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Arcanum Heroes: Beyond Arcanum Sneak Peek

Roaring X-mas Past: Part 1

It was seven days before Christmas in the world of Arcanum, and holiday shoppers were busy trying to get the presents they desired. At one store a young woman walked out carrying a shopping bag and talking on her cell phone.

"Yeah, the holiday rush is murder, but you should see the boots I just got. They match the necklace and shirt I got last year. I could put together a real holiday ensemble," she said.

But as she turned the corner into an alley, she saw something that made her stop and gasp. Before she could react, she screamed as she was zapped by a beam and her shopping bag flew into the air…

At the city of Manila, seven kids are decorating their apartments in preparations for the holidays, but in their own style. A young boy wearing a green cap backwards, dark green hoodie shirt, green shorts, green and black fingerless gloves, and green high top sneakers and socks threw some chestnuts in the air and released a small green fire blast from his palms to roast them as they landed onto a basket he readied beforehand.

Another young boy wearing glasses, a light blue vest and wristbands, grey and white shirt, turquoise pants, blue sneakers and socks wove his hands in the air and caused the illusion of the being red, white, and green stars floating in the air around his apartment.

Another young boy wearing a black and purple jacket, purple pants and sneakers snapped his fingers and shadows around the room hung wreaths, lights, and other decorations all around his apartment.

Another young boy wearing a blue fedora-like hat, black and blue vest and armbands, black shirt and pants, and blue and white sneakers raised his hand and created a Christmas-colored aurora that floated above.

A young girl with long black hair in a ponytail, and wearing a white short vest, black and green shirt, light green pants, and green sneakers blew a strong gust of wind and sent ornaments flying onto the Christmas tree.

Another young girl with long, let-down, blonde hair, and wearing a blue headband, long shirt, and fingerless gloves, black and grey shorts, dark blue socks, and white and blue sneakers used her hands and created a small blizzard that blew snow all over the tree.

And a certain -Black Detective- himself finished the job by putting the star on top of the tree.

As they were finished when they fell on the sofas to rest, Whitney came in with a tray of some gingerbeard cookies shaped like Poke Balls and said, "Wow, a few days more to go before Christmas. Hey, Tal, Eran, Ren, Nal, Cai, Allia, I bet you guys can't wait for the big day, cause I know I can't. By the way, cookies anyone?"

"Yeah, I can't wait for the big carol fest in the city square!," Cai said.

"I can't wait for the big Christmas at the KDA," Nal added.

"Which I am headlining," Blake cut in.

"And I can't wait for the Christmas special, It's a Fruitiful Life," Ren said. "It's my favorite holiday special of all time."

"Just one question though, did all of you bought presents for your family?"

As soon Whitney asked that question, the kids froze in horror, realizing that they didn't think about it until now. While they looked like kids, they are actually not.

You see, they were actually the Pokémon professors, in kid forms. This was because months earlier, they along with Professor Oak, aka Blake Nova had discovered the world of Illuriya via a portal, and as a result were granted their own special powers and new child forms just like Oak/Blake had been given. Since then they had become a vital part of the Knight's Detective Agency, known as the Shadow Brigade.

"Oh my gosh, we totally forgot!," Allia gasped. "We can't show up empty handed like this!"

''Then there's only one thing to do," Whitney said. "It's time for a…"

"Last minute shopping spree!," the girls all said together.

"Oh, no! Absolutely not!," Tal snapped. "Not again, especially today!"

"Why not?," Cai asked.

"Because every time we do one of those shopping sprees, you always over do it and leave us to carry the heavy stuff, that's why!"

"Because it's courteous, that's why," Allia said. "Besides we have to get presents for the rest of the guys."

"Forget it, if you want to go crazy shopping, you three go ahead," Eran snapped.

"Meanwhile, we're gonna go to HQ and see how they doing with the celebrations over there," Ren said.

"So see ya later, shop-inators!," Blake added.

