Author's Note:

With Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Country being released today as DLC, I thought about doing a chapter including characters from the expansion pack. Because I haven't played XC2, we'll just say that the events of the Golden Country have already happened. I may have messed up on or missed some things (might've lowkey changed some details around), so if you see a screw-up (especially in regards to character work), don't hesitate to let me know. My knowledge of XC2, or Xenoblade in general, isn't that strong, so...guest reviews!

"Will the characters from The World Ends With You show up when the Switch game comes out next month? How will Kazuma Kiryu and the other Yakuza characters make their debut? Any reason why you'll give KOS-MOS her anime adaptation voice rather than her game voice? Will a Super Mario Party chapter happen when the game comes out? And finally what are your thoughts on the recent Nintendo Direct?"

TWEWY comes out next month? I'll do a chapter about it then. Haven't decided yet on how Kiryu and company will make their debut. No particular reason why KOS-MOS uses her anime voice. There will be a Super Mario Party chapter. And I don't feel like giving my thoughts on the Nintendo Direct, don't wanna say TOO much about it. Now this next anonymous guest review...oh man there's a lot:

"Seeming as surprisingly Isabelle is a newcomer in Smash Ultimate, will Master Hand formally announce that she's going to become a newcomer in a meeting? Even if it is just her being introduced? Also, while on the topic of Animal Crossimg, I'm not sure if he is a resident of the manor or not, but seeming as Fiora and Riki are residents along with some others like Poo and Kumatora (which I believe none have Mii Costumes, could be wrong in that's seeming as Dunban has one) and are apart of a fighter's final smash, will Tom Nook and his (nephews? Sons? I forget) Timmy, and Tommy join the manor, seeming as they've been in Smash 4 as apart of Villager's final smash and now both his/hers and Isabelle's in Ultimate."

I already did a meeting thing for the Belmonts and Dark Samus, so I won't do it again for Isabelle. As for Tom Nook, Timmy, and Tommy, I'll...I'll keep quiet on that. Moving on:

"Also on the topic of final smash appearing characters, what about Slippy and Peppy? Seeming as they do appear in Fox and Falco's new final smashes..."

Yeah I should look into adding them. Man, the mansion's gonna get real crowded, if it hasn't already. One last thing:

"Besides those characters, I was just wondering if Louie from Pikmin could appear seeming as he's Olimar's player 2..."

Appearing as a resident of the mansion? Sadly I can't make it happen. On to Derick Lindsey:

"I assume you're going to have a chapter that involves Issabelle next week since she got confirmed for smash yesterday? Like maybe Villager teaches her how to fight and maybe a joke about Dark Pit (he would be the most likely one) complaining about him being an echo fighter but not her. Also did Sonic ever get to eat his lunch or was that off screen?"

Someone's gonna teach Isabelle how to fight in this chapter...but it won't be Villager. Also, Sonic got to eat his lunch off-screen. You won't BELIEVE the amount of stuff that happens off-screen. Some of it might not be safe for work...

Episode 144: Paradise

A few episodes ago, Zelda admitted a secret that she has been hiding for some time now. It was a secret she only felt comfortable telling to her female peers, such as Peach and Impa. Her secret...was that she desired to marry Link one day.

On the surface, Link and Zelda marrying each other was a very obvious thing to do. The two Hylians have been intertwined for the longest now, and it had much to do with the Hylian lore. They've grown a lot in their relationship ever since episode 12, and they haven't looked back ever since.

But if Link and Zelda wanted to get married, then they had to put the work in, such as dating and whatnot. They were on a date right now, at a restaurant downtown.

"Now this might sound like a nitpick, but I think the date would be so much better if he wasn't around," Zelda said to Link, as she pointed at Champion Link. The Hylian was seated two tables away, watching and listening as he wrote down some notes on a notepad.

"Champion Link has never been on a date before, so he obviously has to learn from the best," stated Link, as Zelda scoffed and rolled her eyes. Link was acting like was some kind of golden standard. "Not that I want his date with his Princess Zelda to be better than ours, but...he should use us as a template."

"Whatever, just make sure he doesn't do anything embarrassing. He'll give us a bad look." Zelda went back to cutting her steak, and when she looked up momentarily, she saw a certain mercenary seated nearby, resting his feet on the table. "...Wolf, is that you?"

"Who said my name?" questioned Wolf as he moved his feet, nearly falling out of his chair, He looked up, and saw Link and Zelda, staring right at him. "Oh it's just you, princess...don't mind me, I just came for the steak. Heard this place has the best steak in town!"

Wolf: It's finally happening folks...Link and Zelda are officially on the fast track to marriage! I've seen the signs - the constant dating, the displays of affection, it's been more rampant than before. Hopefully, my decent expertise in matchmaking will come into play soon. If those two are looking for an officiant, or a best man, then they know who to call...

"You know what Link, I don't feel comfortable at this restaurant anymore," Zelda quietly told her boyfriend; even though the princess was looking directly at Link, she could feel Wolf staring at him, smiling deviously while sipping from a glass of wine. "Champion Link and Wolf are making me feel uncomfortable..."

"You wouldn't be saying that if people like Villager and Roy were in their place," said Link, while he was pouring steak sauce over his steak. When he placed the top back on the sauce bottle, the top slipped out of the Hylian's fingers, and rolled unto the floor. "Wait a moment Zelda, I'll be right back..."

Leaping into action, Link got out of his chair and chased after the rolling top. He ran towards the back end of the restaurant, nearly bumping into customers and waiters along the way. Soon, Link would find the top, when it finally came to a stop.

"Thought you could get away from me, huh?" the Hylian said, as he knelt down and picked up the top. He failed to notice that there were two feet near the top, meaning that a person was close by. Link would see this person as he stood back up - a red-haired girl wearing armor on her arms and legs. Seemed pretty foreign.

"Yes, can I help you?" the girl asked Link, who had no idea how close he was standing to the girl. His face was nearly ten centimeters away from his. Way too close for comfort.

"Oh no, no, just came to retrieve something that I dropped," Link smiled sheepishly, as he held up the top he had dropped earlier. The Hylian would then walk away, only to bump into a dude. This dude was tall and big, and had long, silver hair. Made Link feel all intimidated.

"What do you think you're trying to do with my friend Lora, you punk?" the silverette asked Link, who wanted to back away if not for the girl standing behind him. Who was Lora, by the way.

"Leave him alone Shin, he probably doesn't mean any harm," Lora said to the silverette, named Shin. Shin would back down, preventing tensions from flaring up in the restaurant. You know the customers would pay for a fight. "He said he just dropped something."

"I see..." Shin saw the top in Link's hand, realizing that being hostile with the Hylian was a mistake on his part. "Sorry if I scared you, in any way. For a moment there, I thought you were planning on harassing Lora.

"That's okay...Shin? Your name is Shin, right?" Link asked the silverette, who nodded his head in confirmation. "Okay, just wanted to make sure that I heard your friend right...would've been terrible if I..."

"Excuse me, but where exactly are you from?" Lora asked Link, as she observed the Hylian's threads. The Hylian's hat was enough to make her giggle. "Never seen a man wear a tunic like that before. Not to mention that your hat looks goofy..."

"Never seen a man wear a tunic before? Do you not know who I am?! I am Link, legendary hero of Hyrule! Owner of the Triforce of Courage! Evil monsters everywhere tremble at the very sound of my name!" Link was acting very melodramatic, his fist raised up high as everyone gave the Hylian weird looks.

"Link, will you please stop embarrassing yourself and come back to the table already?" Zelda called out, feeling very lonesome with her man making a fool out of himself. "I think your steak is getting cold..."

"Who's that chick over there?" asked Shin, knowing that Zelda was of royalty just by looking at her crown, and her dress. He also assumed that Zelda bossed Link around, just by how she was acting.

"That would be my awesome girlfriend, Zelda - she's the princess of Hyrule," explained Link, smirking extremely proudly as he expected Shin and Lora to be super impressed by that fact. "How many dudes can say that they're in love with a princess?"

"She isn't no queen, so I don't know what the big fuss is." Being offended by Shin's remark, Link gave the silverette an angry stare.

