No Where But Up

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Author's note: Now that has been said this fanfic will take place during the Lope Italy wedding and this is what would happen in my mind if Steffy choice not to let Bill get into her head and stayed in LA like she played to, which funny enough that scene with her and Bill was the first I have ever seen Bold and the Beautiful. Also depending where you are reading this fic on either Fanfiction or AO3 this will be a crossover with Passion's and more specifically with Fox Crane. Years later I am still not over what they did to his character once Justin left the role for primetime, it was disgusting.

Let me know what you think constructive criticisms are welcome. Also fir warning if you are a Hope, Brooke, Ridge, and Liam they may not be portrayed in the best light I will not to outright bash them, but if you feel that this will be a problem for you turn back now. I will try to give warnings for any potential shade that maybe thrown each chapter.

Chapter One

Steffy stared into her glass full of vodka tonic thinking back to the last conversation she had with her one time lover and now former father-in-law, Bill Spencer, and the doubt he was trying to put into her head about her choice to stay in LA rather than go to Italy. Despite her best efforts to do otherwise Steffy spent the rest of the day playing out all of the possible scenarios of what would happen if she did get on that plane to Italy. Sadly they all ended with her being painted as the villain in the love story of Hope Logan, and she for one is over being blamed for decision's other adults make.

Sure she acknowledges that her actions where not innocent by any means, but at least she owns her part and not deflect to the closest person. Steffy has to admit she never expected this type of stunt from that chastity toting shrew. As much as she hates it she has to give it up to Brooke and Hope 'never let it be said that those two won't scheme to get what they want and stamp destiny across it'.

"Steffy what are you doing? We still have time stop them before it's too late"

The voice snapped her out of her heartbreak for the moment and drew her attention to the older woman beside her. Her mother, Taylor Hunter Forrester, one of two of her remaining female idols she still has the other being her beloved grandmother and name sake, Stephanie Forrester. As she stared at her mother's face she did not find it strange that she looked ready to cry. Most of the memories she has held of her mother were with that very face. Eyes shining with heartbreak it was rarely ever happy tears that trailed down her face. She has seen her mother lose her heart to men who did not deserve her loyalty and love, and sadly one of those men was her own father.

Ridge Forrester, the man in the center of a majority of the drama that was her childhood. Constantly moving back and forth between families , her mother and her soon to be step mother for the millionth time, Brooke Logan, allowing it to happen. Was this going to be the rest of her life following the path laid out by the women who raised her? Was she to be the next generation of women placing her happiness in the hands of a man who does not know what he wants? Was she ever going to unwittingly put her child in the middle of it all?

"No", Steffy didn't even realize she whispered the word as she turned away from her Mom once again to down the drink in front of her enjoying the burn as it went down her throat.

"Steffy what are you talking about?" Taylor said in confusion on why her daughter was not out there fighting for the love of her life.

"I mean exactly that. I am not going to anything, but sit in this bar and who knows maybe I will find myself a bit of fun" Steffy stated as she turned her attention to trying to get the bartender to refill her cup and just her luck it was Oliver's night. 'Huh, Oliver? Now that was some fun', Steffy thought as she sent a wink his way when he turned back towards her side of the bar.

"Why? Steffy snap out of it, you're not thinking clearly!" Taylor grabbed her daughter's shoulders to turn her back to face her.

"No Mom! Look I know you won't understand, but I'm thinking more clearly than I ever have before" Steffy sighed "I always thought we had to win against the Logan's, that it was us against them. When the truth is we have to fight for ourselves and win against the history we're trapped in". Steffy turned back to her mom.

Taylor was unsure what to do with this change in attitude in her usually stubborn daughter, who never tends to give up when she sets her mind to something and as far as she could tell that is exactly what Steffy was doing, giving up. Not just on Liam either from the sounds of it either. As confused as she is by the turn she gave her daughter her support none the less and stepped closer to her.

"If that is what you want to do than I will stand behind you. Do you want me to stay with you?"

Steffy shook her head "No, that's alright Mom. You go home, I will call you in the morning okay?"

"Are you sure you don't want me to stay with you it would be no problem?" Taylor asked not feeling right at the thought of leaving her heart broken daughter by herself in a bar of all places.

"Mom, I will be fine. Besides I doubt Oliver would let anything bad happen to me, right Ollie?" Steffy asked as he refilled her glass.

"Don't worry Taylor, I will keep an eye on this party animal" Oliver replied before going on to cater to his other clients.

"See nothing to worry about Mom, now go home it is way past your bed time." Steffy said forcing Taylor to pick up her purse and leave the club.

"Fine, just call me in the morning." With that said Taylor kissed her daughter on her head and made her way out of the club oblivious of the up and down looks she was getting from the younger men as she made her way past them.

Steffy smiled at the naivety of the effect Taylor was unaware she still has in men. Even though she has been married a number of times and has given birth to three children, four if you count baby Jack, to show for it.

Who knows maybe if she gets her act together she could help her Mom in the love department.