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This is going to be a regular time travel story, but it will be believable unlike many other stories I read which I found unbelievable, over-exaggerated and discontinued. Like soul-bond, inheriting skills they owned in the future etc. But in this story there will be none of it, but planned events and fun.

And this fanfiction will have Harry/Hermione pairing, but it will not be rushed into romance and it will not happen until the end of third year. If you are against Harry/Hermione pairing please don't read this and there will be Weasley bashing and minor Dumbledore bashing but eventual truce. I know there are a lot of stories like this but please don't judge me from this because I am writing this from my personal view.

December (2011)-

Harry potter, the boy-who-lived, the chosen-one, the one-who-vanquished-the-dark-lord, he had many titles, but none of which suited him even remotely. Harry Potter was returning to London for this year's Christmas after another rough year of hunting. It's been thirteen years since Voldemort's downfall, now Harry James Potter was nothing but a shell of his former self.

'Voldemort's downfall' an event that marked as the beginning of a new life, it seemed so far away like it happened a lifetime ago. After finishing his final year in Hogwarts following Voldemort's death, he became an Auror almost immediately. He was so driven to bring justice to all those people who suffered under Voldemort's reign and he satisfied his drive by hunting former Death-Eaters who were on the run.

Harry Potter was no pushover; he was a person who wasn't to be trifled with. He has destroyed many Werewolves' Dens and has killed at least a few dozens of the bloodthirsty ones by himself. Werewolf wasn't the only creature he hunted, he has decimated many giants and their colonies, so many were introduced to his wrath that their very kind was on the verge of extinction. He modified his Patronus charm, so that it could kill or fatally wound Dementors not to just scare them away and many individual Vampires who supported Voldemort's cause suffered by his hand.

Death Eaters were entirely another issue, because after Voldemort's fall many fled the country and the remaining went into hiding, many Death Eaters who survived the battle of Hogwarts had a good reason not to come back. He hunted the most dangerous ones by tracking them and he even went to other countries to continue his hunt, as a result only very few former-Death Eaters are still alive.

To the general populace of magical Britain, Harry Potter was an 'Investigative Auror' who travelled around the world investigating and hunting former-Death Eaters and many other Dark creatures, which directly or indirectly posed a threat to the society, to them he was hero. But only he knew, of all the things he sacrificed to willingly face danger every day, all in an effort to keep the general public safe. Harry Potter was a very famous writer, he wrote detailed books about his travels and hunting trips regarding Vampires, Werewolves, Dementors and Giants and surprisingly all of his books were best-sellers when he eventually published them. Honestly he didn't know if it was his fame or his crude way of writing that made his publications a huge success. He barely ever came home after his work, it's been three years since the last time he visited London, because he spent most of his time in other countries immersed into his work.

During the thirteen years away from home, he wasn't in any way idle. He attained Mastery in Legilimency, Occulumency, Alchemy, Arithmancy, Potions and Ancient Runes. He also conducted detailed studies and researches on Dragons, Basilisks, Graphorns, Chimaeras and Phoenixes and he successfully published study papers on all of them too. His research on dangerous creatures like Chimaeras, Graphorns and Basilisks acquired him the title of 'professorial research fellow' the equivalent of Professor in the wizarding world. With all his achievements, he was currently working on developing a much stronger form of Wolfsbane potion that would make a lycanthropy afflicted victim to think rationally and to give complete control of the victim's mind during werewolf transformation and induce a partial reverse transformation. He worked in all these fields to prove that he was worthy of his fame, which he enticed due to the continuous adventurous events in his early life. And most importantly he became a master duellist, so talented and specialized that he was sure that he can give Voldemort and Dumbledore a run for their money at his current skill level.

