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"Did you remember to wash your hands?" Remus asked.

Blushing, Harry nodded his head. "I'm better now, Remy, sorry about earlier."

Kicking off from the wall across from the bathroom, Remus draped his arm over his godson. "You need to stop apologizing for things that aren't your fault, Harry. Like I said earlier, you're doing amazing."

"Is it true what Mrs. Ellen said earlier?" Harry asked timidly. "Do I really have brothers?"

Sighing, Remus nodded his head. They decided to not tell Harry right away that Dean and Sam were his brothers. They were going to let him interact with them at the bar for a few hours first. "I don't think Mrs. Ellen would lie about something like that."

"They're not going to like me," Harry said sadly. "Dudley didn't like me, why would my brothers like me?"

"Because your brothers are good guys," Joe said, coming out from the office that was down the same hall that the bathroom was down. "I don't know your cousin, but I know your brothers and they would never hurt you or be mean to you."

Paling, Harry turned wide eyed to Remus. "You told her? You told her about me?"

"Not everything," Remus explained tiredly. "But I had to tell them something, they thought that I was the one hurting you."

"Never!" Harry cried, wrapping his arms around Remus. "Remus would never hurt me. He loves me."

"We know that now," Joe said calmly, not wanting to upset the boy further. "But mom and had to make sure. We care about you, Harry."

"You do?" Harry asked softly.

"We do, Harry," Ellen said from the end of the hall. "Come to the bar, kiddo, I saved the last piece of pie just for you. You better hurry though, one of my regular customers, Dean, has been trying to sweet talk me out of it."

Giggling, Harry rushed up to Ellen and took her hand. "Thank you for saving it for me. I didn't mean to fall asleep at your table."

Grinning, Ellen waved his concerns away. "You're not the first person to use that booth as a bed. Hell, Ash is asleep at the bar right now."

Looking to the bar, Harry giggled harder when he spotted the man with the strange haircut slumped over the bar and sound asleep. "You're nice," he blurted out before he could stop himself.

"Got an admirer there, Ellen?"

"Mind yourself, Dean," Ellen scolded playfully. "Harry here is a lot better looking than you."

Blushing brightly, Harry took a seat at the bar next to the large, muscular man. "Hi," he said shyly when the man turned to him.

Blowing out the breath he had been holding, Dean held his hand out for the kid to shake. He wanted to deny that this boy was his little baby brother, but it was hard to do that when his own eyes were staring back at him. "The name's Dean."

Harry nervously took the man's hand and shook it. "I'm Harry," he introduced. Snatching his hand back, he frantically looked around the room for Remus. Spotting him sitting at a table with Joe, he relaxed slightly and gave the man next to him a tentative smile.

"Here you go, kiddo," Ellen said, placing a plate in front of Harry and breaking the tension.

"Pie!" Harry cried excitedly as he grabbed the plate and pulled it towards him.

Clearing his throat, Dean looked to the boy and gave him his best puppy dog eyes. "Did you know that that there is the last slice of pie?"

Looking down at the warm pie that had caramel oozing out of it, Harry nodded his head and licked his lips. "Mrs. Ellen said I could have two slices. Everything today was twos."

"That pie, Harry, just so happens to be my most favorite pie in the whole entire world," Dean said, eying up the yummy apple pie.

Grabbing his fork, Harry jabbed it into the pie then stuffed it into his mouth. "Mine, too," he said around the mouthful. "Next time ask Mrs. Ellen to save you a slice like I did. She even put my name on it."

Chuckling, Sam took a seat on the stool next to Harry. "Good job not letting him talk you out of your pie. Dean is a pig."

"Hey!" Dean cried playfully. "I can't help it if I really love pie."

"Me, too," Harry grinned. "I love pie. I wanted it for breakfast but Mrs. Ellen said no."

"She can be mean like that," Dean grumbled. "Hey, Harry, I would like you to meet my little brother, Sammy."

"Sam," Sam corrected, rolling his eyes at his brother.

Harry could feel himself getting nervous. Both men seemed really nice, but they were huge..especially Sam. "I-I like Sammy better," he said, chewing on his lips. "It makes you seem less scary. You're a really tall man."

"He's a moose," Dean snorted, coughing into his beer.