Champion Link: I'd love to go on a date with Princess Zelda, but I just can't...I mean, it's not like Zelda doesn't want to go on a date, it's just that she's so busy all the time, with her technology and crap taking up most of her free time. If I could, I would destroy every piece of technology in Hyrule, so that Zelda will have nobody to focus on but me...but then her dad and everyone in the throne will hate me. Don't even get me started on Purah.

As a favor for Donkey Kong, Mario agreed to repair the treehouse the gorilla built, after the plumber destroyed said treehouse while test driving Captain Falcon's Falcon Flyer. As one might believe, the incident resulted in Mario banned from riding in the vehicle ever again, and the ban would apply to everyone else, out of caution by Captain Falcon. That Mario sure loved to ruin things for everyone.

Mario wouldn't be working alone with the treehouse, however - he had Luigi and Cloud join him. While Luigi was giving all of his effort, Cloud was only mailing it in - and it appeared that the swordsman was extremely bored, bored out of his mind.

"I gotta ask, who the heck is going to be inside this treehouse?" Cloud asked, hammering away on the nail. It was the only thing he was capable of doing, since he didn't require that much work and effort. Anyone could hammer a nail, and look like the hardest working worker on the planet.

"The Koopalings, obviously - Donkey Kong built the tree-a house specifically for them," replied Mario, who was applying the wood to the interior of the treehouse. Luigi was working away at the exterior. "Or I think that's-a what he said. Could-a be for anyone."

"I highly doubt anyone below the age of ten will be in this treehouse to begin with. And it's not like we enough children below that age. This treehouse will be a waste of time."

"Come on-a Cloud, get in touch with-a your inner child!" exclaimed Luigi, telling the swordsman to do something he would never try in a million years. Only way he would try is if he got struck by a magical boomerang...hint, hint. "Has Aerith unlocked-a your inner child yet?"

"No, and she never should, for I never had an inner child." You don't even believe that for yourself, Cloud. "Everyone knows my childhood sucked, and whatever memories I have of it are all but gone. Besides, this whole inner child thing is just a myth."

"He really woke up on the wrong-a side of the bed today..." remarked Mario, as Luigi nodded. Cloud overheard what Luigi just said, but didn't think much of it; instead the swordsman continued his work, hoping to be back inside the mansion soon.

"Um, Mario, I think we have some visitors!" announced Cappy, as he looked out at the front of the mansion and saw two individuals - a boy and a girl - making their arrival. The girl was blonde, and wore all white; the boy on the other hand had silver-colored hair, like Shin. What if he knew Shin and Lora?

"Visitors you say? Oh ho ho!" exclaimed Mario, as he climbed down from the tree to greet the boy and girl. "C'mon Luigi and Cloud, we have to make-a these two feel at home. Don't-a be rude!"

"If only rudeness wasn't a bad thing.." grumbled Cloud, as he and Luigi climbed down from the tree. He didn't have any time for this nonsense - or at least what he deemed nonsense.

Lora: We didn't come to the city by ourselves, mind you - we have two other friends who came along for the journey. Unfortunately, they didn't want to come with us to this restaurant, so they're off exploring the rest of what this city has to offer.
Shin: Yeah, those two are super uptight...especially Mythra. She's truly in a class of her own. You can't even comment on how ridiculously her dress is without warranting a stink eye.
Lora: Don't know why you would even tell her that in the first place...
Shin: What, Lora, it's called being a friend! Sometimes, you gotta let your friend know what you're all about.

The boy and the girl were busy checking out the mansion, until Mario and company approached them. Mario and Luigi tried to be as friendly as possible, whereas Cloud has his hands in his pockets. Such terrible body language...

"Well I've never seen a short man of such stature before," the boy remarked when he saw Mario. Mario was glad that he wasn't called a midget, would've been a slight blow to his self-confidence. "Who are you supposed to be?"

"I'm Mario, and the guy behind-a me is my twin brother, Luigi," Mario would introduce himself and Luigi to the boy and girl. "We're fraternal twins, in case you weren't-a aware."

"Ah...well, I'm Addam, and this here is my good friend, Mythra. We came all the way from Elysium - it's a very far away place." Addam would look behind the Mario Bros, and saw Cloud standing by, with his apathetic self. "Who's the blonde guy with the spiky hair? Is he your brother, too?"

"Oh, thank-a heavens no! That's Cloud Strife, a good-a friend of ours." Mario looked at Cloud, and saw how bored the swordsman looked. "He might not look like-a it right now, but he's very excited to meet-a you."

"He looks like he could be your brother," Mythra whispered into Addam's ear, as Addam scoffed mightily. Just because he and Cloud wore similar black clothing didn't mean a thing.

"Save that for yourself..." Addam would whisper right back, before returning his attention to Mario. "So, Mario, what are you and your guys doing? You three seem like a fun bunch..."

"I'm glad-a you asked, Addam - because we were doing some-a thing fun already!" replied Mario, as Luigi and Cloud gave the plumber questionable looks. Since when was repairing a damaged treehouse fun? "If you're looking for-a fun, then you came-a to the right dudes!"

"How would you define this, 'fun'?" questioned Mythra, who had every right to question Mario's intentions. Luigi and Cloud listened closely to the plumber's word, to find out what he was scheming.

"Fun is what-a ever you want it to be - there is no definite-a meaning for fun whatsoever. That's the beauty of it's truly the most applicable thing-a in modern human history."

"Do you mind-a if I...speak with Mario for a quick-a second?" Luigi would tell Addam and Mythra, before grabbing Mario's arm and taking him away. That left Cloud alone with Addam and Mythra, the swordsman standing in awkward silence.

"So, like sports?" Cloud asked the guests from Elysium; sports was a go-to topic for Cloud in regards to small talk. That being said, he should definitely look into changing his approach. Just try and avoid politics, it'll lead to trouble.

Cloud: That Mario, wanting to make a good impression...I'm afraid that his antics might scare the guests away. Not that I really care.

"Bro, what do you think-a you're doing?" Luigi questioned his brother, taking him behind a tree so he could talk in private. "Are you trying to embarrass us-a with your so-called fun?"

"Absolutely not - I just want Mythra and-a Addam to feel at home," replied Mario, wondering why his twin brother was being hostile yet worried at the same time. He just wanted to do what he felt was the right thing. "You know, give-a them something they could-a remember their trip to the mansion by."

"But by having fun? I'm sure there are-a other ways you can leave a good-a impression on Addam and Mythra, other than fun." Mario found that extremely hard to believe, as he rolled his eyes.

"Like-a what? Playing cards? Reading phone-a books? Okay, the first thing-a might be fun to some...but my point-a stands. Fun is the energy that keeps-a us going in life! Obviously you haven't had-a much of it."

"Last time you had-a fun, with Simon and Richter, you had Simon's knee injured." Mario should know better than to have fun after that incident - Simon nearly hated the plumber for a week!

"Wasn't my fault-a Simon screwed up his jump. Addam and Mythra won't be-a doing any screwing up, that I know...just trust-a me on this."

So the Mario Bros returned to Addam and Mythra, where Cloud was perhaps having the greatest sports debate of all time with the two guests. Nope, instead the swordsman was just standing there, not being kind or friendly with Addam and Mythra.

"So, Addam and Mythra, are you two prepared-a for a full day of fun?" asked Mario, excitedly rubbing his hands together, as a random taxi pulled up to the mansion driveway. The taxi quickly grabbed Mythra's attention.

"Will that strange vehicle be a part of today's activities?" asked Mythra as she pointed at the taxi, bringing everyone's attention to it. It wasn't B.D Joe's taxi, mind you. Why in fact, it was driven by a certain turtle, one that usually drove buses...

As you may have known already, Isabelle was added to the Smash roster, joining a roster of established veterans and fan favorites. Master Hand would invite the shih tzu to the mansion, but obviously you can't invite a person twice. So instead of an invite...

...Master Hand opted to give Isabelle a raise, for all the things she has done around the mansion. As the giant hand mused over the idea of giving Isabelle a raise in his room, Ayaha was stuck massaging him.

"I've been strongly thinking about giving Isabelle a raise for a long time..." Master Hand said to the secretary of Star Records, who wished she was somewhere else right now. "...thought it'd be right to discuss it with you."

"Is that way you forcing me to massage you instead of Isabelle?" questioned Ayaha, as she was massaging Master Hand's fingers. As an order from Master Hand, Ayaha also had to massage the fingernails. Which were pretty nonexistent. "Such a shame you have Isabelle as your designated should really split up the duties."