One may ask why he would consider Dumbledore as an opponent despite all the things the man had done for him. If asked, his answer would put lowlifes with a foul mouth to shame. He developed a deep repugnance towards Dumbledore's methods for all the manipulations and planning Dumbledore did for him during the Horcrux hunt due to its inefficacy and cost of life. He just wished that he knew the key details of Voldemort's secrets and then he surely could have saved the lives of hundreds maybe thousands who all died in vain for a mad man's dream. He later found out that Dumbledore orchestrated everything in his entire life, meeting the Weasleys and most of the events in Hogwarts were all planned by the old manipulative headmaster. To his detesting surprise he even found that Dumbledore made a marriage contract with the help of the Weasley matriarch regarding him and Ginny and that led him to believe that even his meeting with Ginny was planned. Everything in his life was a grand illusion where he was abandoned to find the reason for his own existence.

All of this knowledge brought out an uncontrollable rage, which he effectively channelled to keep his deep longing and sadness suppressed after his break up with Ginny. When he found out that Molly was helping Ginny use Confusing Concoctions, Twilight Moonbeams and Compulsion charms on him to keep him interested in her. That was the most concealed betrayal that urged him to lose all of his compassion and faith in people, because he found out that Molly Weasley only tried to set him up with Ginny, because their affiliation with Ancient House of Potter will be helpful in making Weasley family a Noble House. Surprisingly, Percy was the one who predicted and speculated all of this and explained it to him without spinning the truth. And this turned out to be one of the reasons why Percy moved away from the Burrows just as soon as he got his job in the ministry.

Finally when he had clarity in his mind, a refreshing effect which was the result of flushing away all the potions from his system and overcoming the charms placed on him, he realized that he still had feelings for his best friend Hermione. However instead of replicating his feelings for her, he distanced himself from Hermione and his friends, because Hermione was happy with Ron and he wasn't going to ruin it because of his selfish desires. During his time in school he was emotionally compromised and he was in constant peril due to the events in his schooling years, so he never realized how others felt about him. He always had problems that he had to supervise, that he completely forgot to show her that he needed and wanted her in his life, as more than a friend. That's what led her friendship with Ron to blossom into something more and that's what he wished that he could change.

To keep suppressing all these sadness caused by him failing to protect all those lives in the battle of Hogwarts and during Voldemort's reign all because of his inability to protect them, he threw himself at work and ran away from his problems. It's been years since he had talked to Ron or Hermione. Furthermore Ron and he had a fight, where Ron blamed him for breaking up with Ginny and he hadn't talked to Ron since then. And after Ron's and Hermione's marriage he hadn't talked to Hermione at all, because he was afraid of seeing them together, so he used it as the reason to constantly be away in other countries investigating many cases and targets.

He knew that Hermione and Ron had a five year old daughter named Rose and that he shouldn't interfere in their lives, but deep down he knew that he had to at least check up on them and maybe regain the friendship he lost. But for now he was on his way to Andromeda Tonks's house to meet the woman who was the only connection of a family he had and also to meet his Godson Teddy or Edward Lupin who will also be coming back from Hogwarts for the Christmas break.

Andromeda Tonks's House-

Harry walked up to the small yet pleasant house and knocked on the door. And minutes later a fine looking old woman opened the door and just as soon as she saw who was standing near the door, she hugged the boy she considered a son.

"It's nice to see you, Dromeda." Harry greeted and returned the hug.

"Long time, Harry…" Andromeda replied and released the hug.

"How are you? Are you coping with Teddy and his school life?" He asked as he walking inside and sat down on the couch.

"I'm fine and I am coping, because of your funds and your costly gifts make Edward more manageable during summer. But what I am interested in, is that you are traveling around the world and not bothering to come back home and having a life of your own." She asked as she was preparing a snack.

"I come here and within minutes you start asking me about my personal life." He joked exasperatedly.

"You loved a woman and she is married to another man, so what at least tell her how you feel you blithering idiot. And besides you don't have a personal life that I can inquire on about." Dromeda replied jokingly.

"That time has come and gone, Dromeda and you know that too. And for your information I have a personal life." Harry said as he walked to the kitchen and took the snacks and started eating, while sitting on the kitchen counter.

"Take the plate and go to the couch, don't sit around here." Dromeda scolded as she shooed him off.

