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Harry's prediction that their next few months would be hectic proved to be true. Not only did "Lizzie" turn out to be a handful, but her sister "Elsa" followed her partner everywhere. And he did mean everywhere.

In the spirit of keeping the peace, Owen had been delegated to handle Site B with his "Betas". Mostly because Lizzie kept trying to eat Elsa.

Hermione was still baffled at their names, since neither of them followed the same naming pattern as the raptors. Harry had seemed amused at her confusion.

"Lizzie is short for Elizabeth, as in Elizabeth Batheroy."

Hermione's face scrunched up, before recognition hit.

"The Blood Countess who thought the blood of young maidens could keep her young and beautiful forever, provided she bathed in it?"

Harry nodded happily.

"It can also be for Lizzie Borden," said Harry.

"Lizzie Borden, the girl who supposedly murdered her parents with an axe," said Hermione, catching on fast. "But what about 'Elsa'?"

"Owen watched the movie Frozen shortly before the eggs hatched, and since Elsa's skin was as white as snow..."

Hermione looked amused now.

"Elsa was the Ice Queen, right?"

"Yup. And Anna was too sweet and innocent, whereas Elsa had been jaded over the years. Besides, her hair was almost white," said Harry.

"Harry, don't take this the wrong way, but I fear for any children you have."


"Your naming sense is ridiculous."

"My naming sense? Have you seen my godfather's naming sense?" said Harry smirking.

Hermione made a face.

"Anyway have you heard the rumors? Everyone's expecting the new Indominus Rex to be part of the park."

"Not a chance in hell. Lizzie's too bloodthirsty for her to be part of the main park...the spinosaurus is dangerous enough to have around."

Harry had reached an...understanding...with Rexy. He gave her a baby to take care of, and she kept her to territory without trying to maul Alicia. Well that and he cheerfully told her while in 'Rex' form that he wouldn't be replacing the intruder once she was gone. So long as everyone kept to their areas, then they would be happy.

Though he did have to endure a stinging hex...or five...when Alicia from his school found out he had named a dinosaur after her. And she got a good look at it.

When Lizzie became full grown, Harry introduced her to Henry Wu via having her roar at him through his window. Wu actually shit himself when he realized what was outside his apartment on the island.

Seeing the look on Harry's face, Wu got the message.

No more combining DNA without his approval, or next time he'd be fed to Lizzie.

The only reason the rather aggressive hybrid even LISTENED to Harry was because he had taken his Indominus Rex form and forced her to submit.

"Okay, I'll bite. How the hell did you train Elsa to let you ride her when I've never dared to do the same with Talon?" asked Harry.

"Elsa is waaay better behaved than her sister Lizzie. She also understands that she's faster than me, but recognizes I'm the Alpha. So we've been working on drills that allow her to run while Blue and Charlie are on her back."

"I've done that before with Talon and the others, and they got used to balancing pretty quick. Haven't tested it out with Lizzie just yet."

Because until that red eye went completely green, he wasn't going to trust her in a field test. At all. She understood she wasn't allowed out of a certain area, and Harry had moved his bungalow farther away from the main areas of the island. If she tried to leave the area, one of the Pack would nip at her. Every night Harry made a point to re-establish dominance over her by using his superior bulk.

She would be bigger than the others, but if she wanted that spot as the other beta-female next to Talon, she had to earn it. The fact Harry had an Alpha-male scent meant she was willing to learn.

She could be taught teamwork, which was the only reason Harry hadn't immediately scrapped the eggs.

"Once she got used to us riding on top, she was ready to learn directions. I think she enjoys being part of the pack," said Owen proudly.

To be fair, she was almost faster than any broom on the island. Once she was full grown and knew her place in the pack, Owen was reasonably sure they could start patrolling the other islands.

Elsa had a much sweeter and more easy-going disposition compared to Lizzie.

"You are so lucky. I usually have to be the one carrying the three around with Lizzie following on my left," said Harry.