"Does that mean you want to share the duties with Isabelle?" Ayaha, upon hearing this question, kept hier mouth shut and continued massaging. "Yeah, that's what I thought, woman..."

Ayaha: Apparently if you're an assistant to the three heads of Star Records, you're also an assistant to Master Hand almost by default. The biggest egocentrics always need the best lapdogs around them.

"Anyways, I thought that Isabelle was always deserving of a raise," Master Hand continued as he lifted himself off of his bed, stopping Ayaha from massaging him. The giant hand will still find a way to yell at the secretary, for stopping the massage. "But since she's in Smash now, it would only feel right if she got her dues."

"Honestly I didn't know you even paid Isabelle to begin with," remarked Ayaha; Isabelle's pay must be five cents per hour. Or per day. Master Hand can be super stingy sometimes. "If she's getting paid, will everyone else in Smash be paid as well?...Master Hand? Master Hand?"

Ayaha heard Master Hand inhaling and exhaling loudly, like he was scared for his life seeing a ghost in a mirror. The giant hand was looking out his window, and outside he saw a certain tanuki exit the taxi that pulled up earlier.

", it can't be..." said Master Hand, as the tanuki greeted the Mario Bros, Cloud, Mythra, and Addam on his way to the mansion. "Not this, not today...Ayaha, quickly board up the front door!"

"Um, what for, what's going on?" questioned Ayaha, standing there in complete confusion. Seeing Master Hand so panicky was a huge first for her. "Is someone here? Is it Crazy Hand? It's Crazy Hand, isn't it?"

"Well, Ayaha? That front door isn't gonna board up...itself." Master Hand trailed off when he heard the front door open, and close. "Gah, someone must've let him inside the mansion! Ayaha, there's still time - board up my bedroom door!"

"You told me specifically that your bedroom door should be locked or boarded up, for any reason. Your words, not mine. But seriously, what the heck is going on? Why are you so afraid?"

Ayaha would later see why Master Hand was acting all scared a moment later, when Lucina answered Master Hand's door. But it wasn't the princess Master Hand was nervous of...rather, it was the tanoki accompanying Lucina. Tom Nook.

"Don't mean to disturb you, Master Hand, but you have a visitor," Lucina said to the hyperventilating giant hand, as she led Tom Nook inside the bedroom. "Tom Nook, I'm sure you know him already..."

"Ah, Master Hand...we meet yet again," remarked Tom Nook, as Master Hand started to conjure the many different ways he wished to punish Lucina. "Say, who is that woman, with the long skirt? Has she usurped Isabelle as your personal pack mule?"

"No, Isabelle is still my slave...this is Ayaha Oribe. She's like my secondary pack mule. My side chick, if you will." Ayaha honestly didn't know what to make of that strange comment.

"Uh huh...and I take it you've been doing well since the last time we saw each other?" Master Hand didn't like how frank Tom Nook was acting, because deep down he knew the tanoki was secretly evil.

"Lucina, if you truly value your life, you kick that man Tom Nook out of the mansion immediately," suggested the giant hand, but it wasn't a suggestion, mind you - it was more of a threatening command. "Don't make Chrom a depressed man because of your disobedience!"

"My oh my, I haven't even gotten a handshake, or a hug..." Tom Nook, displeased by Master Hand's strange behavior, took a glance at his watch. "Done in record fashion, I'll say..."

"Just get on with it, Tom Nook, what do you want? Why must you come to torture me? Can you not see that I have a life? Don't you have a life too?"

"I'm not here to torture you...I'm here to remind you of something important. Something you probably should have taken care of some time ago...the second mortgage bill for the mansion. Which, if I recall, is due very soon!"

Tom Nook: Master Hand paid the last mortgage bill three years ago, before this documentary series started filming. Why in fact, he had more than enough funds to pay for all the mortgage bills up to this point! And now, he's got one more bill to pay...and it's quite the hefty one.

"You've been wasting Fox and Falco's money on your stupid Lamborghini, and you haven't saved it up for the mortgage bill?" Lucina questioned Master Hand, being put on the hot seat. The pressure was very high on the giant hand.

"Shut your mouth woman, or I'll kill you faster than you can blink..." threatened Master Hand, before returning his attention to Tom Nook. "Look man, I don't have the money, so can I just do a rain check, or..."

"Lucina spoke of money you stole from Fox and Falco, so why not use that to pay the mortgage?" If Master Hand could, he would drop Lucina from a skyscraper, to make the princess pay. In fact, he could very well do it right now. "Or you can just sell that spanking good-as-new Lamborghini of yours outside, and use that money to pay off the mortgage. Not like you've ever used it."

"Enough of your tricks Tom Nook, I know what you're all about! I know there isn't a mortgage due - you just want my hard-earned money for yourself!" That's laughable - nothing Master Hand has ever done was hard-earned. He always lied, cheated, and stole, like the late great Eddie Guerrero.

"Okay then...have it your way..." Tom Nook sighed as he walked away, unable to deal with Master Hand. Perhaps he could speak with him at a later time, when he was less agitated. But before the tanoki could leave, he turned around to face Master Hand. "I'll be waiting in the foyer, whenever you're ready to discuss the mortgage. Don't keep me waiting!" Tom Nook finally left the room, leaving Master Hand seething.

"Ayaha, do me a favor and get a vial of poison from Ashley, if you can..." the giant hand whispered to Ayaha, as Lucina left the premises. "I want you to poison Tom Nook, if he ever falls asleep..."

Tom Nook went to the foyer, and took a seat underneath a painting of Isabelle, which was recently added to the foyer. As the tanoki took out his cellphone, to mingle around and whatnot, Link and Zelda would enter the mansion, along with Lora and Shin. Wolf and Champion Link followed closely behind.

"...and that's pretty much the story of why Cuccos hate Link so much," Zelda finished off a story - a story about Link versus the Cucco birds. A.K.A. the mortal enemies of the hero of Hyrule. "I've never seen them hate anyone else just as much."

"Wow, it must really suck to be bothered by a bunch of chickens..." remarked Shin, who felt glad he didn't have to endure a similar fate. He'd rather be aggravated by something worth being aggravated by, like honeybees. "Do ALL birds hate you, Link?"

"Not all birds - there's a few that know to put respect on my name," replied Link, confident that what he said was indeed true. "Let's see, there'" Link couldn't think of a single bird, which was quite amusing to the others.

"Admit it Link, no bird likes you!" Wolf said to the Hylian, who was still stuck as he kept saying "" over and over again. It was like Link was a broken record, while he was deep in thought. "Now if you excuse me, I have some matchmaking duties to fulfill..."

Wolf: Hehe, I've gotten just about enough info on Link and Zelda, and now I'm all aboard the Hylian marriage train! I should come up with a name for Link and Zelda for the time being, sine they never had a pet does Zink sound?...Sounds lame? Yeah, I'll just keep that one to myself...anyways, I should make something for Link and Zelda, to commemorate their inevitable marriage. A quilt, perhaps?

Champion Link: Link's truck only had four seats, which meant Wolf and I had to ride in know. I don't know how Link would have the audacity to treat a fellow hero of Hyrule like pure garbage. Thought he knew better...

"We should be going too, we have some...obligations to fulfill," Zelda told Lora and Shin, soon after Wolf had left. She grabbed Link's hand, and yes, Link was still mentally stuck. "We'll be seeing you soon. Champion Link, why don't you show Lora and Shin around?"

"I don't know how I was thrust into this role, but I'll do it anyways," shrugged Champion Link, as Zelda took Link away. Champion Link was now left alone with Lora and Shin...and Tom Nook, who was still on his phone.

"This place sure is big...which means you have a lot on your plate, Champ," Lora grinned at Champion Link, who couldn't help but wonder why Lora's voice sounded so...unique. Sounded like she was Irish.

"Meh, I'm gonna take it easy, so I'm just showing you the basics," stated Champion Link, as he led Lora and Shin to places unknown. "I know Link said that you guys are from Elysium, the 'ultimate paradise', but I'm gonna show you the REAL ultimate paradise soon." Tom Nook's ears perked up once he heard this.