"When is Teddy coming home?" He asked while eating his snacks.

"Day after tomorrow and I'm supposed to pick him up at King's Cross would you like the honour?" Dromeda asked him flippantly.

"I'll be happy to and besides I need to see my godson and spoil him all over again." Harry said as he sat down and relaxed after the long tiring day.

"Where are you going to stay?" Dromeda asked curiously.

"12 Grimmauld Place, of course…" Harry replied as he munched on his snack.

"All alone, Harry? Stay here in the spare room and give Teddy and me some company during the holidays." Dromeda suggested interestedly.

"I don't want to intrude…" He started, but was interrupted.

"Rubbish, you are staying here and that's final." Dromeda said sternly and walked back into the kitchen to prepare lunch for both.

"How long are you staying this time?" Dromeda asked as she began to cook.

"Just a few days, I'll be leaving to Romania after New year for my latest case." He replied to her tiredly.

"Then let us make the most of it Harry and I am assuming that you will be here for New Year with Ted and me?" Dromeda asked and to that Harry nodded.

Then they both had lunch and he started recounting his tales on his recent cases which occurred in the last few years.

Ron Weasley's House (After Holidays)-

Harry spent the most part of the Christmas and New Year with Teddy and Andromeda Tonks in their house and he had a lot of fun with his teenage godson. Teddy and him made it a point to visit tourist destinations all around Europe and enjoyed the free time and he didn't hesitate in the slightest and bought anything and everything his godson asked for, only to get tongue lashed by Andromeda, but he didn't mind. After the holidays he took his godson to King's Cross and gave him a proper send-off and gave him some advice to have some fun with girls and things.

Right now Harry was going to meet his former friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Weasley in their residence before going back to Romania. Ron's house was in the heart of a muggle settlement; it looked like a small but cosy house from the outside just like privet drive. He walked towards the house via the main street and knocked on the door, a few minutes later Ron opened the door and was astonished to see his long-lost friend.

"Harry, is that you?" Ron asked still surprised to see Harry.

"Yes, Ron it's me." Harry replied smiling.

"Come in…" Ron invited and he walked in and he saw that Ron was dressed for work and he guessed that Ron was getting ready to go to work.

"Is this a bad time? If it is, then I'm really sorry for intruding." He apologised, while Ron waved it off.

"Just getting ready for work…" Ron said and walked upstairs and then a few minutes later Ron came back down into the living room and sat next to him on the settee.

"Ron, I came here to apologize about what happened between us and for why I left without as much as a good bye, so I'm sorry. I will be happy to start over again." He said breaking the awkward silence.

"It's okay Harry, I shouldn't have reacted like that either; I just let my anger get the best of me when you said that you broke up with Ginny, so its fine." Ron said and he nodded even though he noticed that Ron wasn't even slightly sincere in it.

"Where are Hermione and your daughter Rose?" He asked to change the subject.

"They are both staying in the Burrows with my mother to help her with things." Ron replied being straight-faced, but he sensed another magical presence in the house and also with him being a 'Master Legilimens' he easily noticed that Ron was lying to him. He kept his face impassive and nodded without betraying any emotions.

"So I will see you later, Ron, maybe we can catch a drink later?" He asked to make it sound normal and stood up to move.

"Sure Harry, I'll be happy to…" Ron said with a smile and he sensed that Ron felt relieved as he walked out of the house.

Harry Potter wasn't by any means a fool, he waited in the neighbourhood until Ron left to work and then he walked to the backside of the house and found a small garden and a few trees. He quickly hid himself behind one of the trees and waiting for the right opportunity to check what was going on. The garden looked neglected and the hedges needed a good trimming, meaning that nobody was looking after the backyard, but the windows and the door all looked very clean. Why would someone care for one and neglect the other, because both came under the same category of cleaning for appearance's sake. And within an hour the back door opened and a tired looking Hermione with bruises everywhere and busted lips and bags under her eyes slowly walked out. He sluggishly emerged from behind the tree with a shocked expression on his face, as he made himself visible and stood a fair distance away, straight across her. It took her a moment to notice him and as soon as she did, she looked at him for a long minute and broke down and started crying.