Unfortunately for the boys when they are about to leave for work, the door was blocked by Whitney's spear, which much to their horror, saw her in a fiery aura around her.

"No you're not! You are going shopping with us! You are going to pick out presents for your family, you are going to be courteous and carry our heavy stuff, and you're not going to complain even one bit! YOU GOT THAT?!"

"Y-y-yes, ma'am!," the boys said terrified.

As the boys stood terrified at Whitney, the girls chuckled at this as Allia said, "Guess we don't have to worry about those heavy shopping bags, huh?"

"You said it," Cai said.

Meanwhile at Davao, the shoppers were busy with finding some presents for their loved ones for the upcoming holidays while the kids were happily finding toys and staring at the Christmas decorations in awe.

However, not everyone was happy. In the private OFW lounge, a 21 years old blonde-haired woman with glasses, blue polo shirt, and black pants is suspiciously glaring at a middle-aged man with a light green dress shirt, grey dress pants, and black shoes who is doing the same to her. As this occurs a few minutes, it was interrupted when a young boy spoke up, "Hey, are you going to say hi or you two glare like hungry hyenas?"

Unlike the two, the boy had wolf ears on his messy black hair and tail that was unseen by ordinary people and wore a black hoodie, silver shirt, blue and black fingerless gloves, black pants, and navy blue boots. That's because he was a Luna Lobo, a member of a tribe of werewolves living in a village in Arcanum who joined KDA after he stayed in Veronica's home to learn more about the modern world.

Startled, Veronica quickly defends herself and said, "Hey, we're not glaring! W-We're just nervous at speaking each other after all these years."

"Yeah, right," the young boy said, not believing her excuse. "I heard you guys were partners back in your -Legendary 7- days, so why are you guys are acting like strangers?"

"Well kiddo, our relationship wasn't exactly what you'd call…'endearing'," the man said. "By the way, I'm Brian, Brian Deaks."

"Noah, Noah Rix," the boy introduced himself.

"Yeah, well things wouldn't have been so frosty in our relationship, if not for that incident during that mission in Monaco a few years ago!," Veronica snapped before turning to Noah. "After that it was all downhill from there for us."

"Hey, if anyone was to blame for that, it's your fault and you know it!," Brain snapped back before the two growled at each other.

Knowing that they still don't want to hang out with each other, Noah growled in annoyance and said, "Luckily, since it's Luna Gifting, which you humans call "Christmas", I got a right charm and spell just for this season you two can get along together."

As he said this, he pulled out handcuff-like bracelet that is made of flowers and glitters. Although Brian was confused at the object, Veronica somehow realized what it was and asks, "Please don't tell us you're going to chain us together like prisoners?!"

"Nope, it's a Reuniting Chain. If you wear this with a friend or relative and a Lunar Wolf reciting the spell, you have a chance to get to know each other and re-link your bonds once more," Noah explained.

"Hah! Please, no offense kid, but we've been estranged for years, it would take more than a spell to cleanse the bad blood we've had between us."

"He's right. Although you guys have a different tradition than ours, I doubt this would keep us together," Veronica added.

Suddenly, Noah put the chain on their hands together as he said, "Don't worry, the chain will vanish when I finish reciting the spell. Plus, it only give you a higher chance to a life-changing event, not binding you two literally."

Noah then started to say words of his people and do mysterious movements in reciting the spell. Both soon caught the attention of most people in the mall, who began to gather and stare, much to Veronica and Brian's embarrassment.

"Uh, Noah," Veronica asked. "Would you tone it down a little, please?"

"Yeah, could ya keep it on the down-low, people are starting to stare at us," Brian added.

Noah continued dancing and reciting, until he finally finished.

"There, all done," he said.

With the spell completely recited, the Reuniting Chain disappeared as he predicted and two moon symbols appeared on Veronica and Brian's wrist where the chain was.

"What do you know? He's right about the chain disappearing," Brian said in surprise.

"But I still don't believe about this life-changing event you're talking about, Noah," Veronica said in suspicion.