"Ultimate...paradise?" the tanoki wondered, as he put away his phone and got out of his seat, following closely behind after Champion Link and company. "This I have to see..." Tom Nook walked past Sonic, who was eating a chili dog when he overheard the tanoki.

"I got no clue as to what's going on, but screw it, I'm intrigued!" the hedgehog exclaimed, as she scarfed down his chili dog and followed after Champion Link and company. "Better be chili dogs at the end!"

Because Isabelle was promoted from Assist Trophy character to Smash fighter, it meant that the shih tzu now had to do actual, y'know, fighting. To ensure that Isabelle was fully prepared, Ryu was involved in her training...along with Pit. Lord knows why the angel was even involved.

"C'mon Isabelle, put your heart into it!" shouted Ryu, as Isabelle was meekly punching a punching bag held by Pit. At least the shih tzu was doing better than Lucas - she was actually striking the object. Albeit softly. "Show that punching bag no mercy!"

"I'm trying..." replied Isabelle, trying to hold back tears. Her reluctance to cry diminished with every weak punch she threw at the punching bag, as she felt a tear run down her face. "...can we please do something else?"

"No we can't Isabelle, not until you've fully mastered the art of punching," replied Pit who, like Ryu, was greatly dissatisfied with Isabelle's progress so far. "After you're done with this trial, we can move on to kicking. Though that would be a trainwreck, given your stubby legs."

"My...legs...are...not...STUBBY!" Isabelle's punches became more powerful with each word she spoke, before giving a final blow to the punching bag with the very last word she spoke. The shih tzu then buried her faces in her hands, and ran away sobbing in tears.

"Wait, Isabelle, come back, Pit didn't mean it!" Ryu called out the shih tzu, who ran to the front of the mansion so she could cry alone. Angered, Ryu turned around and faced Pit, who acted like he did nothing wrong. "Nice going, you bozo!"

"If anything Isabelle is the bozo for being unable to accept the truth. Not my fault she has to be a shih tzu. She could've been a pit bull, imagine how broken she would've been!"

Pit: You mean to tell me that Isabelle makes it into Smash, despite having zero fighting experience, but Viridi gets snubbed?! Don't even give me that crap about Villager, the only saving grace about him is his trees. What does Isabelle have, a stupid fishing rod? Give me a break!

As Isabelle sat near the bushes to collect herself, Mario, Luigi, and Cloud were playing a game of football with Addam and Mythra. Mainly because Mario thought it was the easiest activity to do. However, it wasn't that easy, for the two visitors...

"Go-a long!" shouted Luigi, as he threw the football far to Addam, who failed catching the football...with his feet. The silverette jumped up in the air, and landed on his butt during his sorry catch attempt.

"Can we just have Cloud throw the football instead, Luigi's throws are too strong," said Addam, as he stood back up on his feet. Luigi's throwing wouldn't be a problem, if Addam knew how to play the game.

"Or maybe you should stop catching the ball with your feet..." suggested Cloud, displeased with Mario since the plumber never explained the basic rules of football to Addam and Mythra. But then again, the swordsman wasn't surprised. "You have two hands, you know."

"Why would I catch the football with my hands? It's called a FOOT ball, and therefore I should catch it with my feet. Otherwise, we'd have to call the sport handball! Which, to me, doesn't roll off the tongue."

"Doesn't matter if the name isn't catchy or not. What does matter is that you play the game exactly how you're supposed to. The guy who invented football would probably be angry with you right now."

"Why should I care about him, he's probably dead! Like I would ever care about some dead person...are you out of your mind, man?!"

"There they go again, arguing as usual..." sighed Mythra, with Cloud and Addam bickering with one another while the Mario Bros. and Cappy were forced to play peacemaker. Mythra would turn around, and to her surprise, saw Isabelle crying to herself.

"It's no use...I'll never be a good fighter..." the shih tzu sobbed, wiping her tears away. She could stop sobbing momentarily, when Mythra came to speak with her. "...hello, are you new here?"

"Not really, I just came to visit with a few friends...or friend," smiled Mythra, as she extended her hand out to Isabelle. Honestly, the Blade didn't even know what she was doing, in that moment. "I'm Mythra, I came from a place called Elysium. Ever heard of that before?"

"I believe so...there was a boy and a girl that came there looking for that place." Mythra was shocked by the reply; turns out Isabelle still remembered Rex and Pyra, from episode 102. "Rex and Pyra, those were there names."

"Rex and Pyra...funny you should mention them, I'm actually a good friend of theirs...or allies, rather. I can never tell the, why are you crying your eyes out? Did someone hurt you?"

"Nobody hurt me - I'm just crying over how pathetic I am. How much I stink at fighting..." The word "fighting" got Mythra all pumped up, for some reason. "...I'm supposed to be a new fighter for this thing called Smash, and I can hardly fight at all..."

"I think I can change that..." Mythra confidently proclaimed, putting Isabelle's fit of despair to an end. "Little known fact...I'm a Blade, so I kinda know a thing or two about combat. If you want, I can give you some pointers that'll make you a more than capable fighter. No fee required."

"That would be very lovely!" Isabelle considered herself at the very bottom of the totem pole of Smash fighters (probably even lower than that), so she needed all the help she could possibly get. "When do we start? Do we start now?"

Master Hand: Hoo boy, I can see it now..."Master Hand, why isn't Waluigi in Smash?" "Master Hand, why isn't Geno in Smash?" "Master Hand, why'd you give Shovel Knight the Assist Trophy treatment?" Peons these days just don't know how to be content with what they have, even if what they have is crap. Why can't human beings be more complacent? It would make things much more easier.

"Isabelle, I'm sorry for what I said earlier and I hope you can," Pit said as he and Ryu came to the front of the mansion to speak with Isabelle, only to stop when he saw Mythra. The Blade looked at Pit and Ryu, with eyes full of intent.

""Our training, Isabelle...starts now," replied Mythra, as the manner in which she answered Isabelle's question gave Pit and Ryu a very uneasy feeling. Pit, especially.

Fox and Falco were ready - ready to fly to Japan, and rescue Donkey Kong from the crutches of Maiko Shimazaki, with Diddy tagging along. The pilots had the money to purchase the tickets, they just needed to wait for the right day to make their trip. That being said, there was something that Itsuki had to ask Fox and Falco...

"Couldn't you just have used your Arwings to fly to Japan?" the young man asked the pilots, in the Star Records room. Flying the Arwings was arguably the best option for Fox and Falco.

"Our Arwings are running low of fuel, and everyone knows fuel ain't cheap," replied Fox, eating from a bag of potato chips and getting crumbs all over the floor. "Thing is, the fuel we use is super expensive, and we're not gonna waste the money we got from Bayonetta on..."

"Well what about Captain Falcon's ship, the Falcon Flyer? Couldn't you have used that to fly to Japan?"

"Captain Falcon banned everyone from riding in the Falcon Flyer, ever since that Blue Falcon incident involving Mario," replied Falco, who didn't see the incident in person but heard about it. As stated before, word around the mansion spreads quickly.

"Okay, well, you could just use the teleportation device in the..."

"Mega Man and his pals are repairing and upgrading the device as we speak," responded Fox.

"Then why not fly a Pokemon to to Japan, there's a bunch of flying-type Pokemon in the..."

"Master Hand forbids the use of Pokemon for riding purposes," responded Falco.

"Kirby hasn't used his star in a good while, surely you could have..."

"The two of us can't fit on that thing, and you know we have to account for Diddy," responded Fox.

"Samus has a gunship, you three can all fit in there can you?"

"It's not worth having to deal with Samus and her angry self," responded Falco.

"For Pete's sake..." sighed Itsuki, as he facepalmed.

Fox: Pfft, why would we even use our Arwings to fly to Japan anyways? That's too easy. Getting a ride on a plane actually takes time and effort to do. Especially the whole getting the ticket part.
Falco: True dat, but riding on an airplane is too mainstream. We should be outcasts, creators of a new style. Not conform to the same old, same old.

As Itsuki continued to facepalm, a knock was heard on the Star Records door. Fox and Falco got up and walked to the door, where Fox opened it and saw Geo Stelar and Omega-Xis.

"Sup fellas, how's it going?" Fox asked the duo, as he and Falco step outside into the hallway. Omega-Xis wasn't showing any emotion - because he was, well, a one-dimensional robot - but Geo looked pretty down. "Geo, what's wrong, what's the problem?"