"Harry…" She said in a weak voice, which pained him.

"Hermione…?" He said impassively and walked beside her and he slowly lifted her up and guided her into the house.

He went to the kitchen and made a pot of tea for both himself and Hermione. And he gave her a cup of tea and sat down facing her and drank some tea waiting for her to begin, but he noticed that she was hesitating to begin, so he asked trying to facilitate the process.

"What happened to you?" He asked calmly. Hermione didn't answer, but her lips quirked and then finally she sniffed a few times and answered.

"It's Ron…" She said and he immediately understood what was going on.

"Since when…?" He asked calmly and impassively.

"Harry, please promise me that you won't do anything to Ron, It'll ruin everything." Hermione almost begged.

"Since…when?" He asked again taking another sip from his tea cup, while insisting the question.

"Five years." She replied and that caused him to lose control, as he stood up and threw the cup in rage and this caused Hermione to start crying again, but this time more fiercely.

"Explain… How? When? Why?" He almost demanded, but since he didn't get any answer he calmed down and kneeled on one knee right in front of her and looked in her eye and asked softly.


"It started five years ago, just after Rosie's birth, when we got into an argument, which I started about how my parents must have an active role in Rosie's childhood. At first it began as a small pinch or a slap, but then our sex life got rough then slowly it progressed into outright abuse. When I tried to defend myself, he took my wand away and snapped it and then it got even worse as the regular beatings began." Hermione said, while still crying and sniffing.

"Why didn't you just get a divorce?" He asked in an annoyed tone, irritated by this weak Hermione, because the girl he loved was a bossy and confident witch and she was not there.

"Rosie is a Weasley by blood and now with Rosie's generation the Weasley family has become a Noble House, because Rosie is the tenth generation Weasley. If I divorce him now then they will get custody of my daughter and I will never see her again, because I'm in no condition to financially support her." Hermione explained logically.

"Financially support her? What happened to your job in the ministry?" He asked in genuine surprise, because he had no idea that Hermione quit her job and he never would've assumed it, because Hermione loved her job more than anything.

"Ron told me to quit it after we married, he said that I would have to take an active role in the family and I agreed after a long discussion." She explained her situation and he was getting angrier by the minute.

"And you agreed?" He asked in disbelief that Hermione agreed to quit her job.

"He told me it was only for a temporary period and that I can start again and I believed him." She replied in a disappointed tone, where the disappointment was directed at herself.

"With or without the Weasley family being a Noble House, you could have just asked Arthur to nullify the magical marriage bond between you and Ron and then you could've made some preparations to get your daughter back." He asked now thinking seriously of ways to override magical laws.

"Right now if I ask for nullification of my marriage bond and for the custody of my daughter, then they will delay it for years for it to transition into a ministry hearing. I'm not letting my daughter with them and escape, while they feed false details about how I betrayed Ron and the family and ran away. Rosie will hate me for it and I will kill myself if something like that happens." Hermione almost screamed, but it voiced out to be like a hoarse cough.

"Did you try to tell this to Molly or Arthur?" He asked again.

"I tried to write a letter to Arthur once and he obviously showed it to Molly, so it didn't see the light of the day and when Ron knew about what I did he punished me again." She replied weakly. Meanwhile Harry cursed himself for thinking that Molly will be any different than how she was to him.

"Did you try to contact anyone in the ministry or the prophet to tell what's actually happening in the households of Weasley family?" He suggested another way to get away.

"Yes, but most people in the prophet respect Arthur, so they won't do anything, and with Ron being the 'Junior Undersecretary in the Ministry' nothing goes past him, so it's useless. I have tried to do everything Harry, nothing works." Hermione replied again in a low tone.

"Have you tried to go away for a while and let things cool down, if it makes you feel any better, then take your daughter with you, we can work on the legal matters later on." He said confidently, because he did it once too many times regarding his own problems.