"Don't worry, guys. Just give it a few minutes to work," Noah said.

"I'm telling you Noah, it's not gonna-," Veronica started to say. But then a sudden feeling washed over both her and Brian and seemingly any animosity between them seemingly disappeared.

"Brian? I feel different," Veronica said.

"Me too," Brian agreed. "Wanna get some coffee and iced tea and catch up?"


With that, the two of them left the OFW lounge, with Noah smiling after them.

Meanwhile upstairs, Mark is looking around at the electronics part of the mall where he saw some high quality keyboards at the shop window. "Maybe I should buy one of those keyboards for Christmas," he wondered.

"But you already have one back home, Mark," his shooter-like figure spoke up.

"I know, but I got a strange urge to dismantle my old one when I get back, though."

Hearing this made his figure sighed in dismay. While it maybe weird for a figure to talk, he's actually Lightning Dravise, a B-Daman as one of the Dragons from another world. However in this world, he's a counterpart from one of them who lived with Mark right now as his partner and guard due to his lack of fighting skills despite being a Twilight to Marc Clark and Jerry Lewis, two skilled spies from WOOHP.

But while he has similar skills to each of them except for their abilities to physically fight, there is one secret he didn't know about: Mark had tech manipulation powers which he could use under a second, hidden personality. The reason his powers had remained a secret to him is because they had some severe cons to them; his mind would start to overflow with data, to the point that it would sever the link to his Twilight counterparts and overshadow his original personality, as well as cause him to fall into a manic PTSD state. Because of this, his detective friends, especially Samuel or Dravise couldn't tell him that he has those powers or else, he will fall into a PTSD episode once more.

But just as he was about to enter the store, he then bumped into somebody, causing them to drop the shopping bags they were holding. "Hey! Are you blind or something?!"

But when he looked up, he quickly regret at what he said when he saw Professors Oak, Elm, Birch, Rowan, and Sycamore trying to pick up the bags they accidentally dropped. However, he managed to regain his composure as he then asks, "Let me guess. Girls doing some Christmas shopping spree?"

"Unfortunately, yes," Oak said in a deadpanned tone. "We know it's a good idea to shop for presents for our family, but whenever those girls shop, we ended up with bags and backaches."

"Yeah, I don't know why girls enjoy shopping so much, and why they just have to have everything they see in the store," Elm whined.

"Yeah, frankly, there ought to be a law that bans or at the very least limits how much a girl can shop for," Oak said. "It would be a real break for us guys."

"And it'll be a chance for the ladies to focus on more important stuff," Rowan added.

"Oh, you mean like how we're on the verge of clobbering you insensitive boys," Ivy said as she, Delia, and Juniper appeared behind the boys looking very angry, which scared them.

"L-ladies, w-what a surprise!," Oak said with a sheepish smile.

"Clearly, you boys need to get a better understanding of us girls," Juniper growled.

"And what better what to do that than…," Delia started slyly.

"SHOE SHOPPING!," all three girls said together.

"NOOOOOO!," the men screamed all at once.

"Oh, yeah, now come and take your punishment like the men you are!," Ivy said as the ladies pushed and dragged the men away.

But unknown to the detectives as they were dragged into a shoe store, a mysterious man with two of his henchmen overlooked the whole mall before the former pulled out a strange gun and fired it off-screen.

Meanwhile, Veronica and Brian just finished with their drinks, they were about to catch up on what they were up to all of these years, only to suddenly feel that they were being observed by someone.

"Um do you have the feeling you're being watched?," Brian said.

"Yeah, I do!," Veronica agreed as she looked around the café they were in before reaching behind the booth they were in and pulling out…

"NOAH! Get out of here!"

It revealed that Noah was still watching them TOO closely as he pouted at Veronica's order. "Come on! I know you're still in the effects of the Reuniting Chain, so I doubt you can get rid of me so easily since of an event. Besides, I still want to understand how you normal humans sustain relationships, so t-"

Before he can finish, a scream rang throughout the mall, which startled the two Ravers at it.

