So here is my first attempt at writing something. I've been reading some stories about "SuperFamily" and I was inspired to write my own take on the concept (I love Cap and IronMan). Thanks for taking the time to actually click this one and I really hope you enjoy the story I've come up with!

I plan on incorporating aspects from the comics and films into this story, so some backstories may change so that characters and references can be integrated nicely. I apologize in advance if these changes offend/upset anyone.

I also imagined that Steve, Tony and the other Avengers are a little bit younger than they are depicted in the movies/comics. Just so that their ages make sense as Peter grows up.

And finally, I do not own anything Marvel. All properties mentioned belong to their respective owners.

SuperFamily: A New Addition

Chapter 1

Walking out of his private gym, Steve heard light snoring coming from the living room of the Rogers-Stark penthouse. The lights were dim, the flat screen TV was off, and a mess of dark brown hair was hanging over the armrest of the large sofa.

"Tony?" Steve called out gently as he crept towards his sleeping husband; a smile slowly formed on his face.

There he was, lying fast asleep in his favorite AC/DC t-shirt and work jeans; a light blue glow from his reactor shining on his face. Partially covering his reactor was another figure, a smaller body wearing a set of light blue pajamas. It was a little baby who was asleep too, huddled very closely to the warm blue light coming off of Tony's rising chest.

Steve moved closer and brushed his hand through Tony's curly locks, and was about to touch the baby's head…

"Good morning, Mr. Rogers, it is currently 7:30 am." A smooth English voice called out.

"Morning JARVIS, thank you." Steve quietly said as he rolled out of bed.

"You are very welcome sir." The AI chirped back, "Mr. Stark is currently in his lab, shall I let him know you are awake?"

"It's fine JARVIS, thank you." Steve replied as he looked at the empty bed behind him; the sheets were wrinkled and the pillow had clearly been used. "He must've woken up in the middle of the night." Steve said under his breath as he walked to the bathroom for a shower.

When he got out, Steve wrapped a towel around his waist and began to brush his teeth. Looking into the mirror, he couldn't help but think about his dream that night.

He had always wanted a family of his own, and he understood that Tony was happy with just the two of them. He also knew that Tony basically raised himself when he was little; when Howard Stark had become the biggest businessman in the world. So whenever the topic of kids came up, Tony always argued against it, and would say that he didn't want to turn out like his old man and end up neglecting Steve and their children.

He frowned at himself in the mirror then spat out the foam in his mouth. His train of thought was interrupted by a pair of arms that were wrapped around his bare torso.

"Thanks for the invite." Tony whispered with a wink into Steve's ear; the warm breath tickled, making the super-soldier smile, "Sleep well?"

"Yeah… thanks." Steve said nervously as he kissed Tony on the cheek.

Tony looked into Steve's eyes, and made a quick grin, "Pancakes for breakfast sound good?" he asked as he turned to face the open bathroom door, "Great! I wanted pancakes too!" he called out before Steve could respond.


It was 8:15 when Steve walked into the kitchen, now wearing a white muscle shirt and sweatpants, and sat down at the island counters in front of the stove that Tony was cooking on. He looked out at the giant windows to his left, the sky was clear and he could see a baby bird learning to fly; he noticed that he was frowning a little.

"I had another dream last night." Steve finally piped up.

"Was I in it? I had to have been in it!" Tony replied without looking at his frowning husband.

"You were," There was a pause, "and there was a baby too."

Tony finally looked up into Steve's eyes.

"Oh… you had one of those ones again." Tony said as he sat in the seat beside Steve, resting his head on the muscled shoulder next to him, wanting to avoid the incoming conversation, knowing that it would just become another argument.

"It's fine." Steve said as if he could read Tony's mind, "I get that you don't like kids."

"It's not that I don't like kids!" Tony barked with pancake pieces still in his mouth, "We've already talked about this hun, I don't want a child to be raised like I was! And besides, with what we do, how we live, it's not the best environment to raise a family. Look at what happened to Wanda."

Steve turned away. He couldn't help but remember the day the Scarlet Witch lost her twins, William and Thomas. Granted, they weren't really her kids. She just used her reality warping abilities to create twins for her and the Vision, and one day, they were just gone. Wanda spiraled into a deep depression and for a while, stopped going on missions with the team. It took months for her to recover, and even now, she still isn't the same.