"There isn't by any chance...that you left $2,500 on the dressier, did you?" asked Geo, as he was ridding around with his fingers, moving them about in a circular motion. That got Fox and Falco curious...and afraid.

"Yeah, that's the cash left on my dresser," replied Falco - why the bird left the money there of all places was a question begging to be answered. "Right underneath the note that plainly says, 'DO NOT TOUCH'. You didn't touch that money...did you?"

"I may have...came in contact with the know, just touching the dollar bills, to get a feel for it and all, to see how...old it was, but other than that..."

"Geo stole your money so he could buy some stupid upgrade for his armor," replied Omega-Xis, outing his companion. Some friend he was supposed to be. Fox and Falco had every right to feel angry. "Sorry, but I had to let it out..."

"Bruh, Geo, nobody said that you could..." an angry Falco started, before catching himself. Needing to let his anger out, the avian pilot punched the nearby wall, leaving behind a hole. "...WHAT WHERE YOU THINKING MAN?!"

"There was this awesome thing that I saw in the store one day, and it was super expensive, and I was like, 'I gotta have it', and..." Geo would tell his story to Fox and Falco, who were both understandably angry with Geo. "..look, it was just one of those things where you couldn't just let it be in the store forever, someone had to buy it! And unfortunately, that someone...that someone had to be me."

"What exactly is this 'upgrade', and where did you get it from?" asked Fox, as he feel both of his fists tightening. Geo better answer the question, otherwise he's gonna catch some hands!

"You know what, how about I show you what I got?" Geo would lead the way, with Omega-Xis, Fox, and Falco following him. "You're probably gonna like it...maybe. Thought it was worth the investment..."

With Mythra now focused on training Isabelle for Smash, it was only the boys playing football at the front of the mansion - the Mario Bros, Cloud, and Addam. Of course, Cappy would join in on the fun if he had hands.

"Flying pigskin spotted at 5 o' clock!" Cappy alerted Mario, who was running a route. The plumber turned his head back and saw the ball spiraling in the air, and he leaped up in true Mario fashion and caught the ball, landing unto the ground.

"Nice-a throw, Addam!" grinned Mario, as he stood back up on his feet and dusted the dirt off. He then tossed the ball back to Addam, who was all smiles over the compliment Mario had made. "You're really good-a at this throwing thing!"

"Yeah, just let him keep throwing the ball, and we should be good..." mumbled Cloud, who was hardly participating at all. It was probably because he didn't want to sweat as much, so he could avoid taking a shower. Excellent plan by the swordsman.

Cloud: Should we be doing things with the football other than throwing and catching? Maybe a few kicking drills? Ah, who am I kidding, Addam would throw a hissy fit over it anyways...

"Alright Luigi, I believe it's your turn," Addam said to the green plumber, tossing him the ball. Luigi nearly fumbled the ball, and almost dropped it on the ground. He'd be a terrible wide receiver. "Try not to throw the ball up into the tree, will you?"

"I won't make the same-a mistake twice!" assured Luigi, as he gripped the ball with all his might. "Twice-a in a row, I mean. Cloud, go-a long!" Cloud didn't enjoy running routes, because he thought it was stupid, but there's no saying you couldn't fake effort.

"Let's get this other with..." the swordsman sighed, as he started running the route; in this case, running meant speed walking. Luigi saw Cloud in his sight, not caring whether or not he was running or not, and he threw the ball...

...only for the Duck Hunt Dog to jump out of nowhere and catch the pigskin with his mouth, before running away. Cloud saw this, and didn't care; Luigi and everyone else was surprised.

"What was that dog?" wondered Addam; very surprising that he knew what a dog was, since there weren't that many canines in Elysium. "Came out of nowhere, and just took our ball!"

"That's the Duck-a Hunt Dog, he's the mansion's resident pet," explained Mario, as Luigi stretched and relaxed his arm. "He has quite-a the history of stealing things." Mario then frowned, as he turned to face Cloud. "Cloud, why didn't you chase-a after that mutt, and take that ball-a back?"

"Was I...supposed to?" questioned Cloud, as he looked around. It wasn't his responsibility to retrieve a football from a dog who might have the ball covered in slob by this point.

"I'd say we all work together and get that football back from that dog," suggested Addam, as Mario and Luigi were down with the idea. Cloud working with Addam was less than ideal for the swordsman, but he did not have any other choice.

With the second mortgage bill on Master Hand's mind, the giant hand was pacing back and forth in his room, hovering around in the air believing that this act of misery could make all his problems go away. Ayaha was forced to keep Master Hand company, and was not allowed to leave. So whenever the secretary wanted a bite to eat, she just called Dunban over to bring some food.

"I imagine Master Hand had all the mansion's finances up to speed," Dunban said to Ayaha in Master Hand's room, holding a plate of malasadas Ayaha was eating from. "He did his best to set up for Mario, when Mario took over after Master Hand went on an 'indefinite vacation'."

"I'm not surprised all of this is happening, Master Hand has been very...eccentric with money, in case you haven't noticed," stated Ayaha, as she and Dunban watched Master Hand pace back and forth. "Him stealing money from Fox and Falco should tell you all you need to know..."

Ayaha: This whole hubbub about the second mortgage has me...afraid. What if Master Hand can't pay for the other bills? What if we have to get our water from the lake? What if we have to use candles instead of ceiling lights? What if we're forced to watch King K. Rool belly roll, as a source of entertainment?! Rool always does that, for some reason, whenever the television goes out...

"Screw it, I can't be panicking anymore, I'm Master Hand!" Master Hand boldly shouted, as his constant pacing finally came to a stop. About time the giant hand realized who he was, and what he was all about.

"Okay...and what are you going to do to resolve the situation?" asked Dunban, as he ate a malasada. That Homs just couldn't help himself, could he?

"The only I can do, Dunban...I must kill Tom Nook! That way, I won't have to see his evil, sociopathic face, and he won't ever bother me about the mortgage again." Master Hand floated out of his room, now on a mission.

"Master Hand if you're leaving, does this mean I can leave too?" Ayaha perked up, needing to fulfill some of her Star Records duties. She couldn't possibly serve as Master Hand's minder for the remainder of the day.

"No you can not, stay put you peasant!" Done yelling with Ayaha, Master Hand, apparently having murderous intentions, floated to the foyer so he could have a word with Tom Nook...

...only to find out that the tanoki wasn't there. Bewildered, Master Hand ventured outside, looking for Tom Nook, and to his right, he saw Kapp'n, seated in his taxi. He was the turtle that drove Tom Nook to the mansion.

"These instructions are pretty detailed, I'll say..." remarked Kapp'n, as he was reading a pamphlet Master Hand had sent to him in the mail. A pamphlet about being an Assist Trophy. While the turtle read, he felt a giant shadow cast over him; he looked up, and saw Master Hand.

"Kapp'n..." Master Hand said the name of the turtle, wanting to destroy Kapp'n and end his entire existence, just for bringing Tom Nook to the mansion.

"Ah, Master Hand, how do you do? Thank you very much for making me an Assist Trophy, and thanks as well for giving me this pamplet. Really answered a ton of questions I had..."

"Shut up, you crackhead turtle! Tom Nook, where is he? Tell me where he is, or I'll throw your dumb taxi into that lake! And your bus, too!"

"I couldn't tell you, I haven't seen or spoke with Tom Nook ever since he left this taxi. But if I had to tell you, I bet he's still inside, doing a little exploring."

Tom Nook was doing some exploring, but that was mainly because he was following around Champion Link, who promised Lora and Shin he'd take them to the so-called "ultimate paradise"...

...which was the gaming room, actually. What, you thought it'd be something better? Shame on you!

"No offense, Champion Link, exactly is this room better than Elysium as a whole?" Shin asked Champion Link, who was playing a game of gold simulator. The Hylian was trying to show out, if it meant making Shin and Lora more inclined to play.

"Does Elysium have televisions everywhere you go?" asked Champion Link, as he took a golf swing. Neither Shin nor Lora were able to answer. "Yeah, that's exactly what I thought..."

Wolf: Those knitting club losers...I tell them to knit a quilt of Link and Zelda together, and what do they do? THEY KNIT A FREAKING QUILT OF LINK AND ZELDA TOGETHER! *laughs* They actually did what I said! Man, those guys...if you told them to microwave aluminum foil in a paper bag, they'd do it in a heartbeat. All I need now is someone close to Link and Zelda to critique the quilt...two people oughta do it.