Harry didn't think he had ever met anyone as tall as Sam before, except for maybe Hagrid, but he wasn't counting him since he was half giant. Needing reassurance, he quickly turned his head to make sure that Remus was still in the room.

Sam didn't miss how the kid kept checking to make sure that his godfather was still in the room. If it turned out that Harry was truly their little brother, they were going to have their hands full with him once Remus left. The man was obviously Harry's safety net, he was going to be lost and terrified without him.

Dean couldn't believe that this was happening. He couldn't believe that his father had been stupid enough to knock up some woman that he had met at a bar. His father would flay him alive if he had done something as irresponsible as that. He wouldn't take it out on the kid though, it wasn't his fault.

"How about some pool?" Dean asked in hopes of calming the boy. He was a skittish little thing that reminded him of a terrified rabbit.

"I-I can't swim," Harry admitted shamefully.

"Not that kind of pool," Dean chuckled. "The game pool."

Harry just stared at the man not knowing what hell he was talking about. The only pool he knew was the kind you swam in. His aunt use to take Dudley to the pool twice a week for swim lessons, but he was never allowed to swim. He had to sit and watch as his cousin floated around looking more like a beach ball than a little boy.

Grabbing his beer, Sam stood up. "Come on, kid, I'll help you and teach you how to play. I'll warn you now, Dean cheats."

Nervously sucking on his bottom lip, Harry turned back to Remus, not relaxing when his godfather nodded to him giving him his permission. He didn't know if he wanted to play a game with these men. They were strangers and kind of scary.

"The table is right there," Sam pointed out when he saw that Harry was getting scared. "You can see Remus easily from there."

"They're safe, Harry," Ellen said, handing Harry a bottle of coke. "Dean and Sam are good guys. Go and have some fun with them."

Harry once again looked to Remus, grimacing when the man nodded again and gave him a thumbs up. "I-I don't think I'll be very good at it."

"Having fun is all that matters," Sam said encouragingly.

"For now," Dean snickered. "Some serious money can be made by playing pool."

Harry nervously pulled his jacket tighter around himself and followed the two big men to the strange long table. At least he could still see Remus, he wouldn't have followed them if couldn't.


"When are you going to tell him that Sam and Dean are his brothers?" Ellen asked.

Remus smiled when he heard Harry giggling. It had taken Harry a while to warm up to Sam and Dean, but now he was having fun playing pool with them. It had been a good forty five minutes since the last time his pup looked to him for reassurance and safety. "Dean wants to leave soon, I'll break it to him before then."

Ellen felt bad for the man, she could see how much he adored the boy. It was going to be hard on the both of them when the man had to leave. "John, Dean and Sam are rough around the edges, but they're good guys who care. They would give their life for each other." Hell they already had multiple times, but she wasn't going to get into that with the man. "Dean may not look it, but he's a mother hen. I swear, he should have been a girl. He's very protective of Sam."

"Hopefully they will soon feel the same for my pup," Remus sighed heavily. "Harry is very special."

"You're not coming back for him, are you?" Ellen whispered, not wanting the boy to hear. She could tell by the look in the man's eyes that this was it.

Closing his eyes and willing his tears away, Remus jerkily shook his head no. "I can't risk leading them to Harry. These people, they are very dangerous and will not stop until they see him dead."

"You're not telling us everything, are you? He's barely a fifteen year old boy, how could he have such powerful enemies?"

"I can't tell everything," Remus said regretfully. "It would put Harry in even more danger and I can't risk John turning him away."

"John would never turn his own son away," Ellen said, her eyes hardening. "You don't realize how devoted the Winchester men are to each other. Not just each other, but they also risk their lives by helping complete strangers."

Remus could tell that the woman meant every word, but he still couldn't risk it. Muggles had a tendency to react negatively when learning that magic and witches and wizards were real. He couldn't risk John shunning or abusing Harry for something he had no control over.

"The boys can better protect Harry if they know all the details," Ellen tried again.

"I'm sorry, it's a risk that I just can't take...not now anyway. The people hunting Harry know nothing of John Winchester, just myself and a few other people that won't tell, not even under torture. As long as I don't lead them here, they should have no reason to search America for him."

"And if they do?"

"Then Harry will be in grave danger and I fear that not even John will be able to save him."

"Don't underestimate John and his boys," Ellen chuckled. "They have seen and dealt with things that would give you nightmares for the rest of your life."