"We aren't going to end up like Wanda," Steve said as he turned to Tony, "and you won't become your father. Just listening to you now, sounds like you're a better man than he was."

"And how do you know that?" Tony said sounding somewhat offended.

"You're actually concerned about a child we don't even have!" Steve shot back, "You keep saying how you don't want kids, but your reasoning is always based on your own behaviour. That should mean something!" Now Steve was holding back tears, he hated arguing with Tony, and having kids was always a touchy subject.

Without waiting for a reply, Steve got up from his half eaten breakfast and walked over to the window and just stared out into New York City, still fighting the urge to cry. "Why am I even upset?" he asked himself, "This shouldn't even be bothering me." Suddenly, he felt two arms wrap around him again, and he melted into the soft kisses on his shoulder and neck.

"I'm sorry," Tony said softly in between his kisses.

Steve smiled to himself. Tony had become a better human being since they had gotten together. Sure, he would still be an ass sometimes, and his snarky comments would burst out of the inventor's mouth without warning, but Tony learned to understand when Steve was hurt or upset. This was one of those moments. For a while, the super couple stood together, watching the bustling city below them, they were content in each other's arms.

"Sir, Ms. Potts would like to come in." The English voice ruined the moment.

"Well tell her I'm busy!" Tony snapped as a screen appeared on the window. It was Pepper standing outside the door to the penthouse.

"I'm afraid she's getting rather upset."

"Let me talk to him JARVIS!" the angry red-head called out.

"Fine, let her in." Tony said as he rolled his eyes, let go of Steve, and walked towards the bedroom.

A flurry of angry words came through the door as Pepper walked in, her black high-heels clicked loudly on the hardwood floor below her. But her tone suddenly changed when she realized it was Steve waiting by the sofa.

"Steve!" Pepper exclaimed, "Sorry about the yelling and the bad words."

"Don't worry about it," Steve said as he kissed Pepper on the cheek lightly.

"So, where is that husband of yours?"

"I'm not too sure actually. I think he went into the bedroom. Have a seat, would you like some water?"

"Thank you Steve, but I'm fine." Pepper smiled as she sat on the sofa.

"What did Tony forget this time?" Steve jokingly asked the very upset woman across the room.

"Oh the usual, he's late for some board meetings… again."

"I'm sorry, I guess I must've lost track of the time," a sarcastic voice called from the hallway behind them.

Pepper turned around to see Tony Stark wearing his business suit and shades, his hair was combed back but still messy, and there was a snarky smile smeared on his face.

"You my dear, are the one that's late." Tony said as we walked towards the now red-faced Pepper. "My meeting was supposed to start at 9 o'clock and you're here at 9:15."

"Oh it's my fault now?" Pepper said to her boss, "Happy was waiting for you downstairs for 30 minutes and now you're blaming it on me?"

Tony opened his mouth to respond.

"Not another word." Pepper said sternly as she grabbed Tony by the arm and pulled towards the door, "Bye Steve!" She yelled with a smile.

"Love you Cap!" Tony called.

Steve just smiled as the door closed.


It had been almost an hour and half since the start of the meeting at Stark Industries and Tony was clearly bored. He was playing around with the pen in front of him as a member of the board was giving his presentation on the proposed deal with Oscorp when the doors to the meeting room swung open.

"Agent Hill! You can't barge in like this; he's in the middle of a meeting!" Pepper yelled from the desk outside the room, causing a few heads in the room to turn.

"He won't mind," Agent Maria Hill called back coldly, "isn't that right Mr. Stark?"

"No, not at all!" Tony chuckled as he got up from his chair at the end of the table, "I'm all yours!"

Tony followed the SHIELD agent down the hall and out the door, "What does Fury need now?" he asked while loosening the tie around his neck.

"There's been an attack on a science facility outside of New York. No suspects yet, but the research being done is sensitive material. Fury wants you to contain the situation." Hill said without looking at the scurrying businessman behind her, "We've already got Widow, Hawkeye and Captain Marvel on the ground."