While Champion Link was playing golf simulator, Tom Nook was seated in a couch, resting and taking it easy. He thought the the gaming room was better than the foyer, and by a thousand miles. One would have to agree with him...if he wasn't so evil.

"Yeah, this is the life..." Tom Nook sighed happily, and he wasn't even on his phone! There was no need to, he had everything he could possibly want and then some. As the tanoki relaxed, he looked to his right, feeling someone's presence...

...and saw Sonic sitting right next to him. Tom Nook screamed momentarily, before jumping back in his seat. Being only a guest, the tanoki didn't want to bring that much attention upon himself.

"Hi, I'm Sonic - Sonic the Hedgehog!" Sonic introduced himself to Tom Nook in typical Sonic fashion, holding out his hand to the tanoki. "It's nice to meet ya! You're Tom Nook, right? Isabelle told me all about you!"

"Oh she has, hasn't she?" Tom Nook perked up, as he regained his normal composure. He hoped Isabelle only said good things about him. "Hopefully it was nothing but positive remarks..."

"Eh...there were some negative ones here and there." That didn't deflate Tom Nook at all. "So, do you know where we can find this 'ultimate paradise'? I've heard about it before, but I thought it was a lie. Apparently it's a real thing!"

"I thought this place was the ultimate paradise. This very room." Sonic looked at Tom Nook crazily, like he was stupid, before bursting into laughter.

"Tom Nook you silly goose, this isn't the ultimate paradise! It's just the gaming room! As far as I know, the ultimate paradise might have chili dogs, and everything else your heart desires. This is just a place were residents like me come and chill out."

"Then I guess that means...I was misled..." Tom Nook remarked, as he held his head down low. Just then, Wolf entered the gaming room, shoving Crash and Lucario out of his way as he advanced to Champion Link.

"Champion Link, mind if you do me a favor?" the mercenary asked the Hylian, before he could execute another golf swing. Champion Link stopped mid-swing, turning around to face Wolf. "There's this quilt the knitting club made, and it has Link and Zelda on wanna check it out?"

"Ooh, can we check it out too?" asked Lora, wanting to see the quilt too since she and Shin were evidently friends with Link and Zelda. Wolf gave the redhead a brief look of disgust.

"I ONLY asked Champion Link if he wanted to see the quilt...but if you're interested, then I suppose you can come too. So, Champion Link, what will it be?"

"Yeah, I'll check this quilt out, I'm game," replied Champion Link, as he tossed the golf club unto the floor. Had this been just a regular quilt, no way would the Hylian (and Lora and Shin be interested).

"Excellent. Just follow me!" Wolf would lead Champion Link, Lora, and Shin out of the gaming room, as Tom Nook and Sonic took notice.

"Do you think they're going to the REAL ultimate paradise?" asked Tom Nook, as he hopped off the couch. Sonic would quickly follow suit. "I think we should follow them, just to make sure."

"Chili dogs, here we come!" exclaimed Sonic, as he and Tom Nook were on Wolf's trail. Those two better be prepared to feel disappointed.

Mythra: Isabelle is coming along very well with her training - learning some new moves, and honing said moves so she could be a capable fighter. My only complaint, though - her methods are very...unorthodox.

Isabelle's methods were indeed unorthodox, as she was using trinkets from around Smashville to fight - namely a broom, a toy hammer, a party popper, and even a Lloid Rocket. Instead of the regular punching bag, the shih tzu had something...or someone else, to practice on...

"No Isabelle, stop it, I've done nothing to deserve this!" cried Pit, who was covering his head with his hands as Isabelle whacked him repeatedly with her toy hammer. Mythra agreed that it would be best if Isabelle practiced her fighting ability on a fellow Smasher, like Pit. Ryu agreed as well, as he stood with Mythra and watched Isabelle's progress.

"Frankly there's a kid from Isabelle's hometown that fights nearly the same way as Isabelle," Ryu would explain to Mythra, who now found a lesser reason to be critical of Isabelle's fighting prowess. "He too uses whatever trinkets he can find for battle. With that being said, Isabelle is very much in good hands!"

"Good point, but I don't think Pit's enough," stated Mythra, seeing that Pit was too cowardly to fight back. The angel didn't want to hurt Isabelle, or her feelings. "Isabelle should practice with someone you can give her an actual fight. Do you have anyone in mind?"

"No one in particular..." Ryu would change his stance, however, when he saw two individuals seated at a lake. "Stay right here, I'll be right back..." the fighter said to Mythra, as he went to the lake.

At the lake, Bowser was with his son, Bowser Jr, as the young koopa was learning how to fish. Fishing was always a mandatory hobby for dads to do with their sons. Or daughters, if they were fine with it.

"So happy you finally came around and teach me how to fish, Papa!" gleamed Bowser Jr, his bait in the water as he waited patiently for a bite. Like any good dad, Bowser supplied his son a Super Rod, so he could catch the best fish Pokemon.

"Don't mention it son, you're gonna make me blush!" grinned Bowser; makes you wonder if the koopa ever had moments like these with the Koopalings. "Just a heads up, don't ever ask me how to swim. It'll end up messy."

"Like I would ever ask such a..." Suddenly Bowser Jr. felt his fishing rod tug...a fish Pokemon grabbed the bait. "Oh snap, I think I got one!" Bowser Jr. would reel in his catch, spinning rapidly on the handle, until he pulled out a Milotic. The tender Pokemon. "Look Papa, I caught one, I caught a..."

Bowser Jr realized in that moment that his papa, Bowser...was no longer with him. Rather, Bowser was now with Isabelle and company, after Ryu practically carried the koopa to the premises. Kudos for doing it without hurting himself.

"What's this, what's going on?" questioned Bowser, as he looked around in bewilderment. "Why is Isabelle holding a toy hammer, and why is she whacking Pit with it? And who's that blonde chick, and why is she dressed up like a slut?"

"This blonde chick you speak of is Mythra, who hails from the world of Elysium," Ryu explained to Bowser, who did not expect to hear Elysium mentioned again. "She's here to help Isabelle train, so she can be prepared for Smash."

Bowser: What do I think of Isabelle being included in Smash? Ask me again once I'm done laughing. Speaking of which... *laughs hysterically*

"You want Isabelle to be prepared for Smash?" asked Bowser, cracking his knuckles as he walked to Isabelle, tossing Pit out of his way. "I can take care of that..." Isabelle looked up fearfully at Bowser, shivering in fright.

"You don't have to be afraid of the ugly turtle creature Isabelle - attack him with all your might!" encouraged Mythra, as Bowser gave the Blade an angry look. The koopa was always triggered when people didn't call him by his name.

"That's Bowser to you, you stupid slut!" Bowser then returned his attention to Isabelle, who was still shivering in fear. "C'mon Izzy, hit me with your best shot...promise you I won't bite..."

Meanwhile, on the other side of the mansion, Mario and company had to deal with the Duck Hunt Dog, who had the football in his possession. The mutt was in his doghouse, fast asleep, with his paws over the football like he owned the thing.

"Alright-a boys, here's the plan..." Mario discussed with Luigi, Cloud, and Addam, standing a considerable distance away from the doghouse. "You three will try and wake-a up the Duck Hunt Dog, while I use Cappy to capture-a the dog and get our foot-a ball back."

"Sounds like a scenario where us three will get hurt, while you remain unharmed," analyzed Cloud, knowing what the Duck Hunt Dog was all about. He expected to receive a lot of bite marks.

"Exactly - instead of one-a person taking the fall, EVERYONE will take-a the fall...except-a for one person." Luigi, Cloud, and Addam all exchanged weird looks with one another. "...just work-a with me, okay?!"

Before Mario and company could even act out their plan, Isabelle was heard screaming, during her training. Her scream woke up the Duck Hunt Dog, who looked around, before looking at Mario and company. He assumed they were after the football, so he placed the pigskin in his doghouse, growling as he approached the four.

"Now would be a good-a time to run..." said a nervous Luigi, before the Duck Hunt Dog started barking as he chased down Luigi and the others around the backyard. The mutt was barking and chasing - two of his favorite things in the whole wide world.