"Rosie and me being a part of the Noble House Weasley, they will immediately send aurors to find me and Rosie and I'm not sure that I can hide well in this condition, and to put my daughter through such an experience is something I don't like or prefer to do." Hermione replied again beating his suggestion.

"Well what choice do you have now other than that?" He asked a little more than annoyed.

"Why do you think my daughter spends most of the time in a year in the Burrows than here, Harry? Why do you think she isn't attending school right now?" She asked back fiercely, but still with tears in her eyes.

"They know that I'll try something like that, so that they can pin it all on me and make Ron marry another girl who have made marriage contract with the Weasleys, they don't want me they only want my brains to inherit into any children I may have with Ron. And I certainly won't give them the satisfaction of their plans coming into fruition." Hermione said a little egoistically and he smiled briefly as he remembered the girl he used to love was somewhere in there.

With that she slowly stood up with her tea cup and walked to the kitchen, so he walked to the cup he threw and cleaned it all up with a flick of his wand and he picked the cup from the ground and walked to the kitchen. But when he handed the cup to her, something caught his eye and he immediately caught hold of her palm and slowly moved her sleeve and saw bruises in her elbow that's when he saw contusions in her neck and he checked in her neck and saw hand prints due to choking. His anger flared and he calmed himself by actively using Occulumency.

"That bloody git, I am going to snap his neck the next time I see him." He cursed inaudibly under his breath, but Hermione heard him anyway and gave a weak smile, but immediately caught his arm and took him upstairs.

When they reached what looked like Rose's room, Hermione went and opened a closet and there was a thread in the right top corner in the back wall of the closet and she pulled it open and removed a small piece of wooden plank revealing a hole and then she reached into the hole with her hand and opened a lock from the inside and then she removed the entire closet's back wall which revealed a secret doorway. Hermione walked into the doorway and he followed and he saw an entire room inside, he found books lots of it and a table where many parchments of notes and other research items lying around. And then he saw the books he published which were preserved in a glass box.

"You bought my books?" He asked with a smile pointing to the set of books in the glass box.

"They are one of the best-selling books in the market, Harry." She replied as she tried to smile again, but couldn't as she was in obvious pain.

Then she took a wand out from the hidden drawer and gave it a swish and then the door closed immediately.

"You told me that Ron snapped your wand." He asked in an obvious tenor.

"Yes he did, but I convinced Luna to buy me another wand. It's not a perfect match but it's better than nothing and now I'm using it, but only in here and nowhere else, not even for daily chores." She replied a little disappointed.

"Luna as in Luna Lovegood…?" He asked to confirm.

"She is actually the one that helped me with finding the books and materials for my research." Hermione said as she thought of her helpful friend whom she thought to be the most unlikely of person, but still became the most treasured friend.

"You have been busy Hermione, finding a way to get out of this marriage by bending the old pureblood rules, I assume?" He asked smiling genuinely, because until now he was under the impression that the Hermione he knew was lost, but he was wrong she was still in there fighting back with confidence. And that's when he saw her fidgeting as he spoke and now he was suspicious of what Hermione was doing in here.

"You are researching about magical laws right?" He asked uncertainly this time around.

"No Harry…, I am working on a modified Hour-Reversal Charm." Hermione replied uncertainly just like he asked.

"Time-travel, you are working on…., you are working on time-travel. Are you out of your bloody mind, you must be mental to try something like that." He started berating her even after understanding how much Ron must have hurt her for her to think that time-travel was the only way to escape, but he stopped when she held her hand to silence him.

"I have no other way out than this Harry and you know this to be true. Until someone changes the laws in the ministry regarding pureblood families' influence and powers I have no way out. And I am pretty sure that no one in the ministry is ready to do that…" Hermione retaliated back strongly.

"You are the one who told me that time is a powerful thing and meddling with it will cause horrible things to happen to witches and wizards who try it. Now you want to go and break this rule even after knowing what may lay ahead might be lethal." He asked dubiously.

