Codex Entry: Yamato cannon

Arguably the pinnacle of terran weapons technology, the Yamato cannon is a crude but effective adaptation of fusion reactor technology, and is fairly common on battlecruisers deployed by various human nations.

During the arms race prior to the Guild Wars, engineers found the only practical way to quickly perform long-range Warp translations was to utilize a very large fusion core and plasma capacitors to store sufficient power for FTL jumps.

However, terran captains on quickly found that their fusion cores supplied far more power than standard systems could use, even with continuous weapons fire and drive thrust applied, and decried the 'wasted' power potential.

Rather than attempt to install additional laser weapons batteries (as many battlecruiser captains suggested) or defensive-matrix emitters (as a few spec-ops officers suggested) Dr. Mikihiko Chiba realized that the powerful fusion core of a battlecruiser itself presented an unrivaled weapons potential.

Although heavily opposed by the aforementioned groups, he was able to successfully argue that installing power runs for additional laser batteries would lead to unshielded power conduits being fed from the reactor room through life support sections, nuclear missile stockpiles, crew quarters, and that installing defensive matrix emitters would create numerous openings in the armor.

By 2459, the prosperous Umojan Physics Institute had sponsored his research. Although his initial weapons tests suffered accidents, causing the loss of two older battlecruisers, the experimental data allowed him to create an unholy union between ancient nuclear bomb-pumped laser dynamics, shaped-charge theory, and particle projectile physics.

Once Dr. Chiba's Mk II design had successfully fired nine-hundred and eight times without failure, Umoja began Yamato Refits into its capital ship fleet. Although infiltrators managed to steal much of his blueprints, Dr. Chiba's son and daughter continued to refine his work.

By the time of the Guild Wars, the heavy implementation of the Mk III Yamato cannon amongst the Umojan fleets deterred the Confederacy from intervening when the Umoja Ruling Council established the Protectorates.

Utilizing a pair of magnetohydrodynamic accumulators, the Yamato cannon accumulates excess reactor plasma both within the battlecruiser and 12 meters in front of the prow. Over 3 seconds of charge, the internal MHD cavity crushes the plasma mixture from an inject pressure of ~88 billion bar to an end state of ~250 billion bar, before triggering fusion along the y-axis using laser-induced inertia.

Spin imparted by the magnetohydrodynamic accumulators causes a cyclonic magnetic field, which along with the rear-to-forefront ignition sequence (mostly) directs the blast forwards… into the second ball of accumulated plasma.

The resulting effect consists of an photonic wavefront followed by a shaped plasma jet. It has (relatively) excellent coherence characteristics, and utterly annihilates all known materials and defenses. Due to the C-fractional nature of this attack, avoiding it once it has been fired is all but impossible.

Human witnesses, only able to perceive visible-spectrum light will observe the blurred after-images of a plasma blast, while wide-spectrum sensors will show a solid beam.


/UED Case Black Clearance Acknowledged


To: V. Adm Alexei Stukov

I have attached near-complete blueprints for the Mk III Yamato generator and extensive research notes on the Mk IV variant below.

Currently, the Mk IV Yamato device is considered the premier weapon in capital ship duels. Outside of the Protectorate, only the Alpha Squadron has been entirely fitted with Mk IV weapons due to Umojan restrictions on exports of advanced weaponry.

Local UED intelligence assets reports that the Chiba siblings are delayed with the Mark V development program, whose superior beam cohesion and plasma cycling are estimated to increase damage by 15.3% and reduce energy use (and thus, mean time between shots) by 33%.

There are persistent rumors of a new super-capital design, supposedly inspired by witnessing the protoss Mothership in action. Consisting of an enormous 2 km long cone, it only mounts as much weaponry as a pair of battlecruisers. However, it contains a gargantuan fusion core approaching the size of a cruiser, which is used to pump an improved super-Yamato wave-motion device, capable of continuous fire.

Yours truly,

Agent Armand

Director of Special Operations, Koprulu Division

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