Remus frowned, not really understanding what she meant by that. He wasn't positive, but he thought that John was either a mechanic, or a traveling salesman. Then again, the man's aura had screamed danger. There was something more to these people, he could feel it, they also knew about the existence of werewolves. Hopefully he wasn't putting Harry in even more danger.


"You like him don't you?"

"Shut it, Sammy," Dean grumbled, taking a large bite out of his burger. So what if he did? Harry seemed like a great kid.

"There's no denying that he's a Winchester," Sam pointed out.

Putting his burger back on the plate, Dean got a far away look on his face. "He reminds me of you when you were five years old. You're right, Harry is a Winchester."

"I don't know, Dean," Sam said, the tone in his voice sounding serious. "I don't know if dad will be able to handle Harry. He's delicate and skittish and it won't take much cause him to slip like earlier today when he was hiding under the table. There's also no way in hell he will be able to handle the family business."

"I know, Sammy," Dean sighed tiredly, "but he's our brother and he needs us."

"You're taking this brother thing surprisingly well."

Polishing off his burger, Dean grabbed a napkin and wiped his face. "How the hell else am I supposed to take it? The kid is here and needs our help. I'm not turning him away, just like how I wouldn't turn you away. Besides, he looks more like me than you which makes him awesome."

"He does share your obsession with pie," Sam snorted.

Smirking cockily, Dean wagged his eyebrows up and down. "Maybe I can turn him into a little Mini Dean. It would be nice to have one brother who looks up to me and listens to me."

"This world couldn't handle two Deans," Sam shot back.

"You're right," Dean winked. "There's only one Dean Winchester."


Moaning, Harry stuffed more of the burger into his face. "Mrs. Ellen is the best cook ever, Remy."

Chuckling, Remus grabbed his napkin and wiped the ketchup off his pup's cheek. "How did you like hanging out with Dean and Sam?"

"Dean's so funny," Harry giggled, "Sammy too, but Sammy is crazy tall. Do you think he has giant blood in him like Hagrid?"

Remus' eyes quickly scanned the room to make sure Harry hadn't been heard. "No, pup, Sam is just really tall. Look at Professor Snape, he's pretty tall."

"Dean called Sammy a moose," Harry grinned. "That's so funny."

"So you liked them?" Remus asked carefully. As soon as Harry was done eating they were leaving to meet John at a friend's house, so it was now time to break it to Harry that Dean and Sam were his brothers.

"I do like Dean and Sammy, and I think they like me, too," Harry said happily.

"They do, pup," Remus reassured. "It's a good thing you liked them because they're your brothers."

The burger slipped through Harry's fingers and his mouth dropped open in shock. Dean and Sammy couldn't be his brothers, there were too nice to him. His family had never been nice to him before.

Remus reached across the table and took his pup's hands. "Harry, are you ok?"

Harry numbly shook his head no. "They can't be my brothers. They're too nice and they liked me. I-I never had family like me before. Maybe they're faking it. I bet that's what it is, they're just faking it because you're here. As soon as you're gone they'll start being mean to me."

"Oh, pup," Remus sighed sadly. "That's not going to happen. Dean and Sam aren't like the Dursleys, they're not going to be mean to you."

"Scoot over, squirt," Dean said from behind the booth.

Heart pounding in his chest, Harry quickly did as Dean ordered. Now that he knew that this man was his brother, he was terrified of him.

Dean plopped down next to his little brother, cringing when he saw the fear in his eyes. "Listen here, squirt, Sammy and I aren't going to hurt you or be mean to you. You're blood and we look after our blood. Sammy and I may argue and pick on each other at times, hell we even fight, but we love each other and would go to hell and back for the other. You're now one of us so we would do the same for you."

Harry just stared at Dean not know what to say or do. The man sounded sincere, could he truly trust him. "Ok," he finally said in a small and unsure voice.

Sighing, Dean looked to the boy's godfather. "Are you ready? We have a long ride ahead of us."

"Harry," Remus called, chuckling when he saw that his pup was still staring at his big brother. He predicted that by the end of the week, Harry was going to be following his brothers around like a lost puppy. "You ready to go?"

Harry's head snapped around, eyes getting even larger. "To see him?" he asked fearfully.

Remus inclined his head. "We have to, pup, I know you're scared, but I have to get back to help Sirius."