"What the heck?!" Veronica said before she and Brian went out of the lounge and climbed to the ground floor as Noah followed, which they saw smoke coming from the toy store and the bookstore. "That came from my favorite toy store! Nobody messes with my toy store! Noah, take care of the civilians at the bookstore, I'll take care on the guy who messed with it!"

She then dashed to the toy store, which Brian unable to stop her and sighed, "Something's never changed."

He then followed Veronica, leaving Noah behind as he said next, "Wait! What about the Reuniting Chain's effects?!"

However, he had no time to worry about that as he heard more people screaming for their lives, which he sighed in defeat before he left to save them in the bookstore.

Meanwhile, the professors, Delia, and Mark were just leaving the shoe store, with more packages than ever, when they heard the screams coming from the other side of the mall.

"Uh-oh, we got trouble!," Oak said.

"Yeah, and it's over there!," Birch pointed at the fleeing people. Suddenly there was a bright flash of light, causing the professors, Delia, and Mark to shield their eyes.

When they opened their eyes, they were shocked to see the people's clothes had changed into suits and dresses and such that seemed to be from the 1920s.

"Either we missed a memo on a public 20-themed Christmas party or somebody is messing up their wardrobe," Delia said.

"Question is who and how?" Oak wondered.

"How about those guys up there over there with that big ray gun?," Mark suggested pointing up to where the mysterious man and two henchmen were shooting off their ray gun.

"Well, that was easy," Juniper quipped.

"More so than I bet stopping him will be," Sycamore said.

"Either way, let's stop him before Larrson OR Clover noticed this fashion chaos and go berserk!" Samuel said, which gives him a few glares from the professors. "Really, I'm serious. Have you seen their eyes when they are angry?"

"Just come on already!" Delia said as she pushed him to the villain to stop him.

Meanwhile, the mystery man continued firing at patron after patron transforming their clothes into those form the 1920s era, and apparently causing them to act different too. Suddenly a blast of dark blue electricity flew over his head, causing him to stop shooting at the people.

"Sorry, sir. But your fashion choices are about a century out of date!"

Noticing that voice, the brown-suited man turned around and saw the Shadow Brigade glaring at him as Samuel pulled out his badge shouted, "-Knights Detective Agency-! You're under arrest!"

However without a word, the man fired a shot from his gun to the detectives only for Ivy to change her key-chain into her shield, the -Frozen Shard-, to reflect the blast, which ended up blasting the fern plant, causing it to fell onto a nearby shopper. Worried about her, they ran up to the shopper to check on her, which she then managed to recover, but shouted, "My antlers!"

"Your antlers?!," Rowan asked in disbelief, until he saw the antler headset she'd been wearing. "You almost got crushed by a plant and your worried about fake antlers?!"

"If I were you, I'd be more worried about my personal safety than some falsie headpiece," Sycamore said.

Offended, the shopper angrily hit both Sycamore and Rowan over the heads.


"HOW DARE YOU SAY MY ANTLERS ARE SECOND PRIORITY DURING THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!," she bellowed before getting up and storming off with her antlers in hand.

"Well, she needs a chill pill," Sycamore said.

Then, the man shoots the detectives again, which they managed to dodge as they focused back on the main culprit.

"Guys, scatter!" Samuel shouted, which they did as Mark pulled out Dravise while Delia summoned her spear to fight. However, they weren't able charge at the man or shoot him as he continued firing them even to the point the professors unable to summon their own weapons to fight as well.

Then the man suddenly turned and shot Ivy, this time hitting her before she could put her shield up again, causing it to turn back into a keychain. Then he spun and shot Elm, who had tried to pull a sneak attack on him.

Rowan, seeing Ivy get shot, then angrily charged at the man, angrily, only to be shot and hit directly.

As for the others, they were too busy dodging the man's shots to the point Samuel had enough of it as pushed the bench forward to make it as a shield and forced Delia and Mark to duck behind it while Sycamore, Juniper and Birch grabbed an unposted billboard.

