy. Unless he's done a whole one-eighty in the intervening years, he probably hasn't had time to develop much of an ego yet, so my interview with him should be nice."

Ally nodded in agreement but then slowly said, "Whatever you do, I wouldn't suggest going down memory lane and mentioning Dom."

Cecilia tilted her head in confusion, "Duly noted, I wasn't particularly planning on it, but why shouldn't I mention Dom?"

"Because by my last count she's hooked up with both Valentin and his brother Konstantin in the past," Ally explained.

Cecilia's eyes widened, "Merlin, I do hope that she doesn't run into either of them this weekend."

Xavier snorted, "Even if she did she'd probably come out of it perfectly fine."

Ally and Cecilia both nodded their heads, and then Cecilia's mobile phone vibrated. She picked it up and saw that she had a new text message from her friend Eliza Parker. Before opening it, she looked at Xavier, "Can I borrow your guestroom shower? I have to be at work in an hour and I'd rather go to work from here than go back home and then to work."

"Of course, all of your stuff should still be in the room from where you left it last night," Xavier told her.

She nodded her head and left the living room. She opened up her message from Eliza as she walked, and smiled at the picture her friend had sent. It was of a small, two week old baby that had bright grey eyes and a small wrinkled and bald head. The baby was wearing a pastel blue and green stripped onesie that Cecilia had given to Eliza before the baby was born. It was a gender-neutral one because at that time she didn't know the sex of the baby. Cecilia felt a bit of a clench in her stomach as an image of Baxter's distraught face swam across her mind's eye, but she shook her head to clear it and sent Eliza back a text that said that she loved the picture.

When Cecilia left the room, Xavier grabbed Ally tightly and pulled her almost on top of him.

Ally giggled but pretended to swat Xavier's hands away from her, "Hey now, be careful Cecilia's not too far down the hall."

Xavier frowned adorably and nuzzled his head into Ally's neck, "But I'm going to miss you! I'm going to France today after all."

"Oh don't even try to pull that card," Ally replied as she ran a hand through his hair, "I'll be joining you there tomorrow right after I finish work."

Ally had finished potions school at the end of June and had started working as a potioneer at St. Mungo's in July.

"I'm still going to miss you," Xavier whispered against her neck before dropping a kiss to the skin there.

"And here I was worried that I'd sound like the clingy one," Ally said with a laugh as she pressed a kiss to the top of his head.

Xavier gave her another kiss, this one at the base of her neck, "I don't mind you being clingy one bit."

Ally used the hand that was on his head to lift his face up so that she could look him in the eyes, "I love you."

He gave her a radiant smile in response, "I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing that."

"Xav," She berated with an eye roll.

"I love you too," He replied. The words were probably enough to appease her, but he gave her a deep kiss just to be on the safe side.

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