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Anonymous said: Just read the last chapter of 100 years quest and omg . Theres a panel where juvina is like " shes not gonna wait for you forever lover boy " and I just thought wouldn't it be amazing if like juvia actually gave up and because grays now obviously in love with her he try's to make her fall in love with him all over again I would love to see that in some kind of fanfiction or smth ly


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Gray looked at Juvia sitting next to the fire across from him, giggling at something Natsu said and he felt such an ugly thing in his chest, it was crazy. Those were Natsu and Juvia. Fire and Water. They didn't mix it very well, but at the moment, it looked like they did.

Natsu was most likely telling her about the Water God Dragon by the way he exaggerated on his hand gestures to make a point and Gray narrowed his eyes when Juvia put a hand on Natsu's knee as she laughed.

As if Natsu was that interesting, he thought, bitterly. So what if he kind of slayed a dragon and almost turned into one himself?

Big whoop.

You shouldn't assume she'll always be waiting for you, Lover Boy.

Gray stopped chewing the cooked rabbit he was eating and his frown deepened when he remembered Juvina's words just a day before and glanced back up to where Juvia was sitting way too close to Natsu.


He was thinking crazy things, Natsu was an idiot and Juvia was… well, Juvia. She wouldn't give up now, would she? It did take him years to come to voice his feelings – even if it was to a Juvia look-alike instead of the Water Mage herself – but Juvia and Natsu? Nah. No. Nope. Nein. Never.

Gray knew Juvia, the last time they were together, she was all over him, that wouldn't change in a couple of weeks, right?

You shouldn't assume she'll always be waiting for you, Lover Boy.

Stupid Juvina.

Fine, she wasn't stupid, she was very nice and helped him a lot, but he needed to blame someone and if he started to blame himself, it would spiral really fast.

He had been the idiot who hadn't talk about his feeling to her. Juvia would've understood why he wasn't ready. Hell, he knew she was aware why she never pushed him more than he was comfortable with; she knew him better than he knew himself, sometimes. It was uncanny.

And a little adorable, if he was being honest with himself – which he, since talking to Juvina, tried his best to be, at least inside his own mind.

So… looking at Natsu and Juvia and seeing her all way over there instead of having her by his side made him… jealous?

The Ice Mage actually groaned in annoyance. Yeap, that was jealousy right there – he felt that way every time Lyon was around Juvia even though he knew Lyon did it on purpose to get him riled up and succeeded so it was quite obvious now what he was feeling.

Crap. Who would've thought one day he would be jealous of Natsu and Juvia? The most unlikely people in the world to have anything going on between them?

"That is so weird." He heard Lucy say and he looked to his side, where Lucy was seated by his side, Wendy on her other side, next to Natsu. Gray followed the blonde's line of sight and she was staring at Natsu and Juvia as well.

"I know." Gray told her.

"Usually she's all over you." Lucy puffed her cheeks in annoyance and Gray would've laughed if he hadn't been in the same situation as her. "As far as I know, they were never that… chummy with each other." The pretty blonde scowled. "Sure, they are friends, but that's becoming ridiculous. I'm with Natsu most of the time and Juvia's by your side, usually. That" she used her chin to indicate the couple "makes no sense at all and Natsu is too much of an idiot to see it."

Gray snorted at that. "Yeah, he is. Welcome to Jealousy Club. I'm glad to know I'm not alone." He said, mockingly but with a lot of truth behind it. Lucy looked up to him in surprise because of his admission of being jealous and the Ice Mage just shrugged. "I'm not fighting it or making excuses anymore."

"About damn time!" Lucy actually smiled at her friend and then her smile vanished. "I am not jealous, by the way. Natsu can date whomever he likes." She tried to day nonchalantly.

He raised an eyebrow. "First of all, Natsu will never date Juvia. That is not happening in a thousand years. She and I went through too much shit for whatever we have, be over just when I got my crap together." He snorted and then smirked. "And I never said you were jealous of Natsu dating anyone. People get jealous over friends all the times. You are the one who jumped the gun and assumed I meant something more. Why is that, Lucy?"

Lucy's face started to get red and flustered. "I- This- It- Shut up, Gray." She mumbled. "I miss your denial-phase right now."

The Ice Mage smiled but then looked back at Natsu and Juvia and he almost jumped over the fire when he saw Juvia was whispering something in Natsu's ear and by the way Wendy was blushing, she could hear everything and it had to be something dirty or weird.



That was it.

Gray got up, gaining attention of everyone around the fire. "Alright, it's late and time to go to bed. Now that we have an even number, Juvia and Lucy can share a tent, Erza and Wendy another, Natsu and I will make do."

For a second, he could swear he saw a look of hatred coming from Juvia, making the hairs behind his neck to raise, as if he was in imminent danger, but as quick as it came, it went away and her eyes were kind and sweet again. "Alright, Gray-sama."

Something was wrong.

He didn't know what, he didn't know why but something was happening to Juvia and he could feel it in his bones. Gray would need time to gather more information, though: as far as he knew, he had screwed up in some way (again) before he left and she was mad at him, but in his gut he knew that wasn't it.

"Lucy." He whispered and she stopped gathering her things for a moment and looked at him. "Keep an eye on Juvia." He told her and she frowned. "Something's off." Her frown deepened. "I can't explain exactly, but it is. Juvia didn't pout or whined when I said the sleeping arrangements, usually she would at least mock fight to get us in the same tent."

The blonde nodded. "If you say so, I believe you. Don't worry."

"Thank you."

The moment Juvia said her good night to everyone and didn't fawned over Gray before going to the tent she would share with Lucy, Gray was certain: something was wrong.

He just needed to figure out what.


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