Title: Soulmates
Author: Dragoneyes
Summary: Catti-Brie watches a wrestle between two of her friends.
A/N: This story was written in the train while going home from school, so it might be a little weird...

Black skin, black fur. Smooth muscles locked in a seemingly everlasting grip. On the ground you twist, kicking the dust up around you as you roll on the ground - two shadows captured in the other's embrace. So alike, only the white hair telling who is who.
Then you are on your feet, one on two, the other on four, and races down the lane, first in this direction, then in the other. Strong and swift you fly across the plain, and I follow you in my heart, knowing I do not have a chance of keeping up.
As long as I remember having known you, you have been racing, sometimes with me, sometimes without. And I know that when I leave this place, you will still be here, chasing each other.
One catches up with the other, and once again you land on the ground, fighting to gain the upper hand.
A drow, a panther. So alike. Two panthers, in spirit and body both.
Agile and silent, always decending on your foes like brids of Death. Yet now, at the time of peace, laughter and purrs fill the air.
Then, one wins, pinning the other to the ground with giant paws, though gently and careful of not harming, and claims the victory with a lick. The illusion is broken, and I now see only a pair of friends, playing together as would a brother with a sister.
And as I sit in the evening, watching the sun setting, and resting my head on the chest of my beloved, I see the great panther jumping over the plain in great strides, chasing a flok of birds for sport. And when I look up at the black elf, whose arms encircle my waist, and see his purple-eyed gaze squinting against the glare of the setting sun, I cannot help but to notice the faint outline of the panther hanging over his features, a reminder of his spirit.
My panther, I cannot help but to think. My drow.
My Drizzt.