The pair made it out of the building where Happy was waiting outside of Tony's car.

"I'm gonna need the case, Happy." Tony said quickly.

Happy pulled a briefcase out of the trunk and threw it onto the ground, "There you go, sir."

Tony stepped into the case and was immediately wrapped in his 'portable' suit of armour. He looked over at Agent Hill, nodded, and was in the air.


"Sir, what is happening out there? I'll suit up if you need me to." Steve was yelling at the hovering screen in front of him, Director Fury was on the other end.

"No!" Fury yelled over the chaos behind him in the SHIELD control room, "I've got Stark, Romanoff, Barton and Danvers over there already. They've got it contained! And don't even think about contacting your husband."

"I should be there Sir!" Steve was pacing the room now, his arms were folded around him and the glowing screen followed where he went. Fury ignored his 'request'.

"JARVIS! I want the news-feed on what's happening with the Avengers." Steve called out, his voice was stressed and frustrated.

"Right away sir."

Another screen appeared in place of Fury's face; the live feed from WHiH News with a blonde woman on the field, Christine Everhart. A building was on fire behind her, and Natasha and Clint could be seen helping fleeing scientists out of the blaze.

"As you can see behind me, four members of the Avengers are trying to contain the fire that followed an attack on a science lab just outside of downtown New York." Everhart said into the camera, "No suspects have been identified, and NYPD are currently looking for any evidence that can help find who may have caused this."

The camera zoomed in on Iron Man flying into an open window; smoke billowed out of the same opening. Steve's heart stopped beating as he waited for Tony to emerge, the seconds he waited felt like an eternity.

"She's coming down!" The fire chief called out in the background; policemen and firefighters began to flee the inferno. Captain Marvel swooped down and picked up an injured Black Widow, while Hawkeye helped one last scientist out of the main entrance. Iron Man still hadn't come out of the building.

"Come on Tony." Steve said to the screen as the building began creaking under the weight of the upper levels. He wasn't breathing now; he didn't want their morning argument to be their last conversation.

Steve was just about to faint when a red and yellow figure, holding an unconscious woman, came flying out of the collapsing building. "Thank God!" Steve heard himself scream out into the empty living room; a sense of relief washing over him.


"Don't ever do that again!" Steve said into Tony's neck as he wrapped his arms around his very tired husband.

"Did you really think I was gonna let a building take me down?" Tony asked with a small smile on his face, "You and I have been through much worse."

"Yeah I know, but Fury wouldn't let me near the building and he wouldn't tell what was going on, and I got worried, and I couldn't call you either. I had to watch the news to find get my updates and I was so scared. I had to be there! I'm an Av-"

Steve's babbling was interrupted by a kiss on the lips from Iron Man.

"Don't worry about me. I am fine." Tony said before he planted another one on his shaky husband's cheek. "How's Nat?"

"She's downstairs, with Banner" Steve replied as they walked towards the elevator to the Avengers' floor of the tower.


The Next Morning…

Tony woke up on his own, realizing that he had asked JARVIS to let him and Steve sleep in for a bit. He turned to his left to see that the bed was empty.

"What time is it JARVIS?" He said; his voice still raspy and tired from his superhero-ing that night.

"It is 11:18 am, sir."

"And where's Steve?"

"Mr. Rogers is downstairs, in the Avengers' common room."

"What the hell is he doing down there?" Tony asked.

"He is with Director Fury, sir."

"You couldn't tell me that when I asked where he was?" Tony said sarcastically.

"I don't know, sir. You did program me."

"Remind me to update your common sense modifications." Tony shook his head as he walked out of the bedroom, towards the elevator, still in his pajamas.


The doors opened, and Tony was surprised to see the other Avengers and Pepper gathered in the room. Sitting at the end of the long couch was Director Fury and sitting across from him on the armchair was Steve; his back to the elevator.

"What's with the party? Thanks for the invitation Nick." Tony said as he walked towards his friends, "Something wrong, Steve?"

Steve got up very slowly, still facing away from Tony. As he turned around, Tony could feel his mouth drop very slightly. Now he knew why everyone was here.

"Morning Tony," Steve said with a smile, "say hi to Peter." He was holding a baby boy.

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