Sucking on his bottom lip, Harry sadly nodded his head. "Ok, I'll be brave for Padfoot."

Dean turned away, the devastated look on his brother's face breaking something inside of him. He had only known the kid for a few hours, how could he already be growing so attached to him?

"No tears, Harry," Remus said gently, his own eyes swimming in tears. "I'm not leaving right this minute, not until after I make sure that John will take you in."

"He will," Dean said knowingly. "He'll probably demand a paternity test, but if it comes back that he is Harry's father then he will take him in."

Harry wanted to beg Remus to never leave him, but he couldn't do that to Sirius. Sirius was once again rotting in Azkaban because of him. "You'll come back for me right?" He pleaded. "You and Siri, you'll come and find me?"

Dean could see it in the man's eyes that he wasn't coming back and that it was killing him. "Hey, squirt, Sammy and I are going to be so much fun that you won't even realize that Remus is gone."

"You are?" Harry cried excitedly.

"And unlike grumpy Mrs. Ellen," Dean whispered, pretending only Harry was allowed to hear. "I will let you have pie for breakfast."

Remus was grateful to Dean for distracting Harry. He didn't want to lie to him, but he couldn't look him in those big, beautiful, innocent eyes and tell him that he would never see him again. He prayed that his pup would eventually latch onto his family and forget about Sirius and him. It hurt him physically to feel that way, but it would be safer for Harry if he forgot about them.

"Time to hit the road," Sam announced loudly as he pocketed his cell phone. "Just got off the phone with Bobby and we should be getting to his place around the same time as dad."

Paling, Harry curled in on himself. Dean and Sam seemed pretty cool and nice, but there was no way his dad would want him. He was a broken freak.

Picking up their bags since he couldn't shrink them with Dean and Sam around, Remus slung them over his shoulder and held his hand out to his pup. "You can do this. You met your brothers, now it's time to meet your father."

With his hand trembling, Harry reached out and took his godfather's hand. "You won't leave me if he's mean right?"

"Never," Remus quickly reassured. "We'll come up with another plan if we have to." He prayed that it didn't come to that, he didn't have a plan B. John was his last hope.


Seeing that his little brother was still shivering in his sleep despite him having an extra coat draped over him already, Sam slipped out of his own coat and spun around in his seat and placed it on top of the other two coats. "He can't seem to get warm, can he?"

"The kind of cold he experienced on that island is the type that will never truly leave you. It not only seeps into your body, but also your soul," Remus explained sadly. "His godfather escaped that hell hole a couple years ago after spending twelve years there and he still complains that he never feels warm."

"And he willingly went back there to save Harry?" Sam asked in awe.

"You will do anything for the ones you love," Remus answered simply.

Dean and Sam looked knowingly at each other. They had literally been to hell and back for each other...multiple times. They wouldn't hesitate to switch places with the other to rescue them from a place like Harry had been locked in.

"So, are you ever going to come clean about everything?" Dean asked bluntly, glancing at the man from his rearview mirror. He was a fucking damn good hunter and all his warning bells were going off out loud and clear.

"You know enough," Remus sighed, he had hoped that they would leave well enough alone. "You know Harry was horribly abused as a child, locked away in a prison in the middle of the North Sea in inhumane conditions that caused his already fragile mind to shatter, and that we rescued him and if his disappearance is discovered then he will be hunted and killed."

"There's a lot that you're leaving out," Dean growled in frustration.

Remus wanted to tell them everything, but something was holding him back. Maybe it was the way the others had reacted when they thought that he was a werewolf. Whatever it was, he couldn't risk them hurting Harry over the truth. He was going to have to have a long talk with Harry about not exposing his magic.

"There is," Remus admitted, "but I told you all that I can tell you."

"What about the people after Harry?" Sam asked before Dean could snap at the man. "Is there anything you can tell us about them?"

"They're very powerful," Remus admitted. "They have ways of tracking Harry that could possibly make it impossible to hide him. You will know if they find you, there won't be much you will be able to do against them."

"We can better protect him if you tell us everything," Dean bit out in frustration. How were they supposed to protect Harry if they knew nothing about the enemy?

