Heavy as the Crown

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Author's note: This story will not follow either show to the exact, some things will be changed to fit the story so consider this an AU. For other characters will be mentioned, BUT for the most part the story will focus on Steffy and Fox. All reviews are welcome as long as they are constructive!

Past relationships will have some shade thrown on them so that means a few people will not be seen in the best light.


Taylor sat in her seat just watching her only son pace his office looking at his phone in frustration.

"I mean they're even calling them St. Fox, the house of sex and money. Have you seen what they have saying about Steffy, Mom?" Thomas said looking at his mom phone still being held tightly in his hands.

"Yes Thomas. I too have a magical device that lets me see what is happening not only in the world, but also that of my daughter when she is not within my eyesight." Taylor sarcastically replied to her son for the third time that she is aware of what is happening.

" This is serious Mom, have you been able to reach her? Every time I try it goes to voicemail."

" No, I have still not been able to reach her since you asked me 30 minutes ago, Thomas. Look honey, I am going to tell you the same thing I told your father. I know your worried about Steffy, but you know her, she can handle herself just fine she doesn't want nor need us hovering over her right now" Taylor said as she caught his arm forcing him to stop him walking around her and focus on what she is saying to him.

"Yeah when it comes to business, but you put a guy in front of her and she loses herself "

Taylor smiled slightly, "You mean like her romantic older brother"

"Hey! We're not talking about me right now. We're talking about that guy crazy wild child of yours"

"Thomas" Taylor sighed, " I have heard your concern and believe me I am not blind to my children's weakness" Taylor held her hand up to stop him from interrupting her, "However, I have heard your sister's too and she is adamant in breaking this us vs them cycle. Trust me nothing is more of an eye opener and hands-off sign then your daughter telling you that they don't want to follow your own weaknesses. Don't argue with me right now Thomas, it's true. "

Thomas let out a defeated breath and took the seat next to his Mom, "I hate seeing her like this especially when she is hurting already because some man has once again disappointed her, usually it's Dad, which I can handle but anyone else I can't seem to get through to her. But fine I will let this go. I still hold the right to say I told you so when this blows up"

"Of course, now if you excuse me I think I am going to follow your sister's example and find myself a nice warm body to keep me company" Taylor said heading towards the door


The look of pure horror on her son's face was too much and she started to laugh, "I'm joking honey, though I am meeting an old college friend for lunch"

The horror was replaced with confusion and suspicion "Well that's cryptic" Thomas said sarcastically before continuing " What's this friend's name?"

"Oh, look at the time I'm going to be late. Bye, honey."



Meanwhile in Harmony

Tabitha watched as Kay and Ivy argue with pure amusement at the chaos that the news of Fox's new arm piece was causing.

"This is all your fault! I warned him that you were no good for him and now because of you my son is with harlot of LA!"

"My fault?! Oh no this started long before I came into the picture! If your family wasn't so screwed up Fox wouldn't have had to try to make a family he felt he didn't have!"


"Ivy, you have five seconds to get the hell out of my house before I drag you out by your cheap wig" Kay threatened as she felt the throb of the slap still on her cheeks.

Glaring at her Ivy took her purse and headed for the door already coming up with ways to get to once again save on of her son's out of the arms of yet another manipulative morally loose brunette.

"Well that was quite entertaining, I have to thank you dear" Tabitha replied causing Kay to turn and glare at her.

"Shut up Tabitha. I have to go try and get Maria to eat, she won't let Miguel do it since he's not Fox" Kay snapped as she made her way to the kitchen

Tabitha chuckled to herself, "St. Fox, indeed"


HI guy's I know it has been for ever but things have been rough on the old thought bubble, but I see that Steffy and Bill might be heating up again, now whether it's real or revenge on Liam, I don't know but I am still here for the new drama.

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