"Not gonna lie, this is pretty fun!" Addam shouted to Cloud, with a smile of glee, as the Duck Hunt Dog was currently chasing after him.

"You're an idiot!" Cloud would shout right back, looking for a place to hide from the Duck Hunt Dog.

Hoo boy, Geo was in hot water...the youngster thought it would be a good idea to purchase an "upgrade" for his Mega Man armor, thinking it'd make him look cool. It was so expensive, that Geo had the audacity to steal Fox and Falco's money - for the airplane tickets - so he could purchase said upgrade, from a shop.

And as it turned out, the shop...was online! As Geo plainly showed to Fox and Falco, on an online store site on a computer at the library.

"This is the item I had purchased," Geo pointed at the item in question, as Fox and Falco looked at it inquisitively. Something just felt a

"Geo I don't mean to burst your bubble but...that's a hi-tech gaming computer desktop, on a online store for computers," explained Fox, as Geo did a very fitting "Oh..." reaction. "Also, that means you didn't purchase the item with our money, but rather with money off of someone's credit card. Any idea whose credit card it was?"

"Okay, who's the buster that purchased some $2,500 computer crap with MY card?!" Samus angrily barged inside the library, grabbing everyone's attention. She held her credit card in her hand. "This is what I get for saving my information unto the computer..."

"Please Samus, calm down, this isn't the place to vent your anger," Gil said to the bounty hunter, doing his best to soothe her. "Why don't you speak with Master Hand about your situation?" Gil escorted Samus out of the library, as Geo made a face of guilt.

Samus: Bet you it was Dark Samus who made that egregious purchase...always trying to bring me down, isn't she?

"So Geo, what did you do with our money?" asked Falco, as he folded his arms. He knew Geo had the money lying about somewhere.

"I had entrusted Isabelle with the money, so she'll give it to me when I make the purchase," explained Geo, who clearly did not know how online shopping worked. He would totally suck during Christmas shopping. "So you should ask her, for the money."

At the room where the knitting club met, Champion Link, Lora, and Shin were in awe of the quilt of Link and Zelda, knitted by, of course, the knitting club. The quilt had Link and Zelda holding hands with the Triforce in the foreground, and a giant red heart in the background.

"Told you it would be a masterpiece, didn't I?" grinned Wolf, who was also there to admire the quilt along with the knitting club that worked extensively on it. "I was thinking about saving this bad boy for Link and Zelda, whenever they get married!"

"Why would a princess marry a guy who's afraid of dealing with chickens?" Shin whispered to Lora, who couldn't help but shrug. Wasn't like Zelda had any other possible suitors.

"Yeah, Wolf practically forced us to knit this quilt," explained Ashley, before Wolf gave the young witch a nudge to change her tune. "...I-I mean, we knitted this quilt out of the very bottom of our hearts, because we love Link and Zelda very much. Very much. Like, a lot."

Ashley: Ugh, I'm gonna feel sick, like I'm gonna throw there any way to undo what I said?

"Although the quilt looks fairly complex, we only used a minimal amount of colors," explained Celica, as Tom Nook and Sonic approached the room and peered inside. "It made knitting much easier."

"This isn't the ultimate paradise, we've been lied to..." frowned Tom Nook, refusing to be played anymore. Little did he know that he was playing his own self...him and Sonic.

"For real, like, where's the chili dogs?" complained Sonic, with chili dogs being the only thing on the hedgehog's mind. "Who cares about some dumb quilt of Link and Zelda? I'd say we tear up the quilt, to send a message!"

"Send a message to whom?" Sonic pointed at Champion Link, who was busy inspecting the quilt. "So we're going after the Hylian, specifically?"

"He was the one who mentioned the ultimate paradise, right? Well now we see that the ultimate paradise is nothing but a lie! That's why we're gonna tear up that quilt, and show it to his friends, Link and Zelda, and tell him that he did it! Payback!"

"Ooh...I like the way you think, Sonic. Devious, very devious indeed..."

Sonic and Tom Nook sneaked their way inside the room, as Champion Link was now touching and stroking the quilt. Acting like he owned the dang thing.

"Okay Champion Link, you can stop now..." said Toad, who found what the Hylian was doing to be slightly uncomfortable. He wasn't the only one who felt that way.

"I just wanted to know what material you guys used," defended Champion Link, as he continued to touch the quilt...until he felt something grab at his leg. The Hylian looked down, and saw Tom Nook. "...the heck is this thing?"

"I'm a tanoki, you liar!" replied Tom Nook, as Champion Link tried to shake him off his leg. Meanwhile, Sonic was on top of the quilt, attempting to rip it in half.

"Sonic stop that right now, I'm saving that quilt for Link and Zelda's wedding!" ordered Wolf, but Sonic wouldn't listen to the mercenary's commands. The hedgehog tried to rip the quilt with his bare hands, but to no avail.

"Screw the wedding, those two can wait!" barked Sonic, as he was pulling on the quilt. The knitting club (save for Ashley and Pac-Man) watched in horror, until Champion Link backed up until the quilt.

" me!" the Hylian yelled at Tom Nook, before falling back into the quilt and making it crash through the window, sending him, Tom Nook, and Sonic falling to the ground. Wolf and company looked out of the broken window, as a certain flower girl showed up...

"Hello everyone, am I late?" Aerith asked as she stood at the doorway, only to wonder why the window was broken. Everyone turned around to face the flower girl. "Where is the quilt?"

"The quilt is outside, I'm afraid," replied Wolf, giving Aerith a very sheepish smile. Aerith cocked her head to the side, unsure of what Wolf meant.

"What do you mean, the quilt is outside?" The flower girl went to the broken window, as everyone moved out of the way to give her some space. Aerith looked down, and saw what Wolf meant. "Oh, dearest me..."

Understandably, there were many residents who were salty that Isabelle was in Smash, and they weren't. One of those folks was Doc Louis, who believed he still had what it takes to hang around the best Smash had to offer. Granted he was retired from boxing, but boxing and Smash were two totally different things.

Doc Louis: As I expected, Master Hand continues to display blatant racism with each and every newcomer he adds to Smash! Ask yourself this - how come we have yet to see a black Smash fighter? Is it because us black men are too strong? Is it because the sass of an independent black woman cannot be contained? Have we come so far as black people, only to be pushed back in favor for others? When will Master Hand open his nonexistent eyes, and see the light shining before him?!

To ensure that Master Hand would include him as a fighter in Smash, Doc Louis prepared a letter asking to be in Smash - one that he wanted Little Mac to give to the giant hand. The boxing trainer believed that if he gave the letter, he'd be seen as desperate. With Little Mac, he expected Master Hand to be more sympathetic, since it would be seen as Little Mac wanting to give his trainer an opportunity for greatness.

"Are you sure this is such a good idea?" Little Mac asked Doc Louis, standing outside Master Hand's room as he looked at his trainer with uncertainty. "It could go very well...or very bad."

"You were right the first time, Little Mac - it could and will go very well!" replied a confident Doc Louis, taking a bite from his chocolate bar...which was nameless! Doc was starting to run out of names. "Only if you believe in yourself...and me!"

"I highly doubt Master Hand would give a Smash invite to a man in his sixties, but...I'm only doing this just to make you happy. Since you do the same for me, I'll do the same for you."

"Atta boy, Little Mac, that's my guy! Knew you could do it! I'll be standing right here, doing my best to cheer you on. Go in there, Little Mac, make me proud!"

So Little Mac went inside the room, and saw Master Hand, being accompanied by Ayaha and Dunban. The giant hand would look for Tom Nook, but he just didn't feel like it, strangely.

"Do you have a minute, Master Hand?" Little Mac asked the giant hand, approaching him. "I know you're still adding new characters to Smash, but I have one person in mind that you might..."

"Unless it's about Tom Nook, I don't wanna hear it," stated Master Hand, his mind switching from the second mortgage bill to the tanoki he despised oh so much. "Anything you got for me will have to wait."

"Oh yeah, speaking of Tom Nook...I heard from someone that he fell from a window." All of a sudden, Master Hand's nonexistent ears became attentive as ever. "Think it was Geno who told me. He told me that..."

"Does that mean Tom Nook committed suicide? That means I no longer have to deal with the mortgage bill, right? HALLELUJAH!" Master Hand celebrated the best he could, as Ayaha and Dunban looked at each other conceringly.