"I'm afraid if you knew everything that you wouldn't want to protect him," Remus said seriously. "What I told you is just going to have to be enough. Harry is a good kid with a heart of gold who deserves to have a family that will look after him and care for him. He's never done anything to hurt anyone yet he has been used and abused at every turn. Just get to know him for who he is, and not judge him on anything else."

Dean didn't like it, but he could tell that there would be no swaying the stubborn man. There was something big going on here and they had the right to know. It wasn't all just about protecting Harry, he also had to protect Sammy and his dad. How could he properly do that if he was running blind?

"Harry, are you alright?"

Shifting in his seat, Harry gave Remus a weak smile. "I'm fine, Remy."

Remus knew Harry well enough to know that there was something wrong and that he didn't want to bother anyone with his problem. "Are you hungry, pup?"

"I'm always hungry," Harry smiled, "but I'm not that hungry. Really, I'm fine."

Remus watched as Harry shifted again in his seat and looked anxiously out the window. "Do you need a drink?" he tried.

"No, I'm fine, Remy."

"Oh for crying out loud!" Dean cried in exasperation. "The boy has to take a piss."

Blushing, Harry nodded his head. "M'sorry."

"How did you know that, Dean?" Sam asked curiously. He too knew that there was something wrong with Harry, but he never would have guessed that.

"Because, Sammy, you use to do the same damn thing," Dean smirked. "There's a diner up the road, kiddo, can you hold it for a few more minutes?"

"I'm good," Harry answered, relieved that he would be getting to go soon.

He had been holding it for almost two hours.

"We'll be at Bobby's soon, but we should go ahead and grab a bite to eat at the diner. I don't think Bobby has used his kitchen in five years."

Remus gave Harry's hand a squeeze when he felt him tense. "Relax, Harry, remember, deep calming breaths. Everything is going to be alright. You don't just have me anymore, you also have Dean and Sam."

Closing his eyes, Harry took a couple of deep breaths. He wished that he could say that it was helping him, but he was still terrified of meeting his biological father. Everyone from Remus to Joe has said the John Winchester was a tough man that you didn't want to mess with. He wasn't going to want a broken boy trailing after him acting like a damn little toddler.

"Come on, mini me," Dean called chiperly as he hopped out of the car. "Let's go see about some pie."

The frown on Harry's face turned into a big smile as he climbed out of the car, and to the surprise of Dean, took his hand and looked adoringly up at him.

Shaking his head, Sam chuckled at the pair. Dean may deny it, but kids loved him. It probably had something to do with him being a big kid himself. "Real food first," he reminded. Harry was scary thin and malnourished looking. He needed good food to fatten him up and get him healthy. Unfortunately Dean wasn't exactly a role model when it came to healthy eating. He had a feeling that he was going to have to be the heavy when it came to getting Harry to eat his vegetables.

"Spoil sport," Dean muttered playfully to Harry. "Sammy boy is no fun at all."

Giggling, Harry shyly looked up at Sam. "I-I think he's fun," he said, not wanting to hurt his other brother's feelings. Dean was a lot more fun than Sammy, but Sammy could be funny at times, too.

Remus hung back as he watched the three brothers enter the diner. Dean and Sam were going to be good for his pup, he could already see Harry coming out of his shell a bit. He still had an enormous mountain to climb, but he would be able to leave knowing that Harry was on his way to conquering it. He would never be one hundred percent, but he was confident that he would be alright as long as he had his brothers. Hopefully John would accept Harry too and the three of them could be the family that his pup has always dreamed of.


Waiting until Sammy turned his head, Dean grabbed his napkin and stuffed Harry's last three pieces of broccoli in it and tossed it over his shoulder. Looking to his new little brother, who was silently giggling, he motioned for him to be quiet. "Way to go, kiddo," he said loudly. "Now that you finished your veggies, we can have pie."

Sam hadn't missed what Dean did, but there was no way he was going to let on, not with how Harry's eyes were sparkling with happiness and mischief. "Good job, Harry, do you want pie?"

"Please," Harry said, trying not to laugh too hard. He had tried to eat all his veggies, but broccoli was just gross. It was ok if cheese was melted on it, but this had been just plain steamed broccoli.

"Pie! Pie! Pie!," Dean cheered as he waved his hand in the air to get the waitress' attention.

"How may I help you handsome young men?" an older waitress asked.

"We would like some pie," Dean announced, slinging his arm over his little brother's shoulder.