"Harry, I am not trying to physically transport myself to the past, I am just going to project my memories and soul into the past." Hermione replied and that actually caught his attention.


"Harry, going back in time where your original still being in the same plane will cause disastrous paradoxes in time-space… So I am going to send my memories back in time to my younger self's body, which will be enough to get out of the marriage and find someone else or be unmarried and to continue my goals of freeing the house elves from servitude and stripping off the old magical pureblood related laws." Hermione now had his complete attention while he was thinking about the possibilities.

After almost twenty minutes of intense thinking and discerning, he finally replied, "This may work, but still the risks are too great. Have you tested this before?" He asked her half convinced by Hermione's argument.

"I tried it once and sent my memory back successfully, but just a week into the past and it didn't cost me much magic to do it either." She replied happily.

"By my calculations if I empty my magical core and my life force then I will be able to send my memories back in time by five and half years." She explained her calculations as she sat down beside the table and handed her a written parchment.

"Then send yourself back and undo this mess, you'll be pregnant at that time and you can put some rules and agreements in marriage between you and Ron, things will work out perfectly." He replied being almost happy about the news.

"No Harry, I don't want to be married to Ron at all, I don't want this life. And we were married for more than a year before I conceived, I would at least want seven years to undo the mess completely and I know that's impossible with my magical core." Hermione replied in a clearly disappointed tone.

"Can't you go back to how long back as you can and do the same spell again and go back another two years or so…?" He asked her the obvious question.

"We only have one shot at this, because the amount of ripples you cause in the time-space stream due to this spell is phenomenal and it'll take a lot of time to stabilize again. Besides your mind will not be able to handle the stress again unless and until you have gotten a few years of recursive therapy." Hermione shot down his idea immediately.

They both thought for a while and then Hermione began, "Harry I have an idea, but this will include you too." Hermione asked waiting for permission.

"What do you mean?" He asked confused and dubiously.

Hermione took her wand and used a detection charm to analyse the size and strength of Harry's magical core and when she completed she looked stunned, but she immediately hid her astonishment and started calculating the time he could project back into.

"Harry with your magical core you can go back by almost thirteen years and a few months at maximum." Hermione replied to him happily.

"So?" He asked still confused of why Hermione measured his magical core.

"If you send yourself back anywhere between thirteen years and go back with my memories and show it to my younger self and then I will be able to undo everything and totally avoid Ron and the entire marriage." Hermione said clearly excited about the possibility.

"What is the benefit in it for me?" He asked jokingly, but he never expected Hermione to think hard about it.

"Hey that was a joke…" He said, but still Hermione didn't stop thinking.

"It's only natural or you to ask Harry, you have achieved many things in the past thirteen years and it will all be undone and you certainly can't leave your godson alone." Hermione said saddened, but suddenly Harry had another idea.

"Hey is there a way for me to go back more than thirteen years like during our first year in Hogwarts." He asked immediately finding it as an amazing opportunity to save countless lives and plans to kill Voldemort immediately after his resurrection.

"Why do you want to go back that much into the past?" She asked now shocked and confused.

"We can save many lives which include Cedric, Sirius, Tonks, Remus, Fred, Moody, Dobby and many more and for once in my life I will have peace." He replied almost pleadingly for it to be true.

"No, you can't, but we can, if we do it together if we use both our magical cores then we can send all our memories much back to the earlier years in Hogwarts, but still first year is a bit more, because we will need to send both our memories so twice the baggage and almost half more than in time-space." Hermione explained and sat down as she started calculating.

"We can send both our memories back to almost to the beginning of our third year maybe by the end of second year in Hogwarts. This may actually work." Hermione said now excited again.

"So we both will have our memories and almost everything we currently possess anything related to our minds in our twelve year old self, we can plan ahead with the knowledge and defeat Voldemort before things go too much out of hand and you will be able to avoid your life with Ron." He summarised the use and she smiled at him.