Thinking he managed to shoot all of them, he snapped his fingers as he and his men vanished into thin air, which Mark noticed this.

"Guys, he's gone," he spoke up.

When Samuel stood up to check to see Mark's words were true, his eyes widened in shock and said, "Oh no..."

"What? We can just track him down with WOOHP's tracking device."

"I wasn't talking about our culprit."

The others turned and were astonished to see Ivy, Rowan, and Elm. Only they looked far different. Ivy had her hair up in a bun, and was wearing a long, blue semi-elegant '20s dress and high heels shoes. Elm now had a slicked back hair style, and wore a black and white striped suit with matching shoes. And Rowan now wore a brown suit and fedora with black shoes. All had been temporarily blinded by the blasts.

"Hey, what's happened here!," Elm asked in a Brooklyn accent as his vision recovered and he looked at Rowan and Ivy. "Oh-no!"

"Oh-no is right," said Rowan said with a Brooklyn accent as his vision recovered.

"Oh-no yourself!," Ivy snapped in a Mid-Atlantic accent. She then looked at herself and then her in a nearby metal surface.

"Oh my god, I look like how my grandmother must have dressed!," she said, slightly embarrassed.

"So much for being on the cutting edge of holiday fashion, huh?" Mark said jokingly.

"Well, I'm about to go over the edge!," Elm replied annoyed. "This has got to be the most outdated villain we've ever faced!"

"Hey, hey. Just take it easy, we'll figure out how to get out of this!," Rowan assured them, remaining calm and composed.

"Yeah. Besides, you guys don't look too bad in those outfits anyway," Samuel added to back Rowan up only for a familiar voice shouted, "Wow, you cats look ridiculous, and from me that's saying something."

When they heard this, Samuel, Mark, and Delia turned around to see Boogie Gus, who is somehow hiding behind an old science exhibit, much to his shock that his cover is blown. "Oops... Um, gotta run!"

But when he did, his eyes widened in shock and when he fell down in pain, it revealed that Veronica punched him in a gut as Brian pin him down and said as he cuffed him, "Not so fast, Gus! You have the right to remain silent!"

"We could have gotten here early if we haven't stopped those guys in suits acting like gangsters with toy lightsabers," Veronica explained.

"At least you two were lucky. We had to dodge with our lives from a mysterious villain with a ray gun," Mark explained.

When he said this, Veronica saw the three professors' changed appearances and started to laugh at them. "I can see how hard you guys dodge the cuprit's attacks. You don't want to end up wearing those outdated outfits like those three."

Offended, Elm, Ivy, and Rowan glared at the Dark Raver, which she slowly stops laughing and sheepishly said, "Although it looks great on you guys comparing to Boogie Gus's fashion choices."

"At least in the Disco era, there was something we like to call 'taste'!" Gus shouted in protest as he continued to rant about their clothes and his love of the 70's and 80's, which annoys Veronica and Brian a lot as the former pushed a button on her wrist MP3 player and a floor open up under Gus's feet, causing him to fell into it as he screamed like a little girl.

"Tell that to Sam, Clover, and Alex when you land into the interrogation room!" Veronica shouted in the hole before it closed shut.

"Until then, you guys report this to Jerry. We'll catch up once we finish helping Noah on taking care of the civilian downstairs," Brian said to the detectives before he and Veronica left them to do so.

"Right, but I think it's time we notify the rest of the KDA about this first," Samuel said. And as if right on cue, some holes opened up in the wall and sucked the Shadow Brigade plus Mark and Delia in before closing up again.

A/N: Whoa, I've heard of embracing the past, but this is ridiculous! Who is this mystery villain? What's his plan and motive? Will the professors be able to overcome their fashion shift to stop him? And will Noah's spell really make Veronica and Brian patch things up? Find out the answers to these and more on part 2, coming soon. Happy Holidays everyone!