"I have one slice cherry and one slice of peach left," the waitress informed.

"Cherry," both Dean and Harry said at the same time.

Nervously fiddling with his napkin, Harry looked shyly up at the waitress. "I'll have the peach," he said, even though he really didn't like peach pie. He would take it though so Dean could have the cherry.

Dean nodded his head to the waitress though he had every intention of giving Harry the cherry. Yes he liked cherry better, but pie was pie to him and he would happily eat the peach. It warmed his heart to see that Harry was going to give him the cherry even though it was plain to see that he didn't care for peach.

When the waitress returned with their pie, Dean grabbed Harry's plate before he could take a bite and switched them. "This peach pie looks too good to pass up," he said, licking at his chops.

Frowning, Harry looked between the peach pie and the cherry pie. The peach pie did look good, but the cherry looked much better. Picking up his knife, he cut his cherry in half and placed it on Dean's plate and then did the same thing with the peach pie.

"There, now we each have a piece of cherry and peach," Harry said nervously, praying that he hadn't upset Dean.

"That's my smart boy," Dean said proudly, ruffling the boy's hair.

Chest puffed out and proud of himself, Harry happily tore into his pie.

Looking to the oldest Winchester boy, Remus mouthed a quiet 'thank you'.

*** HP

"Whoa, this place is so cool," Harry cried as he looked out the car window.

"It's a car salvage yard," Sam pointed out.

"Yeah, but it's so cool," Harry said again. "I love cars."

"I'm liking this kid more and more by the minute," Dean chuckled. "Maybe I can teach him how to fix up a car."

"You never taught me," Sam frowned.

"That's because you never took your nose out of the books for me to teach you." Dean said, rolling his eyes at his brother. "You never cared to learn."

"True," Sam conceded. "I still don't have a desire to learn."

"I do," Harry piped up childishly.

Feeling exhausted, Remus gave his pup's hand a reassuring squeeze. Harry had been having a hard time mentally ever since they left the Roadhouse, but now, as they were getting closer to seeing John, it was only getting worse.

"Alright," Dean said, grinning at Harry through the rearview mirror. "I'll start teaching you everything I know about cars."

Jumping excitedly in his seat, Harry clapped his hands. "Maybe I can even drive."

"Sure thing," Dean said.

"No," Sam corrected, scowling at his older brother. "He's not old enough."

"Dad had us driving when we were fourteen," Dean reminded. "Besides, Harry's close enough to sixteen."

"I don't think it's a good idea," Sam said softly, thinking of Harry's mental health. For the most part the kid only had the mentality of a five year old.

Looking back in the rearview mirror, Dean gave Harry a wink. "Don't worry, grumpy Sammy isn't always around. Every boy needs to know how to drive. I think it's a law."

"It's not," Sam sighed, giving up for now. He knew that Dean was just trying to make Harry like him and help him feel comfortable.

Dean pulled up outside an old two story house that looked in desperate need of repairs. Cutting off the engine, he looked to the black truck that he parked next to. "Dad's here," he said, looking nervously to Sammy.

Whimpering, Harry practically crawled onto Remus' lap. "Please, can't we just go home? I'll promise to be good and take that mean man's icky medicine. Please don't make me go in there."

Having anticipated this, Remus had a calming draught in his hand.

"Is he going to be ok?" Sam asked, watching as the man poured some kind of strange liquid into the kid's mouth.

"Probably not," Remus sighed, "but there's nothing we can do about it. Harry has to do this, I can't take him back with me."

Seeing his dad through the front window, Dean nodded his head and took a deep breath. "Alright, let's get in there and rock his world."

"That's putting it mildly," Sam muttered as he got out of the car. He didn't know how his dad was going to react to the news about Harry, but hopefully he wouldn't upset the delicate kid. It wasn't Harry's fault that his dad knocked up some stranger in one of the Roadhouse's rented rooms close to sixteen years ago. It wasn't like his dad was going to take the boy on anyway, Dean and him would more than likely be taking care of him, just like how Dean had taken care of and raised him.

John Winchester may have been a good dad before his wife died, but ever since her death, all he could think about was hunting. He would sacrifice his life for his boys, but giving them a home and doing the family thing was something he couldn't be bothered with. He wouldn't change for them, and sadly he wouldn't change for Harry. If anyone needed a stable home it was Harry.