Author's Note: Six ficlets based on a prompt by rabbitminnow, of a tattoo artist and florist AU!

The first time he paced through Snapdragons, he wondered if he'd stepped into an enchanted wardrobe or perhaps crossed the threshold of a TARDIS. Based on the width of the storefront there wasn't any more square footage in the flower shop than in his newly opened tattoo parlor just next door, but whereas The Ink Spot had been declared a bowling lane by his brother ("You mean a bowling alley?" "No Fai, just one lane.") the flower shop seemed as if it was at least twice the size, if not more.

After a second walk-through he realized that the sense of a larger area had been created by hiding some of the wall space and crafting a meandering path through the shop. Customers had to walk around displays and peek into alcoves instead of being able to quickly walk a few steps and then take everything in with a brief look. The wares were laid out quite naturally, which helped the illusion. There were big vases on the floor filled with long stems of pussy willows and curling branches. They were so tall that they couldn't have been put on a table without breaking branch tips against the ceiling, so it made sense for them to be placed as they were, but Fai could see how they helped to guide a person along a path that dipped and curved through the store. Lattices full of small hanging plants and topiary balls helped to soften the walls, too, and made it harder to judge the dimensions of the shop.

The air was fresh and cool and quiet, adding to the sense of having stepped into an enchanted pocket of a forest. All that was missing were tiny fairies flitting around in violet flower petal gowns and dewdrop coronets, trailing sparkles and mischievous giggles. Contrary to expectations, he found a person behind the counter who looked as if he'd be more at home with an axe or chainsaw in his hands instead of the tiny scissors he was trimming some baby's breath with. He was taller than Fai who was taller than average himself, and muscular where the tattoo artist was slender so that Fai might have been able to squeeze both himself and his twin brother into the man's shirt. After a few surprised blinks, Fai recovered himself and stepped up to the counter with a smile and self-introduction. He was listened to patiently while he explained why he was there - I don't actually know; just something nice and cheerful for my counter? - but got grumped at a bit when he attempted to draw the man into small talk while his order was being formed.

He left with a compact bouquet of golden, sun-shiney flowers bursting out of a cube of green glass plus a great deal of curiosity about his new business neighbor.