Robin Hood

My little outlaw

Summary- Much feels like he's been pushed around for to long and decides running away is the best option. Not like anyone would miss him anyway right? Meanwhile Little John goes insane trying to find his friend.

Chapter one-

Much felt tears slip down his cheeks as he snuck outside as his friends slept, the kid barely cried but it had all been to much lately all the arguing and fighting and the fact he was never good enough the last straw had been when the guys found out he slept with a teddy bear a stuffed brown dog with black beads he didn't have the heart to get rid of, they'd teased him so bad about it not even caring that he was emotionally attached to the thing and while teasing they'd dropped it in the pond accidentally Much didn't wait for them to say anything and ran off, and so that's how he decided it may be better to venture alone and be his own chief. He loved his boss like a brother and maybe that was the problem. Besides he didn't need a silly family or to get attached to people he knew he would end up getting hurt in the long run. Running towards the forest away from home he decided going opposite Robins house was best as Robin would ask why he weren't with little John, they were always together. Much ran until he was at least in the middle of the forest and sat down getting himself comfortable. But he was not there for long before he felt a hand cover his mouth panicking he immediately started to struggle and try crying for help.

It was Barons soldiers! They'd captured Much and were debating on what to do with him he wasn't Robins family they had wanted on of his cousins so they could be bate for Robin, this was Much Little Johns right hand man but the captain wanted to keep him he had seen the kid with Robin before so they must at least know each other and it wasn't Robin style to let them hurt a kid no matter if they were friends or not. So they kept him gagged and tied tight with ropes and tied him high up dangling on a tree while they ate there lunch not noticing a little girl watching with big scared eyes taking a look at Much she ran off though the east of the woods.


Jenny ran as fast as she could towards home Robin would rescue Much he just had to. They may be thieves but there good and Much had helped her out on occasions to like when Winifred was kidnapped, or when everyone had been mean to her he'd offered her an apple as she looked hungry she now felt guilt running from him.

Running home she screamed for Robin at the top of her voice Little John and his men where there as well looking upset she briefly thought they'd know Much had been captured then shook her head knowingly Little John argued with her cousin every chance he had but he was a great leader and loved Much he wouldn't be arguing now he'd be running to beat the soldiers to a pulp. It often frightened her how Little John was so loud sometimes but she had to help her friend, so taking a deep breath and trying to ignore the fact Little Johns face was red and he was throwing chairs and stuff she ran toward her cousin and friend shouting that soldiers were here and they had captured poor Much….