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Chapter One

"Finally," Larry Appleton sighed as he plopped down on his sofa and propped his feet on the coffee table. It had been a long time since he had been this exhausted. He had just finished hauling at least a ton of motor oil from the back of a truck and into storage for Mr. Twinkacetti, his boss. Mr. Twinkacetti was obnoxious and ruthless on a good day, but today was a bad day. According to Larry's cousin and best friend Balki Bartokomous, "Mr. Twinkacetti got up on the wrong side of his head today". Speaking (or thinking) of his Myposian cousin, where exactly was he? He should have been back from the market by now…

Suddenly, the apartment door burst open and the aforementioned Balki dashed through like a madman, placing his grocery bags on the counter before jumping over the back of the sofa, expertly landing in the seat next to Larry. "Cousin, cousin; you are not to believe what happened to me today!" he gushed excitedly in his thick accent.

"Let me guess. The lady at the check-out counter told you the pig snout was on sale," Larry drawled sarcastically. Sometimes it annoyed Larry how Balki could get excited about the least little thing. Other times, he envied his foreign cousin for that same trait. After today, however, it was more annoyance than envy.

"No! Better! I saw a woman in the store driving an egg! Can you believe it? Only in America!"

Larry slowly turned his head towards Balki, eyeing him as if he had grown two sets of ears. "I'm sorry; did you say you saw a woman in the store driving an egg? Balki, that's not possible! I'm sure you were just mistaken."

"No, Cousin, she was driving big, giant egg! She forgot a magazine at the check-out and I ran after her in parking lot. That's when I saw her jump into a giant egg and BOOP! She vanish into dim air!"

"Balki, Balki, Balki;" Larry tsked-tsked. "How many times have you thought you saw something only to be mistaken?"

"But, Cousin–"

"Balki, how many times?"


"How many times have you thought you saw something only to be mistaken?"

Balki rolled his eyes and looked away before quietly answering. "A lot."

"That's right; a lot. So I'm sure this is just one of those times. You have to think logically." Larry was opening his mouth to continue his lecture when they heard a loud buzzing noise outside their apartment door.

"I think there's a giant bee outside," Balki whispered, grabbing Larry by the sleeve of his blue sweater as they quickly walked towards the door.

Larry counted to three before throwing the door open. What he saw sitting outside in the hallway made his already pale face turn completely ashen.

"What that?" Balki asked condescendingly, knowing full well the answer.

"It's a giant egg!" Larry gaped, looking it over. The bottom half of the egg was painted a deep blue color, while the top half was made of a Plexiglas material. As he peered through the Plexiglass, he saw that there was a small monitor with all sort of switches, dials, and blinking lights underneath. It looked like something out of a science-fiction movie.

"This was the egg I saw the woman driving! She bring it for us to see!" Balki exclaimed, searching around the egg for a door.

"Balki, don't touch it! You don't know where it's been!" Larry barked, but Balki managed to find the door and he opened it happily.

"Cousin, come inside; the water's fine!" he told him, holding the door open for him.

"Balki! Get out of that egg right now!" Larry demanded.

"No, Cousin!"

"Balki, I said get out of that thing right now!"

"Nuh-uh," Balki shook his head.

Furious, Larry stormed over to the door and grabbed Balki's arm. Balki was stronger, however, and he grabbed Larry by the front of his shirt and effortlessly pulled him inside.

"Don't you ever–EVER do that again," Larry seethed, his face inches away from Balki's.

"Oh, Cousin, don't work yourself into a dizzy. See? Nothing bad is happening. We just wait for nice woman to come back and we–"

Suddenly, the egg began to hum as if were coming to life and Larry clung to Balki, both terrified and infuriated. "You were saying?" he replied through gritted teeth.

"Fling me up, Scotty!" was the last thing Balki said before the world went black.