"Master Hand, just because Tom Nook might be...dead, doesn't mean that you no longer have to pay for the second mortgage bill," Ayaha pointed out, but what was the point? Master Hand was too overjoyed to listen.

"You know what? I should take credit, for driving Tom Nook to suicide. I'll take all the credit! And you know what the best part is? They can't even arrest me! 'Cause I'm Master Hand! I created this universe, I own it! You can't arrest me!"

"Yeah, I should probably go now..." Little Mac said awkwardly, as he backed out of Master Hand's room. The boxer turned around and walked away, even walking past Doc Louis.

"Well Mac, how did it go, did he put me in?" asked Doc Louis as he chased after his protege, only to receive no answer. "Little Mac? Little Mac!"

Mythra: Isabelle's training has sadly taken a turn for the worse...she's deathly afraid of Bowser, almost to the point where she can even face him one-on-one. One look at Bowser, and she melts away in her own fear. And she's bound to face even scarier competition soon...

While Pit was recuperating from his injuries - injuries that were minor, but perfectly overblown by the angel - Bowser was left to take Pit's place. The koopa was sitting on top of Isabelle, not even letting the shih tzu move.

"Bowser get off of her, let the dog fight!" commanded Ryu, but Bowser wouldn't move a single inch. He just sat on poor Isabelle, chuckling with his arms folded. "This is no laughing matter!"

"I'm just showing Isabelle how punishing works in Smash!" Bowser defended himself, even though he was doing this whole punishing thing entirely wrong. Didn't even know the basic fundamentals. "This is the real way to punish someone!"

"Bowser you heard what Ryu said, get off of Isabelle!" commanded Mythra, and Bowser still didn't budge. He was really enjoying this, wasn't he? "How do you expect Isabelle to display her fighting prowess, if you continue to do that?"

"Like I would ever listen to a slut like yourself! What have you done? All you do is stand there, and watch Isabelle fight, or try too! You're just as helpful as Pit over there, when it comes to Isabelle's 'fighting' skills!"

"Golly, thanks Bowser!" Pit gave a thumbs up to the koopa, taking what Bowser said as a very sincere compliment. The angel looked to his right, and saw Champion Link coming over, with Sonic and Ton Nook terrorizing the Hylian.

"Show us the ultimate paradise, or else!" Sonic ordered from Champion Link, who found it a struggle to walk with the two vermin crawling all over his body. The Hylian made it over to where Bowser and company was, falling unto the ground.

"Would you look at that, Champion Link getting beat up by two small dudes!" laughed Bowser; he always perceived the four Links at the mansion as weaklings. "If only the small dudes weren't total shrimps..."

"Who are you calling a shrimp, mister?" retorted Tom Nook, who was still on Champion Link's leg. Just then, something snapped mentally inside of Isabelle, making the shih tzu build animosity inside...

"I'VE HAD JUST ABOUT ENOUGH OF THIS!" Isabelle screamed, as she lifted herself off the ground. At first, Bowser thought she couldn't do a thing, but to his surprise, he would land belly-first unto the ground. He then sat up, seeing Isabelle glaring him down.

"Woah, Isabelle, stop playing, I was just..." Bowser tried to speak to Isabelle, who screamed once more as she took out a broom. She then proceeded to beat Bowser senselessly with said broom, until he got up and ran away out of fear. Isabelle had her game face on, much to Ryu and Mythra's satisfaction.

"This is a side of Isabelle I've never seen before..." remarked Ryu, as Isabelle turned to face Champion Link, who was back on his feet...only to be brought back down by Isabelle, who whacked him and Sonic with her broom. Interestingly, she didn't go after Tom Nook during her rage...

"Yikes, Isabelle has gone full-blown insane!" said Sonic, as he and Champion Link saved themselves and ran away. "Really don't wanna mess with her!"

Ryu: It seems that Isabelle has found her battle weapon of choice...the broom. A long stick useful for cleaning floors, and cleaning the competition. "Cleaning the competition"...Isabelle should make that her catchphrase, her slogan. She'll make a lot of money off of it.

Isabelle's rage began to cool down, as the shih tzu was hyperventilating. Once the hyperventilation ended, the rage came to a stop, and Isabelle was back to her happy, usual self. On the ground, she saw Tom Nook, and she offered to help him up.

"How very uncharacteristic of me..." Tom Nook said after he was helped up, reflecting on his earlier actions, before seeing Isabelle smiling at him. "...oh, hi Isabelle, I expected to see you here. How have you been?"

"Doing just fine, everything's peachy on my end!" replied Isabelle; how was it even possible for her to be friends with such an evil person? "How about yourself?"

"Well, I can't complain - Timmy, Tommy and I are just hanging in there...Tim and Tom are still running the shop while I'm away. Hopefully it hasn't burned down to the ground...yet."

"Yo, Isabelle, you got our $2,500?" asked Fox, as he and Falco approached the shih tzu and interrupted her conversation "Don't be fooled - that money is actually ours. Not Geo's."

"Knew something fishy was going's your cash!" replied Isabelle, as she dug into her pocket and pulled out the $2,500. Must think she's special, carrying that much cash in her pocket like that. As Fox accepted the money from Isabelle, Master Hand appeared, to see if Tom Nook was really dead.

"What is this?" the giant hand questioned, as he saw Isabelle, and Fox holding the money near Isabelle, before bursting into laughter. "Look Fox, I understand if you want to give Isabelle a raise, but I came up with the idea first. Quit stealing my thunder."

Master Hand slowly turned to his right...and saw Tom Nook.

"HOW ON EARTH ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?!" Master Hand was so loud, he could literally be heard all the way from Vancouver.

Mario and company did it, they finally got their football back from the Duck Hunt Dog, However, in doing so, they accrued bite marks all over their bodies. Mario took his gang to the fitness center so they could be treated by Leia.

"That was perhaps the best thing I've did while in this town," Addam said of the dog chase, as he, Mario, Luigi, and Cloud were covered with bandages, sitting in Leia's office. Yes, she had an office. "I'd say it was even better than playing catch! Despite the bite marks and all."

"I'll be honest, running away from the Duck Hunt Dog...kinda put a smile on my face," remarked Cloud, as he found himself smiling. To him, it felt weird and slightly uncomfortable. "Guess you could say I had some fun..."

"Who's the idiot now?" Addam grinned at Cloud, whose smile faded away as he stared down the silverette. Little did Addam know that Cloud wasn't the kind of you one should be joking with.

"Don't push it buddy..." Cloud gave Addam this warning remark. Just then, Leia opened the door, poking her head through the doorway.

"Addam? Your friends wanna see you, if you don't mind," the nurse said to Addam, before pulling her hand back in. Addam hopped out of his chair, his body in some pain. Not a whole lot, though.

Leia: By all accounts, Mario and Luigi should have had rabies. They had it much, much worse out of Cloud, Addam, and themselves. Must be something in those mushrooms...

"Be right back, you guys," Addam said to Mario and company, as he exited the nurse's office and saw his friends - Lora, Shin, and Mythra - standing together. Or allies, as Mythra would say.

"Wow Addam, the nurse wasn't kidding when you said you got bit pretty bad..." remarked Mythra, as she checked out the bandages on Addam's body. "...could've have up much worse!"

"Could've, yes, but it was totally worth it," responded Addam, slightly concerning his friends a little. "I'll explain later. I just feel like heading back home now. Feeling pretty tired." Addam turned to face Lora and Shin, standing together. "Thought you'd stay put at the restaurant..."

"We would've, but we made some friends there, and they kinda escorted us to the mansion," explained Shin who, interestingly, hasn't worn his mask the entire episode. Must've wanted the ladies to get a load of his good looks. "Link and Zelda were their names."

"We even got to see a quilt made for the two, in their likeness!" added Lora, not knowing that the quilt would be saved for later by Wolf. "But then something happen, and the quilt just...fell outside. Wonder if it's still there..."

The quilt of Link and Zelda rested outside the mansion, below the window it fell out of. Simon found the quilt lying on the ground, and picked it up.

"I smell a wedding afoot..." the vampire hunter remarked, taking the quilt with him back inside the mansion. Better not let Link or Zelda see it, put the quilt in the right hands...

...Wolf's hands.