The reason he had never dared to try and ride Talon (at least not in the sense that he used her as a transport) was because he wasn't a complete idiot. Raptors were intelligent predators, and the second Talon got the first idea that she could throw Harry off and assume control of the pack, it would be game over for him and a good chunk of the school.

And by the time he did gain enough control over the pack that he might feasibly be able to ride her that way, he was too big and his animagus form negated the need. Even though he had Lizzie, and she was big enough to carry two of the raptors and himself, she wasn't trained enough to handle that sort of new command. She barely tolerated him as the Alpha to begin with, which had Harry cursing Wu for possibly putting an Alpha T-Rex gene in there.

The Asian scientist was already on his shit-list for Alice. This only dug him in deeper.

"So is it just your pack, or..."

"She only tolerates Blue, Charlie and me riding her. She usually tries to nip the Betas."

"Figures. She's established that you're pack, so it's acceptable that she gets you to the prey faster. But the others aren't pack, so they get eaten. Frankly I think it's a miracle we figured out they would work as a team despite being paired with different humans, so long as we have an established Alpha in place," said Harry.

Owen having a similar Alpha trait made things easier. Harry couldn't establish dominance over that big a pack and run a company.

Though in his case he was more of a leash than anything. He kept the idiots on the board from making very stupid decisions, which ironically made them more popular and profitable.

Having a clear leader saying "No, I don't care how much money it's going to take, we are going to do it right the first time" and not taking any bullshit made things easier.

The fact he planned to replace them the first chance he had, more so. He hated corrupt morons.

Fortunately they were half out already...they just didn't know it yet.

You had to love Luna. Two days after putting her in charge of the company newsletter (with people actually bothering to read it, since it made for a much interesting reading material while in the bathrooms) the migraines of trying to translate the quirky girl's hidden messages was already driving them up the wall. Any attempts to get her to stop were met with a painful, unhappy death.

And by that, Harry didn't mean being eaten by a dinosaur, but rather being forced to edit and spend large amounts of time with Luna and trying to find the 'logic' in what she was saying.

She gave Hermione headaches. Ergo, the blond witch was a natural enemy of logical order and to anyone who didn't mind putting sanity in the backseat where it belonged.

"Owen, have I ever said how much you suck?"

"You're just jealous that I got my big bad hybrid to let me ride her, and yours won't let you until after you get laid again," said Owen smugly. It wasn't that big a secret that Harry's "girlfriend" was also his original raptor familiar.

He was rich, and from a long line of nobles. That meant he could indulge in weird fetishes and no one would bat an eye, so long as it wasn't too illegal or freaky. Dating your familiar didn't even reach the top ten of either category.

"Which brings us to our next topic of discussion... This."

Owen looked at the large manila folder, and it took him a few seconds before he realized it came from...

"Dude...is that the British Secret Service? Like their equivalent of the CIA?" he said impressed.

"The Queen finally learned of the so-called prophecy and gave me an offer. I'm given carte blanche to deal with the so-called dark lord in any way so long as I keep civilian casualties to a minimum. She's already going to given the English magical communities a nasty wake-up call using the muggleborns I managed to contact, and they're going to gut the place while we give the older, more inbred families a little lesson on the food chain and their place in it."

"...So basically you were given a legal document stating we can take the raptors and the two sisters out for a bit of fun and see how well they can handle combat in a field operation?"

"That idiot Hoskins is always trying to get the raptors or some other predator out to play with. We're going in and cleaning the place up, as a test to see if we can feasibly use the raptors for park security in keeping those idiot tree-huggers and eco-terrorists from causing trouble. Coincidentally if you impress me you'll be given full control over the security of one of the islands and a raise."


Harry smirked. He liked Owen, and wondered if this was how his dad had felt when he first met Sirius all those years ago.

It had been pathetically easy to lure the Death Eaters into a relatively empty village with only a few fake golems made to look like people.