"This is why I love you…" He blurted out in excitement and the look of shock on Hermione's face said that he messed up big time.

"Love you like a sister…" He immediately recovered and he was relieved as he saw Hermione nodding impassively, but Hermione knew that there was more to what he said, so she made a note in her mind that she would investigate into it if she gets back to when she was thirteen.

"So we will talk about this tomorrow and make preparations for the Time-Warp later." He said trying to change the subject.

"We should do it later." Hermione said and then she opened the hidden door and both walked out after securing the entire place and then he did a few healing charms on her bruises on her elbow and neck.

After that they talked for a while and then he walked out of the house and bid his goodbye and apparated away to his home as it was almost time for Ron to come back home.

Few Days Later-

For the next few days he visited and talked to Hermione about the Time–Warp charm and how to refine it and what their plans and objective would be if it worked. Hermione suggested that they showed each other their memories just in case one of them makes it back and the other doesn't and they feel a need to convince the other. Hermione showed to Harry her memories regarding Ron's abuse and marriage and Rose's birth using a pensieve, while he showed her his adventures and his knowledge. Finally they fixed the date to the coming Friday and then they planned as such that nobody will follow them using their notes and find their bodies if it worked. That Friday Harry walked into Ron's house only to find Hermione waiting for him on the couch, while an unconscious Ron floating near the top of the room.

"You hexed him?" He asked her in a surprised tone.

"This bloody git deserved what he got for all the things he did to me for the last five years." Hermione said without an ounce of hesitation.

"And what did you do?" He asked uncertainly really not interested to know but asked anyway.

"Let's just say that he will never be able to reproduce or use his private part again and I obliviated all the good memories he ever had." She said with a heartless grin on her face.

"Important Note: Don't ever make her angry." He mused to himself.

"Well shall we go…?" He asked and lent her his hand and she took it and with that they both walked out of the house and apparated to Harry's house located in Scotland countryside. Harry prepared the house or the upcoming event, because the house didn't exist in any records in the wizarding world, as he bought it from a muggle business man under the name Harrison Evans.

Once they reached there, she went inside while he cast wards and charms around to secure his house. Hermione went in happily and found the place spotless and clean and the lunch was ready and placed around as they went into the kitchen.

"Kreacher…" He called out.

"Yes, master…" The old elf replied to his call.

"Kreacher, you've outdone yourself again." He said to the elf which appeared as soon as he called. The elf beamed at the praise and did all the work in profound happiness.

They both sat down at the table and ate silently as they had too much on their minds, Hermione was thinking about Rose and many other things that will be undone while Harry was excited about the idea of saving everyone and finally finding peace, but also worried about Teddy and Andromeda. And both were nervous too, he was nervous because of the doubt that if the Charm will really work, while she was thinking about the slip her best friend did when he said that he loved her.

"We will do the charm tomorrow, because we both will be perfectly rested with a good night's sleep and then we will try it early in the morning." He suggested and she nodded at it agreeing.

After lunch they talked and went through all the plans they discussed again, just in case for the worst case scenario. And that night both went to sleep with hopes and dreams for the past and its resultant future.

Next Morning-

"Kreacher, if our bodies go limp and we die after the completion of this charm then take our bodies and lay it in the place we prepared and preserve it with preservation charms. And then pledge your allegiance to Andromeda Tonks and her grandson Edward Lupin, but do not speak a word about this to anyone and even to them, even if they ordered you to do it." He instructed and the elf looked tearful at his command, but still nodded.

"Hermione, have you burned all of your notes and research and cleared out your place in Ron's house?" He asked to reassure himself and she nodded.

Both stood facing each other in the middle of the ritualistic circle and held their wand and started saying the long incantation while breathing steadily and being relaxed. Finally they locked their hands around each other in a tight hug and held their respective wands upwards and pushed as much as magic they could into it and finally their magical core was exhausted and their life force drained and the lights in their eyes vanished and they both fell limp.

Both of their souls were gone into a timeless dimension searching for their past to settles upon and begin again.

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