Apparently there was something called a "taboo" where anyone who said Voldemort got a squad of Death Eaters sent to them within minutes. The more they said it, the more idiots showed up.

Needless to say Harry and Owen had a fun game of playing "Bloody Mary: Magical Moron Edition."

By which they went to each house in the deserted village and said Voldemort three times each in every mirror and bathroom they could find while holding a candle, then they vanished and waited for the idiots to show up. The Betas also helped, just to be sure that they showed up.

They nabbed a good fifty Death Eaters, one of which was Lucius Malfoy, in the first round.

Lizzie seemed to take vindictive pleasure in ripping him in two, though Harry was too busy laughing his ass off because Malfoy pissed himself when he recognized the same monster from the World Cup almost three years ago.

"Is it legal to have this much fun pretty much hunting and terrorizing known neo-Nazi terrorists bent on killing everyone who doesn't fit their preference?" asked Owen, watching as Blue, Charlie and Elsa were pretty much mowing down the Death Eaters.

"I have a paper that says it is," said Harry, thinking about it for point-five seconds.

"Oh. Well is that legal?" asked Owen, pointing at the area where some of his Betas were setting up some fireworks, most of which were banned in five countries and a principality.

"I may or may not have found a copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook and given them my credit card, with the caveat that I don't hear anyone bitching about the after party show. Also, they're late with the booze truck. And the entertainment once the girls fall asleep from all the 'food' we gave them."

"Entertainment?" said Owen.

"Entertainment," replied Harry, wagging his eyebrows.

"...Have I ever said you're the best boss I've ever had?"

"I haven't heard that in...two days I think?" said Harry mock thinking about it. "Oh look, more morons! GET 'EM LIZZIE!"

Owen chuckled darkly as Lizzie made the newest batch of idiots shit their pants. Blood, booze, boobs and booms. All four things that men loved.


"Hi, Professor McGonagall!" said Harry cheerfully, ignoring the screams with practiced ease.

"Mr. Potter, what..." she stared. "Is that Talon?"

"Talon, Sickle, Scythe and Lizzie is the one ripping that new idiot up. I have a legal document and everything stating that I am in no way responsible or liable for any deaths incurred by engaging the terrorist known as Voldemort or his merry band of morons~!" said Harry, happily displaying said document to his old teacher.

"Oh, a new batch! Elsa, show Lizzie how it's done! Charlie, get in there and help Blue with the stragglers!" said Owen eagerly.

McGonagall and the rest of the Order that had recently arrived, including a certain pair of twins, watched in horror and fascination as the dinosaurs ripped into the Death Eaters.

Mrs. Weasley began to boil over with one of her infamous rants.

Before she could start, and to avoid having her death on his conscious for however long it took to get him dead drunk when they got bored, Harry cheerfully looked her in the eye with his own partially shifted into that of his primary animagus form.

"Mrs. Weasley, they abandoned their right to be 'redeemed' as Dumbledore likes to call it the moment they started targeting innocents. The Queen was not happy with the latest report of Death Eater activity, and even less pleased when she found out your precious 'leader' barely bothered to monitor their movement and only had a single solitary double agent...a man who's loyalty was questionable at best. You weren't doing the job, so she asked me to do it for you, by whatever methods I deemed fit."

He waved his arm towards Lizzie, who thundered up to where he was.

"As you can see, my small team is vastly more effective than this so called 'Order of the Phoenix'. You people lost the moral high ground when you allowed the situation to get this bad in the first place."

"Oi, Commander! The guys are back!" shouted one of Owen's Betas.

"Alright men, let's shut down tonight's operation and par-tay!"

Hearing the loud raucous cheer from his men, and the loud barking calls of the raptors and the two hybrids, they dove in earnest into their jobs.

The twins grinned.

"Can we join?"

"I suppose we have enough booze...and food...but you're on your own with the other entertainment," said Harry.

"BEST BOSS EVER!" cheered Harry's team, with Owen leading the charge.